Hi, I collect bears along with all my other stuff....I don't really have extras but if you have any you want to send me, I'll take 'em!  :)  Why do I collect bears?  I dunno...maybe because I had a teddy bear when I was a kid.  But now I actively collect them and I love them (there are so many I could never get them all...).

Printable list of Ty Beanie Baby Bears

Page two - More animated Valentine's Day Bears!

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animated Jack in the box with bear another bear

I don't have a list of my bears, but I do have lots of pictures.  They are taking over my house....

Right now I am mostly collecting Ty Beanie Babie bears (they take up less room).

I have many of the Beanie Baby bears but here are the ones I'm missing

  I don't really want to pay over $50 for a little stuffed animal! So I probably won't ever have all of them.

The best toys for 
                          kids of all ages!!


eucalyptus3.jpg (57437 bytes)eucalyptus1.jpg (48083 bytes) This little obsession has gotten out of hand!

My bear pics (click on the thumbnails to see larger pics):

allbears.jpg (17434 bytes)bear2.jpg (10937 bytes)closebears.jpg (17129 bytes)morebears.jpg (7740 bytes)

nubear1.jpg (46844 bytes)nubear2.jpg (55404 bytes)nubear3.jpg (42773 bytes)nubear4.jpg (42238 bytes)bearsroom.jpg (183915 bytes)beanies.jpg (114985 bytes)

Those were how I used to display them, and here are newer pics (I bought a bunch of bookcases to display them better):

bearsnew.jpg (90125 bytes) new1bears.jpg (94324 bytes) new2bears.jpg (92645 bytes) newbears3.jpg (90660 bytes) 

Here are more close-up pics of the Beanie Bears:

beaniebearstop.jpg (92967 bytes)beaniebears2ndshelf.jpg (84941 bytes)beaniebears3rdshelf.jpg (84354 bytes)beaniebearsbottomshelf.jpg (88844 bytes)

We moved and I finally got around to setting up the bears and other collectibles.  Here are more recent pictures of the collection:



bear with heart Grateful Dead bearanimated polar bear


Beanie Babies and other Toys

Please feel free to send me bears at: P.O. Box 882 Magnolia, AR 71754


withbear.jpg (14580 bytes)

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