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  Monday 2/18/19

This week's flowersI had trouble with allergies last night and couldn't sleep. I think I finally dropped off around 5am. I wasn't too keen on getting up for school. I decided to take the day off. I shouldn't have slept so late, though. Now I'm going to have problems getting to sleep tonight and getting up tomorrow!

Yesterday I realized that I forgot to use my hormone cream on Saturday, so I hurriedly took it yesterday. I hope I didn't mess things up. Also, I forgot to get a photo of us at dinner at Faywrays. Darn it!

I didn't get up until about 1:30pm.  I wasn't that hungry, and my blood sugar wasn't low, so I didn't eat. David was set to bring Brandy home around 3:30, after his meeting. I had called them to make sure she got a bath and to ask them to trim the hair under her tail. It's very long, and she's always getting dog poop in it. (Sorry to be gross!)

I spent most of the two hours working, and then I also put the gates out and did some other household stuff.

After David brought Brandy back, she was very hyper for a while. I took her out back to make her run around a bit, to burn off her excess energy.  Then we went for a walk. After we got back, I made an Atkins Beef Fiesta Taco Bowl, which is pretty good. I just add some more cheese to it.  I also had a low carb ice cream bar.  Brandy was still a little hyper for a while.

I got the bedroom ready for her around 5:40, so that we could go out to dinner, butshe wasn't very happy about being shut up in there.  She never likes it, but she was a bit more whiny than usual, plus she was barking. Poor baby! Brandy finally sleeping

We went to El Compadre. I watched him have his tacos, and I got a soda. I'm trying hard to keep my blood sugar in good range, as well as lose weight, so I didn't even have any chips. It's a lot easier not to eat if you've already eaten.

We came back and watched some TV, and I worked some more on my site.

Later on, I did the dishes and laundry. Nothing too exciting.

I watched the rest of the "Stargate: Atlantis" episodes. Too bad... now I have no more new ones to watch. It was such a great show. It's sad that it only got five years. I just love the characters and the stories. I love the other ones, too, but this one might be my new favorite. I'll have to go back and watch "Stargate: Universe" to compare because I really enjoyed that one, too. Of course, the original is also good, but I think it was on too long and wasn't as good later on. Most of the actors I like had left.  Wow, I just found out that Joe Flanigan (the handsome star of "Stargate: Atlantis" has started on "General Hospital!" I had no idea. I follow him on Instagram, and still, I had no idea. Wow!!! I hope he sticks around. I'm glad to see him working.

Wow, I can't believe that Payless Shoes is closing! sad face

  Tuesday 2/19/19

It was really bad weather today. It was in the low 30's in the morning, and very windy, and raining. It got up to the 40's, but it was still very cold, windy and rainy. I had to really bundle up.

Trisha brought me in to school as usual...I don't know if she'll be able to take me on Thursday. It's always nice to chat with her!

I sat with some of the ladies at lunch, but Sondra was not there. Her daughter had a baby, so she was at the hospital. I had already eaten breakfast, so I just sat with them and had my soda.

I guess I got to my class Mass Media Criticism a little earlier than usual because there was a class still in there. I chatted with some of my classmates, who were also waiting outside. I dropped my winter cap, which is actually a ski mask, but I don't wear it that way unless it's super cold. So one of them picked it up and was wondering jokingly if I was going to rob a bank. Ha ha! I have another winter hat, but it looks totally dorky, and it doesn't cover my ears as well as this one. I need to get a new one. My others shrank in the wash.

My class was fine. I was surprised that they managed to get through all of last week's assignments (on the day I missed) because with the previous two projects, it took a few days to go over them all. That's fine with me. I didn't have to talk about my work in class, since I missed. I don't mind it, but it's fine to miss it, too, and it doesn't affect my grade.

I was afraid I would have to stick around until 5pm because David has a meeting 2-5, and my class is supposed to go until 2.  Thankfully, the professor let us out about 1:30, so David was able to give me a ride home. I was all prepared to do my voice lessons practicing at school, but I went home instead. I was going to do them at home, but then I got sick a lot.

I was sick off and on today from eating something with gluten.  Probably from Wendy's on Sunday. sad face

Brandy on my lapI was very glad to get home and out of the cold weather. David had to stick around school until about 9 because he went to a play there, "The Vagina Monologues." I usually like going to the plays, but being sick and all, I was not feeling like going back to the university. Also, I was very tired from staying up too late yesterday, so I took a nice long nap.  Poor Brandy didn't get her walk today, due to the rain.

I had an annoying time this afternoon. I couldn't find my main TV remote. I've been watching the ROKU, which uses a different remote, for a couple of days. I remembered that there's a "locate remote" button on the Joey (the DVR's name for the smaller box in the living room), so I pressed that. The sound came from somewhere near my chair. I had apparently dropped it between the two chairs on my sectional. It was kind of a pain to get out because as I mentioned before, there's a metal bar underneath the sectional chairs. I had to use my back scratcher to find it. I finally got it out. I was worried that I would have to wait until David came home and have him lift it up! It's far too heavy for me.

I stayed up late again after the long nap I had. I've been doing some laundry and had some other stuff to work on. I have an interview tomorrow, so I had to watch some shows and write up questions.

  Wednesday 2/20/19

Thankfully, it's a nice day and no rain!  It was a little cool but got into the mid-50's later on.

Joe MinosoI got up around 8:30 to have breakfast and everything. I had an interview about 9:40 with a guy from the NBC show, "Chicago Fire." It was delayed slightly because he was finishing up with a radio interview, and then the driver that was supposed to take him home got lost.  That was funny! It was a good interview and went well. I had to quickly upload the interview to my computer so I could send it to rev.com to get transcribed. The crossover episodes from "Chicago PD" (the reason I was interviewing him) are tonight, so I had to get that up fast.  Talk about last minute! winky face  NBC used to have more conference call interviews, which I prefer, but now I have to ask them to let me interview people one-on-one. All of the networks have really cut back on what they used to do....cost-cutting measures, I guess. I used to get a lot more interviews with them and their other Universal channels like Syfy and USA, and other cable channels, and FOX, and occasionally ABC or CBS, but now I get mostly individual PR requests, and Lifetime, and NBC once in a blue moon.  It makes it more work for me and takes more time. Then again, I don't have a lot of time for interviews, so it GF enchiladaworks out OK. Once I graduate, I will have more free time to try to get interviews. I have a bunch coming up with Lifetime for March.

Anyway, David came to get me around 11:30, between his meetings.

I'm very annoyed at UPS because I had ordered something to be delivered to Trisha, and it didn't arrive yesterday as it was supposed to. They said to wait until Wednesday evening to make sure, but I know how they are...if it's not there, it's probably not going to show up, so then we'll have to re-order it and it'll be very late.

I got my soda at Reynolds... I didn't feel like hanging out there, and I have work to do on my computer, so I went over to Overstreet. It was a bit too early, and I guess there's a class in that room before ours, so I had to hang out, outside. I saw Brandon, who's the choreographer of the plays and musicals, and he has directed some of the plays, including the one we saw on Sunday. He's very nice and said hi. I told him that he did a great job with the play on Sunday.

We have another speech due in that class next starting next week, so I have a little more time to work on it. We're supposed to do a multimedia presentation about something deeply personal or meaningful to us. I think I'm going to choose singing. It's hard because I have many interests!  I Brandycould choose karaoke, pets, superheroes, TV, movies, reading, the internet, my site, politics, collecting, geek stuff, Christmas, writing, blogging and so many other things, some of which would be more specific and fall into those categories. I considered some of these, but I think singing is probably the easiest thing to choose. I was thinking back on my life, and there's only a few things that I've loved my whole life (leaving aside food and relatives): singing, watching TV and reading. I don't really read that much any more, just because I have so many things to do, and I have to prioritize my time.I fried up some bacon

I walked Brandy after I had something to eat.

I hadn't had a lot of sleep, so I took a nap.  I had a lot of work to do on my assignment for tomorrow's class. I wrote it earlier, but I still had to add photos and links.

I don't remember what I did the rest of Wednesday!

There's a cool site called Ifttt where you can set up little apps to do things for you. I had it help me set it up so that when I post on my work Instagram, it goes to Twitter as well. Then I had Twitter set up so that it would post to Facebook. But now, for some reason, it posts it twice, lumped all together, on Facebook. I have to go on Facebook and edit the extra part out.  Annoying! Usually with any kind of computer or internet problem, I can find help somewhere, but I can't so far.

With all this weird stuff going on about Jussie Smollett in the news, I realized, I interviewed him back in 2015!  Wow! He was so great, too. So sad about what's happened. It's sad, too, that he won't be on "Empire" any more.

  Thursday 2/21/19

This whole morning was a bit of a disaster. Trisha never contacted me about taking me to school today, so I assumed she couldn't, but apparently she had planned on coming. Luckily I was able to let her know, hopefully before she came all the way here.

I remembered that I needed to phone the bank, to find out what happened to our new checks (we ordered them Jan. 21). The woman I spoke to had to keep running back to her supervisor to answer my questions, which was kind of annoying. I phoned and said, "We still haven't gotten our checks, that we ordered on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day." and she replied, "They take 2 weeks."  (!) I said, "That was a month ago."  "Oh, OK, let me check that for you..." Apparently they sent us the checks right after that, so either they were lost in the mail, or stolen. (I found them later on)  It took some back and forth, but she told me that they would order more, and we would put an alert on those check numbers. Then we're supposed to see if the post office knows anything (Ha! Ha!) and keep an eye on our account to make sure nothing is cashed from those numbers or anything suspicious (just in case the bank messes up, I guess!). They said we can come by to get some "counter checks," which I  suppose are similar to the starter ones they give you when you first get an account. What a pain.

ready for my voice lessonsI had just barely enough time to get the dog and me ready, so that I could get picked up by David at 10:45. I had planned on warming up my voice at home, but that long phone call took too much time, so I just had him drop me at Brinson so I could warm up there.

It's pouring rain today, but I forgot my umbrella. It wasn't raining when I left the house, otherwise I would have probably tried a little harder to find my umbrella. Oh, well.

I had my voice lesson at 11:30 as usual...it went fine. Not great, but fine. Apparently he thought my high notes were a little weak and wondered if my voice was having problems because of dryness from medications. I do take a lot of medications, so that could be. Also, we've had the heat on a lot. I drink a lot of water, though. Frankly, I thought my high notes sounded fine, but I can't hear myself, so....Weird student art in Brinson

After my class, I noticed this very weird student sculpture in the art gallery. Hmm....

Anyway, I went over to Reynolds after that to get my soda, and I chatted a bit with two of the ladies there. I left there about 12:25 to go to my class. It started raining pretty hard, so I got a little soaked.  It was mostly just my hair, really. I dried off when I got to my class building.

The class went fine. We went over our blogs. This one was a Tech Review. I forgot to have him play one of the videos, but that's OK.... There were some interesting tech things people posted about, like a $2000 iron board and a $3000 fridge with the internet on it! LOL! I did really love some cool sunglasses they had that play music and do other things. They were only $200. Now, if only they had clip-ons! I guess I'll wait until they have prescription glasses. I don't spend that much time outside. Also, they work off your phone, so that would be handy in an airplane, but otherwise...not really something I'd want to use too much (my phone is too heavy to carry around outdoors). Great idea, though.

Another one I was excited about is the upcoming Galaxy Fold. They've been talking about foldable tablets for at least 5 years. It would be great to have a small phone and be able to unfold it into a tablet or laptop. It's kind of funny when you think about how mobile phones started out really big, and then got smaller, and then got bigger again (because of streaming video), and now there's a way to fix that so you can have both small phones AND watch movies etc. on a big screen, without having to carry around something large.  Right now it only unfolds to 7.3 inches. For me to buy it, it will need a much larger screen, like 20 inches. It needs to be able to fold up a lot more.rainy day outside our house I hope that happens in the future!

After my class, I walked over to Bruce to eat some grilled chicken nuggets. I wasn't going to eat, but I was freezing by the time I walked over there in the rain. I had my hat, and it took most of the rain, thankfully. Then I used it again to walk back to Overstreet.

As usual, David took me home (he had an umbrella, thankfully). I took a brief nap in my chair.  A little while later, he and I went out to dinner at the Japanese restaurant. I just had edamame. It was pouring rain still, so we had the place to ourselves.

BrandyBrandy kept getting wet all day, and she really smelled bad. I tried to dry her off, but she always tries to bite the towel, so it's difficult. I give her treats to try to distract her, but it only works so far. It's the bottom that's mostly wet, since she's so low to the ground. Yuck. I swear, she smells like tacos that have gone bad.

I don't really remember what I did tonight, either. Evenings are basically spent working on my site, doing social media, and either watching TV or listening to music. We're boring!

Oh, it's such a shame that Peter Tork (of the Monkees) died. He was my favorite when I was growing up.

  Friday 2/22/19

Trying to get a selfie with Brandy!I slept in about 11 hours. I was tired! It was rainy again when I got up. I was afraid Brandy wouldn't get her walk today again, but it let up a bit in the afternoon.

I just did the usual: working on my site. I also chatted with some people online.  Nothing too exciting. I've been doing a pretty good job sticking to my diet.

Brandy on the bedI ordered pizza for lunch, but I didn't eat the crust, so it was fairly healthy. I always order it without much sauce, and with lots of veggies on it. I also ordered a salad, so I ate that later, for dinner. David had some of my pizza for dinner. I have a free pizza coming fromBrandy Domino's, but they won't let me apply it to GF pizza, darn it!

It's supposed to get a little warmer tomorrow and only rain in the morning. We're all pretty sick of the rain and cold.

I went to bed around 4am, I think.  I got a lot done today.

  Saturday 2/23/19

Cold today!David woke me up about 11. I put on the heat and went back to bed, but I didn't sleep. I got up and took a shower, and I gave Brandy her pills.

I dreamed I was on a Southwest flight and all of the cabin crew were singing! Then I dreamed about the "Young and the Restless". One of the companies on the show was choosing 3 new employees, so these young people were all competing for the jobs. The first one hired was Eden, who hasn't been on the show in a long time. Weirdly-specific dream!

We went to Flying Burger...I had the grilled fish and salad. A nice, healthy meal. It was raining a bit but quickly stopped. It was actually very nice after that, and it got up to the 60's. 

After we got home, I walked Brandy. There was a lot of water everywhere, from all the rain we've been having lately, but it was nice weather. I enjoyed seeing all the pansies and daffodils.  The tuliptree down the street is blooming, and it's always so beautiful. It's actually a tulip poplar, but tuliptree is what the locals call it.Brandy sleeping in her favorite spot - next to David!

I wrote some reviews for my site. Tomorrow I need to start working on my speech for Wednesday. I watched a few episodes of the DCU show "Titans," and I love it. I had to quit watching because of other things to do.

 I did some singing and recording. I'm trying to be really good about practicing my songs for my voice lessons, and also trying to record still for myself and the karaoke sites.  Last week I had recorded 3 songs, but because I was using Audacity, only one of them came out OK. The other two came out distorted. After asking around, I found out from the Audacity Forum that the problem was that I was singing very loud (which I often do).  When I mixed it, apparently I was supposed to do something called "normalizing" to keep it from sounding distorted. Well, that was not something I knew about because on Cool Edit Pro, it doesn't do that. That's the program I used to use.  So today I tried to use Audacity to fix it, but then some other things were going wrong. I had to sing my song over and over and still it was messing up. I don't know what's going on. So I give up on Audacity! I went back to Cool Edit Pro (CEP). I recorded some songs, but my voice was already kinda shot, and I was very tired from standing for over 3 hours. I got one good song, anyway....I will try again tomorrow.

We had more food and listened to our 70's music, as usual.  Then we watched some TV. I need to do laundry....I'll probably do that tomorrow.

I've had a lot of hassles lately with the post office. I had a package returned for no reason. It said "insufficient postage," but I had mailed it FROM the post office, so it should have been correct.  My SIL had the same happen to her when she mailed a card to her mom.

  Sunday 2/24/19

We didn't go out to lunch, like we usually do, so I slept in a little bit. It was a beautiful day! Sunny and in the high 50's.

We went to Wal-Mart for our usual grocery shopping.

I took Brandy out for her walk. She enjoyed it. Not only did she get pet from the kids down the street, but when we were in the other cul-de-sac, the puppy came out (it's doubled in size!), and the two pups got to say hello to each other.

I did some more singing, and I recorded a song.

Another Brandy selfie!I had a lot of work to do on my site, and also on my speech for class this week. I stayed up until about 4am working on that. Also, I couldn't go to sleep any earlier because I slept in late.

I'll probably watch the Oscars tomorrow...

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