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  Monday 11/5/18

BrandyI'm late yet again at writing up this blog! UGH. I don't know where the time goes, or why I fall so far behind. Well, I do, kind of, know. I've been sick a lot this week. When I eat something with gluten, it pretty much messes up my whole week in one way or another. It makes me feel bad, I get tired, I spent too much time in bed, and I'm not as productive. Eating Halloween candy doesn't help, either. When my blood sugar gets too high, I get sleepy. I should probably just throw it out.

It was raining a lot, off and on, this week. We had fairly nice weather until Wednesday, when it got pretty cold (in the 50's).Dressed up for our photo

We went over to get our photos taken for the Christmas card, with Brandy. I wore a sparkly Christmas shirt with a long black skirt, and David had on his suit from work. We put Brandy in her harness. Turns out the photography studio, Grisham Photography, is just down the street from us! I had the guy come out to say hello to Brandy so that she would pee in the parking lot, not indoors. She gets very excited and pees when she meets new people.

The guy took many photos of us. He and his wife were very good about working with Brandy. They just loved her, of course, like everyone does. They were good about getting her to stand in one place and looking up when they wanted her to do.

I guess he had forgotten that I asked for a Christmas scene, because at first, he had us on a plain background. Brandy was seated on a chair, and we were standing behind her.  Then he switched to an outdoor-looking Christmas scene with fake trees around, and Brandy was standing on a sled.  He says they'll be ready by the end of the week, and then I plan to take them to Walgreens to get cards made.

You may recall that I bought the holiday projector a few weeks ago. I set it up for Fall leaves now.

I sent a package to a friend, from the small post office on campus. It came back, egg saladpostage insufficient! Someone screwed up...

Here is my latest class blog post...I have another one due on Thursday.

Monday night I started feeling really stuffed up and itchy all over, so I couldn't sleep. Then my stomach was upset.

I made egg salad today. It was really yummy. I just love deviled eggs and egg salad. I eat way too much of it.

  Tuesday 11/6/18Brandy's head

I still didn't feel well this morning, and I hadn't had any sleep, so I stayed home instead of going to school. I emailed my professors to let them know I wouldn't be in, and Trisha, who gives me a ride. I was sick all day, off and on.

I also found a mosquito bite on my arm! I had no idea they would still be around this time of year. UGH.

In the afternoon, David came to get me, so we could vote. It seemed nice outside, so I wore shorts and a T-shirt. Well, it was a bit windy, and the line to vote was outside. I regretted not wearing long pants and a jacket. I was freezing. We stood in line for 45 minutes.  Then when we got inside, we saw that there were only 3 voting booths! No votingwonder there was a slow line.

We voted in the library, which looks very nice. I've never been in there before. I used to go to the library a lot when I was young, but now I don't need it because I just buy books and download them to my Kindle. Even before the Kindle, though, I could just buy books...I liked collecting the ones I like. I had to get rid of SO many when we moved to Hawaii. Still bummed about that.

Skinny Pop popcorn cakesI tried these Skinny Pop popcorn cakes I bought at Wal-Mart. They're not bad. They're like rice cakes but thinner, and saltier. I tried some as mini-pizzas and they're pretty good that way. 

 bacon press

We're going to have more casinos in our state, and they're raising the minimum wage, thanks to the voting today.

I'm still enjoying the bacon press I bought. The only problem is that the pans I use are somewhat small, so the bacon press doesn't fit all that well on them. 

  Wednesday 11/7/18

I slept quite a bit last night, but when I woke up, I had a stomach ache. Then later, I got really sick as I usually do after eating gluten. I hope this is the end of that.microphone

I was cold when I woke up, but Brandy crawled on my lap and made a good blanket. I'm using the heat from now on, for a while. It's too chilly.

I was fooling around a lot on Snapchat. It's fun! This is a pretty new shoesneat video thing I did on Snapchat...

I bought a new microphone from Amazon. My old one needs a regular mic input, which most new laptops don't have, so I got a USB mic.

Later on, my new shoes were delivered. I got them from drcomfort.com  Hopefully it will make my feet feel better. So far, I like them.fire grilled steak

I stayed up too late, working on my school stuff and other things... Here's the latest post for my class blog.

I tried this frozen entree that's GF....not too bad, but it's not low in carbs. The problem with most frozen entrees is that they either come with rice or pasta. 

  Thursday 11/8/18

I woke up around 8am and got ready for school. I wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat breakfast. Usually, I do, but I just wasn't hungry.

BrandyWhen I went in to SAU, I took my package to the post office. They aren't sure why it got sent back because it has the right amount of stamps on it. They're re-sending it, free of charge. I hope it gets there!

My classes were fine. Right after my last class, I ran over to Reynolds to do a phone interview with an actor. I usually go up to the second floor, where it's quieter. The cleaning staff was vacuuming there, but the woman that was doing it found me a quiet room, which was so nice of her. It was a great interview, and I was very happy to do it.

We stopped by the photo studio to pick out which photo we wanted. I really wasn't happy with any of them. I look too fat, with an extra chin. I should have showed him how I usually make it look when I have a selfie, with the better angle.popcorn cake pizza

I made some pizzas with the Skinny Pop popcorn cakes. Really yummy! I just put a little sugar free BBQ sauce, and some pepperoni, and some sliced cheese.

We were going to go to the play tonight, but I'm too busy. We'll probably go on Sunday.Thai Chicken Red Curry

I went with him briefly to Antigua's so he could get some tacos....

Later on, I tried this GF frozen dinner called Full Circle Market from Wal-Mart. Thai red Curry Chicken. It was pretty good but not very filling.

  Friday 11/9/18

When I woke up this morning, for some reason, I thought it was Saturday. I woke up around 10:30 and wondered why David wasn't waking me up.Brandy

I still haven't put my Halloween decorations away. I hope to do that this weekend!

I got the photos from Grisham Photography. He helped me get rid of some of the fat in my face. The angle he used for the photos was not very flattering at all! I'm waiting for him to do a few more adjustments, and then hopefully I can order cards. I was going to get the cards at Walgreens, but they're way too expensive. I hate Vista Print, but I may have to use them because they're cheaper than everyone else. I just hope it won't take long. The advantage of Walgreens is that they can do them in an hour, Brandy and mebut they will cost $2 per card. I want $100 cards, so that's $200. With Vista Print, it will cost me about $70, which is quite a discount.

I've just been binge-watching "Daredevil" for the past two days. I love the Marvel shows, but I hate binge-watching because it means I fall behind on everything else. It's really good, though.

I made some popcorn...it's always good, but I can't have more than a small bowl.  Brandy was lying on my feet for awhile, which she almost never does!

  Saturday 11/10/18

I went with David to lunch at McDonald's. We ate inside, so I made sure that there were no buns. Hopefully that will mean it's safe and didn't make me sick. (When we go through the drive-thru, it's kind of hard to explain, so I don't bother)  They usually have loud music playing, but someone forgot to put it on, I guess, or it's broken, so there was no music. Yay!

We stopped at Brookshire's to get a few things, too.Fall decorations on front porch

I took Brandy for her walk. It was chilly this morning, in the 30's, but it got a little bit warmer in the afternoon. I wore long pants and a light jacket, and it was fine. It had gotten too warm in our house, so it felt nice to be out in the cooler weather.

I made a hot drink with Maxell House International Coffee (hazelnut), mixed with some sugar free hot cocoa, vanilla, and a little Splenda, plus cream. Whipped cream on top. It's divine and really hit the spot when it was cold. hot chocolate/coffee drink

In the evening, we went over to our friends' house for dinner. Helmut is dean of the college of liberal and performing arts, and his wife, Beth, is our financial advisor. Since it's such a small town, and campus, her son is also in one of my classes. winky face They were nice enough to invite us over! They're fun people. Beth is a great cook. She made everything GF, and it was delicious - ribs, salad, scalloped potatoes, and corn bread.  She even made a wonderful flourless chocolate cake for dessert that was sugar free and also YUMMY! I had two pieces. There was good wine, too. Their house is huge! Even bigger than ours, I think. Plus they have a big back yard. She has an office out there, and there's also a greenhouse. It was a great evening.

They told us about some place here in town where a guy cooks up wonderful meals in his home and invites people, and I guess they pay. It's like a private restaurant. We need to try that!

I woke up in the middle of the night with some terrible acid reflux. I wonder if it's the onion powder I'm using in my egg salad. I've been eating a lot of egg salad lately.

  Sunday 11/11/18

Happy Veterans Day!

I had some crazy dreams last night. First I dreamt that Steve Harvey was my foster dad (well, he looked like Steve Harvey, but he was a preacher), and he had a lot of children. Then the dream sort of changed, as dreams do, and I was at some big convention at the university for Catholics. It was a series of bizarre dreams.

After I woke up, I went with David, as usual, to Java Primo, and watched him eat. Then we went to Wal-Mart for our weekly groceries. Last week I bought some popcorn cakes, but I couldn't find them this week. They're like rice cakes but thinner. They are yummy and make great little pizzas, among other things. If I don't find them next week, I'll find them online.Antigone program

It's still pretty cold today, in the 40's. I was wearing my thick jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and a light sweater/jacket. We went to SAU around 1:40 to see the student play, "Antigone." It's kind of a talky, boring play. It's a tragedy, too, so people die at the end, and you kind of know that for the whole play. Not my kind of thing. The students did a fine job, though. It was too cold in the theater, too. They had the heat on but gave out blankets! Later on, it rained, too.  It's supposed to get a little warmer next weekend (go up to the 60's).

After we got back, I walked Brandy. She was very hyper because of being cooped up so much, so it was difficult to put her harness on. Then she always tries to chase cars, and when I pull her back, she jumps up on her hind legs, and slips her right front paw out of the harness. Then I can usually slip it back in pretty easily, but it was not easy today. I was wearing a scarf and mittens, so she kept trying to bite them, and I couldn't see what I was doing. So then I put the harness back on her wrong, and it was not working. I just put the leash on her collar and took off the harness altogether. It was a very annoying walk.

Then she had to go back in to the bedroom for a while longer because David wanted to go out to Antigua's for tacos. As usual, I watched and just had a soda. They also give out chocolates there at the end, which is great.

I played with Snapchat a little.  Always fun! 

I made myself a cheeseburger on lettuce for dinner, so that was delicious. We listened to 70's music like we often do, Casey Kasem's America's Top 40 from this week in 1972. The #1 song was "I Can See Clearly Now."

I often itch all over, especially at night. I used to put Benadryl Gel all over, but it doesn't work that great, and it leaves a little film when it dries. I've been putting Aspercreme on instead. It has Lanacaine, which is what they put on burn victims to help their itching when their burns start to heal. I think it works pretty well. It's just a little hard to put it on my back, though.

I had trouble sleeping...usual reasons! Itching, congested, just can't sleep. Not tired enough.

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