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I collect pens--not just any old pens, but the kind that advertise a place, a business, an event...anything! As long as it has writing on it to advertise something or if it's a weird shape or something.

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Ted has a large selection ofbutton pens and pencils dating back to the 40's and 50's. He is looking to find other collectors and do some trading.

Here are pictures of my pens. NOTE:  I got a lot more but I haven't had time yet to take pictures or put them in any sort of order.  So the pictures below are only about half of my current collection.

Here is how I have displayed some of the ones I like the best:

I had a small to medium size collection, then a nice gentleman sold me a shoebox-full of them, tripling my collection.

Click on the small pictures to see larger ones.

Here is a picture of my entire collection. 
Here is a picture of the collection I had before I added the others. 
Here is one view #1 of my pens--mostly felt-tip 
View #2--pencils and pens that look like pencils 
View #3--ballpoint pens  
View #4--different types of ballpoints, various shapes 
View #5--capped pens 
Here is a closeup of all my old pens 
Here is a picture of just my new pens 
Here is a close-up picture of all my pens 
Here are some closeups of the new pens, View #1:  View #2 
and View #3 

Please feel free to send me pens at: PO Box 7254 COLUMBUS GA 31908


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About Space Pens

by Amy

Here are a few details on the history of Space writing instruments. The Mercury Program used a black refillable grease pencil (1961-1963). During Gemini they attached black velcro to the top of a .046 " Autopoint Mechanical Pencil. The Barrel was black and it had a chrome tip. They also used Felt tipped markers. During Apollo, Skylab and Shuttle they used 2 types of Fisher Chrome Pens. The first was the AG7 , the second was the CH4 which comes in several varieties. Eversharp also issued a chrome Space Pen. Mechanical Pencils used were by Scripto. Felt tips (Sandford ?) were also used but they had a tendency to dry out in the long duration Skylab missions (1973-74)

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