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Picture of Linda

Although I wasn't the biggest fan of Linda Ronstadt back when I was growing up in the 1970's, I have always liked her music and collected some of her records. Now I enjoy singing her songs a lot on karaoke. Her range is amazing!



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Linda Ronstadt appears on "Tavis Smiley" 1/6/14 and 1/7/14 (re-run from 9/25) on PBS.

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Linda Ronstadt was inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame in September 2007!!

"Ride On" featuring Ryan Adams, Ben Kweller and Adam Schlesinger
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"Sister Golden Hair"
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The legendary rock group AMERICA returns with their first new major label studio album in over twenty years. The double album, "Here & Now," available January 16 on SONY BMG's Burgundy Records, will include one CD of new material and one CD of live material encompassing their hits.
Founding members GERRY BECKLEY and DEWEY BUNNELL teamed up with indie rock's most sought after producers ADAM SCHLESINGER (Fountains of Wayne) and JAMES IHA (Smashing Pumpkins) to record 12 new songs which were written by the band as well as by some of today's most influential new writers and artists.
"James and I are honored to be working with Gerry and Dewey. They write timeless songs and they are phenomenal singers and musicians, and we are having a blast in the studio. Plus we get to bug them for George Martin stories in between takes!" says co-producer Adam Schlesinger. George Martin, famed producer of The Beatles, produced the bulk of America's hits.
In addition to Schlesinger and Iha, special guests appearing on the album include RYAN ADAMS, who plays on 'Ride On,' BEN KWELLER who joins JIM JAMES and PATRICK HALLAHAN of My Morning Jacket on a cover of their haunting acoustic tune 'Golden,' and IRA ELLIOT and MATTHEW CAWS of Nada Surf join the group on their own rendition of Nada Surf's hit 'Always Love.' Elliot also appears with MARK ROZZO of Maplewood on a new song that Rozzo wrote for the band called 'Indian Summer.' Fountains of Wayne drummer BRIAN YOUNG lends his skills to a number of tracks including 'Chasing The Rainbow' and 'One Chance,' both written by Beckley, as well as 'Walk In The Woods' which Bunnell wrote. Other notable guest artists include RUSTY YOUNG of the 70's country rock band Poco and STEPHEN BISHOP, best known for his Grammy-nominated song 'Separate Lives.'
On growing up listening to AMERICA, Jim James of My Morning Jacket reflects "I used to lay on the living room floor, when my family was out of town at the ocean and I couldn't go cuz I had some stuff to do for school...and just cry my eyes out to America, and think of all the fun my family was having at the ocean. [Songs like] 'Tin Man,' Ventura Highway,' 'Lonely People,' 'Sister Golden Hair,'.so many jams. They are premier architects of harmony. They built temples in my brain as a child and the ruins are still there."
AMERICA, best known for their #1 hits 'A Horse With No Name' and 'Sister Golden Hair,' was one of the top selling bands of the 70's notching 11 U.S. Top 40 singles and 17 gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums. The group was honored in 1972 by winning that year's Grammy Award for Best New Artist.
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Blue Bayou - Simple Dreams - 2006 - 3:55
You're No Good - Heart Like a Wheel - 1974 - 3:43
When Will I Be Loved - Heart Like a Wheel - 1974 - 2:04
It's So Easy - Simple Dreams - 2006 - 2:28
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Marc in France is looking for videos or DVD's of Linda in concert, stage, etc.  Please email him for more info if you have something to buy/trade.

Please contact Peter if you are interested in buying this: Vintage Circus magazines that have been in storage (dry, smoke-free) for years, including Circus issue #196 October 31,1978 w/Linda Ronstadt cover and an article on Pg 28-31 which includes w/2 full page color photos and 3 smaller color photos.

See an MPEG clip of me singing "Blue Bayou"! Thanks to John at Pro-sing for making this. Here's a Zipped version to download. It may not work well, though...

Click on the iPod button to hear me sing some of Linda's songs!! Go to the next song or back as you choose, just like a real iPod!!

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You can also hear me sing many of Linda's songs (karaoke) at my songs page. These are clips only.  Please email me if you would like to hear the full versions!  Thanks!!  I'm just an amateur, having fun so please don't send me hate mail! :)



Thanks to Peter and Alfonso for the  great pictures!

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