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I have been collecting business cards since I was about 10, when I picked one up while in Tijuana with my dad.  I kept it because I liked a hat at this one shop and I wanted to go back and buy it some day (I never did!).  I wanted to collect cards to show in our county fair in San Diego, where they have many hobby shows (I never did that, either!).  I didn't know there were other collectors out there until the 80's when I worked with a guy who said he collected them (or used to, I think).  I saw other card collectors later at the San Diego County Fair, too.  Then I started collecting more actively in the last ten years when I found the IBCC and joined the club and mailing list.  Now I trade with 5-6 people regularly.  I even started the young daughter of a friend in the hobby!  Now I have more cards than I can display or go through, but I hope to get them organized sometime.   ~Suzanne

Please feel free to send me cards you don't want at: P.O. Box 882 Magnolia, AR 71754  However, I do not have time for new traders, sorry! I have all I can handle. (Please visit IBCC as noted above to find traders.) If you send me cards through the mail, I might not reply for a very long time or send you any cards.  If you want me to send you money for postage, I can do that, but you must let me know in your email or letter.

This picture was from when we lived in Lubbock (97-01) and I was sorting them on our small table. I have way more than fit into this picture.  I sort them whenever I have a little time, using photo boxes.  When I get all of them sorted into categories, I will attempt to alphabetize them.  Then I will enter the data into a spreadsheet in the computer and possibly scan them in as well. I'm sure I will find MANY duplicates when I alphabetize them. I have thousands now and not much free time for sorting, so it will take quite a while.

Here's what the cards look like now (most of them) in my new hall closet in Arkansas.  I have more boxes in another closet. (click on the photo to see it larger)

Personal Cards

Here are cards I've had made up for myself!

TV MegaSite Card 2016

These new cards are made by Overnight Prints

Back of the card:


Here are some new cards I had made in year 2014, by


This one made by Overnight Prints

This one below made by


Back of this card:

This below is a postcard



This one made by Dave for me.

Magnetic card
Music card-Front*
Music card-back
older card for my TV Site*
older design for my TV site**
previous address/design**
personal card I had made up when I worked at Ask Jeeves**
card from when I worked at Ask Jeeves
*made by Steve

**made by Vista Print



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Fabio is looking to trade or buy business cards. He lives in Italy and his English is not that great. Please email me by clicking on his name if you are interested.  You can use Google Translate to translate to Italian if that will help.  BTW I do not know Fabio, so please do not involve me in any trade disputes or questions.

  • Buy/sell cards

 Face Media Group is based in the United Kingdom and offer a range of printed business cards. Their comprehensive range includes recycled, laminated and metal business cards. They can also design the perfect business card to suit your brand.

 Free business card,Online Graphic Design Full color business cards, magnetic business cards, stationary and invitations.Design your own, on-line, then just send for printing, and We will do the rest

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DO NOT USE VistaPrint! I have ordered cheap cards from them in the past, including magnetic cards--great deals!  However, I don't use them any more because they gave my credit card information to one of their ad companies, without my permission, and they then charged me for something I did not agree to, and VistaPrint did not help me out at all.  They continued to spam me both through email and snail mail for years, even though I repeatedly asked them not to. :(

Updated 5/21/17

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