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I am starting a band here in Tuscaloosa--we need a lead guitar player!! Please email me if you live in the area and are interested!!

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bullet Listen to me sing many songs!
bulletFREE audio or video tape of me singing! Drop me an email and we can work out the details.
bulletKaraoke in Tuscaloosa, AL; and other places all around the world where I have sung.
bulletKaraoke on the World Wide Web! Many links and karaoke player!
bulletHow to find Karaoke in your area!
bulletNon-karaoke links on the WWW, including my pages for The Beatles, Linda Ronstadt, The Carpenters, and Olivia Newton John.
bulletChat with me about Karaoke on the
bulletHow to find Karaoke!
bulletBookmarked Music Links I haven't added yet!
bullet  All New Radio@Netscape! -- The best place to listen to music online!!

bulletkaraoke magazine!
bulletKaraoke Music Club Sign up for 4 cassettes and only pay for 1; then just buy one more at a reasonable price! 1-800-200-4610
bulletPick up Karaoke Scene magazine in California karaoke places, or subscribe! Send email to for more info or visit their new Website!
bulletIn Las Vegas, pick up Karaoke Magazine Las Vegas. Or write to Karaoke Publications Las Vegas P.O. Box 80746 Las Vegas, NV 89180 for a subscription.
bulletListen to the Great Radio Karaoke Kontest every Saturday at midnight on KVEG (you can reach this station outside of Vegas if you have a good radio) 840am on your dial.  Don't know if it's still on....
bulletListen to KLAV 1230am on Saturday Nights (in Las Vegas) for the call-in variety show! (again this may be old)
bulletKaraoke League Information (again may be old)
bulletKtrax Karaoke Studio in Oklahoma 405-739-0298 
Special Session Rates Hey Karaoke Stars! Make Your Very Own Professional 3 song demo of your favorite karaoke tracks complete with mastered cd mixed down of your tracks and your vocals with a pro cd label and pro jewel case insert (cover) with your photo on the cover of your project for the special promotional price of $40.00 for a limited time only please call or e mail me for details. We are a home-based computer studio with all the stuff that will make you you a karaoke star. 405-739-0298 phone ask for Phil or email me at
bullet BUY the sound track to the movie "Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason"!  It has great tunes, some oldies, some remakes, and some new songs.  I really enjoy it! It sets the mood great for the movie, but it's also fun to listen to.  It exposed me to some great new artists that I wasn't that familiar with, too.

The World of Nat King Cole is a beautiful collection of old favorites by Cole; this release spans his career and has been remastered beautifully.  This collection marks the 40th anniversary of his passing.  Cole had a great variety TV show in the 1950's, but it couldn't get a sponsor due to racism.



bulletSpecial thanks to Business Cards FMG! Please check out their site!


bullet*ABC's "Wife Swap" is looking for the ultimate Karaoke family for their third season!
   They want to find a family that loves to have a good time together and belt out their favorite songs. At "Wife Swap", we look for families that can not only learn something, but teach something, as well. It's a great adventure for the whole family.
   Any person who refers a featured family receives a $1,000 referral award. (Please remember to mention "Suzanne Lanoue" if you use your family!)
  In order to apply for the show, families must have two parents and at least one child between the ages of 6-18 still living at home.
  Families selected to appear on the show receive $20,000 from ABC Television.
  "Wife Swap" is the series where two moms switch houses for six days and live in the shoes of the other woman. Please visit our website for more information:
  If you or anyone you know have questions or are interested in applying, please email . They are always looking for great families with extreme personalities for future episodes, so please feel free to contact her regarding other "types" of families as well.

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