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  Monday 1/14/19

hot chocolateThis whole day was terrible...but at least, I did get quite a lot done.

Brandy woke me up about 6:15, and I couldn't get back to sleep. I got up, and then we went for a walk about 7:30.  It was about 37 - way too cold. I bundled up.

About 10 am, I went back to our bathroom to get something, and I smelled this verybathroom sink strong chemical smell.  Then I saw some kind of vapor or smoke coming out of the right sink faucet! I freaked out a bit and first looked for where I should call about these things, but I couldn't find anything, so I called 911. They said they'd send someone, so I got dressed and lured Brandy into the kitchen with some cheese. I didn't want to put her outside, since it's so cold. She barked for a long while after that. Annoying dog!

BrandyTwo guys from the city came by right away after that, and we went back to the bathroom. Turns out that the sink is supposed to have a type of pipe called a P trap, which collects water, so that any gasses from the sewer get trapped there and don't come up to the sink.  They said they were shooting a gas through the sewer line to test for leaks, and that's the gas and smell I was getting. I have 6 sinks in my house, and apparently this ONE doesn't have a P trap.  They assured me that the gas is harmless. He just ran some water in the sink to dissipate it. They were working outside, near our house, doing the sewer test.  I was very relieved!

I forget how big our house is...they had trouble finding their way out! winky face

A little while later, I was reading my email. Amazon had sent me an email to say that they tried to deliver the package to my friend (the keyboard I sent), but they didn't want to leave it. I was very pissed and called them up. Turns out that the email was wrong and they are still delivering it tomorrow as planned. Whew!

Then I found out that my Speech class met today, and I had no idea that it was meeting. I had asked the professor about it last semester, and I was told that it doesn't meet regularly and is TBA. I asked him about it again last week, and about the assignments, and he said to come talk to him at the end of January because the first assignment isn't until February.  Then I saw a tweet he sent out yesterday (not until now) that the class has changed and now meets Mondays and Wednesdays! WTF!!??  I emailed him, and he said it's no big deal, but I'm very annoyed about it because I was very happy to again have a Tuesday/Thursday schedule.  This sucks.  Thankfully, it's not an early class, but still...  David said he would come get me before class, whenever possible, on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Trisha moved toCauliflower sandwich thins Shongaloo, so she charges more to take me in. I don't want to have to pay that much every week...it's a lot. But I was very angry about this, for a while (there are other reasons I was mad, that I'm not going to get into here).hot dogs on cauliflower thins

I bought these Cauliflower sandwich thins online. They're not bad, but they're really expensive and not really worth the price, taste-wise. I had hot dogs on them for breakfast.

I managed to put back most of our stuff finally (after last week's cleaning) .... I put all the laundry away, did work on my site, ran the dishwasher, cleaned up the kitchen, watered my plants, and picked up around the house.

Since I was having such a bad day, David brought me home McDonald's. Comfortcheesy sausage snacks food! winky face

I also baked these Cheesy Sausage Snacks that I saw on Valerie Bertinelli's cooking show. They're good, but they came out a little dry. Next time I think I would add in some water or butter, or use less Bisquick. Also, it's a little too spicy for me. I have been eating them with blue cheese dressing as a dip, to cut down on the heat and make them tastier.  I was originally going to make them the next time we have company, but I don't think I will now. Brandy sure loves them, though! I made it with GF Bisquick.

I also mixed up my favorite pound cake recipe, but I ran out of time, so I'll bake it tomorrow. I made this with GF flour mix and Splenda instead of sugar.  Both of these recipes are HUGE. I would cut the sausage one in half, at least, unless you're having a really big party or have a huge family.

Brandy was being a bit too hyper today, especially when we went for our second walk around 4pm.  She sometimes thinks I'm playing with her when I go to put the leash on, and it's annoying -- trying to wrangle her into the harness leash. But it's hard to stay mad at her for long because she's so cute!  Also, it's my fault for not taking the time to train her how to act.

I went to bed about 11:30.

  Tuesday 1/15/19

I woke up a little bit later, and I was in a lot of pain in my upper back, neck and shoulder (from my usual spine problem, but it was more painful than usual). I don't know what I did to it. I took some medicine, put on Ben Gay and went back to sleep.

I had David set the clock for 9, but I kept waking up, so I got up around 8:30.  I took Brandy out for her walk. She probably won't get a second one today because I might not be home in time. It was very cold again, about 39, so I bundled up.

The mittens I bought earlier this year are not very warm, especially if the temperatures are under 50. I bought another pair of insulated gloves, but they haven't arrived yet. We have some old gloves, but for some reason, I lost the left hand gloves so I have THREE RIGHT-HANDED GLOVES! LOL! So I just wore one of them backwards. I didn't want to freeze my hands off like yesterday.  It worked out pretty well.

gluten free low carb pound cakeI had breakfast when we got back...I just had those sausage and cheese snacks. I baked the pound cake and it came out well. I had that for dessert. I watched some TV, etc.

About 10:10, Brandy and I went back to the bedroom. I chained her up so she wouldn't jump on the bed or get into trouble while I took my shower. The hot water felt good. I got the rest of the room ready, and I unchained her but left her in there.

Then I got my school stuff together, including my lunch, and wrapped up the rest of the pound cake. I brought some extra slices of it to school to share.

Trisha was waiting for me outside. It was nice to chat with her. She was having a better day today than last week.

I sat with the ladies, as usual, in Reynolds. It was great to see them all and catch up.  We always have fun or interesting conversations. They liked my pound cake, too.

I didn't actually eat lunch until later because I'd had such a big breakfast.

I went to my Media Criticism class around 12:30. It was fine. I had my laptop and did some work on here while I listened.  About half the class was missing...that was weird. I got there early so I could make sure to get the seat nearest the door this time. He mostly talked about our music assignment. I think I'll do mine about the upcoming Grammy Awards.  We gave him our new blog addresses. Mine is at https://www.suz4.net/ Here's the list of our assignments.

After the class, he spoke with me and another student about how our speech class now meets. He just filled us in on the whys and wherefores. I asked him why he didn't tell me on Thursday when I asked him about it meeting on Monday. Apparently he didn't know yet. His chair asked him to put a time on it, so he did. I decided not to ask him why he didn't send an email instead of tweet! winky face He's a nice guy....a little quirky sometimes, but otherwise OK.

I got a sugar free lemonade, and I had my lunch. Now I'm at the library, waiting...inside our bank

I have to go to the bank around 3pm with David. We have to sign some paperwork and get it notarized (has to do with our financial future).  Then he's taking me to my physical therapy at 4pm.

We went over to the bank around 3 and got the notarizing done. It was pretty easy. Then David took me to PT a little early at Quantum Rehab. They seemed to indicate that I might get in early, but instead they took me about 10 minutes late. Oh, well. At least they have really comfy chairs there to wait in.inside Quantum Rehab

First the doctor asked me a bunch of questions and examined my hand.  Then the first thing she did was dip my hand in hot wax! There's this little machine (about the size of a crock pot) that melts the parafin wax and keeps it liquid. It's pretty hot. She had me dip it several times, until there was a little wax glove on my hand. I felt like some kind of super villain! winky face  Then she put a glove-like thing on it (like an oven mitt), and wrapped it in a towel, and I had to sit in a chair for a little bit.  Although the wax hurt, it also felt really good.

Then she took the wax and other stuff off. I guess it relaxes your hands before the PT.  She had me put my hands together in front of me, like praying, and then moving it down a bit. I had to do that one 15 times. She had me squeeze a rubber ball a certain number of times, too. Then she put a small towel on a table in front of me, weighted down lightly, and I had to use my hand to gather the towel while bringing it toward me. I think I had to do that 30 times. Very tedious!

We also scheduled another appointment. I thought my doctor had said to go once a week, but they said she wanted it done 2 or 3 times a week. I'll only get twice this week. I had to call David and co-ordinate it with his schedule.

I had to wait about 20 minutes for David to pick me up. Fortunately, although the PT place closes at 5, it takes them a while to close up the place.  We stopped briefly at the pharmacy after that, before he took me home. My hand hurt for a while after the exercises, but I took Aleve, so it got rid of the pain.

We went back to his office for a little while, and then we stopped at El Compadre so he could grab some dinner.

I don't remember doing anything else...I'm sure I watched TV, played with the dog, and worked on my site, as usual.

My pound cake is not as good as it was when I first ate it. It's a little too dry. I guess it's because of the type of flour I used, or maybe I used too much of it.

I was pretty tired and went to bed at a reasonable time, around 10 or 11.

  Wednesday 1/16/19

Brandy's headI woke up at 8am. I walked Brandy. It was not quite as cold as it has been lately. It was in the 40's. By the time I went to class, it was in the 50's.

I tried soaking my pound cake in cream (and I poked holes in the cake), but it didn't help much.

Beth came by to pick up the papers that we had notarized.

David came by to get me around 12:30. There was some possibility of my staying in  later because of a meeting he had, but it got postponed until Friday.

I have some reusable drink containers. The other day I figured out which one contained the most liquid, so I could take it with me to school. I usually get a lot of soda at school, but it's kind of difficult to carry it around, with my purse and backpack. I brought that in, but the top part is narrow, so it's hard to put ice in it. It holds 20 ounces, so I thought that was a lot, but apparently the small drinks at Java City hold 22 ounces! They filled it for me, but there wasn't that much ice. Also, apparently, either I didn't put the top on right, or it leaks. Fortunately, I had brought a plastic bag to put it in, in my backpack, just in case it leaked. Otherwise it would have gotten all over my paper notebook and my laptop.

When I got my soda, I turned to leave and smacked my left knee really hard against their display case. It was very painful. I mean, I had to lean on the display case for a few seconds or so before the pain dissipated. I'm surprised it didn't keep hurting, but it was fine after a few minutes. I hope it doesn't hurt later!

I sat with Touia for a few minutes before I went to class.  She always very nice.

Today's class is Advanced Speech, the one that didn't have a schedule but does now meet on Mondays and Wednesdays. I went into Room 304, which is where the class is supposed to meet, but no one was there. I went to 302 and they had all moved there! So I had to move my stuff over.

Class was fine, and then David took me home. It was drizzling at SAU, but it wasn't at home, so I took Brandy for a walk. Oh, I also got sick a little today from something I ate, with gluten.

I just spent most of the evening watching TV and working on my site. I have a lot to do! I was very tired all day and had no energy.

Brandy and me - slightly blurry!Later on, my knee was hurting where I smacked it. The past few days, I've had to take a lot of Aleve, and the muscle relaxer to go to sleep. Otherwise, I'm in a lot of pain. I hate taking those, though.

Apparently, a bunch of people online are going through their closets and giving stuffy away because Netflix gave some woman a show about it. I hope they don't all regret it, like I did after we moved to Hawaii. I still miss my stuff!

I went to bed about 11. So tired!

  Thursday 1/17/19

I got up around 8, like I have been doing lately. I was very tired all day, and it took a long while to do much more than sit in my chair. I did some email, etc.

rainy view from my front doorIt's raining this morning...no walk for Brandy!

Eventually, I made breakfast: bacon, and I had half of a GF fig bar (they kind of taste like a Nutrigrain bar). I took a shower around 10 and then later brushed my teeth and got the room set up for Brandy.

Trisha texted me to say that she would be a little late because she was picking up some kitchen cabinets. She got there around 11:20, cutting it a little close winky face

Normally I like to go to Reynolds before class to get a soda, but I wanted to test this reusable drink container again to see if it was really leaking, or if I just didn't tighten it well enough. So I filled it with ice and soda at home.

my Blondie shirtShe dropped me off at Brinson for my voice lesson. First one of the semester, and it went very well. It's always nice to chat with my voice teacher. Luckily, the schedule is better this semester, so I don't have to rush off to my next class. I have a break between noon and 12:40 when the class starts.

The teacher remarked that I sounded better than I did all last semester. I thought I did, too, but I can't always tell. I think that it's because I'm getting more sleep, and since I'm getting up earlier, my voice and the rest of me, warms up a little more, and is more ready to sing, and also, I've been taking a lot of Aleve and muscle relaxers, so my shoulders, neck and jaw were not so tight (it's very bad to have tight muscles in that area, especially for singing high notes).

He lets me pick the music, and I generally choose show tunes, so I decided to workBrandy on "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" from Phantom of the Opera.  I have two other songs I might work on later:  One is "Be My Love," from a movie with Mario Lanza and Kathryn Grayson. It was a big hit for him and became his signature song. I saw them sing it in a clip from the movie, in "That's Entertainment," which I also taped and listened to a million times when I was a teen.  The other song is "If I Loved You" from Carousel.

Then I went to Reynolds and had some lunch. I found out that my soda bottle is indeed leaking, at least a little bit, so I won't be using that again. I have a few others here I went to try.  I didn't feel like packing my lunch today, so I just had a snack. I had some peanuts and some Doritos. I chatted with the people who work there at the coffee place, and I got another soda before going to my next class.

I brought my umbrella, but it didn't rain again, so that's good.

My other class, Mass Media Criticism, was fine. We're supposed to do our first assignment critiquing something in modern music. I think I'm going to choose one of the Grammy nominee categories (since that's coming up soon) and compare the songs. I don't know yet if I'm going to do a pop song or something else. They have 84 friggin' categories!! I had no idea. I might do the one they have for musical theater, or video of the year, or pop song of the year. I haven't decided yet. My class let out at 1:30 (a half hour early).

After that, I went over to the library to kill some time. David said he couldn't take me home until 3pm. On the way over, I ran into Kayla, who used to work in David's reception area, but now she's over at the library. She's very nice.

I just read emails while I was at the library. As I was walking out, I saw Bryan, who works there (he used to be in my photography class). We had a nice chat, catching up. I can't believe he's graduating this semester already!

I stopped at the Chick-Fil-A to get a Diet Lemonade. I had enough caffeine today already!  I chatted with the women that work in David's office, and then David drove me home.Brandy licking my face

I took Brandy for a walk after I got home. The last two days, I've been giving her these bully sticks.  She loves them.  By the time I get home, she has one that's half-chewed. She insists on bringing with her on the walk, which is fine with me. It makes her less hyper on the walk. She's concentrating on that and not on chasing everything she sees.  Last year I tried to give her one at every walk, but I guess she got tired of them because she kept dropping them along the way. I didn't want to pick them up (they're gross), but they're too expensive to just leave on the side of the road, too.

I had a turkey sandwich with the cauliflower bread, and the rest of the Doritos.  I shouldn't have had so much because we're going out for dinner in a little while. Ah, well.

I have so many things I should be doing, but I don't feel like doing anything. I still have to put the rest of the Christmas decorations away. I should do the dishes and clean the kitchen again. I should start the laundry. I just feel like having a nap.

I watched TV, and pet Brandy. Then David called around 5:30 and suggested we go out early for dinner, so I got ready, and I shut Brandy up in the room again.

my chicken dishWe went to Java Primo for dinner. We'd only been there for lunch and breakfast before. I had a chicken dish with cheese and bacon, which was pretty good. He had the catfish, which he said was not very good. Oh, well! I also got some ice cream to take home. Well, gelato. They make it themselves, and it's very good.

We stopped briefly at Brookshire's to get some things. I picked up these frozen onion rings that are made from veggies and are GF.  Someone mentioned them on my Celiac-Gluten Free Facebook group.

I did the laundry, but not much else.

My 40th high school reunion is scheduled for August. I hope we can go! I spent some time filling out their biography.

I went to bed about 2am but couldn't sleep. So annoying! I tried again about 4 and finally got to sleep. I think it's because I didn't take the muscle relaxer tonight.

  Friday 1/18/19

I woke up around 10:20. After waking up a little, I took Brandy for a walk about 11:45. I had some frozen GF taquitos for breakfast. Nothing else sounded good. I took a shower and then got Brandy situated. David picked me up about 12:40.

The doctor called to say that my hormones look fine except my progesterone levels are a little low. They're going to try me on some kind of hormone therapy to fix it, so I don't have the hot flashes any more. Yay!

At Quantum rehab againI went to the Quantaum Rehab place again for physical therapy. I had a different PT person this time -- a man. I had to dip my hand in the wax again.  He had me do some different exercises than the other woman.  Also, it only took 45 minutes instead of an hour.

This is funny. He was reading over her notes and it said that I had "low pain tolerance." For some reason, he thought she asked me about that, and I said that. I didn't say that! Not sure I would say that.  But anyway, I just smiled and said, "Yep, I'm a wimp."  I felt like saying, "Hey, big man, why don't you dip YOUR hand in the hot wax and see how much YOU like it?"

I had a funny discussion with my husband about the hormones, which he worried might be dangerous. Obviously I'll discuss that with my doctor first.  I mentioned that the hot flashes may not be the ONLY symptom of the menopause, just the worst. I mentioned brain fog, and he didn't know what that meant. I tried to describe it, but he just thought I meant "a little forgetfulness." So he said, that happens to all of us as we get older. Finally, I said, so, when you're in the shower, and you're not half asleep, do you forget whether you just washed your hair or not, two seconds ago?"  He said, "How can you forget that?" I replied, "Exactly!"  LOL! Because that happened to me today, and it has happened before. That's brain fog. Brandy

Also, the brain fog is also a symptom of gluten ingestion and diabetes, so it could be from any one of them. I mean, I know my memory is not all that bad because I took some memory tests on the net before (real ones, not Facebook type). I did fine. My memory is only bad when I have the brain fog! Hmm, maybe I should have used that as an excuse when I failed my Marketing final! winky face But actually, the problem there was, not enough sleep and too little studying. I doubt that any professor would care about that excuse!

It's hard for my husband to relate to hot flashes, anyway, because he loves being warm.  He keeps his office heat on really high.  He doesn't put on the A/C in the summer. He loves going to a baseball game and sitting in the sun.  For me, that's torture. I hate the heat, and I really hate sweating more than anything. I don't mind a little sun, but not that much.

So far today, 3 hot flashes... so they are happening more often than they were new calendarbefore. Ick.

They had "Guy's Grocery Games" on TV at the rehab place, so at least I had something to watch while I waited. It made me hungry, though.

We scheduled the PT for next week. I'll be in there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They're going to be sick of me! winky face

Trisha came to pick me up about 2:10. She had her husband in the car. I'd never met him before. She took me home.

I got my last new calendar until next year: a Chinese bamboo one for the hallway. I started getting these in Hawaii, from the flower shop down the street. Now I always buy them online. sandwich on cauliflower thins

I made bacon for lunch when I got home.  A little while later, Brandy and I went for a second walk. It was sprinkling a little bit, so we cut it short.

I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a little bit. Still very tired, though. Between the walking and everything, it's a lot.

David had late meetings, so he didn't get home until after 7!

invitationIt rained quite a bit in the evening. I got another invitation to the National Society of Leadership and Success. Nice to be recognized for my good grades, but no thanks.

I watched a bunch of new shows, for review. David even watched some of them with me, which is rare. Most of them were terrible, though.

I tried the onion rings, but they were not good...they were soggy andyukky onion rings didn't taste right at all.

I went to bed about 12. I was very tired.  At least I slept well!

  Saturday 1/19/19

Mister James menuBrandy woke me up around 7am to let her in the bed (like she does most mornings). I got a spam call around 9:30, waking me up, so I got up. 

David came home from his walk, and we decided to go to a local place called Mister James for brunch. We'd never been there before. They serve breakfast all day, I think, as well as lunch. Hamburgers, catfish, and I think BBQ, as well as breakfast. I suredenver omelet wish I could eat their pancakes or waffles because I'm sure they're wonderful. I had a Spanish omelet, which was delicious. Maybe the best one I ever had. It was crammed full of stuff and had a lot of cheese. There were also hash browns and toast, but I only ate a little bit of the hash browns. I'm not sure if any of it was safe or not. It's a little diner...not really the kind of place you can ask about gluten. I also ordered a side of bacon. It arrived cold, but it was really good, anyway. David had a bacon cheeseburger. He didn't like pharmacythe place as much as I did. Well, too bad...but he's very picky. Anyway, it was nice to have something different for a change.

We stopped at the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions, and then to the liquor store, and then to the Burger King to get me a soda.

I was very sleepy about 1:30, but I didn't take a nap...I wasbasketball game a little bit sick from eating gluten somewhere, but otherwise fine. My left hand hurts more today... I hope the PT didn't make it worse!

scoreboardWe went to another SAU men's basketball game, even though the temperature had dropped 10 degrees since this morning! Brrrr! Good thing it was indoors -- just walking to the car and back was bad enough.  It was a very good game. It was close the whole time, but they won.  They were actually behind for a while, but it worked out.

Now we're listening to the Casey Kasem countdown of the top 40 songs from this week in 1972.

I stayed up pretty late, I think.

  Sunday 1/20/19breakfast

I got up around 9 and walked Brandy. It was pretty chilly.

A little while later, we went to Java Primo for lunch. I wanted the bison burger, but they were out. I just had eggs and bacon. It wasn't bad.

Then we went to the grocery store to get a few things.

I walked Brandy after we got home. There were some teens or college kids walking inBrandy our neighborhood. Brandy usually loves everyone, but when the girl bent down and held her hand out, for some reason, it freaked Brandy out, so she backed off and growled at her. I was shocked and embarrassed...poor girl. But she was fine with it. I don't know why Brandy reacted that way... She usually loves everyone! I hold her back a little on the leash, only because she likes to jump up on people. I don't know why that happened. Maybe the girl was a little scared, and Brandy could sense it? Who knows...Scott Castillo

I learned about two people passing away recently. Scott Castillo was a good friend of my SIL Susan's. I saw him in the 70's and 80's at S.T.A.R. meetings. He was always fun, and funny, and laughing.  He had a lot of humor and energy.  He was actually married to Pam, a good friend of my brother's from high school.

Then I found out this guy I knew online, Jim, died. He was in his 70's, so it wasn't as shocking as Scott.  Jim was a big karaoke buff, like me, and he sang a lot online. Any time I wanted to find a song in karaoke, Jim would know where to find it. He would often find 5 different version. He was very generous about sharing his tracks or spending his time looking for tracks for you.  He loved old music, particularly from Broadway.  He was born in the 40's, but he liked music from his parents' era.  He often posted on Singer's Showcase and other sites. I did this duet with him, too.

We went to Antigua's, as usual, for dinner.  I just watched David eat.

I spent a lot of time today working on my first blog post for my Mass Media Criticism class. I stayed up way too late.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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