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ABOUT THIS PAGE: I've found a lot of great sites that have been invaluable to me while creating my web site. I've collected quite a wealth of this information, so here is a page to share the wealth with my friends and anyone else who happens across…Here are my computer tips! (Mostly Windows and Netscape)  Just added: Mac tips!

Check it out, I'm quoted on the PC World Web site!  This page was mentioned in a Canadian TV magazine in 1999.

NOTE: A few New Links added 3/25/10  You are visitor #Hit Counter since 11/13/99.

Graphics and Fonts
Sounds and other Multimedia
Links Pages
Web magazines/Services
Other Computer Companies
Search Engines-Directories
HTML/Making Web pages
Java Resources
Free WebPages
Other Stuff To Add to Your Webpage
Promoting Your WebPages and Making Money
Front Page Help
Non-Internet Computer Stuff
Bookmarked Computers Links I haven't added yet


Ask Jeeves for Kids!

Walt Howe's Internet Learning Center A FANTASTIC resource for both newbies and those who've been around awhile!!!

Navigating the Net Help with getting around the 'net from Delphi, the online service.

Newbie U.   Great help for newbies to get more knowledgeable on the Net The complete reference to Usenet Newsgroups, FTP sites and Discussion Groups.

Yahoo's List of MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs, etc. All you people into these role playing games, here is a giant list of lots of those that you can play in real-time.

Internet Resources Database

Developer's Resources Resources for serious programmers

Symantec Antivirus Research Center Information about viruses.

The List A huge list of Internet Service Providers.

Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic Help with computer stuff.

Typing Injury FAQ Home page Wrist hurt? Check it out.

Keyboard Yoga  Helpful exercises you can use to keep from getting typing injuries.

Electronic Postcards Links Page Send lots of fun postcards to your friends through the Web and email!

The Commodore Forum Information about using this computer, for those of us who still have them lying around…FAQ and more!

Dummies Daily From the people who bring you super books like "Windows for Dummies", daily tips on everything from surfing to using Microsoft Office 97.

Tipworld Sign up for helpful email newsletters about computer and Internet stuff

Using the Internet for Research FAQ Helpful FAQ on how to use the Net for research.

Windows Lots of help for using the operating system.

What time is it? Cool java applets tell you what time is it where you are or other parts of the world.

Rob's Internet Gadget List  A huge list of lots of great stuff!!!

Free Internet Services Some good links

OneList  Free mailing lists!  Make your own or sign up with someone else's.

Egroups  Same as the one above.

Listbot Same as the two above (I use this one)

World Wide Web FAQ's Help with lots of programs and with surfing

Smartbounce  Manage your email lists better

Mailstart Check any mail box from the Web!

iName  Get a better way to have people find you, and more

Juengerman Help Desk Help with surfing, finding things and much more!

Cookies from Learn about what they are, why so many people overreact to them, and how to put them on a website.

Chris' Place  Aimed at new Web-surfers.

Internet FAQ Consortium Links of (possibly) all the FAQ's available on the Web from newsgroups. A wealth of information on every subject.

Dejanews View and post to newsgroups on the Web.  Convenient search!

Net EZ User

BookmarksPlus - The Ultimate FREE Web-based Bookmark Solution

Internet Call Manager get phone calls while you're online

Windows 3.1 FAQ

high speed

InternetBOOST '99


SpamCop a great site for getting rid of email spam!

DSL LIFE: The Consumer's Guide to xDSL Technology

Welcome to eDock

BackupNet - Online Backup Software for Internet, Intranet or Dialup Backup

Welcome to Xdrive - Your FREE Hard Drive on the Internet! Network - Tons of Free Multimedia Postcards


How to Avoid Trojans in your mail

Snopes - Urban Legends References Page

Web-Based File Storage Services

MediaRing Talk

Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis

Broadband Digital Group - 100% FreeDSL

Ask Me Help Desk - The coolest calendar on the net!

PIBMUG.ORG - Audio Archives

Netiquette Home Page -- A Service of

Junkbusters: Alert on Web Privacy

Quickdot Forums Help with javascript, html and a lot of others things

Zing Free Email Greeting Cards and Online Photo Album Domain name lookup

JunkBusters Keep spam  another annoying things away

Anonymizer Anonymous web surfing and more

SilentSurf another anonymous web surfing service

PCPitStop Free pc tuneup

Choose Your Mail Get special offers and free stuff in your mail Online activity center

your email here!
Enter your email address and password to check your mail
E-mail address:

Email Password:


Other Software/Shareware/Freeware/Hardware

Freeware Home Collection of free software and internet services

PC Computing's 1001 best downloads Very cool. and Two great pages from C|Net, I use them all the time!

Tucows Shareware

Nerds Heaven Tons of free stuff, mostly software.

Happy Puppy Big games site!


Puzzle Depot's Puzzle Library Download Across Lite, a great puzzle program.

AmericaOnLine software to download for a free trial membership.

Prodigy software to download for a free trial membership.

CompuServe Free trial membership.

BHS2 32-bit Download Center

Pegasus One of the best email programs around, and it's FREE!

VitalSigns Netmedic It works with a user’s browser to monitor, isolate, diagnose, and correct Internet or intranet performance problems.  Download a free trial version!

nonags.gif (2063 bytes) NoNags freeware and shareware.

Alchemy Mindworks Software, books and other resources

Surplus Direct Cheap software and hardware to buy. But their customer service STINKS!

Microsoft Free Downloads, especially check out Dialup Networking 1.3 for Windows  If you have an older copy of Windows 95, you should download this newer version of Dialup Networking--it will help your Internet connection!

Internet Tools, Browsers, and Viewers

List of the Best Software on the Net

Ztec Software Homepage

EastBay Technologies

The MantaDB Utilities

PIBMUG.ORG - Dec97 - Current Meeting Files

GameZone Online - The PC Gamer Connection!

ZDNet Downloads - Download top-rated shareware, freeware, demos and more


Download Gator - freeware internet utility.

Freeware - Free Software for Windows

FREE Download Accelerator Plus - Software And Driver Updates

Robin Keir's home page - Software


jrmac Enterprises - software,books,magazines,gambling,john macinnis

BlackWidow is a web site scanner, a site mapping tool, a site ripper, a site mirroring tool, an offline browser, an FTP program, and a snooping tool.  It's $40 with a 30-day trial. That's ideal because unless you have a dramatic need, most of you will try it out of curiosity and won't use it   more than a few times.  The site's often not working so you can grab a copy from PIBMUG. It's an 884K file that installs automatically. If you're a  novice, you'll have a little trouble understanding it. Read the text file first (it ends in TXT). "-Steve Bass

CoffeeCup - Web Hosting & Web Design Software


Resources for Icon, Images, and Graphics Massive page of links by my friend Susan B.

Webshots! Over 1000 screen saver and wallpaper photos. Free Download!   Awesomely beautiful pictures for your desktop and screensaver...

Yahoo Pictures

The Corporation: Icon Art Very funny icons to put on your page.

Image-O-Rama Lines, buttons, bullets, animated gifs, and more!

Laurie McCanna's Free Art Page Author of "Creating Great Web Graphics".

Krapp World Animated GIF's and other things.

Realm Graphics Backgrounds Lots of great backgrounds!

The Graphic Station A ton of great graphics!

The Page Animated GIF's, JAVA applets, and more!

3D Site Everything you want to know about 3D graphics!

3D Computer Graphics Another great site with lots of information!

Dani's Designs

JASC Home Page Makers of Paint Shop Pro and other programs

Font Gallery

Cool Fonts Online

Frequently Asked Questions About Fonts



Animated Christmas Library by Kerry Lawson Huge volume.

A+ Art

Icon Parade Icon Parade

Toggle This!  Interactive art--buy their software or just download some cool animation


The Mining Co. Guide to Clip Art

Lake applet A really cool applet you can put on your pages that has a reflecting lake effect.

Free Borders, Backgrounds, etc.

Crystal 3D pro 3d Animation software

Free Pictures, etc.

nubani.gif (26744 bytes)
Ask Dr Web, Pardon My Icons, Ad Graveyard, Celeb Salon.
Lose your emotional virginity at
Ask Dr Web, Pardon My Icons, Ad Graveyard, Celeb Salon.
Lose your emotional virginity at

JZ Presents: Steal These Graphics!

Sue's Graphic Design

Rad Graphics - Free Graphics

Suzy"s Home Of Graphics

A Design By Carolyn

El Merko Loco's Free Web Page Background Warehouse

Blackat's Free Web Graphics



"WebFX" - The Web Graphics Tool

Emigre Fonts

Clipart and Icons at Andrew's GraphXKingdom

Absolutely Free Backgrounds

GraphicsFreebies.Com - The Web's Top Graphics Sites

iFree - Top Clipart and Graphics

Image Reducer Web Resources - - hitbox web site traffic counter - internet statistics and site promotion tools - WebSideStory

Graphics by Pat's Web Graphics

MediaBuilder Animated Banner Maker

Free Animated Banners - Animation Online


Free Clip Art Images

Free Clipart, Wallpaper, Buy Clip art, Graphics.

Animation Library - Over 3500 free animations

WebShop Buttons - web design graphic buttons.

Lose Your Mind Development - Font Management Tools for Windows

PageWorks Animated GIF animals and more

WebFX The Web-based graphic effects generator--put cool effects on your graphics Visual search engine

Chandra's Web Site of Free Stuff lots of pictures, banners, etc.

LooRall Wallpapers background graphics for your desktop

Sounds and other Multimedia

RealSystem Audio and Video Showcase RealPlayer 8.0

Quicktime Download this program and you can see .avis and JPEG's easily on your own PC.

Seattle Filmworks Get your film developed by them and get it back on disk for only a few bucks extra!

The PocketThe Pocket Lots of great multimedia stuff, including electronic cards you can make.

JFAX Personal Telecom Get your faxes and voice mail through your email!

Faxsav Similar to JFAX but without the voice mail.  Tons of great screensavers for your computer

ICQ An instant chatting program for you and your friends (My number is #17667960!)

ICQ Private Helpdesk

Computing Out Loud Page about speech recognition software.

Bonzi Software Download Voice E-mail 4.0 and other fun programs (not free)

Scanning Tips The purpose is to offer some scanning tips and hints, fundamentals and other basic scanning information to help you get the most from your scanner.

3d Greetings Create animated email messages


Making Your Own Wav Files

CameraWare -- Your high-speed, zoomable, multi-channel, Internet video solution!

Club Photo

AudioPix - Multimedia Software for Creating MP3 Slideshows

Third Voice | builder's tools

Welcome to streaming webcam video picture community

My Free LD Make phone calls with your PC

BuzMe  Free Internet Call Waiting and Voice Mail

  Streaming music on different channels!

See more music programs/links on my Music Page

Links Pages

Suzanne's Fun and Favorite Links

Berkeley Public Library's Index to the Internet

The Cybergrrl Webstation Women (grrls) on the Internet.

Infinet's Cool Site of the Day One of the first "cool sites"!

The Official Bottom 95% of all Web Sites Funny links site!

25 Most Useful Sites From Yahoo Internet Life

Hot Links! - A Major Bit of Web Linkage

SPR-The Society for Parental Responsibility Links to all the programs that help parents block sites for their kids.

How Now Top Web sites

CyberTeddy Online's Top 500

The Internet Index

newsnap.gif (1158 bytes)  Links, search engine and more!

Geoffrey's Geek Site of the Day

Internet Websites Top 100

The Front Page

Astounding Websites

LookSmart - Your Guide to the Internet! User-rated guide to the Web

Web magazines/services

C|Net The Computer network; an invaluable resource.

Yahoo! Internet Life Monthly magazine that I subscribe to; or try their Yahoo! Internet Life Daily.

.net Magazine A British Internet magazine

John Labovitz's e-zine-list A list of all the Internet 'zines

Technofile The consumer's non-technical guide to today's technology.

WIRED.COM News and much more! Great magazine, too

American Greetings Forget Me Not service This is so cool! Type in those dates you always forget, like birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day…and they will send you an email reminder! It works great.

Bet@ Books  Free computer books (before they're published) from McGraw-Hill

A Web of Online Dictionaries   Tons of online dictionaries, for all different languages!

SelectSurf  Internet Guide

Alexa  Download this Internet Guide, sounds cool

Microtimes The Buyer's Source for Business Technology

EntryPoint Push service/Software for bringing news and info to your PC.

Reference Desk Best source for facts on the web

Other Computer Companies

Aphids CommunicationsA great new Web design firm run by my friend Susan and her partner.


GadgetWorld - Your No.1 Gadget Shop for Cool Gadgets and Rare Innovations from Around The World


Apple, Inc. No, I don't have a Macintosh! But I use to work on an Apple IIE in school.

Adobe Download great programs like Acrobat and Amber!

McAfee Makers of VirusScan

 inKlineGlobal. Visual Day Planner for Windows!

Opera  A really good browser that doesn't take up nearly as much room as the other two...

Earthlink A good cheap ISP, especially if you travel a lot and have to check your email...

The Door  My old ISP.  If you live in Lubbock, check it out!  Cheap prices, great service.

[DownloadMall.Com -- Great Software Instantly!]

Search Engines and other Directories


Ask Jeeves for Kids!

 SearchAllInOne MetaSearch  Seems very useful!

Search Engine Watch News and helpful information about search engines and MUCH MORE!

Northern Lights Search A fantastic search engine and information source!!!

MetaCrawler After Ask Jeeves, the best for comprehensive searching-searches a bunch at once!

The Choose from over 2,000 searchable databases.

Search the Magellan


100HOT Web Sites

Search UK Search British sites

C|Net's Search.Com Search many different engines, your choice.

Internet Resources Meta-Index a loosely categorized meta-index of the various resource directories and indices available.

Webcrawler SELECT

Superpages® Internet ServicesSuperpages Look people up all over the country, and other great stuff.

Switchboard Like The Superpages

Bigfoot Like the two above

Telephone Directories on the Web List of many of them

ClassMates Online For finding your old classmates

Alumni Net Also helps you to find college and high school classmates.

Internet Address Finder For finding email addresses

Asianet's Select Search Engines Use over 850 search engines on their site!

Reverse Phone Lookup  Curious about a phone number?  Enter it and find out whose it is.

The American Information Network  Search for people all over  Internet search and directory

Cyberteddy Online

Number Please An easy way for people to find you

Mamma Claims to be the "mother of all search engines"

Inference Find  Parallel search engine

Search Engine Colossus A huge directory of search engines!

800Go  Search 12 search engines at once.

AskScott  Search for information.

WWWomen Search Directory for Women Online


TracerLock Monitors search engines for you and notify you by e-mail when a new
instance of a search term is found.

Internet Tools Great resources for everyone!!!!

Google My favorite, I use it a lot

The How-To Search Engine - great resource!




The Ultimate Email Directory

Telephone Phone Directories, Zip codes, Area Codes, Time Zones, Maps, Office Tools - The intelligent software that puts the best search engines to work, simultaneously - Home

QB-SEARCH: Search faster than anywhere else!

Simple Search

Search Engines Galore , search engines directory , meta Search engines site search 100's of search engines

7Search Engine for finding tools, searching the web, metasearch, and search engine locator is a comprehensive resource center for both web searchers and webmasters. " We provide tools and techniques for search engine optimization, submission and maintenance. We also have an extensive list of search engines and directories as well as tips for effective searching. We are constantly refreshing our content to keep up with the latest trends and technologies."

Echolist Directory The Echolist online directory features a massive wealth of information, news and links about a wide range of topics for your edification.

Directory4Web A category and search site. Another search/directory site

Looking for another great homepage?
Search Fathead!

LinkMaster Cool Search

Search for sites featuring:
Java VRML Audio Video Chat

HTML/Making Web pages (For really learning I recommend the book "Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week" by Laura Lemay, but these pages will help, too.)

A Beginner's Guide to HTML A good introduction from NCSA. web reference logo A great place to learn about the Web and webmastery. This site offers a searchable directory of the best sites plus high quality content, free Web services, and hourly Web news. Webreference makes keeping up with what's happening on the Internet easy. A must bookmark for Web developers. I use their Netmechanic service for checking broken links on my page!

Softbreeze Home Page Helper

Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual A downloadable manual for perfecting your page; also fine links at the beginning for basic html stuff.

Totally Free Homepage Resource Center A great links page and invaluable for new home pages! Great reading, too.

Delphi's Publishing on the Web Forum A great Web page and also a fun place to ask for HELP making your page!

Webcom's Publishing on the Web Many good pointers, links, suggestions! Check out the site on publicizing your home page.

D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Guide  Great help on this page.

Html for the Daft  Easy help for beginners! Homegurrl Page A lot of useful stuff here, particularly the color chart!

TransWeb Transparent GIF Service Tell them where your GIF is and they'll make it transparent for you! No fuss, no bother.

Bare Bones Guide to HTML A list of all the html 2.0 and 3.0 tags. Good reference!

HTML Validation Tools    A good list of links

HOW TO-HTML Tips and Tricks from C|NET.

HTML 4.0 Specification Learn about the latest specifications of HTML.

The International Webmasters Association

Cybergrrl's Women's Guide to making Web pages, net surfing, etc.  From C|Net, for Webpage makers and other programmers.

Top 5 Web Authoring Lies Interesting article

WonderWeb  Free webpage design

surf to icon Get a shorter URL for your webpage!

In a Nutshell HTML help and other helpful things. Get your own domain name without having to go through all the Internic hassle, for free (you only pay the Internic fees)

Doctor HTML Analyze your webpage

Annabella's HTML HelpAnnabella's HTML Help

SiteInspector Automatically checks a page for HTML validation, spelling, link validation, etc.

HTML 4.0 Tags A good list.

Webdesigner Heaven Page of helpful links, but no longer updated.

projectcool media a lot of information and web development help

Webtech the Ultimate Guide to Website Design!

Lepak's Home: beginner guides HTML, newsgroups, netiquette, corporate web design, etc

School of Web Design


The Mining Co Internet Design Tips

HTML Tag list


Web Site Design by Xty WebWorks

link testing, HTML validation, load time testing and spell checking by NetMechanic

HitBox Site Tools Web Resources - - hitbox web site traffic counter - internet statistics and site promotion tools - WebSideStory

Meta-Tag Generator

Hardloves Codes Of Magic is the webtv users friend for building webpages

Introduction to XHTML

XHTML: Are You Using it? (article) domain registration, transfer, and more

HTML Tidy clean up your web pages' HTML

Web Site Garage 

Tune Up Your Web Site Free:


Free WebPages

The Free Webpage Provider Review    Links to many free webpage providers!

Crosswinds Not only a free page, but unlimited space!!! Kinda slow, though.

Angelfire Communications Another place to get free Web pages.

TRK-Tech Very cheap personal home pages.

Free Sites Network

Weblab Got a great, original idea for a webpage that benefits Webkind?  The Web Development Fund may choose to host and fund your site, if it fits their criteria.  Find out how here!

Tony-Net  Another free webpage provider.

Delphi Internet Services Join for FREE and get a page, or join for a small fee and get a very large home page! ISP access and many options available!

Geocities Neighborhoods Sign up for a free Web page! One of the best of the free webpage providers.

Fortune City

Icom cheap web pages

24Link: Run a website from your PC!

CNET Web Services

DHS Front Page

OneNetNow - Bridging the Digital Divide

Java Resources

Scroll text across the bottom of your browser

Nat's Java Applets

The Java Boutique A huge site!

Links to Java Applets

TeamJava Java Links

Rose's Java Page

Favorite Java Applets

Java programming for the Internet The official SUN page.

Better Homepage  Not only good java information, but other info that will help you with your page!

David Griffith Applets and more.

Java applet button maker

Java Programming Resources

Javascript Source Lots of cool and EASY TO USE scripts for your page!

Other Stuff To Add to Your Webpage

Colour Selector Page

LiveImage Web Page A program for making image maps, easy.

Web-Counter Home Page A great service! Add a counter to your page without having to do much work yourself! Not free any more. :(

Jcount Free Counters Free counters!!

Webpage counters and trackers Many free ones for your pages.

Guestworld Server Add a guestbook to your page.

Dreambook another free guestbook server

Matt's Script Archive Tons of free CGI scripts for your Web page!

Free Web Polls  Put a poll on your page, easy!  Helpful scripts to put on your page!

Bravenet  Offers a number of free services, including a free search engine that you can put on your page!

s10050b.gif (2968 bytes) Joe's Free CGI Scripts

My  Have your users send free postcards from your site-easy!

BeSeen Quizlets  Add a little quizlet to your page

RealEncoder Put RealAudio sound files on your website; use this to convert .wav files

RealAudio Tutorial How to put the RealAudio files on your site and get them to work.

Website Awards Get these for your page! Share pictures and other things with family, friends. - A WebSideStory Production

Beseen: Maintain Your Site Make Your Own Url Forwarding Page

The CGI Resource Index

Stormer's Website

How to make a popup menu

Senac Counters, guestbooks, forums, a large directory and more!

ePIPO Home

ZDTV | Free Stuff on the Internet

ZDTV | Free Things to Create Cool Websites : Home

Cool Quiz traffic building with plug-in free email, message boards, mailing lists and more

Enter the Competition to win a Free Custom
Logo or Banner for your web page, Enter NOW!
Click Here to get your FREE LOGO.


Promoting your Website and Making Money

Critique Have your page critiqued and critique others!

Submit It! A way to submit your Web page to several different directories at once.

Add Me.Com Add Me Similar to Submit it. Submit your page to 34 popular sites for free, using one form!

Special Tees Get your Web page put on a tee shirt! Way cool.

VirtualPROMOTE Another big site in which to promote your site and also a helpful guide to the best ways to promote it!

MSN Link Exchange Get your page advertised for free! Awesome service.

Esotericism Banner Exchange Another banner exchange program.

Yahoo's Guide to Announcement Services Many ways to promote your site.

Webstep Top 100 Register your page with the top 100 resources services.

Link Encyclopedia Claims to help increase the traffic on your site.

Looplink The traffic building site.

Promoting your pages

Hyperhits  Software for promoting your page

The Banner Generator  For getting help making your banners for Link Exchange and other banner services

Instant Online Banner Creator  Like the one above

Click Trade  Get paid to put banner ads on your site

21st Century Resources  Check out the most popular referral program, sell books from your site

Cherry Valley Books

CD Universe

Webcards!  Put your webpage on a postcard and mail it to customers

Home of Homes NOT FREE! Service that submits your site to a huge number of search engines.  NOT FREE!

Submit Away! Website promotion center.

Banner Co-Op  Yet another Banner Exchange program.

Cosmic Credit

GoToWorld: Get Paid

Be Free - Connecting Commerce and Content Online

Network Solutions - Domain Name Registration Services from the dot com people

dotcomcardz internet trading cards

Website Promotion services

SEVENtwentyfour Inc. Services watches your web site for problems, etc.

Welcome to The Site Fights 6.0

Website Factory

Web-Stat : web counters, statistics and traffic analysis tools

Announce It America. Announce-O-Matic!!Free URL Submission

eBoz! Your Guide To Creating Successful Web Sites

Webby Awards : Submit Your Site

Site Screamer-URL announcement service and Internet promotion

HyperMart Home

The Rumbles

WorldSubmit - Web site promotion, search engines

NetFlip - The place to get cash rewards!

The Sponsorships Network - Get Paid Without Surfing  

Make Money With Your Site  A good list of resources from

Web Position Gold search engine positioning

Front Page Help

I use Microsoft FrontPage to make and maintain my pages.  So do a lot of other people!  Here are some great resources.



Frontpage 98 Theme Designer


Microsoft FrontPage FAQ Sites

SiteCrafters Internet--FrontPage help

Frontpage Stars Webring

FP Themes

FrontPage World

Rich's Front Page Themes

Mike's FrontPage FAQ Archive

FrontPage Themes

FrontPage World - FrontPage 2000, FrontPage Training, FrontPage Books, FrontPage 98, Microsoft FrontPage, E-Commerce, Affiliate Programs

Geocities and Yahoo! Help - FTP with FrontPage

FrontPage 2000 tutorials, help, support, themes

FrontPage 2000 Tutorial

List Experts

Miscellaneous Non-Internet Computer Stuff

Don't miss the tips page I've made!  Learn all about bots!  Fun!

Guide to finding Drivers  Looking for a particular missing driver for your sound card, etc.?

Qbasic Learn Basic for free!   Here is how to download it if you don't have it.

Richard's Programming Page   Lots of neat stuff about programming and how to use it.

3DTop A program that makes your desktop icons 3D.

Paste'm Notes 1.0 A reminder program for those of us who are forgetful!

Welcome to emachines -

UCITA a licensing time bomb

Welcome to the WordStar Resource Site!

Inkjet Cartridges - high quality and low prices! Online shopping and free delivery!

PC May 2000: - Five Tools to Make Your Windows Shine


PC Clock Sync

How TheMail puts a buck or two in your pocket

E-Stamp Offer

Webshots - Download the Ultimate Screen Saver and Wallpaper Today!

Printsville: Home

Learn how to cut, copy and paste with the BIG 4 Forum's fun, easy-to-understand ''Cut, Copy and Paste'' Tutorial! --Page 1

BIG 4 Forum: Dell, Gateway, Quantex & Micron [Message Board, Chat Room]['Cut,Copy & Paste' Tutorial][Trivia & Useless Information]

Viking Office Products

BugNet The World's Leading Provider of Software Bug Fixes

Computer Certification Learn how to get certified from

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