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bulletStar Trek: insignia, Guinan, Ilya, salt vampire, Ferengi, Ensign Ro, Romulan warbird-small, warbird-large, Uhura-small, Uhura-large, Enterprise-large, Enterprise-small, Q-small, Q-large, romulan-small, romulan-large, and Data (as Sherlock Holmes).
bulletStar Wars: Princess Leia, another Leia, R2D2, Yoda-small, Yoda-large.
bulletFantasy: cloaked lady-small, cloaked lady-large, dragon-small, dragon-large, baby dragon, sorceress-small, sorceress-large, wizard-small, wizard-large, pegasus, wizard head-small, wizard head-large.
bulletCartoons: Marvin the Martian-small, Marvin the Martian-large, Gumby-small, Gumby-large, Calvin, Jessica Rabbit, Chip from Beauty and the Beast, Scrooge McDuck-small, Scrooge McDuck-large, Broomhilda-small, Broomhilda-large.
bulletMiscellaneous: Catwoman, alien flowers, alien planet with mountains, bird, Captain Hook-small, Captain Hook-large, Tinkerbell, Barnabas Collins, Ape from "Planet of the Apes", planets, The Beatles-large, Ladybugs (in color).
bulletA photo of a mural I did of King Tut's treasures.
bulletHere are two water color paintings I did in 2013, just for fun, of Hawaiian flowers. Painting #1 and Painting #2. The rest above were all done long ago. I really don't know how to do water color!
bulletI painted these four in 2016. The one with the lemons is the only one I really liked, so I hung it up in my dining room.
bulletI'm taking a drawing class now at SAU. You can see my class pics here!



Below are black and white drawings done by my older brother Stephen Mcglone-  All of these were done on Paint
bulletA small banner saying Computer in computer type
bulletA space ship
bulletBig letters that say "car", with little cars in the letters
bulletSame as above only smaller
bulletone little car
bulletA nice castle scene
bulletSame only colored by me!
bulletColumns and archways, with stars behind
bulletSame columns and archways, but no stars and with a little man peeking out.
bulleta warrior
bulletThe form of a man (sort of like a paper doll)
bulletA wolf chasing a little stick-man
bulletA humorous fake Windows "Open" box
bulletThe Batman insignia


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