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These are just the pictures I have scanned in and handy...eventually I hope to scan in all of my pictures!  You will notice I used to dress up in costume a lot. When I was younger, I was really into going to scifi conventions and other events in costume. MORE PICTURES TO COME!
You can see many of my pics on my Facebook Page!


baby pic
Me as a little baby
Another cute baby picture suzanne26.JPG (170891 bytes)Silly picture of me as a kid
8th grade pic
My 8th grade picture
sca dress w/guy
Me in an SCA dress w/some other person, circa junior high
another sca pic
Me in another SCA dress,
closeup, circa junior high
suzanne12.JPG (24336 bytes)8th grade in skorts!
suzanne17.JPG (149201 bytes)Equicon 75 with friend Terry suzanne14.JPG (46766 bytes) at the Wild Animal Park (kinda blurry) unk00017.jpg (16973 bytes)Me as Princess Leia, holding tribbles (fuzzy picture) suzanne9.jpg (35315 bytes)
Me as Princess Leia, 1977
unk00016.jpg (11971 bytes)  Me in living room with winter formal dress, Christmas 1978 suzanne15.JPG (89289 bytes)Me in cool vinyl jacket with Trek calendar unk00025.jpg (9842 bytes)Me in Star Trek uniform in my room, circa 1977 suzanne25.JPG (164538 bytes)Another pic of me as Princess Leia
suzanne16.JPG (107650 bytes)My very '70's picture, in my bedroom; note the cool 70's purse! senior picMy senior picture, 1979 Picture from my senior year photo ID card. Maya from "Space: 19999" for 1976 S.T.A.R. Masquerade
suzanne23.JPG (160540 bytes)My wedding day suzanne8.jpg (251857 bytes) Costume I wore in early 80's for Tolkien picnic suzanne29.JPG (53359 bytes)Mid-80's picture of me on New Year's suzanne27.JPG (78182 bytes)Me swimming in
the mid-80's
suzanne28.JPG (93281 bytes)Another one of me in the water suzanne_at_birthday_party_80's.JPG (14275 bytes)Great pic of me from the mid-80's when I was skinny :) suzanne24.JPG (155156 bytes)Rare pic of me with a perm, from college suzanne7.jpg (58419 bytes)Another Star Trek pic, from the mid-80's
suzanne2.jpg (49745 bytes)College grad picture 1987 suzanne1.jpg (65966 bytes)Same time as college pic newer pic of me as Leia Me as Leia in the '80's. pic of me in Krypton costume Me in Krypton costume from OSMUN (Outer Space Model United Nations, if you must know!).
working at The Loop on campus pic of me as Supergirl Me as Supergirl at OSMUN. pic of me as Diana Me in costume from "V". pic of me as PaulMe and friends in costumes from "Sgt. Pepper's" album for Beatlefest.
pic of me with gnome statue Me in Munich summer 1995.   pic of me with gnome statue 2Same picture, larger.   pic of me at machinePlaying slot machines, as usual. pic of me in red dressPartying new year's eve 1994.
pic of me in a boat On a boat in San Diego August 1995. pic of me in Paris On the Champs-elysee in Paris summer 1995. pic of me in AnaheimOutside of Anaheim stadium
suzanne5.jpg (50303 bytes)in Trek costume on Halloween in Lubbock smallsuzanne.jpg (29418 bytes) First pic from my QuickCam me at Epcotat Epcot - Disneyworld
dark fairy costume on Halloween in Tuscaloosa 2009 wedding anniversary in Baltimore at home in Memphis March 2009
2010's Halloween pics (store bought costumes)

Cat 2010

Devil Lady 2011

Supergirl 2012

Ladybug 2013


Snow White 2014

Leopard 2104

Amanda from "Defiance" 2015

Hawaiian girl 2016

Harley Quinn 2017

Little Red Riding Hood 2018 Batgirl 2019

Many More Photos on my Facebook Page and my Instagram page.

Updated 7/18/20


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