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Below are some tips I got through email. Thanks to Suzannepj for sending them to me.

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 For improving Windows TCP/IP performance

Win95 Key Secrets

The windows key on the Win95 keyboard can serve more purposes than just clicking the start button. Hold down the Windows key and press one of the following keys to start the applications: e = explorer, f = find, m = minimize all windows, shift + m = maximize all windows, r = run.

Need more room??

Look in your c:\Windows\Help folder for .AVI files. You could have as much as 7MB of .AVI tutorials left over. Unless you are using Windows 95 for the first time, you don't need them. So you can delete them.

Add/Remove Entries

This explains how to remove those annoying entries in the Add/Remove programs list. I commonly delete the folder from the directory and I am left with a non-removable entry in the Add/Remove programs list.

1. From the Start button, run Regedit (NOTE: changing your registry can be disasterous if you're not VERY CAREFUL!)


3. Select Software

4. Select Microsoft

5. Select Windows

6. Select Current Version

7. Select "Uninstall" This will give you a list of all the programs in your

Add/Remove programs list.

8. Highlight the file and select delete. This will remove the entry from the list

Variety in Deleting!!

Here are some features you may or may not know about As you know, when reading mail, you can delete by moving your mouse to the delete key after highlighting the mail you wish to do away with. That takes too long. You have 2 other methods. First, for singular pieces....You can highlight the piece of mail and right click your mouse. "Wow!" you say, "There is a miniature delete button. Next one I love, since I try not to keep old mail hanging around past what I save or print, On your mail window, when you are done and SURE that you have saved what you want, highlight the first mail to go bye bye, then scroll down to the last piece of mail. Hold down the shift key, and click your mouse on the last mail.....VIOLA!! Everything is highlighted and ready to delete

Highlighting Text

Netscape tip!!


When you'd like to return to a page you visited several sites ago, the quickest way is to open the "Go" menu and choose the page title from the list displayed. Bam! You're back.

But even after a page has fallen off the Go menu, you can still get to it. The painstaking way is to click the Back button a gazillion times--the Back button has a longer memory than the Go menu. Another way is to access the History window using Ctrl-H. It will display your travels for the open browser window only. This is a good way to keep track of your history when you've been surfing for hours with several browser windows open.


System hang-ups

While it's never a good idea to shut off your PC without properly closing down each application and exiting Windows, sometimes your system hangs or freezes while you're browsing the Web and you're forced to shut off your computer. In most cases, it's a simple crash, a common rite of passage for every Web surfer. Before pressing the reset button

1. Try pressing the CTRL-ALT-Delete keys simultaneously.

2. Look for the words "Not responding" next to your browser or E-mail application in the "Close Program " dialog box.

3. If you can, highlight the offending application(s)

4. Click the "End Task" button.

5. In some instances, another Window will appear informing you the program is not responding properly. Click End Task.

If the application closes

1. Go into every other open program,

2. Save your work

3. Exit Windows

4. Restart your system

If the frozen application does not close, see if Windows will let you switch to the other open applications (if mouse click fails, try using the ALT-TAB keys), save your work and exit using Start, Shut Down, Restart Computer. If your mouse and keyboard are still locked up, your only option is to manually turn off your system.

For best results, physically turn off your PC. A cold boot completely clears all data out of memory. Wait a minute before turning your computer back on. After the computer is powered up, chances are everything will work perfectly. If you're using Win95, chances are you'll see a gray termination box with an error message. Before you click the Close button, click the Details button. While it may not make any sense to you, copying down this information, or at least the first two lines, can prove invaluable for the person answering your technical support call.

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