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Family Photos

These are just the ones I already had scanned in , for now!

1. McGlones

My brothers - Pat, Stephen and David (AKA Leo)

Brother's Pic


David & Caroline

David & Deborah

David & Pat

David & Stephen


Pat & Stephen

Pat & Laurie

Pat & Laurie Pic

Their daughter Eliza, an adult now

Eliza pic

Their son Alex, also now an adult

Alex pic

Alex and Eliza

Their son Jeremiah, who died in the Iraq war

Jeremiah pic

Pat, Laurie & Jeremiah

The boys and my friend Mary's kids when we all met up in Minnesota

Eliza with Mary's kids

Pat & Eliza

Laurie & Eliza


Stephen and Zina

Stephen & Zina pic

Stephen and Pat

Stephen, Pat, Laurie & Eliza

Stephen & my friend Mary

Pat & Mary

Mary, me, her ex-husband, brother David, Mary's sister-in-law, her brother Marshal, and my brother Stephen.

My mom

My mom and my brother David

My mom and my brothers

My dad

My dad & his sister Betty

My dad, mom & an aunt

My mom and dad

My dad and step-mom Elaine

Elaine, her bird, and niece Eliza

My dad, my great-aunt Berenice, and my niece Eliza

My dad, my Grandma, and Eliza

My brothers & Dad

Family pic

Grandparents, Uncle Dick and Aunt Betty (all deceased now) - the second 2 pics were at my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary.

My Granddad & my cousin Jennifer

My Grandma and my cousin Jan

My Grandma and my brother Stephen

My Grandma

My great aunt Mary

Our cats

2. Baumgartens & Kennedys

My foster mom, Marianne, and her husband, David

Marianne & David pic

Phil, my foster dad

Phil pic

My foster sister Debbie and her kids

Debbie's Kids pic

Pictures from my foster sister Tami when she and her husband Patrick lived in Alaska

3. Lanoues

My sister-in-law Susan & her husband John

Susan & I pic Susan pic Susan pic

My mother-in-law

Both her and Susan

Uncle Earl & family

Some of my family members, including my husband and one of his sisters, do not wish to have their pictures on here....too bad!

I haven't had any time really update this page..sorry!

Some of these photo links may not work; you can find the photos here.

Many More Photos on my Facebook Page!

Updated 4/26/17

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