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  Monday 2/11/19

rainy dayI was scheduled to have a phone interview at 11:30, but I still didn't have a confirmation. So I woke up at 10 and read my email. Still no confirmation. I went back to sleep after sending them an email. I got up again at 10:30. Still no confirmation. I finally got up at 11:30 after giving up on them. They asked me for other times, so I'm waiting on them to confirm the new date and time. Sheesh!

I had leftovers from last night's Mexican food for breakfast. It was really good. I just chopped up the chicken and added more cheese, then nuked it in the microwave.

David picked me up about 12:30 for school. It had been raining, but it was not cold at all. I took my jacket but didn't really need it. The rain was off and on all day. I just had my one class that lasts from 1-2:30, but we were out by 2:15.

I said hi to my friends at Reynolds and then headed to my class, after getting a soda. It's a small class of about 6 people, so it's very nice, and I know most of them from my other classes. We always chat before class. It's Advanced Public Speaking, near the bottom of that page.

There were two presentations today, for our speaker analysis, and we just have one more on Wednesday.  Then we start new presentations. I haven't started mine yet. I've got to finish my assignment for Thursday in the other class first.Brandy

Here is one from today about this amazing woman, Lizzie Velasquez, from Elizabeth. Jesse did his on Inky (another person I never heard of).

One of the guys in my class, Brandyn, repairs computers on the side for a very cheap price, so I got his number, so I can tell people about it. If you need your computer repaired and you live in Magnolia, please let me know, and I'll give you his number (I doubt he wants me to post it online winky face ).

David took me home after my class, and I walked Brandy. The rain had stopped, but it started up again once we started walking, NATURALLY! I've been mostly working on catching up with my blogs. I was annoyed with myself because I was so busy the last two weeks, and I had caught up on last week, and I thought I only had a few days left in the previous week....wrong!! I had to write up almost the whole week. I'm sure I left a lot out because my memory is just not that great. I cobbled one together, using my texts and social media posts to remind me.

I took a short nap. It didn't last very long. My blood sugar was a little low when I woke up, so I had some chocolate. 

David brought us McDonald's for dinner. No carbs involved for me, but still not a healthy meal.

I'm just trying to get the energy together to do the laundry or something. Blah. I've had a lot of pain lately due to my spine problems, so I'm always taking Aleve and sometimes, muscle relaxers. I've also had to take Mucinex a lot lately, due to allergies.  Allergies are bad today - lots of sneezing. Otherwise, I'm good. Just busy and a bit stressed!

The epidural injections I had last year did help me for quite a while, but they don't last forever. Neither one of us really wants to take 3 more overnight trips to Texarkana to get more shots. But then again, the pain is no fun, either.The Salamander

We were just sitting here, when David got up from the couch and saw a big spotted salamander on our floor! It was the biggest lizard-type of thing I've seen, outside of a zoo. It was almost as big as my foot. I took a photo (kinda blurry, unfortunately) and then ran to get a large bowl; then I ripped the back of my notebook off, so we could catch it and put it outside. I dropped the bowl down around it, and then I slide the cardboard underneath.  Then David put it outside. I hope I didn't smush it! We thought it was a lizard, but then I looked it up. Apparently salamanders emit a toxic liquid when attacked, so I'm glad that Brandy didn't see it first. She would have pounced on it for sure. It's a wonder dogs even live very long, with all of the dangerous things out there, and they have no clue. They are stupidly brave when they chase and bite anything crawling that they come across. They must be very lucky and have great immune systems.

Well, that woke me up!

Doing the laundry now...

  Tuesday 2/12/19

I was in a lot of pain last night and couldn't sleep, no matter what I tried. Usually I take a couple of Aleve and then, if it's bad, a muscle relaxer. If that doesn't work, I put Ben Gay on my sore spots. And lastly, I take a hot shower. Usually doing one or more of these things works, but it didn't today. I slept about a half hour, and that's it.  Since I was so exhausted, my legs were hurting, Southern Medical Groupand  so was my lower back.

I decided not to go to school today. David took me to urgent care about 8:30. My doctor gave me two shots. One was an anti-inflammatory, Tramadol. It really hurt. It burned. The other was a steroid shot. They worked quickly, and I was able to go right to sleep when I got home.

It was very rainy this morning. Brandy

I slept until about 3:30. Then I got up and walked Brandy. No rain, so that was lucky.

We were just up the street a ways when I saw a turkey vulture! It was standing on the ground, so at first I wasn't sure what it was. As I got closer, Brandy started barking, so it spread its wings and flew away. I photo of a turkey vulture (not mine)think they're so pretty, at least in person. I know they look kinda ugly in photos, but all I saw was the bright red head, and the big, black wings, which look great, spread out like that. We then turned the bend and saw the neighborhood boys playing basketball. As always, Jack came over to pet Brandy. I told him what I saw, and he was amazed. Too bad I didn't get a photo of it.

We got no mail today, so we wondered if it was some kind of holiday, but it wasn't.

I decided to stay off the phone and computer most of the day because I was still a little sore.  Tomorrow I'll go back to school. First I have PT.  I've just been watching TV and not much else. I did finish the laundry, at least.

I'm going to go to bed early because I'm still very tired. I went to bed around 11pm.

  Wednesday 2/13/19

The pain is much better today.

I woke up around 8:30. I had breakfast - a turkey-bacon sandwich, open-faced, and a low carb ice cream bar.

Trisha came by around 9 to pick up a check I owed her.

David came by to get me at 9:50 for rehab (for my hand). I was sick from something I ate with gluten, so I was running late.  Then he drove me to my doctor's office by mistake! Fortunately, it's only a few blocks away from the Quantum Rehabilitation Center. That's another advantage of living in a small town! Nothing is too far away.at the rehab place

Physical Therapy went fine. I don't remember any of their names, and the one today called me "Miss Susan," so I guess it doesn't matter. I probably won't be seeing them again after tomorrow.  My left hand/fingers are doing great.  I asked her for some exercises for my neck, so she gave me some. That was very useful!

David dropped me off...I went to Reynolds to get a soda. It's weird because it was 37 degrees when I woke up, then it was in the 60's later on (nice and sunny), and by the time I got home, it was probably in the 50's (a little windy). Weird weather.

I only had a little bit of time to say hi to everyone before I had to go to class.  Dominique came by while I was there. She used to work there at the coffee place, but now she runs the new Panda Express, elsewhere on the campus. It was nice to see her. The women who used to work with her were very glad to see her, and they all hugged.

I was sick again, a little bit, but I still got to my speech class early. I had time to write most of my blog post for my class.  I worked on it some during class as well.  We had some interesting conversations as usual.

The girl who sits to the left of me in both classes, Sydney, gave her speech today, about some YouTube couple, Cole and Sav, I never heard of. It was very interesting.  Then he let us out a little early.

David said he couldn't take me home until later, so I went over to Reynolds again and got a new soda. I found a comfortable chair upstairs, where it's more quiet. I worked more on my class blog, and then I had an interview with an actor over the phone at 3. It went fine. I went back downstairs for a while to work more on my blog and wait for David to call me. He was finally able to take me home about 4:30.Brandy

When I got home, I put my hair up and got ready to take Brandy for her walk. It was a bit cooler, so I wore my light jacket.

This is weird, I think. One of our neighbors had a big yard sign that said something like "Love," and now it's gone. It's kind of weird for them to take it down before Valentine's Day, right? Or else, did someone steal it?

I notice that some of my neighbors have Valentine's Day signs and flags up.  One has a Mardi Gras sign up. I wish I had some purple and yellow flowers in my yard. That would be cool. I have red and yellow, and not very many. Mardi Gras is 3 weeks away.

There's a large dog in the house behind us. The street behind is Live Oak, which is a side street that I walk down, every day, when I walk Brandy. I kept trying to figure out which house had the big dog. On the side of the street that's nearest to us, there's the house on the corner (never seen those people) and then there's a family that has a ton of big trucks and cars, and they have a tiny little dog that they often let wander around the neighborhood. The other day I mentioned to the guy that we almost ran over the little dog. He didn't seem concerned, until he finally figured out that I was saying, that it was an inconvenience that we didn't want to deal with. He said they would try to keep her inside. I figured out today, that's also the house with the big dog. I'd never seen it there before, but it was barking at us from inside. I think it's the house on the other side of them, that's having some renovations done. They have a big truck parked outside, with some company's name on it, dealing with renovation.  Funny how I see some people all the time, and others never. Makes you wonder, do those other people ever go outside? winky face Selfie with Brandy and me

Brandy has been very needy all day. She got her Barkbox today, so I gave her one of the toys, to keep her occupied. They sent one that doesn't squeak, so that's a plus.  The squeaking can be very annoying.

After we got back, and I relaxed a little, I went to finish my blog post (on Blogger, for my class). Then after a little while, I was horrified to discover that somehow, the blog post had not posted, and some of it had also not been saved! I know I posted it at school! Somehow the internet must not have been working (which is a constant problem there), so it didn't post.  Worse, since I had been typing on it after I got home, the "draft" overwrote the one I had saved at school. So I lost many hours worth of work.  That was very annoying.  I've used Blogger since 2005, and this has never happened to me before.

I spent most of the evening finishing up my blog post for class. I also cooked dinner, played with Brandy and watched some TV.

  Thursday 2/14/19

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had trouble sleeping again last night, due to pain from my spine. I just canceled everything today, which I probably shouldn't have done...but I was just very tired and in pain. I emailed everyone at school, and also called off the PT, and went back to sleep.

I got up about 1:30. After awhile, I walked Brandy. It was a beautiful day out, nice and warm, so I wore shorts, and no jacket. It was windy, but it wasn't a cold wind at all.

I'm tired of having so much pain all of the time, so I moved the sectional a bit, and I put my office chair between the pieces. I will sit here on the office chair (and try not to slump) when I use the computer.  You see, the way my desk works, the bottom of it is supposed to slide under your couch or chair. It won't do that on the sectional because it has a large bar on the bottom. So whenever I would sit in the recliner part of the sectional, I couldn't move the computer desk close enough, so it was a strain on my back. I knew that, but I like sitting on the sectional. But now I'll only sit there if I'm not on the computer. (That didn't last long. It wasn't comfortable, either, so I went back to using the sectional)

rose from the restaurantAlso, I have a kitchen timer that I'm setting for 15 minutes whenever I sit down at the laptop. That way I'll get up and move around at least every 15 minutes.  This should help my spine problems. Hopefully!

David came home around 6, and we went to a Mexican restaurant called Santiago's foryummy dinner dinner. He'd been there before and didn't really like it, but he wanted to give it another chance. I loved what I had. He wasn't too thrilled with his, plus the service was very very slow. My dish was Guisado de Puerco.  Basically, it was pork in some kind of sauce. The pork was very good, and it reminded me a little of Osso Bucco (which is my favorite dish!). I hope it doesn't make me sick from gluten. I think the waitress understood me and was able to ask about flour...it's always a crap shoot, though.tulip plant David gave me

After we got home, David and I exchanged Valentine's Day cards. He got me a plant that has red flowers. It was a nice, low-key Valentine's Day. Tomorrow we're going to El Dorado to spend the night and eat at a nicer restaurant.

I did the laundry, and a couple of loads of dishes, and I threw out a lot of moldy and past-expiration-date food. Trisha is coming tomorrow to clean the fridge and help me organize the rest of the cupboards, etc. I went to bed pretty late, around 2am.

These below are some silly Valentine's Day photos I made on Snapchat!

  Friday 2/15/19

cards and flowers from Valentine's Day

tonight's weatherThe alarm went off at 8am, but I hit the snooze. I straightened up the house a bit, did some packing, watered my plants, had breakfast and worked on my site. It was pretty warm today -  in the 60's - but it's supposed to drop about 30 degrees overnight.nice clean fridge

Trisha came over at 9. She cleaned the fridge and freezer, and some of the cupboards...helped me organize them, too. That was great. It looks so much nicer now! Plus she took a box full of snacks and stuff that I didn't want, which was helpful. I hate wasting food.  She left around 11.

I finished packing, changed clothes, and watched some TV.  David came to get Brandy at 10, so he could take her in to the vet to be kenneled.  Then he came back again at 2pm to pick me up. We packed up the luggage for our overnight trip.

I'm hanging out at school until 5, when we leave on our trip. I got a soda and a fruit cup. I practiced my singing for once. I really want to do better on that. I don't know why I procrastinate so much. It's boring doing exercises, sure, but not THAT bad.

After a half hour, I went to the library to do work on my laptop.

I'm trying really hard to cut back on eating and making sure to test my blood sugar. It's so hard!

The school now uses paper straws. Yuck. Those are awful. I'm going to have to bring in plastic ones from now on.  I ordered some silicon ones on Amazon. Let's see if I like those or not. (I did not)

We had heard about a professional chef who has great dinners at his own house, like a casual restaurant....but it turns out, that's not entirely the case. There's a professional chef who works in the area (mostly Texarkana). He has a gourmet catering service and will cater anything, no matter how many people.  Interesting. Maybe we'll do that next time we have a party or special occasion!

The library closes on Fridays at 5. I didn't know that! Fortunately I was planning to leave before that, anyway. I went over to the Chick-Fil-A to get a diet lemonade for the trip, and then I headed to Overstreet. It had gotten quite a bit colder already. I was glad to have a jacket.

I chatted with the student worker outside David's office for a minute, and then saw David and Cheryl in the hall, so I went to say hi. Not too long after that, we left.  We drove to El Dorado for the night. They have almost 19,000 people, and a lot of oil money, so they have more things, like a movie theater, a shopping mall, better restaurants, etc. They have a huge new entertainment center (the one we went to, to see ZZ Top, a few years ago).  So I convinced David to go there for a real Valentine's Day dinner.

I dozed on the way there. The movement of the car always makes me sleepy. Also, I only had about 6 hours sleep last night.

Our bedWe got there about 6 and picked up our key. We're staying at Union Square Guest Quarters, which is sort of like a B&B, but not quite. It's in a building, not someone's home, but it's not quite a hotel, either. They call themselves an "executive inn," whatever that means. They have about 30 rooms (suites), most situated in this one square block area of the downtown. They all have separate keys to get into the area and to the room. The office is only open until 5, so they have an area of lockboxes, and they give you a code to get in. But it's not a motel, either. You can't drive up to your room.  It's kind of odd.  The rooms are nice, and very homey, but nothing too fancy (at least in the ones we've stayed in - they have fancier ones with more amenities). They charge a lot, but that's because they're the only place downtown. The only thing I don't like about them is that they don't have elevators, and if you book online, it doesn't tell you whether it's upstairs or downstairs.  They have very steep stairs. Takes me forever to walk up and down them. I'm not in shape for that. Plus, I have to be really careful, between bisquemy eyesight and being older, and out of shape. I don't want to fall. I know, I'm only 57, but I'm not in great shape.

Anyway, we went right to dinner at Faywray's, which is nearby. I guess most people went out to eat last night, so it was not crowded or anything. They have great food and service there. I just loved what I had. I ordered the duck entree, with choice of two sides. I had the shaved brussels sprouts and corn, and tomato and cucumber salad. It was all awesome, my dinnerbut the sprouts dish was fantastic. I would eat a huge bowl of that! It tasted like pasta. It had a great garlic-butter sauce on it. So yummy! The duck was pretty good. It had pancetta bacon on it.  Then the other dish had a really great Italian dressing on it. Often, I'm disappointed in Italian dressing because it's too tart for me. This one was PERFECT. If only I could make dressing and sauces like this chef...  We had wine. David had catfish. It was a good meal. wine and fudge

We went over to this little store/deli called La Bella. They have about a dozen flavors of fudge, so I always stop there. I just got orange, and Snickers. It was still too much. I forget how big their slices are.  It was really good, though.  We went over to Marilyn's, a little bar nearby, and had some drinks. It's a very nice place with pictures of Marilyn Monroe all over the walls. I had some of my fudge there.  This place is just downstairs from where we're staying.

We were both really tired, so we didn't stay long.  We went back and unpacked the car, and went to our room. Unfortunately, someone had messed up, so the keys wouldn't work! We phoned the cell number they had sent us, and a woman came by to fix it. We didn't have to wait too long.  She was nice, and very apologetic.  After we got in, the Wi-Fi didn't work on my smaller laptop, but then once I rebooted, it did.  Whew!

It was pretty cold out. I brought my big jacket, hat, and scarfa; nd it was also very windy.

The room was cold....we should have turned on the heat before dinner. Ah, well.  I went to sleep just after 9.  Then I slept for 12 hours! Well, I did wake up briefly with low blood sugar. I had some more fudge, turned the heat down, and went back to sleep.

  Saturday 2/16/19 This morning's weather!

It was cold this morning - 37 degrees!

David woke me up about 8:30, but I still slept in until about 9. I can't believe how tired I was.  I got dressed, and we walked next door to the free breakfast in the train car. Yes, they have an old train car there, where they serve breakfast! It's very weird. Plus, it's small, but like a formal dining room, with white tablecloths and very nice table settings, with china and silverware.  Their buffet is always pretty small, but, oh, well... it's free! They did have a few things I can eat. They had, in total: fruit (grapes and strawberries, and whole apples), yogurt, cereal, English muffins, little blueberry muffins, and then they had a warmer with three dividers, which had gravy, ham and sausage, and biscuits. They also had coffee, milk and orange juice. I think that was all there was. Anyway, I skipped the muffins, biscuits, gravy and cereal, of course. I'm hoping the sausage and ham were gluten free. It was good, at least. They had no bowls for the cereal, so David used a cup. Another guest told us that he had asked if there were bowls, but the server said there were none. Yet two of the nearby tables had dirty dishes on them, including bowls! I guess they were too lazy to make sure that there were enough clean bowls... Ah, well.

We stopped briefly at the Brookshire's grocery store there to get a few things. Then we drove home. I slept little bear dressed as a lady bugmost of the way.  Then we stopped at our Brookshire's because I wanted my low carb ice cream bars.  After we got home, I took another nap! I can't believe how much I've been sleeping. I'm sure it's because I had way too many carbs, in part.

I've just been working on my site and slowly unpacking. Now that I use my timer to avoid back pain, I get up every 15 minutes, so I just do some cleaning or unpacking then.

David is still getting our scrapbooks together.... we had put that off for quite a while...I thinknew DVD we left off in 2009. We have quite a few boxes of papers and cards. Unfortunately, the papers degrade over time, so we have a lot of blank receipts. I did buy some spray online that's supposed to help keep it from degrading, so I'll have to remember to use that now. Too bad we lost so much, though.

new silicone strawI got the "Bohemian Rhapsody" DVD in the mail....hopefully I will have time to watch it! I have so many movie DVD's that I haven't seen yet.

I also got some silicone straws I ordered online. I tried them out. Not sure I like them. They're not as good as plastic. They're more like rubber.  They don't have a good mouth-feel.

It's still very cold. it's 4:30pm and it's 39 degrees out. It's supposed to rain, but it hasn't yet. Brrrr! I'm definitely staying inside the rest of the day.

I did some recording for a change. Here's a song someone record for me ages ago (it's not on karaoke, so she created the backing track and sings the harmony).  Hope you like it! Tonight You Belong to Me

I did some work on my site....I think I went to bed about 1.

  Sunday 2/17/19

I woke up around 11:30. We went to the grocery store and then drove through Wendy's for me. I'm trying really hard to stay away from carbs, so I just had the baconator, no bun. They didn't put any condiments on it, either. 

It was in the 40's all day. Brrrr!

stage before the playWe both got ready and went to the play at SAU called "Unexpected Tenderness."  David had a bit of a work crisis, so he was busy all day on his phone. The play was very good. It was really sad, though, and reminded me a little too much of my own childhood. It was basically about a guy who abused his family, especially his wife.  She finally had enough and left him, taking the kids. His son narrated it, and it was all about how the son learned to break the cycle of violence. That part was uplifting, at the end.  Parts of the play were kind of funny. The students did a great job.

I spent the afternoon working on my site, and then we went to Antigua's in the evening. I had already eaten, so I just watched him eat, as usual. I can't eat there. I didn't even eat any of the chips. Not on my diet! That's OK, I always like having a diet soda.

Later on, we listened to the music from the 70's channel. It was from 1977. I put the laundry great salad I hadaway, but I have more laundry and dishes to do. It never ends!

I think I may have killed the tulip plant that David gave me for Valentine's Day. Oops! It seemed very dry, so I gave it water; but I guess that was not what it wanted. Ah, well.

It was a pretty good weekend.  Sadly, we don't have tomorrow off (President'sgross Facebook ad Day). Boo hoo!

I made this salad in the evening....it was really good! I like this dressing, Brianna's.

It's been nice having Brandy at the kennel, but I also missed her, like always. She's annoying but also a part of our family.

I saw this ad on Facebook for the Italian restaurant that we've gone to sometimes, II Brothers. The picture is awful! I can't imagine why they would use it!! It looks like vomit.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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