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  Monday 10/15/18

weatherThis has been a rough week, so I didn't do a very good job of keeping up the blog. I've been working a lot on my website, spending too much time at the computer, and each night when I try to go to sleep, my back hurts a lot. I have a ton of work to catch up on. It's been too cold for me, and rainy. Brrr! I'm putting on the heat.

I've been really bad at eating healthy, and keeping up on some of my school work, so I hope to fix that soon. I know, I shouldn't keep berating myself and feeling guilty, either, but I do.

Today I had an interview with Brent Jennings, one of the stars of "Lodge 49" on AMC. This is a great show. You should watch it! It's a fun little comedy-drama with great characters. A few weeks ago, I interviewed Bruce Campbell, who has a role in it as well. I had to binge-watch the show for that interview (and I'm glad I did!), and they just renewed it for a second season. Funny this is, the actor is from Little Rock and is going there next week at the same time we're there for some kind of awards ceremony.

I have a lot of interviews this week!Brandy lying on my feet

The vacuum cleaner repair place called to say that our vacuum is ready. Yay! Apparently we accidentally vacuumed up a pen. There was also a lot of dirt and dog hair clogging it. Not a surprise!

I had lunch after the interview, and Brandy was lying on my feet. It was so cute! She often nibbles on my toes, but she rarely lies on them.

Brandy out for her walkWe went for our walk in the afternoon. Brandy was happy to see the boy down the street, Jackson. He was home from school already, I guess, and he was out in his yard, playing with his football.  We didn't stay there long with him because I was too cold. I should have brought a sweater.  There are a lot of new flowers in the neighborhood, plus a little bit of fall foliage, as well as some Halloween decorations, so I took my camera along to take photos. I'll take more right beforeour front yard flowers Halloween.  It was a bit chilly out - in the 50's. After we got home, I had some soup - Progresso clam chowder. It's GF and I take out the potatoes (which I don't like, anyway) to make it more low carb.  I'm not a huge soup fan, but it really hits the spot when it's cold.

Crunchmaster barbecue crackersDon't forget to look at all my photos on my Instagram!

At the store, I sometimes buy these Crunchmaster multi-grain crackers, which are pretty good and not TOO high in carbs. I grabbed what I thought were regular flavor, but they are "Applewood Smoked BBQ" flavored. They taste just like BBQ potato chips! A lot healthier, though.

I don't really remember what we did Monday night!

  Tuesday 10/16/18coffee place

It was very cold and rainy today. It was in the 40's all day.

I went to classes as usual....  I was very tired, didn't sleep well last night.  I had trouble staying awake in class. I think I actually did fall asleep in my first class, during the presentation these two women were having. I was just too tired.

I did vote for Homecoming King and Queen. I don't know any of them, so I voted for Evelyn Escamilla (I think I voted for her last year, too - I guess they can run for it more than once) and Apple Dump CakeSirCharles Perkins (we saw him play in the football games here...hard name to forget).  They didn't win, though...Oh, well.

I'm sure I took a nap when I got home. In the evening, I made this Apple Dump Cake. It was so-so. I liked the apples, but the rest of it was not that tasty.

I'm sorry that I don't have many details for this week. I was just very busy and didn't keep up on the blog at all.

I've set up my schedule for the remaining classes I have left (Just to remind you, I'm going part-time, to graduate in Spring 2020). Previously I was set to graduate in Fall 2020.

2019 Spring

MM 4013 Publicity, Media, and Campaigns
MM 3503*** Directed Study in Mass Media I
MAVC 3001 Voice lessons

2019 Summer

MM 4913 Mass Media Internship (newspaper)

2019 Fall

MM 4123 International Mass Media
GEOG 1003 Physical Geography and lab
MAVC 3001 Voice lessons

2020 Spring

SPCH 3123 Advanced Public Speaking
Lab Chem 1013 or PHSC 2023/2021
MPRO 4342 Senior Capstone
MAVC 3001 Voice lessons

I made this page that tells you about the previous classes I've taken here. It's not finished yet, though.

  Wednesday 10/17/18

I had 2 interviews today! One was with syndicated newspaper columnist Lynda Hirsch. She actually called to interview me! That's kind of a first. She really likes myBrandy looking silly site. That was neat. We talked for like an hour and a half. Very nice woman, and she has a lot of stories. She used to work with Oprah! I'm hoping that I will get some interview contacts from her, but if nothing else, hopefully her article about me and my site will get us some more visitors. It still hasn't shown up, so we'll see...

My other interview today was with Carly Jibson, who starred in the national tour of "Hairspray" and is on a TBS show called "The Guest Book." She was quite fun to talk to. Both of these women were really hoots....very outspoken and fun.

I put up my latest blog post for my class.

  Thursday 10/18/18

School was fine, and I was tired, as usual. Not as bad as Tuesday, though.

David had meetings until 3pm, so I went to Chick-Fil-A to get some food after my class. That was probably a mistake because I think it makes me sick from cross-contamination.

TokyoLater on, we went to the Japanese restaurant, Tokyo. I just had some edamame and wine. He likes sushi, so that's why we go. There isn't anything else they have there, that I can eat, as far as I know. Well, I tried their steak once, and it was not very good.

Twice this week, Brandy has almost made me fall. She likes to run around like crazy dog, and "surf" on the rugs. She's done it twice just as I was about to walk on the rug, so that I almost fell (not that she's trying to do that).bacon on lettuce

We got a new Bark Box today, which is filled with treats and toys for her. She loved getting a new toy!

I made bacon for lunch...I put it on lettuce with mayo, so it's almost like a BLT.  I love using my new bacon press.

  Friday 10/19/18

Brandy and I were playing on the couch, and I was also petting her a lot. I put my face right in front of hers. When I do this, she usually either licks me or sniffs at me. Well, I guess she was more playful than I thought because instead, she swatted at me with her paw. She's a very strong dog, so that hurt. I put ice on it, and fsore eyeortunately, I didn't get a black or swollen eye.

I ordered from this new food delivery service called HitMeUpp. Last time I tried, they never came. They had some kind of computer glitch. This time, they came. It was great. We got burgers and fries from Dairy Queen, and I got a sundae. There are only two drawbacks. 1) it's kind of expensive. If you don't mind paying $30 for fast food, then go for it.  2) it took 40 minutes. We live in a small town....nothing takes that long.  It was very good,Halloween decorations though, and they even brought me a real fountain soda, with ice and everything (most food delivery services will only bring you bottles or cans).

I got very sick in the evening. It's probably from the Chick-Fil-A, but I have no way of knowing which place did it.

I put up some of our Halloween decorations today...

vine growing through kitchen windowI had a really hard time sleeping because everything was hurting. I pulled some kind of muscle in my side, right under my shoulder, near my ribcage, that's been hurting the past two days. I had my usual neck pain on the other side. I got up and took a nice hot shower, and an Aleve, so I was finally able to get to sleep.

I went into the kitchen and noticed this! Some of the ivy outside has somehow pushed its way into the kitchen through a small window crack. Weird!

  Saturday 10/20/18selfie with me and Brandy

I woke up around 10:45.  Brandy and I went for a walk a little later. It's beautiful out. We had a lot of rain this week. I hope that's the end of it.

Today was homecoming at SAU, but I didn't go.  David had meetings. I was still not feeling well from whatever I ate.  Too bad because I do enjoy the Mulegating, and the food there, and the weather was nice for a change (not too hot like usual). This is their last home game, too. Bummer. At least they won.

Apparently there's a huge jackpot of like a billion dollars in the lottery today. No one won, so there still is a big jackpot for next week. Crazy.

I hope to put up the rest of my Halloween decorations tomorrow. That's my goal.

me with Halloween Snapchat filterThursday night we're driving to Little Rock. David has a meeting Friday as he often does.  Even though Halloween is on Wednesday, they're celebrating it next weekend at the places there. The place we usually go to for karaoke, Damgoode Pies, is having their costume contest and karaoke on Friday. I can't wait! I hope my costume gets here in time.

I've been feeling very overwhelmed this week...I hope that I can catch up more this week. I was looking through the photos I posted on Facebook, and I can't believe I haven't uploaded any photos for my albums since January 2017! I knew I was behind, but....that's too far.

Today was the 41st anniversary of the day David and I met! I completely forgot...we both did. D'oh!

  Sunday 10/21/18

I've been watching lots of TV to try to get more room on my DVR, which has beenBrandy on the bed about 99%-100% full lately (thankfully it still does record even though it says 100%).  The problem is that I've been recording "Stargate SG1" and "Stargate Atlantis" on the El Rey cable channel, which airs twice a day weekly, so it really adds up, and that along with the shows I already record, is a lot.  So today I was watching a lot of "Stargate" shows....

We went to Java Primo for lunch, but I didn't eat.  I wasn't hungry, and I didn't want to risk it. I got sick later on, though, so I guess Dairy Queen is what got me sick (although it still could be the Chick-Fil-A I had on Thursday, too). As usual, we went to the Wal-Mart after that for groceries. I bought Halloween candy. I probably should have waited another week because you Brandy looks like she's thinking about what to type nextKNOW we'll be eating it...

I saw a woman in Wal-Mart today, with 2 little girls in the shopping cart. Whenever I see kids in a cart, I always feel like asking, "How much are those?"

I read about this cool new Diabetes device that constantly monitors your blood sugar, and it just looks like it sits on your arm, very easily. You only have to get it changed out every 3 months. Well, turns out that it's very expensive, and also, it's not available in this area at all. I'd have to travel very far to find a doctor that could do the inserting and changing.  Oh, well, maybe sometime in the next few years. I just hate testing my blood sugar, and it would be great to have something that does it for me.

I was very stressed out today. I put up some of the Halloween decorations, but I just ran out of time and energy. I'm feeling very frustrated. I'm sure I will get it done this week. I went to bed way too late! I had a hard time due to pain and allergies.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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