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  Monday, March 4

New flowers 3/4/19Once again I'm behind on my blogs...ah, well. It's been really hard for me to balance everything.

It was 30 degrees when I got up today around 10:30. We're all pretty sick of the cold and the rain. At least it's not raining today. It's supposeweather 3/4/19d to get into the low 20's tonight.

I had my multimedia speech today in class. I was very nervous beforehand, but it went fine. I  was worried that I might have to run to the restroom in the middle, but thankfully, I didn't.  It went a little late because the professor talked quite a bit before our two speeches. Two people had to leave early because of that. There were then only 3 people left to listen, besides my professor.

You can read it here... it's all about my singing.  If that link doesn't work, go to the main page and scroll down until you get to Advanced Public Speaking, and then find mine. It's purple and has a woman singing silouetted on it. You can also see it here on my site.  Here's the text of the speech.

Brandy playing with her toy on the bedDavid took me home after that, and I walked Brandy as usual.

I seem to know a lot of people, especially online, who are sick with sinus infections etc. I hope everyone gets well soon! I'm just very glad I haven't been sick lately. Knock on wood!  The allergies have been bad enough.

I tried to watch this movie on the weekend starring PIerce Brosnan and Ewan MacGregor, "The Ghost Writer." It's OK. I started falling asleep during it and gave up.

I didn't have much energy for anything today. I think the speech took everything out of me. I went to bed super early, around 9pm.

  Tuesday, March 5

David woke me up around 6:30 because the toilet was overflowing and he neededweather 3/5/19 help mopping up all the water (he was trying to get ready for work).  So I got all the extra old towels out, and also the mop. What a mess! Yuck.

I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't.

It was way too cold this morning, 25 degrees.

Mardi Gras!It's Mardi Gras, but there's nowhere to go out here. Ah, well.

David took me in to school around 10:45, and Trisha picked me up, for a change (usually it's the other way around). He has a long meeting on Tuesdays now.

I had lunch with some of the ladies. Tuesdays are really the only time I can because Thursdays I have my voice lesson, and I come in too late on the other days.  We had book salea pretty nice chat. The book store was having a book sale in the middle or Reynolds (mostly paperbacks, it looked like). I never have time to read any more. I've probably got about 25 books on my Kindle that I never have time to read.  The only reading I do nowadays is on social media, or some magazines that I have in the bathroom (Soap Opera Digest, Entertainment Weekly, and Good Housekeeping, mostly).

My brother David is having some problem with getting Facebook to load in his browser. I hope he's able to fix it!

I went to Brinson and worked on my singing exercises. It hasn't been a great week for that, though. I've just been either very busy or very tired.

Nothing too exciting happened in class... We have a movie review due on Thursday.

Our class got out early, so Trisha picked me up about 2 over at Reynolds, after I got a new soda.

I finally put the clean clothes away...we had a lot. I was going to take a nap, but I did that instead.

BrandySince I knew we were going out again, I didn't bother to put all the gates back (to keep the dog from jumping on furniture). I hate moving them back and forth.

I wore a new shirt that I bought a little while ago. It's got sequins, and it's more of a sweater than a shirt. It's kind of scratchy, though. I don't think I'll wear it that often, but it's pretty.  It stayed pretty cold all day and evening.  band concert program

David picked me up about 7, and we went back to campus for the band concert. They did a good job with it, but it was very long, and ran too late for us. They always insist on scheduling everything at 7:30, and it's kind of late for a school night. I enjoyed the music, but I was also fighting hard to stay awake. It let out at almost 9pm.

We saw some deer crossing the road as we drove through...too bad I didn't have my phone out! We rarely see them near our house any more, unfortunately. I need to get popcorn cake pizzassome kind of deer feeder for my front yard, and one of those motion-sensitive cameras so I can take photos when they come around.  I have some friends who do that with wildlife in their area.

I made some mini-pizzas with popcorn cakes. So yummy! Icookies! also made some GF, low carb chocolate cookies for myself. 

I stayed up working and watching movies/TV until about 2am, even though I was tired. I had a lot to do. I did the dishes.  I watched a Netflix movie for my class review:  "The Last Laugh" starring Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss. It was pretty good. Here's my review.

  Wednesday, March 6

Brandy and meI got up at about 10:30.  This gave me plenty of time to get ready for school. We had 2 more multimedia speeches for our class today. They were both very interesting. The first one was about how plastic and other garbage impacts sealife and what some people are doing to help that.  The other was about the history of rap/hip-hop.

Speaking of sealife...I've been thinking about straws lately because the coffee place at school only has the paper kind now. I hate the paper straws, personally. I looked up whether straws are recyclable or not.  They are made from a plastic that is, yetplastic straw they won't take them at recycle centers because straws are too small, so they clog up their machine. Seems to me that it would be easier to make a machine that doesn't get clogged, rather than expect the whole world to stop using plastic straws. My friend Kathy posted this article that says that banning straws won't do much. I agree.

I went to Chick-Fil-A to get another soda after class. David took me home after that. I Brandy beggingtook Brandy walking. It started out chilly this morning (in the 30's), but by the afternoon, it was in the 50's, so it was pretty nice. Warm and sunny.

I worked on my review that's due tomorrow and watched some other TV. Brandy and I took a two-hour nap.David in newspaper

David was in the newspaper!

David came home at the usual time and had dinner. It was a fairly boring evening.

I finally have some grey hairs, and I'm not happy about that. Don't I feel old enough?  sad face

I'm still hoping that I can get an internship at the local paper this summer, but they're only printing one issue per week now, and the rest is online. We'll see, I guess.

I bought some lotion for my feet that the doctor recommended, and I can't find it anywhere! I have to order some more. I probably threw it out accidentally. (I found it later!)

The internet in our house has been off and on for months, but I was too busy to really do much. It's been very bad the past 2 days, so I called Suddenlink this morning. They reset the modem, but it didn't help. I had to call back later on. The soonest they could send someone is Tuesday morning. sad face

I feel bad because I haven't had much time to work on my site besides this blog and the bare minimum  of things. UGH. I'm a little depressed tonight -- I admit it. I don't peanut butter on lettuceknow why, but when we were in Hawaii, everything just seemed more blissful.

I made a peanut butter sandwich on lettuce. You should try it! It's really good. I put mayo and pickles as well (tomatoes if I have them). 

It's supposed to rain tomorrow night again and last for about a week.

I know I've said this before, but you shouldn't have kids or pets if you can't afford to take care of them or don't have time for them. You're not doing them any favors by neglecting them.  Children need time, attention, love and guidance -- not just a roof over their heads and healthy food to eat.  You don't have to spoil them with material goods, but you do have to show and tell them that you love them. You have to teach them and guide them, and spend time with them, and make sure they're doing the right things and not getting in trouble. That means not leaving them alone.  With pets, you have to make sure they have the right food and the right medicine, and baths, and grooming, and vet visits. This is costly, but necessary. You have to play with them and pet them. No dog should be left outside most of the time because they are social animals. They need to be around humans (and if possible, other dogs). You need to give them attention and walk them.  Walking is not just for exercise but for bonding with you and for them to explore. Like children, they get into trouble if left on their own. They get bored and destructive.  Find another home for them if you can't take proper care of them. Put the animal's needs first, even if you selfishly want them around but can't take care of them.

  Thursday, March 7

I woke up feeling very stuffed up, and my ears have been plugged up a lot, all day, off and on. I wanted to stay in bed, but I didn't. I got up around 9:20. After having breakfast and getting ready, I put Brandy in the bedroom as usual. She wasn't happy Brandyabout it, either. She had a lot of energy. She is a morning person and was ready to play! Oh, well.

Trisha picked me up around 10:45, and I was still feeling terrible. I had a little time to spend with Sondra at lunch before my voice lesson.  The lesson went OK. Better than I thought it would, given how I feel today.

I ran into Beth browsing books there at Reynolds before my class. It's always fun to see her. She's going to make me a low carb and GF pie! She's very nice and makes yummy stuff.

I got some more soda after that and hung out for a while before my class... it sprinkled outside, briefly, before my class.

In class, we went over our movie review blog posts. It went fine. Most of the others reviewed scifi or comic book movies. I think I may have been the only one with a comedy. I was surprised at how many were doing movies that were a few years old. I could have sworn he said to do a recent movie. Ah, well.

After class, I realized I forgot to bring any lunch. I was stuck there until at least 5 when David was done with his meeting. I knew I didn't have low blood sugar, so I just had a snack to tide me over. I was complaining to Touia about having to stick around, and she offered me a ride home at 4, which was very nice of her. However, it was only an hour difference, so it wasn't really worth it. If it had been 3, then I probably would have taken her up on it.

After getting another soda, I went to the library and worked on my site. I got a lot done today on my site.

The sky grew very dark around 4:30, but it didn't rain as I feared. It was cool and windy, though.

After I got home, I walked Brandy as usual. It was still very dark, but not too bad. It didn't rain. I think it did later on in the evening, but not much.

I ordered pizza for dinner, from Domino's. It was good. I didn't eat the crust - too many carbs! I always get it with lots of meat, cheese and veggies.

David had some sort of awards dinner to go to, so he didn't come home until 8pm.

I stayed up until 4am. Whoops!

  Friday, March 8

Happy International Women's Day! 👧👩👩‍⚖👩‍🏫👩‍🎓👩‍⚕️👩‍🌾👩‍🍳👩‍🔧👩‍🏭👩‍💼👩‍🔬👩‍💻👩‍🎤👩‍🎨👩‍✈️👩‍🚀👩‍🚒👮‍♀️🕵️‍♀️👸👷‍♀️💂‍♀️🧕👱‍♀️👰🤰🤱🧚‍♂️❤🌷💐🌾🌺🌼🌻🌹❤

I woke up around 12:30, when David came home. He had picked up my prescriptions and his dry cleaning. He gathered up more suits to take back there and left again. I couldn't get back to sleep after that.

Right after I got up, I was sick from something I ate in the past week that had gluten in it. sad face My stomach was feeling yucky all day. I was also tired most of the day.

delicious pie from Beth!Beth texted me around 1:30 with a picture of the GF and sugar free pie she made. It looked so good! She brought it over about 2, still warm. I had two pieces, of course. It was super yummy. I had some sausagesBrandy as well, since I hadn't eaten breakfast yet.

I took Brandy for a walk around 3:40. It was very warm out today! It was 75 and humid. Wow!!!  It was still cold in our house, so I had been wearing a sweater. I had to put on shorts to go for our walk. I guess it rained this morning and changed everything.

Brandy lying next to DavidI went back to sleep around 4:30 and napped for 2 hours. I was so tired!  David came home, so I got up. We had a relaxing evening at home... Brandy's favorite thing is to lie next to David and have him pet her or rub her tummy. Spoiled little brat!

I did the dishes as I made his dinner. I still have to do the laundry, too. I might have to do that tomorrow.

I haven't been feeling well and got really sick again. UGH.

  Saturday, March 9

David woke me up about 10:30. I wanted to go to to the post office, but it was too late (they close at 11, and it would have taken us too long to get ready and get there in time).  We went to Flying Burger for lunch. We both had our usual, grilled catfishrainy view of Brookshire's from our car with salad.

We went to Brookshire's briefly. It was pouring rain, so he went in for me while I stayed in the car.

By the time we got home, the rain was cleared up. It was nice today, in the high 60's. Brandy and I had a lovely walk. When we walked out our front door, a large dog was running by into the woods. At first I thought it was a deer or something, but it was definitely a dog -- lighter in color than Brandy, larger, and with a short tail.  I hate how people let their dogs run around out here. It's so dangerous.Keto crate

I subscribed to this food service called Keto Krate. It sends you foods that are good for the Keto diet, which means GF and low carb. I'm not on the keto diet but have to eat that way.  Some of the stuff is good... not so for others. It's kind of expensive, though, so I canceled it. Most of the sweet stuff wasn't bad, but a lot of the salty stuff was just way too salty for me. I'm not a fan of pork rinds, either (my husband liked them).

We both loved the dark chocolate toffee from Curly Girlz Candy. I enjoyed these cinnamon cakes and these skinny salamis as well as the Atkins lemon bar. Everything else I've tried so far was either too bland, had a weird taste or was extremely salty.  It's just as well I canceled because I don't need all the extra calories. It's nice to know that there are some good low carb, GF snacks out there, if I ever lose weight like I want to...(I don't lose weight eating low carb; I just maintain)

The chocolate was a little hard on my teeth. I think I need to go to the dentist again because my back right tooth is hurting when I chew anything hard. I've had problems with that one off and on for years. I hope I don't need another root canal on it! I've had one already. I tend to grind my teeth and that one is always particularly sensitive for some reason. We have to find a new dentist because ours moved to anotherBrandy town.

I didn't do too much today besides watch TV and cruise through social media. I did very little work. Well, that's not quite right...I did work a little on my voice lessons stuff, and I straightened up most of the house. I still have to clean up the kitchen and put away the laundry.

I thought I had lost this foot cream that I bought online (suggested by my podiatrist), but then I found it under the couch! Weird place for it. winky face

I went to bed about 4:30am. Way too late!

  Sunday, March 10

David woke me up around 11:30. We went to Java Primo for breakfast/lunch. It's not Java Primo breakfastmy favorite place, but he loves the gyro there. I had their breakfast platter. They always overcook everything and it comes out very dry. Ah, well.

We went to Wal-Mart for our weekly shopping. When we got home, I walked Brandy. It's in the high 60's today and will probably get into themessy backyard 70's. I think Spring is finally here. We might still have a few days in the 50's, but I doubt it'll go lower than that.

Our house and yard are in terrible shape right now. The people who do our yard are coming this next week, and Brandyit sure needs it. I didn't realize that I hadn't called them since just before Christmas! Yikes! That's way too long, especially since they also pick up the dog's mess in the backyard.  We've had tons of rain, so it's looking like a jungle, too.

The inside of our house is pretty dirty, too, but Yolanda is coming in a few weeks, during Spring Break. I figured it was easier than trying to schedule her around my classes.  She Brandyhasn't been here in a month and a half, either. I've just been so busy! Time sure flies.

As usual, some of my plants have died.... I tend to over-water them sometimes. I try not to... sometimes the little plastic thingy says "water when the soil feels dry" and so I water it, but it still dies. sad face

This week I finally got around to taking down the "February" yard flag and put up the one for Spring, and some other Spring stuff that I hang near the door. It's not technically Spring yet, but it feels like it, and I don't have one for March.

new flowers!I'm ordering a gift basket for someone... You know, I order these for people all the time, and I don't think I've ever gotten one myself? Fooey! sad face

Our weekends are usually very boring, unless we're traveling or something. We have the same routine. Steak and fries

Tonight we change the clocks for Daylight Savings Time. Woo hoo!

We went to Antigua's for dinner. I don't usually eat there, but I was hungry, so I had a salad, and a steak with fries. I didn't eat most of the fries, though. I hope it doesn't make me sick! 

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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