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  Monday 10/1/18

I woke up around 11. My neck is still bothering me from last night.  I took a hot Brandy!shower, which helped a little.

I'm still getting sick somewhat from something I ate as well. It's not a good day!

David was supposed to pick up Brandy from the kennel, but it turns out, we're going to Hot Springs tomorrow night and won't be able to pick her up until Thursday. I really miss her!

I was sick a lot all day and also very tired, but I only took a short cat nap.

I have a lot of shows to watch on my DVR, so IOur living room with decorations watched those and did a lot of work on my site. I also put up all of the indoor Fall decorations, and I took out the 5 boxes of Halloween decorations from the garage. I put those in the dining room and put the other boxes back (the other boxes now have mostly Thanksgiving decorations). I did a little bit of school work as well, and I put the laundry away. I was very busy, let's put it that way.

I kept trying to watch a certain TV show OnDemand, but it will only play halfway and then stop. I tried phoning DISH Network, but they weren't much help. I hate watching TV shows online...

I was sick a lot, as usual, last night and today, from something I ate that had gluten in it.  sad face

I made dinner for David and me... it's been hot again this week, in the mid-high 80's. What happened to our nice Fall weather??? I guess it's supposed to rain again this weekend, so the temps will go down a tiny bit.  He was home a little bit late because of some event at SAU.

I had run out of my muscle relaxer pills, but thankfully, David was able to pick some more up for me. I was hurting all day from overdoing it yesterday on the computer. Well, it didn't hurt so much as it was very tense, tight and spasming.  The shots I get only help with the pain, apparently. The muscle relaxer helped a lot.

I was very tired and went to sleep about 9pm.

  Tuesday 10/2/18

my Principles of Marketing classroom in Blanchard HallMy alarm went off at 7, but I slept in until 7:40. I slept 10 hours and was still tired!

I had kale salad last night for dinner, so I had the leftovers this morning for breakfast, along with a few of these proscuitto-wrapped mozzarella sticks that I love.

I was still very tired when I went in to school.... takes me a while to wake up, anyway, but today was even harder than usual. At least my spine and allergies are doing OK today. It's pretty cold outside, brrrr.

We were supposed to give our presentation in my marketing class today, but my professor is very gabby, so he went on and on about the issues of the day for the first hour or so. We only had about 10 minutes at most.  By the time we set up the computer and waited for him to stop talking, and then he interrupted again after that, we barely had much time. My partner in the group was supposed to the first half, and me the second, but he only got part way through.  Hopefully we can finish on Thursday.

During part of the presentation, he was talking about seniors AKA Baby Boomers. The professor is one, and I'm one, but I think we're the only ones (plus, the professor is one of the older baby boomers and I'm on the other end). There are some that are 39 or 40, but they are more like Gen X than Millennials.  So, anyway, the professor asked the class to raise their hands, to say which of their grandparents are on Facebook. I was a little annoyed by that.   So after he did all that, I made sure to mention that Baby Boomers start at age 55 and up, and that I'm 56, so I'm one and it's not just grandmas. Also, I pointed out that I've been online since 1994. Harumph! Now, get off my lawn...LOL!

I usually walk over to Reynolds with Sam, who's 40, so we were discussing it. He was born in 1980, so he's just on the edge between Gen X and Millennials. It was a very interesting discussion. This class is usually interesting, but it sometimes annoys me....I'll just leave it at that.

I ran into another student I know there, briefly... wearing a cool Spider-Man shirt.

I had lunch with the ladies there as usual...we always have a fun chat. They always cheer me up, too, if I'm aggravated by my class. I ran into Bryan, who was in my photography class and is always very nice to chat with.  We had a nice little conversation.

I went over to the library after that, for a little while. It was freezing in both Reynolds and the library today. Yikes. Blanchard was not quite as cold, and Overstreet was fine for a change.

My other class went fine, as usual. I thought that our next blog project was dueChick-Fil-A in Bruce Hall today, but apparently it's not due until Thursday. That's what I get for missing class last Thursday... Oh, well, at least I got it done ahead of time, so no more work in that class until next week.

I stopped briefly at Chick-Fil-A for a soda.

As usual, David's taking me home after class... then we'll leave this afternoon to go to Hot Springs. I wish we were going someplace better, and longer, but it's always nice to get away.

I relaxed a little, had a low carb ice cream bar, and watched some TV. Then I packed (it's just for two days).

If you're a Millennial and reading this, make sure you vote!

I try not to think about all of the abused and mistreated children and animals all over the world, but sometimes it's hard. My brother lives in Tijuana. He doesn't have a lot of money, and his money goes a lot farther there. He found a better, larger place to live, which is great for him.  In his previous place, he was renting from two idiot brothers. One of them had a dog that he left outside all the time and didn't treat right. He didn't feed the dog much or, from what I can tell, do anything for it. My brother took it to the vet after it got injured (on my suggestion). Last I heard, he owned the dog now, but I guess his new place doesn't allow pets, so he had to leave the poor dog behind. I feel so bad for the doggie...I don't blame my brother. He has to do what's best for him. Mexico doesn't have very good laws for protecting animals, so even calling the animal control on the guy wouldn't have helped. sad face

We left about 3:45 and drove there. It's a little over 2 hours. We stopped briefly at a gas station in Malvern so I could use the restroom and he could fill up the gas tank.

elevator in the Embassy SuitesWe're staying at the Embassy Suites, which is very nice. We got a huge room. It has a wet bar and a whole living room area with another TV and desk. It reminds me a little of the Executive Center that we used to stay in when we went to Honolulu at first, but without the great views of that place.  We're on the 8th floor and there are only 9 floors. The view is mostly of the convention center next door.

We're not outdoorsy people, and also, not spa types, so Hot Springs is kind of wasted on us for the most part.  Also, we're usually here for just a very short time because of his job, so we've seen very little besides this downtown area.Part of our suite

This area nearby is called Bathhouse Row, which is where they have many hotels and places where you can soak in the hot springs, I guess.  Sitting around with a bunch of strangers in warm water doesn't really sound all that interesting.  Now, if I had a hot tub in my room, then I would use it.

We went downstairs when we first checked in. They have a happy hour with free food and drinks! Wow! I had no idea that any place gave away free liquor. Sweet! I had some wine because, of course, it's free!! LOL!

I looked on my phone to find a nearby place to eat that's GF. I use the Find Me Gluten Free App for that. I went back upstairs and changed into better shoes, and from my shorts into longer pants. We walked to this restaurant called Rolando's Restaurante, which is up the hill, past the old Arlington Hotel (that we stayed in before). It was very humid out. I regretted walking instead of taking Lyft.

Rolando's menuThe restaurant turned out to be a Latin American place that had Cuban and other similar types of food. I'm sad to say that it was not very good. David liked his tamales, but my food was very bland, and the pork was very dry and overcooked. There was a tiny bit of it that was fatty and yummy. All the rest was too dried out to eat. Too bad because they were very helpful about the gluten thing. I did have a really goodMy main dish dessert there that is basically ice cream with fried caramelized bananas (plantains?) and whipped cream.  It reminded me of the Cuban place we used to have in Honolulu that was so delicious. They had a wonderful fried plantain thing that they put on the side of every dish.

We stopped at the Arlington for a drink, and then for one back at our hotel. We walked around quite a bit on the way back and saw many great places. They have a lot of old hotels and old buildings here. It was a popular place before WWII, especially for gangsters like Al Capone.

There's a store here I really want to go to, but it closes at 4pm, so we never seem Galaxy Connection storeto be here and able to go when it's open. We passed it once, and just looking in the window was pretty cool. It's a Star Wars and Superheroes museum and gift shop.  I hope one day I can go in there!

David was on the phone with his sister Susan when we got back, and I watched TV and worked on my computer.

I'm sure you know by now that I'm pretty picky when it comes to hotel rooms. There are only two small things I don't like about this room. One is that it's pretty cool, even with the a/c off. I was very cold when I went to bed.  Two is that the office chair at the desk is plasticky, so I have to put towels on it. Otherwise my legs stick to it. Those are both very minor complaints, though. I would definitely stay here again.

I stayed up way too late, working on this page About My SAU Classes.  It was fun, but I kind of overdid it again on the computer. I went to bed about 2:30.

  Wednesday 10/3/18

I slept in until almost noon. I was very tired. David called me to tell me to get ready for tamaleslunch. He's here for some conference. The president was going, but he had a last minute thing come up, so he asked David to go instead. That's why this is sort of last minute.Delicious chocolate chocolate chip cookies

I got ready and we went to this lunch place I found called Cafe 1217. It's got all sorts of sandwiches, burgers, and salads. They also have a display case with many type of foods, and also a lot of bakery items. They mark the GF and vegan menu items and are supposed to be Celiac-friendly. The food looked really yummy, too. I chose out of the display case. I had two pork tamales and some Brussels sprouts, and two chocolate chip cookies.  Thecar outside restaurant food came with a little salad, too, that has yummy parmesan dressing. It was all very good. The tamales were not the best I've had, but they weren't bad.  The rest was delicious. They had a lot of GF cookies, so that was awesome. They had some yummy looking pies and cakes, but unfortunately, they weren't GF. Oh, well. Anyway, I'm so glad I found that place. I wish we had one like this in Magnolia.

They have a Mexican restaurant across the parking lot, with an old Chevy Bel-Air street signoutside. It was just there for decoration, I guess. There are skeletons in the seats wearing funny T-shirts. Very cute.

We went back to the hotel. I got some soda and water from the gift shop. David took a short nap while I worked on my computer. I'm kind of tired, too, but the last thing I need is more sleep. We have to leave early tomorrow, so I'll be lucky if I can get much sleep already.free wine!

I napped a little bit, but not much. I did work and some school work as well. David came back from a meeting about 5:20.

I took a shower and then we went downstairs for the happy hour. I admit, I had a lot more to drink tonight than usual. I had fun! I had wine downstairs, and then we went to dinner at ainteresting water glass nearby place called The Avenue, which is at The Waters hotel. The Avenue is a "fine dining" place. I called them ahead to make sure they can accommodate gluten free, which I figured they could. The food was very good, and the waiter was really good. I had two "small plates," the duck tacos and the clamsclams with chorizo with chorizo. David had some catfish that came with fries (all of it GF). Unfortunately, the clams were a tad ruined because there were bits of shell in it. I enjoyed it, except for that. I did let the waiter know, but he didn't bother to take anything off the check. Oh, well. We had some good drinks The Avenuethere as well, and David had corn bread.  We will probably try it again next time we're in town.

After that, we went over to Oaklawn racetrack and casino. We played a little at the bar there. On the way over, we had this nice lady, probably about our age, as our Lyft driver. They played "Barracuda"Sign on the radio, so I was singing along, quietly. She asked if I ever sang karaoke. I replied that I did. She figured I must because that is a tough song, and she said I sounded great. That was nice to hear! Turns out this casino Me with Al Caponehas karaoke on some days. We went to the bar inside that we usually go to called Silks.  We played some video poker there, and then I asked the bartender about the karaoke. He said the other bar there, called Pops, has karaoke tonight. I got very lucky!poker machine


So we went over there and they had karaoke at 8 (it was about a quarter till). I got some more drinks and waited for karaoke. I put in "Barracuda" since I had that one in my head.  It's been awhile since I sang it for real, so I kind of messed up at the beginning, but it was pretty good after that. I had a lot of fun. It was a good night. David didn't win big, but he only came out slightly behind, so that's kind of a win.

karaoke advertisementThey have karaoke there every Wednesday and Friday! The locals seem very nice. I was chatting with the KJ about how we tried to find karaoke and just lucked into this one, and a woman was putting in a song, said, "Welcome to our world!"

Also, when I was getting a drink...I got a small strawberry Daiquiri, with lots ofstrawberry Daiquiri whipped cream. A man came up and said, "Dang, girl, that's like a dessert!" I replied, "Yep,  that's what it is."  LOL!

We couldn't stay out very late because we have to leave early tomorrow, so we went back to our room around 9. I hope to be in bed by 10.

My latest article is out in Karaokescene Magazine! Starting Page 14... If you can't see it for some reason,  or you're reading this in December or beyond, you can find it here: Page One and Page Two.

Well, I couldn't sleep all night. I just wasn't tired enough, I guess.

Earlier today we saw this exact same sign on a church. It was hilarious!

  Thursday 10/4/18

Leaving Embassy SuitesI had a lot of time, so I got everything ready, packing and all that. I went downstairs around 6:25 for breakfast while David got ready. They had a fantastic free buffet. They didn't know what was GF or not, so I took a little chance. I had an omelet, some potatoes and fruit. After that, we left, around 7. It was just barely light outside.

We always pass by this beautiful lake, Lake DeGrey. I think I mostly slept on the way... Lake

David dropped me off outside of the business building before my class. I was very tired all day, from not having much sleep. But I was dressed up a little bit, so we could finish our presentation. Adrenaline got me through pretty well. We finished our presentation and it went well. I felt like I was babbling a little bit, but I think it was OK.

Oh, before class, I actually saw a mule and a dog! And they weren't together! LOL! You know, our school mascot is the Mulerider, so they have this pretty girl riding a mule at the games and such. So I saw her, riding the mule, in front of the business building. There was a guy walking behind her, carrying some equipment.  Then, inside, near my class, there was a big black dog (I think he's a guide dog. I've seen him before). Very strange to be on campus and see two large animals, as I'm just walking from one building to another! The rural life!

Then I sat briefly with the ladies, before going off to warm up my voice before my lesson. I was really really tired. My lesson was fine, but my voice sounded tired.

I had a bit of trouble staying awake in my last class because of being so tired! Since I had already done my blog early, he briefly looked over the one from last week (when Screenshot of Facebook videoI was gone).

12 years ago I joined Facebook! Wow!! It sure doesn't seem that long ago.

I've gotten way behind on doing the blog, so my memory is a little bit hazy about some of today and this weekend. It won't have as many details as usual.Brandy!

When David took me home, we stopped at the vet's office and picked up Brandy. There were two other dogs out in the waiting area. One was a little dog, and the other one was much larger. The large one clearly didn't get out much to see other dogs or people, so he was whining a lot and really wanted to see the other dog and get to know him. Brandy againPoor thing.

Brandy is always happy to see us, and everyone else...she's just a happy dog. After we got home, I think I had some food, and then I went back to sleep for a while.

I don't remember too much of what I did, but I know I did do some straightening up around the house and some cooking because Beth is coming over tomorrow for lunch. I didn't havebrownies time to go to the store, so I came up with items that I could make from what I already had in the fridge and cupboard. It was a pretty cool challenge for myself, actually.

I made these brownies but substituted Splenda and rice flour so I could eat it. Also, I didn't have chocolate chips, so I chopped spiced pecansup some Awake chocolates that I had. I made a cream cheese frosting for them and topped it with chocolate sprinkles.

I made bacon-wrapped olives and put them in the fridge for now. I also made some of these spicy pecans. They are hot but sweet.  I went to bed pretty late.

  Friday 10/5/18

I wanted to get up early, but I slept in instead. Not too late, thankfully. I had enough time to finish straightening up the house and cooking. I made grilled cheese sandwiches and cut them up into little bite-size squares. I didn't make these GF, so I couldn't eat them. I toasted the white bread beforehand, hoping it would make them a little less soggy. They looked good!bacon wrapped olives

I wanted to make cucumber sandwiches, but something I could eat, so instead I took this recipe and modified it. I used sliced cucumbers (with the skin on) as the base and then took the cream cheese mixture and dolloped it on top of the cucumber. Then I put a black olive slice on the top.  They tasted and looked really good, too. That was a fun one to come up with.

I also cooked up the bacon-wrapped olives, and I put out some packaged cheese popcorn.  David and Beth enjoyed the food, especially the bacon-olives. Oh, and Brownies with M&Mswhen I served the brownies, I cut them up until small squares and stacked them on a plate, and then I dropped some M&M's on and around them. It looked so pretty!

I texted Yolanda, to schedule her for later in the month, to clean the house. She let me know that the vacuum cleaner is not working very well, so I'm going to have to get it repaired again.

I don't really remember what we did the rest of Friday. I think I started unpacking and doing laundry, but I don't reallyBrandy remember.

  Saturday 10/6/18

Brandy was in bed with me this morning, but she got antsy and woke me up. I was petting her and then she jerked her head back and hit me really hard! Ouch!! Dogs have very hard heads.

Mulegating at SAUWe went to SAU around noon for the Mulegating before the football game. It was Family Day. It was way too hot, though. I had some good food, but I don't know if it was GF or not. I had hot dogs, sausage, beans, chips and potato salad, and a sno cone. Not low carb, either. We only stayed for the first half of the game. They won easily. I was happy to leave because it was just waygreat food too hot for me. I ran into some guys I know from my classes, though, so that was kind of cool. Usually I only run into people David knows.

football game on Family DayMy only complaint about the stadium is that their concessions have no ice or other cold things besides sodas and water. It would be nice if they had ice in cups, or ice cream, or Sno cones, etc. I seem to recall that they also don't have hot chocolate when it's cold.

After the game, we went briefly to Brookshire's to get a few things. I've been really craving cheeseburgers, so I got some low fat hamburger meat and some other stuff there.

I've been very lazy about walking Brandy in the morning. I've just been walking her in the evening because I don't want to get up so early. Once the weather turns nicer, it'll be easier because I won't have to walk her at 7am.

I know I got a lot done on my site this weekend, but otherwise, I don't remember a lot of specifics.

  Sunday 10/7/18

We went to Java Primo today for lunch. As usual, I watched David eat. I had myself a nice bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions when I got home. We went to Wal-Mart, also as usual, for our groceries.GF bacon cheeseburger with onions and Doritos

I had a test due today. It was another one where we do it at home, and we can take it twice, and look up the answers. I thought I had until the evening, but it turns out, it was due in the afternoon. I took it the first time, off the top of my head, and I got 63 right (which is a D). I tried taking it a second time, after looking up the answers, but it said it was Doctor Wholate and wouldn't give me a score.  I'm annoyed at myself for waiting too long. I need all the points I can get because I'm concerned about the final.  Everything else I have more control over, or is easy.

I was very happy to have "Doctor Who" back! I love that show, and the new Doctor is great.new flowers

I spent some time putting away the laundry and doing some other household chores...

My DVR has been really full for a while, so I keep trying to watch and delete stuff. It's hard once you get it up close to 100%.  I watch a lot of TV, but it's hard to keep up with everything. All of my shows are coming back now, so it's a bit stressful.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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