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  Monday 1/21/19

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

cold but sunny outsideIt was cold in the morning (39) when I walked Brandy, but not too windy. It turned to 46 later on but was still pretty cold.

I had a physical therapy appointment around 11. David didn't Quantum Rehabhave today off, but he managed to fit me in between his meetings.  The physical therapist today put a plastic glove over my hand, so that the hot wax wouldn't hurt so much. Great idea!

I walked Brandy again later on, about 1pm.

I got packages, even though it's a holiday. The fill-in guy always puts the packages Brandynear the garage, even though I called about it, and they said they would make sure he didn't do that any more! I'm sure it's out of laziness because he can drive right up there without having to get out of the car as much.

I got "Incredibles 2," to add to the large pile of DVD's that I never have time to watch! ;)trail mix

Oh, I was really annoyed in the evening because the local channels were out for over an hour, during primetime, which messed up some of my DVR recordings. Grrr!!

I finally figured out how to hook up my new USB mic to my laptop, but I'm having trouble recording...if I press record, then I can't hear the karaoke track.chicken with bacon and onions

I made a yummy trail mix (but it's not that healthy) of assorted nuts I had, plus GF pretzels and some white chocolate chips.

We went to El Compadre for dinner. I had a great chicken dish there with bacon and onions.

This is a pretty cool Star Wars Fan Film!

I spent a lot of time finishing up my blog for class.

  Tuesday 1/22/19

I had physical therapy about 8:40. It was tough to get up earlier.  David Brandy curled up on couchtook me into school about an hour later. I had to kill time for a while. I had breakfast at the Chick-Fil-A, which is always tasty.  Then I went to Reynolds to have lunch with the ladies about 10:45. I didn't eat, since I had just eaten not too long ago. It was nice to chat with them.  It was cold outside, so I didn't want to go anywhere that I didn't have to. I went over to my class building a little early because I was tired of being in Reynolds after I ran out of people to talk to.

I chatted with David's assistant for a while and then went to hang out in my classroom before it started. I was putting the finishing touches on my blog, but apparently it's not due until Thursday. Whoops!

pianoI had an appointment with the podiatrist at 3:30, so I couldn't go right home after class. I went to Brinson and dropped off some music with our accompanist.  I was going to practice, but then I felt awful and realized that I had skipped lunch and had low blood sugar! Fortunately, I had some chocolate, so I ate that. I didn't feel like practicing after that. I went back over to Reynolds and bought some snacks as well as got a soda.

The podiatrist was surprised that I needed new orthotics. He thinks that they should last for years. They were pretty worn down, I told him. He was fine about replacing them, though. He also recommended a cream to buy for my feet, to help with the calluses.

After I got home, I walked Brandy, about 4pm.  Poor Brandy barfed a bit on the way home. It was bright yellow, so that was weird. She seems OK now, though.Young and Restless stockings

Someone helped me online with my recording problems. I just had to uncheck one box and now I can record! But I'm still learning how to use Audacity. I used Cool Edit Pro for a long time. They're very different, but I think Audacity is a lot easier. I just need someone to help me figure out a few things.

One of my volunteers had these neat Christmas stockings made with photos from Supernatural coverY&R, so I can give them out as prizes for my site. I haven't had any time to even do the contest giveaways, though. I owe a bunch of people prizes, too. Just one more thing I haven't had time for.

This week's "Entertainment Weekly" had all sorts of differentchicken tikka "Supernatural" covers, so that was cool. I enjoyed mine.

I made some chicken tikka masala, from a package mix. It was OK. Not as good as what you get in a restaurant. Too bad. It was watery. That might have been my fault.

It rained quite a bit.  We had a power outage briefly, right after midnight. It didn't last that long, thankfully. It freaked Brandy out a little, though.

  Wednesday 1/23/19

I woke up about 9:30, and I went to walk Brandy not too long after that. I had Brandy wanting to playbreakfast, and David came to get me for school around 12:30. I had gotten the mail and put Brandy in the bedroom, plus got all my school stuff together and made David lunch.

It was very cold all day, about 32 degrees when we went for our walk. I had to bundle up big time. I made a BLT for breakfast and cooked up extra so I could make David one for lunch as well.  I saved the grease to put on Brandy's food. all bundled up

I ordered these GF girl scout cookies, which are pretty good. Unfortunately, I had to order 4 boxes (I just wanted to try them!), so I'm going to put away 2 or 3 of the boxes, or else I'll just eat them.  David likes them, too.  Neither one of us needs all that sugar!

I didn't want to carry my big bulky jacket to school, so I left it at home. I forgot to bring a scarf, too.  It was very cold and windy. D'oh!

I got a soda at Reynolds as usual, chatting with the people there. I also stopped at the book store to get snacks for our trip.

My speech class was fine... I mostly worked on my site while I was in class. There was some fun conversation among my classmates before the class. Lauren is doing her taxes for the first time and getting annoyed about the paperwork.  Two other guys in the class chimed in about taxes. Then somehow, the talk turned to gifts for wives/girlfriends. It was very interesting.

The class was over about 2:30, and I went over to Bruce Hall. I got Chick-Fil-A for a late lunch. I was very hungry and it sounded good. Hopefully it won't make me sick. Then I went to the library to kill time because David couldn't take me home until about 5.

I was sneezing a lot today, and in class it kind of hurt my spine when I sneezed. I Brandywas congested, snorting a lot. UGH. I hope not one was too grossed out.

I was supposed to have another physical therapy session today, but we had to re-schedule because of this meeting David had...

I was very tired in the library and had a hard time staying awake. By the time David brought me home, I had woken up a bit. I walked Brandy again. She was very happy to see the boys down the street. They showed her a basketball, and she's never seen a ball that big! She sniffed at it, but she was a little afraid of it.Brandy

I just watched TV and worked on my site after that. Eventually, I started the laundry.

David came home around 6:30. I made him dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. I was very tired after that, but I had to stay up to finish the laundry, so we can pack for tomorrow's trip.

My knees have been hurting a lot today. I think it's just bursitis.

I turned yesterday's chicken into chicken salad. Much better!

  Thursday 1/24/19

BrandyIt was very cold today! I went out to walk Brandy around 9am, and it was 27 degrees. Brrr!  Fortunately, it was a bit warmer later on....it got into the 50's.

After I walked Brandy, I ate breakfast and packed for our trip as well as got ready for school. I wore my new Rock and Roll shirt that my SIL got me for Christmas (it was on my Amazon list).

Choco StixI got these wonderful GF cookies from the UK. They're sort of like Twix bars.

David came home around 10:30. Normally Trisha comes to pick me up, but she had Brandya conflict.  We packed the car with our luggage and the dog, and checked over the house before leaving. He took me to school and then took Brandy in to the vet; she's staying there until Monday.

I went to Reynolds for a little while. I got a call from this pharmacy that is making me a hormone compound. My doctor tested my hormones and said I was low, which isbusiness card for Stanley Compound Pharmacy why I'm getting hot flashes all the time.  The woman on the phone explained how hormones can help. They're not cheap, either, and the insurance doesn't pay for them. That really sucks. Hopefully they will help. She said that they might also make me look younger. Well, that would be nice!

Mulerider CafeI sat with Mary, and we had a nice chat. The other ladies were elsewhere. The coffee place was decorated nicely for Valentine's Day.

I went over to Brinson for my voice lessons. My allergies were bad this week, but the lesson went OK anyway.

I went back to Reynolds and saw Sondra, who was having a later lunch than usual because she'd been to the dentist. She was sitting with a student that I don't know, Alexandra.  She seemed nice. I got a soda and then headed to my class.

We went over our blogs (about music). We only got part-way through, so we'll continue next week. I was the second to go, so mine is finished. I need to start working on my next project.heading to Little Rock

After class, I had some time to kill, so I went over to Chick-Fil-A and had a late lunch. It was pretty good. David and I took off for Little Rock from there around 3. It's about a 2 and a half hour drive. I think I dozed off on the way. I usually do.

It was getting dark by the time we got to the DoubleTree. The man who took our luggage up to our room was very nice.  They took the luggage out of the car, and then David drove the car over to the self-parking area while I checked us in. Check-in was super fast. The woman checking us in had bright blue glasses that matched our view of the riverher shirt. I admired them and asked if she had a different colors, but turns out she didn't, and this was the first time she had made them match.  The bellman and I had to wait a few minutes for David to return because you can't go up to the room without a key - you need it to work the elevator.

We had a nice view of the river. This hotel is very nice. I think it's almost as nice as the Marriott. The Marriott was all booked up this weekend, for some reason. They do have slightly bigger rooms, and a fridge.filet mignon stirfry

He changed, and then we headed over to the sushi hot chocolaterestaurant, Wasabi, for dinner. I wasn't all that hungry, but I had the filet mignon hibachi dinner like usual. David helped me finish it. We went over to Dugan's, briefly, for some drinks. It was getting pretty cold out. I had this drink they have, hot chocolate with Bailey's and amaretto, and whipped cream. It's really good. We stopped briefly at the Marriott as well, and then we went back to our room. We had an early night of it. He had to get up early for his meeting. I stayed up way too late, until about 3am or so. I wasn't tired, I guess. I did some work, but mostly I just goofed off on social media.

  Friday 1/25/19

I slept in way too late, until about 11:30. It was very cold in our room, so I put the heat on and went back to sleep for about an hour. Tsk, tsk.

I got up, and after awhile, I decided we needed to get the room cleaned because it was a mess. The heat doesn't work great in our room. I don't like to have to wear pants, and I forgot to bring any lounging or comfortable pants, so I pulled thefunny sign blanket off the bed, which really messed it up.

Here's a funny sign I saw online! LOL!

I got dressed and called them downstairs to ask if the room could be made up (it was after 2pm by this time, but they had no problem with it). I realized that I had no cash, so I went down to the ATM and got money out, and then got change at the bar, and then I came back up to leave the trip for the maid. I took my laptop downstairs so I could do some work while she cleaned the room. Then just a few minutes later, David phoned to say that he was done for the day, so I went back up steak saladand got my jacket, scarf, hat and mittens (because it's really cold today) and left my laptop. I waited downstairs, and David came along, so he went up to change. Then we walked over to Dugan's again. I had already eaten snacks in the room, so I wasn't really hungry or anything. I ended up having a steak salad, which was really good, but I couldn't finish it all.  Unfortunately, our room has no fridge.

We went back to our room, and David took a nap. I worked on my site, and then I got ready for karaoke. I always put in my contacts and put on makeup. My hair wasfireplace pretty flat today, so it was hard to make it look too good. David got up and got ready, too. We went back to Dugan's, which has a nice warm fire. I was happy to sit right in front of it. I was SO COLD!!  At least, until I got a hot flash, then I walked outside for a little while. sad face  If only they could find a way, so that we could turn them on when we're cold, and then turn them off again!

I went on Damgoode Pies' website, but they hadn't posted since Christmas Eve. I was a little worried that they might be closed or something, so I called to make sure. They were open and had karaoke at 8pm. We went over there, and I went into the restroom to try to make my hair look a little more presentable. Hat hair on top of having already-lank hair is bad. I was chatting with a woman about that in the restroom. (Her hair looked fine!)  She said that she used to have a shaved head, and that it was SO much easier to take care of. I'll bet! LOL!  She was singing on the stage, actually, when I walked out of the restroom after fixing my hair and makeup.

There were only about 6 or 7 singers there, and most of them were pretty good and sang classic songs, so it was a nice night. I didn't know what I wanted to sing. Sometimes it's hard for me to decide. I sang "Midnight Train to Georgia" and that went over pretty well. This one guy, Richard, had sung a pretty high oldies song earlier, so I asked him to try "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" with me, and he agreed.  The KJ was letting us sing 2 songs in a row, for that rotation, for some reason.  Richard has a really nice voice, but he's a bit quiet, so I drowned him out a little on our song. It was fine, otherwise.

I was a little sick in the restroom from something I ate previously with gluten (probably at Chik-Fil-A), but it wasn't too bad.

Later, I sang "I Don't Know How to Love Him" and it was very good. I always try to sing at least one song that I've never sung in public before, if possible. I had a couple of drinks, but not much. Our waiter was very nice, but slow.

burger and friesWe hadn't really had dinner, so we left after that. We went over to the Marriott and had some burgers there, around 10:30. They were really good. I had some wine as well.

Earlier, my website had problems, so I restarted the server.my wine Apparently that didn't work, because when I went to look something up on my phone, my site was down. So I phoned Marcos, who hosts my sites, and he fixed it.

When we got back to the room, I had to take off the contacts and the makeup...

I stayed up until about 1am. I put my songs up online and listened to other people's songs on the sites where I posted mine.

  Saturday 1/26/19

outside our hotelDavid woke me up about 9. I took a shower, and we packed everything up. He took some of the stuff down to the car while I finished getting dressed. Then when he came back, we went down to the car in the parking garage with the rest of the stuff. I was very tired, so I just stayed in the car until he came back from checking out. I hated to leave because it was such a fun but short trip.

We went to Whole Foods before leaving the area. I was a little sick again in the restroom from something I ate with gluten. I just wanted to get a few things, like some soft cheese and Greek olives. I also got some lettuce, and a few GF snacks. Not too much because most of it is bad for me (too much sugar). I did get a sandwich from their deli. It was on Canyon Bakehouse bread, which is GF. Many people I know online have raved about this bread, but frankly, I didn't think it wasgluten free sandwich that great. I think both Schär and Udi's bread is better.

Still, I can't even describe how WONDERFUL it is to order a sandwich in a deli and have it all be GF. I don't know why other grocery stores and sandwich restaurants can't do that.

I ate my sandwich in the car, and then I slept quite a bit on the drive back.  When we got to the rest stop in Prescott, David stopped at Hardee's. I got a soda.Driving home

The house was a bit cold when we got back, so we had to heat it up. I got my hormones in the mail, so I took those. I guess they take a few weeks to work. It's pretty easy; it's just a cream in a little bottle similar to a deodorant, and you just putgluten free foods it on your thighs or stomach area. (Why can't all medicine work like this???)

I haven't done too much today. I had a nap. I unpacked our suitcase and hung up all the clean clothes.  Otherwise, I just watched TV and not much else.

I bought way too many sweets, so I put many of them away in a drawer, where I don't plan to touch them! I did eat some macaronsmacarons I bought because those are scrumptious and don't last that long.

I really need to get serious again about dieting because I don't like how I'm looking.

I spent most of the evening working on my site and my blogs... I went to bed about 1am.

  Sunday 1/27/19

David woke me up about 8 am to record the Top 40 70's show like we always do (we missed it on Saturday, since we were gone), but my DVD recorder/VCR combo player isn't working.  I guess I'll have to get a new one.  I just recorded it on the other one that I have, in the other room. Then we'll listen to it later on the Blu-ray player (which plays regular DVD's as well). I guess I'll have to buy another Magnavox, so I can finish the few DVD's I have that aren't finished yet. Annoying. They don't make them any more, but you can still buy them online.  For now!

I went back to sleep and had weird dreams. Some of them were about school, but not SAU.  First I had a dumb toilet dream. I dreamed that they had done away with restrooms, and the toilets were out in the open where everyone could see. I was there without realizing, at first, that it was out in the open, so I was SO embarrassed and had to finish my business quickly. UGH. I hate those kind of dreams. Then I found that I was misinformed, that they DO have public restrooms still, but you had to know where to look. The doors were not obvious.

I dreamed I worked in some kind of office with other women, and one of them was a little crazy. She got angry and threw herself in front of our car so that she could sue us for running her over. We avoided hitting her, though.

Then I dreamed that I went out, somewhere, with the other women in the office, and we were waiting because we had to have some kind of medical test done for work. While we were waiting, Murphy Brown was there with Jim Dial. She was going to help him get a colonoscopy.  Very odd dream.

I had some weird classroom dream, too, but I don't remember it.  Probably just as well!

My breakfastDavid woke me up about 11, and we went to Java Primo for lunch. I had their breakfast platter. They always make the bacon way too crispy, even though I ask them not to. The potatoes were very good... kind of spicy. I only ate a little of that, though. I made myself NOT order the gelato, even though it was calling to me.

Then we went to Wal-Mart for groceries, but we didn't need very much.  We'll be going again toward the end of the week. I was a little sick again from something I ate earlier in the week, but not for very long, fortunately.

When we got back, I worked on my site, and my blog, and I watched TV.  Later on, we listened to the music we had recorded, and I did the laundry.  How exciting! winky face

Christmas decorationsThen I spent the rest of the evening putting away the Christmas decorations. I think I'll be able to finish the rest tomorrow. Knock on wood! I stayed up until 2 am doing that.

I'm just going to clean up the kitchen a bit and then go to bed. Tomorrow Brandy's coming back from the vet! I miss her, but it's also been nice to have a little break from her. She's just very rambunctious sometimes, and needy.  She follows me around everywhere, and I have to make sure she doesn't bite my feet. I have to put up gates to keep her out of some parts of the house. I have to constantly fix the rugs after she moves them around, playing. I have to walk her, feed her, give her water, play with her, pet her, and let her in and out. If we go anywhere, I have to set up the bedroom with the gates so she can't get into trouble there.  If she's being quiet, and she's not nearby, I have to go see what she's doing, to make sure she's not getting into trouble and chewing on something she shouldn't (because often she is).  I have to chain her up at night, and I have to make sure she has toys to play with or chew on. If I drop anything on the floor, I have to make sure to pick it up right away, or she'll chew it up.  When I go to the bathroom without her (which is most of the time), she will whine and sometimes bark at me. She will do the same thing when I'm in there tomorrow, putting away the rest of the decorations.  So you can see, she can be quite a big pest and responsibility. I'm glad we have her, but it's also nice to take a break. winky face I still hope I can train her a little better, so she won't be such a pest.  Finding time to do that is the problem!

Last week they were predicting snow on Monday; but sadly, now they're just saying it's rain. Too bad! Looks like rain tomorrow, and then on the weekend, too.

This semester is pretty easy, school-wise. I'm very glad. I have too much to do.Muleriders basketball schedule  Here's the cool Mulerider schedule magnet we have.

My left ear is bothering me. I think there's some kind of pimple or something on the bottom inside part that's making it hurt. Earlier I thought the ear might be plugged up, but I don't think that's it.

I hope you can check out my Facebook Timeline because I post a lot of funny memes and videos that I found...usually from my other friends.

Here's a pretty interesting article about how music can help your brain!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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