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This is one of the many things I collect; I hope you enjoy my page!  It's just for friends, family, and fellow collectors.

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Some sticks I am selling on ebay!

Buy or trade swizzle sticks from  John R. Briskie, Collector.  7202 Harbor View Dr. Leesburg, FL 34788 352-787-6670

Connie Shepard has extra swizzles to trade or sell. Click on her name to email her.

John Gokelman has many extras to trade or sell as well.

You might want to post your trades on the Delphi Collecting Forum or join The International Swizzle Stick Collectors Association below.   I went to there biannual convention and had a great time!!!

Please feel free to send me swizzle sticks, or other collectibles: P.O. Box 865201, Tuscaloosa, AL  35486-0047.  I will reimburse for postage costs.


My List

I'M NOT SELLING THESE !!! It is just a list of what I have, that will only interest me, my friends, and maybe a few other collectors. I currently don't have any to trade via email.  If you have some to sell, email me and I might pay for postage or maybe a modest price. 

Here are some pictures of some of my best-looking sticks (the rest are sorted in boxes in the closet)


Each section below contains descriptions of the ones I have

Food & Drink
Restaurants & Clubs
Vegas & other NV hotels
No Words

Links and other info:

Swizzlin' SwizzleD
Swizzle Sticks International
(Tom Maimone's page)
The International Swizzle Stick Collectors Association Page
Poor White Trash
Swizzle Sticks and other Lost Treasures
Second Hand Rose Swizzle Sticks and other stuff for sale
Ebay sells a lot of swizzle sticks at their auction!
Southern Mart: Swizzle Sticks from Mexico (all glass)
Swizzles, Green and Otherwise A great page!  Lots of interesting stuff including recipes for the drink called "Swizzle".
Swizzle Stick BBS Not really about collecting swizzle sticks, though, from what I can tell...
Cocktail Time: Accessories Really interesting page!
The Swizzle Inn
Harco Plastics Make Your Own Swizzle Sticks!
Whittard of Chelsea Swizzle stick for sale that heats your drink as you stir.

Come to Delphi's Collecting forum to talk about your collections! Also you can place a free ad there to sell/buy/trade anything…

Join the International Swizzle Stick Collectors Association!  Send a letter or email to Ray or Vera Hoare for more information on how to join.  P.O. Box 5205 Bellingham, WA  98227-5205.  $20.00 for a yearly membership, get a swell monthly newsletter and other stuff.   See their website.

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