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  Monday 1/7/18

Brandy close-upI went to bed really early last night, so I got up at 8am this morning. Brandy had enough sleep, so she tried to wake me up before that, but I refused to get out of bed for a while.

I took her for her first walk around 10:30. The weather outside was nice, in the high 50's and slightly windy. I didn't see too many people outside.

I spent a lot of time today working on my site. I also cleaned the artificial snow off the back windows and took down the windows lights and other Christmas decorations from the dining room window (where our tree is), and closed the inner curtains. I also did two loads of dishes and the laundry. I got a lot accomplished!

I was very tired about 4, but I went to take Brandy on her second walk instead of napping.  The little kids down the street were playing in the woods and said hi as I walked past. I hope their parents know they were doing that. I also ran into the woman in the other cul-de-sac who is relatively new to our neighborhood. She has a new little puppy. It is adorable! I chatted with her briefly.

Looks like we're going to be having Helmut and Beth over for dinner Saturday, February 2 (Groundhog Day!). I still have to make some decisions about what to serve. In the meantime, I ordered a new rug for the living room, among other things. Brandy has pretty much destroyed the two small, cheap ones we have, so I'm replacing them with one larger, nicer one that, hopefully, she won't be so tough on. George Takei talking pen

I made a doctor's appointment for Thursday afternoon. My fingers are better but still bothering me, so I think she should look at them. Also, I want to ask her about the hot flashes and whether there's anything she can do to help them.

Mostly, I just did the stuff above and watched TV. Nothing too exciting.

I bought some of these George Takei novelty pens online...they're hard to find. I will keep one and give the others away to friends. 

I should have gone to bed early, but I had too much to do. I did a ton of laundry, put half the Christmas decorations away in their boxes, and did 2 loads of dishes, as well as lots of work on my site. I stayed up all night because when I tried to go to sleep, my neck, back and legs hurt.

  Tuesday 1/8/18

I couldn't sleep, so I walked Brandy about 7:30. Then I called Scott Plumbing to Brandy come fix the leak. I kept finding a puddle between my fridge and kitchen sink, and the other plumbers, Pinner, couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I went back to sleep for a few hours. They were supposed to call before they came, but most companies say that, and then they don't, I've found. So they showed up on my door step and rang the bell, which set off Brandy barking. Then I got a call from their office, telling me that they were there, and apologizing for their not calling first. This was about 2pm. They took 3 hours to find and fix the problem.

Two Plumbers PlumbingAt first they thought that it was the seal around the dishwasher, but then the main guy said that the dishwasher was not set in right, so the water was collecting in the corner and then leaking out (at least, that's my understanding, I could be wrong because it was a little confusing, and I was tired). So I guess they had to reset it in there correctly. It's fixed now, thank goodness! They cleaned up well after themselves, too. It cost $235, which I guess is not too bad...

I was going to go back to sleep, but I didn't. David and I went to El Compadre after he got home. Poor Brandy was shut up in the bedroom a lot today.  I was hungry, so I ate there for a change, but it wasn't all that great. Usually it is, but Brandyit was dried out today. I usually get the scrambled eggs with chorizo. Also, the service was pretty slow. Usually they're very fast there.

My new calendars arrived. I always get one with Hawaii flowers for the living room, and one for Grumpy Cat for the music room, as well as the Star Wars one for the master bathroom, and one from the bank for our bedroom. Then I usually have one more for the guest room. This year it's puppies!

Tree of Life wall plaqueI also got this wall plaque to hang on our wall. There's an area of wall above all of the cupboards in our living room. I never hung anything there before, and it seems too bare to me. This fits there beautifully. I wonder how long it will take David to notice it? winky face (He never did)

I spent a lot of time trying to put the Christmas decorations away for tomorrow, when Yolanda comes to clean. I didn't make it, but I did about a third.

Here's a fun video of Brandy reacting to one of my moving Christmas decorations.

I went to bed about midnight, I think.

  Wednesday 1/9/18

I got up at 6am so I could start getting the house ready. It took me most of the 3Brandy begging hours (besides eating breakfast) to get it done. I like to move all of the knick knacks, photos, etc. out of her way to make it easier and faster for her to clean.

I bought some Cauliflower Sandwich Thins that just came today....they are prettyCauliflower Sandwich Thins good, low-carb, GF bread replacements. They don't taste bad, like most stuff I've bought that is made from cauliflower. I had a good turkey sandwich with it for breakfast. They're a little pricey at $7 per package of 6, but....better than making them myself.

Yolanda came about 9:10. Brandy and I went for our morning walk. It was 46 degrees out, so it wasn't too cold, but I probably should have brought my hat because my ears were cold.

We came back and went into the back bedroom to stay out of Yolanda's way while she cleaned. The house was super dirty, and she did a great job. She was last here at the end of November, so it's been over a month, plus all of the Christmas debris.Brandy, very excited

I was working on my laptop when I heard a loud sound in the master bathroom. I  thought Brandy had knocked something over or something... I go in there, and she's standing in our big bathtub!!  It was hilarious. I helped her out. Such a silly dog. I just wish I had thought to take a photo of her in the tub first!

I had to work extra hard on my site today because of San Diego Comic-Con. sad face  It seems like every year they change the rules and standards for press registration! It's very irritating. Last year, when we submitted our press registration, they said it would be for 2 years. Now they're saying, 2 years unless we ask you to do it again! So they're asking us to do it again. Which is very annoying, especially since we've been doing it for so many years.  Plus, they said we have to turn it in by Friday. Thanks for the great notice! And then, also, they had put one of my site's volunteers, Jake, as the person in charge, rather than me. I know that's nitpicky, but I'm the person who started the site and has always sent in the info, so it's dumb that they pick one of the people who works for me instead. But we got it cleared up. It just took a while. Also, I had to put up a bunch of new articles and things. This took up a lot of time, all day.

When Yolanda was done with the rest of the house, Brandy and I moved out to the Brandy, curled up on my lapliving room, as we always do. Brandy was really whiny in the bedroom...I didn't let her on the bed because it was covered in laundry that I hadn't put away yet.  So once we moved out there, she was pretty hyper because of that, and because of Yolanda walking in and out of the area. She was annoying... Anyway, Yolanda left about 3pm. I was very tired but I didn't take a nap.

When she left, I noticed that my new rug had been delivered. Brandy can be destructive sometimes, especially on cheap rugs. We had bought cheap Wal-Mart rugs for a few spots in our living room. One of them, she just destroyed by chewing on it a lot. Another one, she had chewed the corners a bit. So I put those two in the garage. I'll probably throw the worst one out and then see if anyone wants the other one. I moved a smaller rug to the area under the coffee table, and I bought this larger rug for the other part of the dining room. It looks very nice. I had to weight it down for a day with stuff, but now it looks fine. It's not a good idea to buy cheap rugs if you want them to last, especially if you have pets or children. Otherwise, if it was just the two of us, I think the rugs would still look fine.

Brandy likes to run around on the rugs sometimes like a crazy dog, and she slides them all around, with her sharp nails, so the rug has to be pretty tough to withstand that, as well as the chewing. And let's not forget that she also peed on most of them long before that, which is also difficult on the cheap rugs. I cleaned them very well, but two of the cheap rugs had a sort of oily residue underneath them that never really went away. If I'd had them professionally cleaned, maybe that would have fixed that. I don't know. We don't have professional rug cleaners here (at least not that I could find).

I had lunch and then took Brandy on her second walk around 4:40.

I put all the laundry away. There was a ton of it. I was too tired to do much else. I went to bed very early, about 9pm.

  Thursday 1/10/18

I had David set the alarm for 8 am, so I slept 11 hours! I want to stay on this earlynew Luke Cage shirt schedule, even though I don't have to be at class until 12:40pm.  I just get more done that way.

I got my new Luke Cage shirt in the mail!. I couldn't find one online for the TV show, so I had my own made.

I had breakfast (a BLT) and then walked Brandy. It was cold again, 32 degrees. I had to bundle up. After we came back, I was just hanging out, watching TV. Then Trisha messaged me to say we had to leave at 11, not 11:45, so I rushed to get ready. I had to change clothes, brush my teeth, pack my stuff (including my lunch), and put Brandy in the bedroom with all the baby gates up. I just barely made it in time!

Poor Trisha was having some family problems...hope she will be OK! She's such a sweet person.

First, I went to Brinson, the music/art building, to see if my voice teacher had posted anything yet about the schedule. He was in, so I filled out a paper to let him know which days/times I would be free. I was going to practice, but the building's heat was up way too high, (it was stifling) so I left and went over to Reynolds. In the library

Silly me, I was thinking that the Aramark ladies have lunch at 12, but it's at 11. So I had wasted time at Brinson and got over to Reynolds too late. At least I got to chat for a minute with most of them, and then Touia (pronounced Toya) joined me for lunch (she usually goes a little later than the others).

I had brought in my new cauliflower bread for a sandwich, so they could see and taste it. Most of us are all on some kind of low-carb diet.

The time went by very quickly, so I was almost late to class. I rushed over there, but then I saw my professor, still on floor 1A where his office is, talking to Kobe (another student), so I was relieved.  Then, three of us women were sitting outside our usual classroom, Overstreet 302, wondering why the previous class was still going on.  Then the professor walked by and said we're down in 304. Whoops!

Professor Reppert in the classroomWe walked into the other classroom, which I've never seen before. I walked to the back of the room (which is about 4 or  rows back) and sat near Lindsey, who sat behind me in last semester's class, "Reporting and Writing for the Mass Media." Our new class is "Mass Media Criticism." I recognized many other students from my other classes. Most of the front row were in my marketing class! Rhett is another student who was in last semester's class, as well as Mary Alice, who was in both that one and the marketing class. Justice has been in several of my classes in the past few years. Desmion and Jamia were in a few of my other classes, and Jamia was also in the marketing class. There were only a few unfamiliar faces!

The professor briefly introduced the class subject and went over the syllabus and assignments. After the class was over, I asked the other marketing students how they did in that class. They all got either A's or B's. We all flunked the final. I'm guessing that he mostly grades according to attendance, since the ones who got B's were absent or late a lot. But who knows? Ah, well. Glad to be done with that confusing class.

I asked Professor Reppert afterwards about the speech class. It doesn't meet regularly, but the first assignments are due in February. He said to ask him at the end of January.  OK, fine! smiley face  One less thing to worry about any time soon.

I have a doctor's appointment at 3, so I went to get a soda first, at Reynolds. I came doctor's waiting room back to Overstreet (where David's office is) around 2:45. We went to Southern Medical Group and I waited for the physician's assistant, whom they call "Doctor Andy."  She's very nice and reminds me a lot of the actress Ally Walker. I showed her my hand, and she examined it. We talked about my pain and possible options. She said that it's probably the tendons that are causing the pain. Apparently, an X-Ray (which she did before) only shows bones. You need an MRI to see everything else. She said we should try physical therapy first because the insurance company was more likely to pay for the MRI if we did that first. UGH, welcome to our screwed-up health care system. She gave me a sheet of paper and told me to take it to the physical therapy place in town. 

I also talked to her about my hot flashes. She thinks they're from low hormones. I got my blood taken for that, so they could test it. They took 5 vials of blood, which is a lot! Not sure if I've ever given that much blood before at one time. I wonder how much they take if you donate blood?  Anyway, I made Doctor Andy laugh because she asked me about how often they happen. I told her about how I had one earlier today in class, and since I was only wearing a tank top (that I would never show in public) and a sweater-shirt, that I was sitting in the class sort of half-lifting the shirt and fanning out, trying not to look too conspicuous to all these 20-somethings in the class. Luckily, I sit in the back, and he usually turns out the lights, so we can see theBrandy screen.

David picked me up, and he took me over to the PT place so I could make my appointment (for next Tuesday afternoon). I'm supposed to go to PT once a week for the next 4 weeks. (I got that wrong - it's 3 times per week)

We went home after that, and then he went back to work.  Brandy and I went for our afternoon walk. It was still pretty chilly. We saw the Brandy up on the tub again!kids down the street again. They always enjoy petting her.  They're building a fort in the woodsy area there (I had seen them there the other day and wondered what they were doing!). They found an old necklace in the yard and buried it near the mailbox in one of the other yards. They enjoyed telling me this. Gotta love kids! :)

A little while later, I went to get dressed and put Brandy back in the bedroom so that we could go out to dinner.  She jumped up again onto the bathtub, so I got a photo this time, at least (not IN the tub, though). She was being very silly.

We went to Tokyo for dinner. He had sushi, and I had edamame, as usual.

I was pretty tired after we got home, but I didn't get to sleep until about 1am. I didThe Jerk Store Called some work on my site and put the plants back where they belong. I still have a lot to put back.

This guy I've known online for many years decided to kick me out of his soap opera Facebook group. I really liked that group, too. We had a slight disagreement, but I kept it civil and polite. He's just a weirdo, apparently. If you have extreme social problems and people piss you off that easily that you can't take ANY kind of disagreement, perhaps you shouldn't be running a group. He'll be lucky if he has 5 people left.  Unfortunately, I've seen this happen many times online. Such a shame because I like small groups like that. I had to go and join a larger one that covers the same topic.

  Friday 1/11/18

Brandy on the new rugYou may recall that I get itchy a lot, especially at night, from my allergies (and from previous scratches healing). Especially my back, but it's really all over. This morning I got itchy in my sleep and scratched. I had a chipped fingernail, so I scratched my back up really badly, especially the lower part where I don't usually scratch as much (the skin is more tender there, too). I woke up, in pain from the scratches as well as itching. It looks pretty awful and was hurting all day. I hope it heals fast. I took Aleve and put on the Aspercreme several times.

I woke up about 6:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I had breakfast and walked Brandy about an hour later. I was hungry, so I had 3 hot dogs in my new cauliflower bread. They were yummy! I made another hot dog for the dog, too. We had a nice walk around the neighborhood. It was 46 degrees, so it was still cold, but not too bad.

I watched TV and worked a bit, but my back started hurting really bad. Even after taking medicine, it was hard to sit in my chair and lean my back against the back of the chair.  I gave up and went back to bed. I slept until 6:30 when David came home. I was so tired! Still am, for that matter.

We had an uneventful night. I had a BLT for lunch.

I've just been watching TV and working on my site, and on this blog.

My back is feeling much better. It's still a little sore, but not unbearable like earlier.

Poor Brandy didn't get to take her second walk today. She was a very good dog and stayed on the bed with me all day.

It's raining tonight. It's supposed to stay cold all week, but at least it's not raining again until next Friday.

I feel very lazy and tired. I should be putting all our stuff back. I think I'll eat my dinner and then go to bed if I can.

I went to bed about 3:30am.

  Saturday 1/12/18

I woke up around 8:30 with low blood sugar! I rushed to the kitchen and made myself some toast. UGH.  That's the problem with being diabetic. If I try to eat right, and healthy, then the medicine I take makes my blood sugar drop too low.  It's a very hard balance to maintain.

I walked Brandy in the morning. It was in the 40's and windy.

I'm sure we all do this...I put way too much pressure on myself. I feel like a total failure for not doing things that I feel I should do, like practicing my singing, training Brandy to behave, doing more work on my site, eating healthier, etc. I'm very organized, but I take on too much. I should concentrate on what I am doing right, like getting A's in class, and walking more often. I get very stressed out and feel guilty.

After I took a much-needed shower, we went to lunch at Flying Burger. My scratches on my back are much better today. I was relieved that the shower didn't hurt. I had cheeseburgers and fries. They were really good. They make their burgers from scratch. Their #5 plate has no bun, but it has onions. I put their spicy Rémoulade sauce on it. Yummy!

We stopped briefly at Brookshire's afterwards to get a few things, and then we came home. We might go to an SAU basketball game later today.SAU basketball game

I walked Brandy again around 1:15, and then David and I went to the SAU Men's basketball game. It was a fun game and they won. Here's a video of the end of the game.

Later on, I got sick again from something I ate that had gluten in it. Possibly McDonald's, but it could have been something around here that I have in my cupboard, that I'm not aware of. You just never know.

I was tired and not feeling well after that, so I just watched TV and worked a little on the blogs and my TV site. I went to bed really early, around 9:30.  It's kind of funny because last semester, when I had a 9:30 class, I had a hard time all semester getting up early. Now that I don't have any early classes, I'm getting up early!

  Sunday 1/13/18

I can't believe it's Sunday already. Where did this week go? January is almost half over.

Brandy woke me up whining about 6:15, so I got up and let her out.  She got a new Java PrimoBarkbox, so I gave her one of the toys so she would stop bothering me. When she gets up in the morning, she is ready to play! Me, not so much...

I walked her about 8:30am. It's pretty cold today. It wasn't too windy in the morning, but it got very windy later, making it colder. The highMe with new haircut today was 45. We ran into her favorite boy, Jack.

I had a turkey sandwich for breakfast.  We went to Java Primo so he could have lunch... then we went to Wal-Mart. He did the grocery shopping while I got my hair cut. Thankfully, I got in pretty quickly. The Subway manager was there with his whole family - wife, three kids and grandma! I guess they had just gotten their hair all cut. He's very nice.

After that, David drove me through Wendy's.  After we got home, Antigua'sI just relaxed for a while after lunch. I watched TV and worked on the blogs. Then I walked Brandy about 3:30. This time we ran into Jack's brother, and the girl next door to them, Tinnley. They were happy to pet Brandy, too.  She loves everyone!

I did more laundry....it never ends! I finally put the stuff back inBrandy and me our back bathroom area, that I had to move for the cleaning lady, Yolanda. Also, I did some organizing of our clothes that's really been needed for quite a while.  I'm very glad that's all done. I gave Brandy some old socks that had holes, and she's very happy.

David and I went to Antigua's, where he had his usual tacos. That's become our routine every Sunday...

Now we're listening to Casey Kasem's top 40 from 1978, and I'm doing work on my site. I was very tired and went to bed about 10:30.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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