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Pics of our friends!

This is just what I have so far...will add many more!



Amanda, who lives in Canada and has worked on my site

amanda.jpg (12591 bytes) amanda2.jpg (12728 bytes)

Cueball (whom I've now met a few times)

Jimbo (also have met him a few times)

Jill (met her this one time)

Alma & Steve (met this once)

See many more of my online friends on my site at or on my Facebook


1. Friends since childhood

Mary, good friend since junior high, and her family

memary.jpg (17419 bytes) artie.jpg (50833 bytes) artie1.jpg (56446 bytes)
artie2.jpg (86438 bytes)

Abir (friend since junior high) and her husband, Mourhege

Old friend Armin (Stephen's good friend)

old friend Dave Brewer  (Stephen's good friend)

Mrs. Illig (family friend - passed away in 2017)

2. Friends since high school

David (my friend since 1977 and former boss at Ask Jeeves!) with some of his family

david8.jpg (5616 bytes) david1.jpg (24732 bytes)   david6.jpg (54101 bytes) david9.jpg (4674 bytes)     david.jpg (57508 bytes)    david2.jpg (60731 bytes) 
david3.jpg (59637 bytes) david4.jpg (56769 bytes) david5.jpg (57109 bytes) guam-david,analiza&kids1.jpg (77944 bytes) guam-david,analiza&family-new-year's.jpg (200482 bytes)
guam-david&analiza.jpg (70856 bytes) david&analiza.jpg (6482 bytes) david&analiza's-wed.jpg (164811 bytes) guam-david&family_on_plane.jpg (93282 bytes) david&child.jpg (98080 bytes)
analiza&christopher.jpg (5843 bytes)  

 Diane and Jeff (David's sister and her husband)

George (good friend since the late 70's) & family

Chris (friend since high school) and his daughter Arielle (with David W.)

Shaler & Lilia (friends since high school)

David & Liliailia

George & Lilia

George and Mrs. L.

Mark, friend since high school

old friends Martin and Dawn

Good friend Kurt

Misc. high school friends


High School pictures from "Fiddler on the Roof"

3. Friends from adulthood

Our good friend Barbara that we've known since college

barb.jpg (47177 bytes)

George S. (old friend from college )

Barbara & Rick

Anji (another old friend from college)

Ira (friend since the 80's)

ira.jpg (4287 bytes)




Karyn & Victor (friends since the 80's)

Corrie (friend since college) and her family

old college friend Peter's son

Shaun and Jadie (friends since the late 80's-UCR) and their kids

shaunjadie.jpg (74859 bytes)

Shaun and Jeff (friend since 90's)

Jeff, friend since early 80's

Bobby and Cherie, friends since the 90's (Texas Tech)


Steve & Kathy (Texas Tech)

Cherie and Steve

Good friend Lynn (Lubbock)

friends Atanielle and Kevin from the 80's, at their wedding

friends Dave and Francine at their wedding (UCR)

Monty & Paul, friends since the 90's (Texas Tech)

friends Susan and Randall (UCR) and their children

Steve and Val (friends from UCR)

Will (friend from UCR-passed away in April, 2017)

Nancy (friend from ISU)

Todd (friend from UCR)

Our college friend Subha's son Ajaye

Jenny from UCR

Donna from Texas Tech

Joe the Hat in Las Vegas, and his wife, Jean



Friends from "Ask Jeeves" and "Ask Jeeves UK"

Dr. Tak Cheung from Illinois State

  • PETS

Barb's cats

"Batman" - we used to house sit for his owners and feed him

Mark, Chris, David and Me davidgeorgeira.jpg (17161 bytes)Ira, David and George Lynn, Stacey and thegang.jpg (22290 bytes)Joan  (friends since the 90's)
Francine, Susan, Randall & other person ucrgang.jpg (38401 bytes)UCR friends Steve, Greg, Jim and Val Neil
Shaler, Lilia, Corrie & Dean   Jim & Misha
Mark, David & Chris Friends in Lubbock during my 40th birthday party 2001
Most of these next 4 rows are from our trip to Guam with everyone 1999
24.jpg (91339 bytes)FrFriends at karaoke bar in Guam: Megan, Ofelia, Chris, David and Mark
91.jpg (65261 bytes)FFriends Shaler, Lilia, George and David in Honolulu
Halloween party in Lubbock 2001
college friends at karaoke bar in Boston_in_boston3.jpg">

Many More Photos on my Facebook Page!

Some of these photo links may not work; you can find the photos here.

I haven't had time to update this page...I have many more photos to add.

Updated 4/26/17

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