NOTE: I am not interested in trading or buying so please don't email me about it! Thanks. These (and all my collection info) are just here for my friends, relatives, and anyone else interested in collecting.  Feel free to email me just to talk about shotglasses, or to tell me you like my page, or to tell me about your collection!

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  We have shotglasses from the following places:


Chicago, IL
Olympia, WA
Omaha, NE
Seattle, WA
New York, NY
Las Vegas, NV
New Orleans, LA
Washington, DC
San Francisco, CA
Atlanta, GA


New Mexico
Rhode Island
North Dakota
two from Texas

Foreign Places

Interlaken, Switzerland
Munich, Germany
Victoria, BC

Other Places and Things

Pat O'Brien's restaurant in New Orleans, LA
Mario's Place in Riverside, CA
Minnesota Twins
Circus Circus in Las Vegas, NV
Patron Tequila


We are trying to collect ones from different states OR cities in different states.

We've gotten most of these while on vacation.

Here are new pictures of our shotglasses:         

Come to Delphi's Collecting forum to talk about your collections! Also you can place a free ad there to sell/buy/trade anything…

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