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  Monday 10/22/18

Brandy looking cuteI tried hard to get up early, but I just couldn't. I was too tired! I was really tired all day and even went to bed super early.

I got up about 11 and took Brandy for her walk around 11:30.  Someone ran over a squirrel near Live Oak, and it's lying in the middle of the road with its guts all over the place. Very gross. I wish someone would pick it up.  We were circling back to that area when I noticed many large, loud birds circling overheard. One of them perched on a lightpost right near the squirrel, and it extended its wings out fully. It was a beautiful brown bird. I was standing there, admiring it, and then I realized that its head looked a lot like a vulture. Then Brandy started barking at it. I said, "Well, time to move along" Later I read that vultures will do that sometimes, to sun bathe!

After that, we ran into an older man at the nearby house, and I was chatting with him. His son lives there (I met the son and wife before). They're getting their place ready for the neighborhood haunted house on Halloween! Neat. No wonder they have so many great decorations up. Theirs is the second best in the neighborhood (guess who's first?)

I spent most of the day working on my site, watching TV and putting up mydecorations Halloween decorations.  I got most of the decorations up. I just have a few more to put up tomorrow, and then I'm done. I need to get some batteries, for one thing. I made reservations at the vet for Brandy, for this week and also for Thanksgiving.

Brandy and I took a second walk around 5pm. No wonder I was so tired!

David brought me home McDonald's for dinner, so that was good. I was so glad not to have to cook.

I've been working on my Wordpress site, trying to get it ready, so I can move my site over there. It's been tough, and I've gotten some help. I thought I was almost done, but then I couldn't get the stupid Google ads to work.  It's all taken months longer than I hoped it would and has been very frustrating.

I've been keeping an eye on my blood sugar and trying hard to test regularly and not over-eat. It's so hard.

I did my online quiz for class...I was literally falling asleep during the quiz.  I went to bed around 9pm...even earlier than David for a change!

  Tuesday 10/23/18

Brandy with her tongue hanging outThe alarm went off at 7, and I was still very tired! I forced myself to get up at 7:15, took a shower, and made breakfast. I just had turkey sausage and eggs.

I was doing some other stuff when I realized that it was already 8:40. My ride, Trisha, comes to get me at 8:45. Whoops! So I ran to brush my teeth, texted her that I was running late, and got Brandy ready. I always have to put up the doggy gates around the bedroom so she won't chew on things while we shut her in there for the day. She's gotten smarter. Now she knows that she can jump up against the door to the master bathroom and get in there, so I have to put a gate there, too. Before, I would just shut the doors. She also tries to crawl behind the chairs in there, even though I have gates around them. I guess she's figured out a way around them. So I have to make sure they're completely surrounded now by gates. Crafty little dog!

I let Trisha in while I finished gathering my things, so she could see my Halloween stuff. She loves the holiday, too, so she appreciated it. Turns out her birthday is October 30th!  I finally got going...

School was fine, just kind of boring. Lunch was nice as always. I mailed some packages. Nothing too exciting in my school day. I stopped at the bookstore to get more batteries and some other things.

David took me home at 2:30. Brandy was hyper like usual, so I took her for her walk. We only did one walk today. I finally put up the rest of the Halloween decorations. I put fake cobwebs all over the bushes in front, and I have lights on the door and all the windows that face front. It looks pretty good. I think I outdid myself this year! Next year, maybe we'll have a Halloween party.

I think I got my ad problems on my new Wordpress site solved, more or less. I had to make changes because no one could help me figure out what the problem was. It's fine now.

We went to El Compadre for dinner...I like this one dish they have, but I don't know if it's really GF.

I'm just doing some laundry and a few other things....have to get ready for tomorrow when Yolanda comes to clean the house.  She'll be happy that the vacuum cleaner works now.  Also, she won't have to dust as much because of all the Halloween decorations.  Normally I move all of the knick-knacks and photos, but I went ahead and dusted it last week so I could put up the stuff and not worry about it. I did move a few breakables in the kitchen/dining area that I was worried that she might accidentally knock off and break. (To be fair, she's only done that once)

She wanted to come before 8am, and I said, that's too early for me! LOL!  It's already 1am and I'm not in bed yet. I hope to get up at 6 so I can finish getting the place ready.

  Wednesday 10/24/18

I got up around 6:15. I picked up some stuff, moved stuff around, etc. to get it ready for cleaning. I started laundry and loaded the dishwasher. I was very busy. David came back about 8:30 to take Brandy to the vet for boarding. Yolanda came around 8:40 and didn't leave until about 2. I went back to sleep for a little while and woke up around 12:30. She did a great job, as always, cleaning the house. I thought the sink was clogged and the garbage disposal not working, so I called the plumber, but after she left, it looked fine, so I don't know. I'll try it again later and see what's what. The plumber never came. They were too busy, I guess.

Later on, I put all of the stuff back that I moved. There wasn't nearly as much stuff as usual, so it was fairly easy. Well, I didn't do the music room yet.  The house looks great!

I had a good day of watching TV and working.  However, I've been having a lot of pain on the right side of my neck/shoulder. It starts under the ear, behind the jaw, and then goes around to the back of the neck (big knot there) and down to the spine. I took 3 muscle relaxers today, and Aleve, and Tylenol (not all at once). Usually I only have Aleve, or maybe one muscle relaxer if it's bad, so this was a particularly painful day.  I was very tired and went to bed at 7pm. I was so tired that I left all of my Halloween lights on.

I got my Halloween costume in the mail today. I tried it on, and it fits! Very excited.

  Thursday 10/25/18

Mulerider Cafe Fall decorI felt much better today, and more rested. I woke up around 5:15am.  Over 10 hours of sleep!

I had to make sure that I was all packed for later...

I think this was today...On the way to school, we saw a dead skunk in the middle of the road. Just like the song! I've seen lots of road kill, but never a skunk, that I can recall.

In my morning class, I felt a little bit like I had a sore throat, but it went away. Good! Allergies have been really bad. My eyes keep watering, too.  The day went by fairly nicely. Nothing too interesting to report.

I was walking through this little woodsy area at SAU, and I saw a beautiful redcardinal at SAU cardinal. It didn't fly away, like they usually do. It just hopped around, so I took some photos.  So nice! I love cardinals.

I had food at Chick-Fil-A, which I should stop doing because I think it makes me sick (or at least, it might). We went home around 2:30 and got all of our stuff together for our trip. Then we road out of towndrove to Little Rock. It takes about 2 1/2 hours.

It was raining a bit off and on all day, so we had to use umbrellas.

After we checked in, we went to the sushi restaurant, Wasabi, for dinner. I had the filet mignon, which is stir fried, and roasted veggies. It was really good. David always has sushi.  Our waiter was not too great...  Previously, they had told me thatView of the river from our hotel the Yum Yum sauce was GF, but the people he talked to said it wasn't, so who knows. I don't need the extra sugar, anyway.

Then we went over to Dugan's. It was a little bit chilly all weekend, so I had a hot chocolate with Bailey's and Amaretto, and lots of whipped cream. It was delicious. They have a nice fireplace in there, too. I had two of those and then also a glass of wine.vitamins

They have a little store next door to Dugan's, so I got a pear, some grapes, and a small bag of cookies for David. They have some good GF cookies and crackers there, too, but I resisted.

We went back to our hotel after that. I worked on my site and did other Internet stuff. He had to get up early for his meeting. I was sick a lot from something I ate...

These are the multivitamins I take...they taste really good, like candy, but they smell kinda nasty. 

  Friday 10/26/18

David returned for lunch, so I got up and had a nice, hot shower.  They have greatsteak salad showers at the Marriott. I need to get our water heater fixed or replaced because it never gets hot enough.

We went to lunch at Dugan's. I had a yummy steak salad. I was a little annoyed because, again, they said that the blue cheese was not GF, even though the whole salad was marked as GF on the menu (including the blue cheese). And I've had it there before. Hard to know who's right when they tell you one thing one day, and another thing another day.  David had corned beef hash, and it was delicious. It's GF as well. I wish they had a few more choices, but I'm glad they have some, at least.

GF cookiesAfter that, we went back to the room for a while. I listened to some music to try to choose which songs to sing for karaoke.  I tried to stop at the Starbucks in our hotel to get a pumpkin latte, but they were out of whipped cream, so I decided against it. They did have these great GF cookies, so I bought a few.  They're supposed to taste like Girl Scout cookies. tacos

Later on, I got my stuff together, put in contacts, and put on makeup. I decided to change into my Red Riding Hood costume at the karaoke place because it was too cold outside to wear it over there.

We went to dinner around 5:45 because we had a reservation at Samantha's Tap Room & Wood Grill...that place is popular and hard to get into.  Neither of us was all that hungry, though, because we had such a drinking wine at Samantha'sbig lunch. I got some mini-chicken tacos, and they were very good. They just hit the spot. He had a salad. The waiter was kind of a funny character.

We went back over to Dugan's for more drinks. I had another hot chocolate. We went over to DamGoode Pizza for karaoke around 8:15. They hadhot chocolate already started. I went into the bathroom and changed into my costume. I brought these black shoes that looked really nice, but I forgot how painful they are to wear. They bite into the back of my ankle.  I looked good, though, even when I was limping! I bought a little basket with candy and gum in it, and I handed it out to people...I wish I had brought more, though, because I ran out.

Karaoke was a lot of fun. There were quite a few people there at first. Me dressed up as Little Red Riding HoodIt wasn't as crowded as last year, though, so I got to sing more. There were a few people dressed up, but not a lot. Probably about 10 people, maybe? Plus the people who worked there. The audience was not as good once people started leaving.

The regular KJ was not there. Apparently he was working a private party, so he got this other guy to sub for him. He was younger, more personable and better looking. However, he didn't run as efficient a show as the regular guy. Also, he didn't seem to adjust the equipment as well to make us sound good. The music was way too loud when I was singing, so you could hardly hear me. And I have a loud voice! I know because I recorded my songs with my phone,me singing and I was drowned out a lot.

My first song was "Spooky" for Halloween. It was a bit too low for me. I've recorded it before at home, so I must have raised the key a bit. Oh, well. It was fun, anyway.  My second song was "Roam" by the B52's. I'd never sung either of those songs in public before. It was good, but I messed it up a little at the beginning.  The crowd was mostly younger people, so I don't know if they knew either of the songs I sang or not. Hard to say.  My last song was "Skyfall" by Adele. The music was super loud, so you could barely hear me at all. I asked him to turn it down, but he didn't do that very much.  I think I sang it well, but I don't know. I've learned it better than I used to. I think I tried to sing it once years ago in Atlanta, but I didn't know it very well, so it was awful. I also sang it in June in San Diego when we had our karaoke party. I need to make new good recordings of these songs.

Power RangersOh, they had a costume contest, so we all stood up there, and the KJ held his hand over us, to see who got the most applause. They had two guys in Power Rangers outfits. One of them was in pink and he did a really hilarious rendition of "Ice Ice Baby," so he won.  The other Power Ranger, who was in black, got second place. I didn't care if I won or not. It was just fun.

Anyway, despite a few minor things, I had a wonderful time. Oh, I convinced David to get up and sing "Little Red Riding Hood" with me, so that was fun. I sang a little on the harmony (not very well). It was fun, he really put a lot of humor into it. There were only a few people left by then.  They did last call around 11, so I guess they don't stay open very late. Too bad. Last year I didn't get to sing as much, but there were a lot more people and costumes, so it was more fun, in some ways.

I was feeling very good at this point. Must have been the 6 or 7 drinks I had! I don't normally drink very much. Thankfully, I didn't get sick or hung over. cheeseburger and fries

After that, I changed back into my regular clothes, and we headed back to our hotel. We stopped at the hotel bar and had some more food and drinks. There was some conference or something going on, I guess, because it was packed with people that all looked dressed up for business.

Back at the room, we watched part of the World Series. It was a good game, but we were tired and conked out during the 15th inning. Apparently it went on until the 18th inning and the Dodgers won. I went to sleep about 1:30.

  Saturday 10/27/18

missing candy cornDavid woke me about 10:30. I wanted to keep sleeping, but I got up. We checked out and got our car from the valet. I got some more of the GF cookies from Starbucks. David got me a cold water for the trip.  Too bad Halloween is so late this year after the weekend. Usually they have an employee pumpkin decorating contest, which they display in the lobby, and they have us vote on the best ones. I missed it this year.Marriott front door

They did have a poster for a musical that's going on in November. It's called "Love Never Dies," and apparently it's a sequel to "Phantom of the Opera." I had no idea that they had a sequel! Apparently it hasn't been received very well and has been rewritten drastically. I guess this is the touring company.

Our drive home was non-eventful. I slept during some of it. We stopped at the truck stop to have lunch at Hardee's. You can get their burgers wrapped with lettuce. They're OK....too much ketchup and Hardee'smustard, and their fries are not very good.

David had a nap and then went on his walk. I didn't do much, just watched some TV and messed around here...I was tired but didn't want to take a nap and ruin my sleep schedule again.

Back to my humdrum real life!

I'm very happy that I now have over 700 followers on Instagram! That's so cool. I'm very gratified to know that people are responding to all of my daily posts. I love taking pics and posting them there. It's so much fun, and there's no drama!

I've been seeing many beautiful butterflies in my front yard, where the flowers are.Java Primo They're large, mostly monarchs as far as I can tell. They don't seem to be too scared of people. I get some good videos and photos of them.

I was in the mood for some ice cream, but I never did get any...I considered making pumpkin ice cream but decided against it. Oh, well.

I found a great recipe for pumpkin cheesecake on the back of the cream cheese package, but I first have to buy some GF ginger snaps, and a cheesecake pan, on Amazon.

  Sunday 10/27/18

new Jack O'LanternWe went to Java Primo for lunch, but I just had soda and watched him eat. I had breakfast at home beforehand, so I wouldn't be tempted.

We went to the Wal-Mart as usual, for groceries.

I was very sick from one of the places we ate at. I need to stopfront door Halloween eating out...yeah, I keep saying that. It's very hard.

I bought a new pumpkin for the front walk, which I decorated with a pen. Hopefully it won't be stolen this year! It's kind of old and bumpy-looking, so I doubt anyone will want it.

new flowersI ordered some little wooden Halloween signs that say "Danger" and "keep out," etc., so I put those outside as well as the pumpkin.lottery ticket

I bought some more candy for Halloween...probably got too much.

We played the big Powerball lottery, but we didn't win. Bummer!

I just worked on my site most of the day...nothing too exciting. I did the laundry and dishes, too.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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