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  Monday 9/24/18Fall flowers in my living room

I put out these beautiful Fall flowers that I got at Wal-Mart. Lately I've been buying fresh flowers there, once a month. They look nice for over a week, usually. I usually switch the old ones to another vase I have.  They just look so nice.

I usually don't go in to SAU on Mondays, but I had to meet up with this guy Paul from my class because we might do our presentation for class tomorrow. I didn't wake up until about noon, which was not my plan, but...my phone alarm didn't go off.  I stayed up way too late, so I was very tired. David came to pick me up about 1:45.  Originally, I was going to go get my flu shot, SAU librarybut we're still not sure if I can get it, since I've been getting the steroid shots. When we went to Brookshire's to get the flu shot a few weeks ago, one of the questions they asked was whether you'd had a steroid shot recently...I wasn't sure if the shot I got was a steroid for sure, or not.  I tried calling over to the surgery place this morning, and also to the doctor that referred me to it...I left a message for the latter, but no one called me back. I talked to a nurse at the first place, but she didn't know anything about flu shots. She thought it was OK, but that was not very encouraging. I looked it up online, and itmocha latte said that a steroid shot might make the flu shot less effective. David was supposed to come by at 1, so I didn't really have the time to do it, anyway. I was meeting Paul around 2pm on campus.

Our meeting only lasted ten minutes....then I had to hang around until 6 or so when David wanted to go home. I brought in my big laptop for our meeting, so I had to lug that around.

practice room pianoI stayed in the library for a while, but then I got very cold, and a little sleepy, so I left there and went to Reynolds. I had a mocha, which was very good. It woke me up a little. Then I went to Brinson for a little awhile and practiced my breathing and singing exercises.old and new cards

I ended up having lunch at Chick-Fil-A... hopefully it won't make me sick.

I got a new Amazon Prime Mastercard in the mail. The old and one both look exactly the same, except they took the word "Amazon" off it...so stupid! What a waste of plastic.

SoloI also got the movie "Solo" from Amazon...I haven't watched it yet. I used to watch all of the "Star Wars" movies in the theater because I loved the first two so much. However, I'm tired of being disappointed, so now I won't watch them in the theater. The last one disappointed me very badly and upset me that they killed off Luke.

I was very tired but didn't go to bed that early.

I spent most of the day working on my site and finishing the laundry. I did walkBrandy interested in my new cat socks Brandy in the evening, around 7.  It was a bit humid but otherwise nice. It rained most of the day and evening again.

Even though many of my outdoor Fall decorations are from the Dollar Tree, they hold up fine in the rain! Speaking of the Dollar Tree, I was wearing my new Cat booties/socks that I got there, and Brandy was VERY INTERESTED in them! LOL!

I ended up staying up until about 12:30. I was exhausted.

  Tuesday 9/25/18

I woke up around 5 am....Brandy was whining. I couldn't get back to sleep after that.

me, dressed up at schoolI worked on my site all morning. David drove to Hot Springs today for a work meeting. He drove a whole van full of people there. I dressed up in case we have our presentation today (it turned out, we didn't).

I wasn't all that hungry this morning. For breakfast, I just had some of the mozzarella with prosciutto, and some popcorn. I was too tired to cook anything.

Our class went fine, but the students from last week had to finish theirs first, and then they passed out a quiz, so thankfully, we didn't have to start ours today. Yay!

Then I had lunch with the ladies in Reynolds. That's always fun. I was very tired when I had lunch....ready for a nap.

I went over to Overstreet early and hung out until my class started. I'm still very tired! The class went fine, but I was sick again...

After class, I went over to Reynolds and got a soda, and then Trisha came by to pick me up.Brandy in dining room

Brandy was very hyper after I let her out of the bedroom, since she had been cooped up all day. I walked her later on, in the evening.  It was pretty warm out today.Fall window clings

I got some more Fall window clings for four front windows...  You can see all of my Fall decorations, and more photos and videos of Brandy at on my Instagram!

I made burgers for us for dinner... they were very good! Although I miss the convenience of eating burgers from fast food, I've always liked the home-cooked ones better.gluten free bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions!  Plus, I can put exactly what I want on them. I like them with bacon, grilled onions, extra sharp cheddar, mayo, and lettuce...sometimes with barbecue sauce as well. On GF bread or buns, of course!

I spent a lot of time tonight getting the house ready for tomorrow when the housecleaner, Yolanda, comes. I had to straighten up and put things away, and I always take whiteboard with to do listall of the knick-knacks, photos etc. off the surfaces, to make it easier for her to clean.

I bought a new whiteboard for myself (a little larger than the one I had before), for my To-Do list. I use the older one now to leave messages for David. Usually I use post it notes, but this is better, easier and environmentally friendlier! I usually ask him to set the alarm clock for me, since he's usually up earlier than I am.

3 months until Christmas! Oh, wow!!!

I went to bed around 1, too late...

  Wednesday 9/26/18

I got up at 7. UGH! I spent the first few hours finishing up getting the house ready and having breakfast.

Yolanda came around 8:30. I was going to take Brandy for a walk, but it was pouring rain out. I tried several times. Every time I thought the rain had stopped, it started up again. I took a nap for a while in our bedroom instead. Brandy was in there with me.

I got a new Fall door mat, so I put that out later, after Yolanda left. She swept theFall mat porches for me and everything looks very nice.

I walked Brandy in the afternoon. The rain had cooled everything off.

My knee was hurting in the morning, and then in the afternoon, my lower back, on the right, was hurting. I our tubmust have pulled something. I was going to take a hot shower, and then I remembered that I have a clean bathtub! So I filled the nice big master bathtub about half way with hot water (before it ran out) and also used some bubble bath. It was very nice.

I spent a lot of time working on my site, watching TV and then putting the house back together (part way) and working. I also did dishes and laundry today. Busy busy!

I was very tired and went to bed about 9pm.

  Thursday 9/27/18

I woke up at midnight and couldn't get back to sleep. I was very itchy, and then my stomach was upset. I felt nauseous most of the day. Not so bad that I was throwing up, though, thankfully. I've been binge-watching this one TV show "Lodge 49," our plants are looking great! because I'm interviewing an actor from it later today. I finally got sleepy about 9, and I realized there was no way I could go in to school this way. My morning class was already canceled because the professor is out of town, so I just emailed my other two professors to let them know I won't be in, and I went back to sleep. I was so exhausted as well as not feeling well.

It was cool this morning, the high 50's and low 60's. Brrr! It was nice all day, really.

I felt a bit better after waking up later. David took Brandy in to the kennel around noon, after I got up. I finished watching the rest of the show and then had the interview, Brandywhich went great. The actor I interviewed is Bruce Campbell, who's one of my favorite actors. I could have easily talked to him for a half hour or more, but I only had ten minutes, sadly.

I got a new Fall flag for my yard, so I put it out a while back, but I forgot to take a picture of it until today.  Fall flag

Somehow I got another mosquito bite, this time on my left upper arm.

I put more of my stuff back today. Beth came by to leave some papers, and we chatted for a while.

For the past few days, I've been trying to find out WHEN my appointment is tomorrow at the surgery center in Texarkana. Each place would tell me to call somewhere else. I was told earlier today that it was at 10, but then they called me back later to tell me it was at 11. Yikes.

I took a nap in the afternoon. Still tired!  I was pretty itchy all day, too. I went to bed about 1am, after taking a shower.

  Friday 9/28/18

David woke me up about 7am. I packed and got ready.

My DVR is at 100%, so I deleted 8 shows that I'll just watch online... I have to make sure I can record the soaps today for my site! Hopefully it will work.

Happy Fall!We're leaving about 9am to go to Texarkana. We'll stop first at Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription.  Well, we did that... we got there about 10:35, so we didn't have time to check in to our hotel, the Baymont Suites. We went right to the Texarkana Surgery Center, which meant we were about 20 minutes early. I signed in and signed a bunch of papers (like always!), and I asked them a billing question. Then we waited and waited..I didn't get called in until after 12. I was very tired, so I kept trying to sleep on their  uncomfortable chairs, which made my neck hurt worse. I should have just said, I'm going out to the car to sleep...call me when they're ready. But I had no idea that it would take over an hour. Oh, well.  They really should have more comfortable chairs.  Everyone there is either getting an operation or getting an injection into their spine, so the waiting room should be more comfortable for patients and their families. A lot of people there have their familiesNew phone theme with them.

David always waits for me while I go in; I don't require him to be in there while I wait around, and he's fine with that.  They do require him to stay there and wait for me, for legal reasons, so it's very boring for him. Their Wi-Fi is not good, and he's usually hungry because it's past lunch time. I did make him toast for breakfast, but he should have eaten more. Oh, well. Anyway, as usual, they led me in to this small changing room where I took off my blouse, bra, socks and shoes, and I put on their hospital gown that ties in the back, and their little mustard-colored booties/socks.  Then I filled out more forms, and then I went over to the other waiting area where everyone is in gowns and has their own little curtained-off area, lying down in a bed with a hairnet on, and an IV stuck into their hand (or variations on that). I used the restroom and then had to use it again later because they made me wait over another hour. They were backed up, but that's really not my problem. It's not a comfortable bed to lie in me, waiting for the injectionbecause my neck needs support and all they have is flimsy pillows that slides down. I asked for a small towel to roll up under my neck, but they seemed to ignore that request, so I didn't push it. It's freezing in the room, so they do give you a warm blanket, but it was certainly not too warm after an hour.

There was some confusion. They had marked down that I was getting a lumbar injection, but I get a cervical injection. I was asked no less than 5 times which type I was getting, by all different people. I had to then fill out more forms and also initial the part where they had to change lumbar to cervical.  While I waited, I met with several nurses and the two anesthesiologists. One is the same guy I always have, Dr. Aquino, who does the actual injection. The other one manages the pain medication. I think it was Dr. Watson, like last time, but he looked a bit different.

Dr. Aquino got into some kind of argument with someone (one of the nurses?) about the paperwork, so that was a bit interesting. I could only hear and see a little bit of it while they walked past my area.  He seemed pretty ticked off. 

Meanwhile, a blond 9-year-old boy with glasses came in with his mom, to the curtained area across from me, and he was very agitated and upset. He kept yelling no and whining. I gather he'd been there before and didn't like his experience. He was getting something done in his mouth.  He didn't want to be connected to some scary-looking machine, and he didn't want to be wheeled in on a bed, and he didn't want to drink this liquid or get any shots. His mom and the nurse had trouble getting him to calm down.  He was mostly curled up on his mom's lap, but he was way too big for that. Clearly they babied him a bit. He was probably also hungry and thirsty, since they don't let you eat or drink after midnight. Perhaps his blood sugar was low. Anyway, Dr. Aquino came in and he took out whatever scary-looking machine was in there, and they were finally able to get him to drink the liquid, which apparently tasted foul, and it was some medication that probably calmed him down.  He was better after that. I felt sorry for the poor boy since he was obviously not only very smart, judging from what he said, but very scared. He also had asked if they could take a video of the operation so he could see it, but the nurse didn't know if that was possible or not.

I had my cell phone with me, so I took some photos while I was lying there, uncomfortable. Holding up the phone, though, hurt my neck more, so I couldn't do it for very long. They put the IV in my left hand this time (it was the right before), and although it did hurt a lot when they stuck me with the needles, after that it was fine. On the two previous visits, the hand kept hurting a lot. If I ever get this done again, I'm definitely going to ask them if they can put it in the left hand.

I learned some very good things. I can get the flu shot in a week, so that's good to know. There had been some question before when I tried to get the flu shot and they asked if I'd had a steroid shot.  Dr. Aquino wasn't sure, but he called someone to find out.  Secondly, I can get more of these shots if I want to, if I need them. I thought I could only get the series of 3 shots once, so that's great.  He said I couldn't get them again for 6 months, but if they help, then I won't need them until it hurts again, if it does.

I got the shot, and it was fine. However, because they were so backed up, we had to wait a long time afterwards, more than before.  I think they usually take the IV off before they walk me out to the waiting area, but this time, they didn't.  David was there and was a bit concerned as to why they still had it in there.  We were there a half an hour before they took out the IV, had me sign more papers, and gave me my clothes. I have to admit that the recliner chair they had me in was very comfortable, much more so than the one I use at home. However, we were both very tired and hungry, so we were in no mood to wait around more. They did give me water, at least.  After I gotblackened shrimp spinach salad dressed, they put in a wheelchair while David went to bring the car up. I tried to video the ride, but because my phone has been having problems with videos, it only recorded 6 seconds of video! Phooey.

I was still a bit groggy. We drove over to the Hooters for lunch. David dropped me off there and then drove over to the Baymont to check us in, and then he walked across the freeway back to the Hooters. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to drink due to the strong drugs they gave me. One of them was Fentanyl, which is in the news a lot as a strong synthetic opioid. Wow!  Too bad because Hooters has some good drinks. Anyway, I got the wonderful spinach salad with bacon and blackened shrimp, that I always get there.  I asked to make sure it's GF, like I always do.  David loves the wings there.  I gradually came out of my stupor, and after lunch, we walked back to our hotel. It's a short two blocks, over a field and across the freeway. It's next to the Denny's that we usually go to for breakfast, and across the street from the Wyndham that we used to stay at (that place has gone downhill, so we don't stay there any more). We first stopped at the Exxon station to get some snacks.our hotel

David walked me up to our room, 219. At least, that's what it said on the key card envelope! But it didn't work, and there was a guy in there, who said, "Wrong room!" Thank goodness it wasn't on the 12th floor or something, so we easily walked back down to the front desk. The hotel clerk (not the same one that checked us in earlier) apologized and looked up the room, which was 229. The previous clerk had just written the wrong number.  So we went back and were able to get in just fine. The room is nice.  David got the luggage. Usually I would help, but since I was still a little drugged up, and very tired, he did that for me. What a guy! We took a nap for 3 or 4 hours.

We saw this dachshund in the lobby....so cute! I didn't realize how pet-friendly this hotel is. I would love to bring Brandy more when we travel, but David worries that she'll bark too much or pee all over the place. We just need to plan better, I think.  dachshund

We woke up around 7:39 and took Lyft over to the Outback for dinner. I had the Alice Springs Chicken as usual...it's very good. Last time they overcooked it, but this time it was fine. They were pretty crowded. We didn't have a hard time getting a table, but they took a while seating us and then took another 10 or 15 minutes to ask us for our drink orders. The waiter was very nice, though. He got all of our order and brought us sodas.  I had to make sure it was GF and asked him to also make sure that it wasn't overcooked. However, I forgot again to ask them not to put on the mushrooms.Alice Springs Chicken Whoops! They brought David's salad but forgot the honey mustard dressing, so I gave him the dressing that comes with mine. I only used a little tiny bit. I don't need all those extra carbs, anyway. Then they did later bring him more. I ordered asparagus with it, and it was pretty good. Someone should tell Outback that they're supposed to cut off the woody ends, though (not the first restaurant I've seen get that wrong). Chocolate Thunder Down Under

Sorry to be complaining so much, but besides the problems above, the place was a bit dirty in some areas. The computer out front, the one they touch for seating people, was filthy with crumbs. If we had not had to take Lyft over, I would said, never mind, let's go somewhere else. It made me a little sick to my stomach.  Later, when I went to the restroom, there was a pile of crumbled paper towels on the floor between the men's and women's restrooms. Inside the women's restrooms, there were paper towels and other debris everywhere. The trash cans were overflowing. There was no toilet paper rack, just a big roll sitting on the top of the toilet. There were tiny little insects flying around the trash, too. I'm not saying it was the dirtiest restroom I've ever seen, but Outback is quite expensive, so they should do better than this.  When I came out, I told the waitstaff that it needed to be cleaned. To their credit, the pile of paper towels outside the door was already gone, so someone had picked it up.  I love Outback, so I hope they're able to fix these problems.

I had the Chocolate Thunder Down Under for dessert, but I didn't eat all of it. I'm sure it was still too much! It's just nice to have a GF cake dessert for a change. Most places don't have that, even if they have other GF options.

We went back to our room after that. The weather outside was very nice, kind of cool but not bad.  The Outback was freezing, so it was nice to go out to that. The Lyft driver had the a/c on, so I asked him to turn it off, which he was happy to do. Both of our Lyft drivers were very nice.  The hotel is not too bad, except the hallway is freezing. Our room is fine.  I do get hot flashes sometimes, and David doesn't like A/C so much, so I just go out in the hallway if I get too hot. Seriously, I did that a few times.  It was very nice.

Well, sorry, but here's more complaining. The hotel has free Wi-Fi, but it won't work Funny cartoon at all on my big laptop, the one I use all the time. It works fine on the little laptop (which is newer, and David was using it), and on both of our smart phones. So WTF??? The Wi-Fi list has Baymont, and I connected, but it says "No Internet" and there's a little exclamation point (which is what happens when the Wi-Fi is not working).   I rebooted and that didn't help. I called the front desk and the person there said he was their tech support person. He hadn't heard of any other complaints, but he rebooted the router to see if that helped. Meanwhile, I shut off some of Norton Antivirus and Firewall, and I disabled some startup things, and rebooted. None of that helped. The desk clerk said it must have something to do with my laptop not seeing the IP address.

Remember that I'm not an expert on these things. I just know a lot from using computers for 25 years, and having troubles with them, and calling tech support many times, as well as helping a lot of people via Ask Jeeves with Windows problems.  After a while, you just learn stuff, even if you've never taken a class in it. I think most people just learn what they learn and no more. Who has time to take classes or get certified, unless you plan to be a tech support person? Not me.

Anyway, so I phoned Dell Technical Support to get their help. As usual, I got some guy with a thick accent, but worse, he didn't articulate, so I had trouble understanding him. He kind of slurred his words. Also, he was kind of a jerk - he argued with me a few times. And lastly, he was not very good at his job. I mean, he may know some things more than I do, but I knew things he didn't, which is not good.

When I called up, I told him what the problem was and listed all of the things I tried. Well, he clearly didn't listen to that, and I had to repeat myself many times. I think they just have a list of things they have to ask, and try, and it doesn't matter if you have already tried the things or know more than the average person, they just ignore you and go through the list. That's what he did.  After that, he told me to go to Windows Search and type in Command Prompt. Well, that's not very efficient because instead you can just choose "run" instead of "Command prompt" and that's one less step you have to go through.

Then he tried to do something there, but it didn't work because I wasn't the administrator. Somehow he was confused about that, so we tried some other things. Eventually he asked me again if I was administrator, so I reminded him that didn't work. Well, turns out, when he told me to choose "Command Prompt" he wanted me to right-click and choose "run as administrator" but that's not what he said. Instead he argued with me about it later as if I had not followed his instructions. Well, if he said that, I didn't understand him because of his slurred speech and heavy accent! What a jerk.

So, anyway, he tried all these things, and I had to reboot a few times, and still it didn't work. He said at that point that it couldn't be my laptop. It had to be the Wi-Fi. However, he couldn't answer why that it worked for all the other devices.  He did suggest that I try using the hotspot on my phone. Apparently, this does work. If you'll recall, earlier in the week, or last week, I wasn't sure how to get it to work. So we tried it first with my phone, and it gave me a password, but when I put that password in, it said it wasn't correct.  Well, it definitely was. I tried it 5 times, both lowercase and uppercase, typing very careful. It wasn't even a particularly difficult password, just a few letters and numbers.  So I went ahead and tried it with David's phone instead, and it worked. And that password was MUCH more difficult because it had a combo of lowercase and uppercase letters, plus numbers, plus some symbols.  Just add that to the list of things I need to call Verizon about!

I did most of this without the tech support guy's help. In fact, when I was trying to put in the first password, he kept suggesting that I wasn't doing it right. I told him, look, I've been online and using computers for over 25 years - I wasn't typing it in wrong!

However, this hotspot thing doesn't help too much because it uses our Verizon minutes, which we don't have enough of. We don't have unlimited and they no longer offer that plan. It's very expensive if you go over. 

Funny Instagram post!

The tech support guy said he couldn't help me further without accessing the hotel router, which obviously was not possible. So I thanked him and said if I have any more problems getting online, at home or anywhere else, I would let them know. He handed me over to his supervisor. I told him about the problems, and he didn't have any better ideas about why it wouldn't work. I didn't tell him about the other guy being an idiot, correcting me, arguing with me and implying that I was inept. I just told him that the guy tried his best, but because of his thick accent and the fact that he did not enunciate too well, I had trouble understanding him. I even said that I'm kind of old, so that may be a factor.  The man apologized and said he would tell him to work on that. He was very nice.

So after I got off the phone, I just used my big laptop for a few things online and the closed the hotspot because I didn't want to use all our minutes. I'm using the smaller laptop instead, since it has no problem with the Wi-Fi. I wish I knew why the other one has these annoying problems sometimes! Things should just work, all the time, you know? Grrrr. Too bad I couldn't drink tonight.

I stayed up pretty late, until at least 5. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. I guess I had too much sleep during the day... I ended up staying up all night. I got a lot of work done, at least.

  Saturday 9/29/18

We got up and got dressed around 8, and packed our stuff. I was going to take a shower, but we couldn't get the thing to pull up that starts the shower going, no matter how we tried, so I gave up.

outside of Denny'sWe went next door to Denny's for breakfast. I ordered way too much food, but it was good. I took half of it to go, and then stupidly put it in my suitcase, and when we got home, I went right to sleep, forgetting to put it in the fridge. Oops!

After Denny's, I stopped for a soda at the Exxon station, and we packed up our stuff, and we checked out. We picked up my special pillow at the other hotel that we stayed at last month. I'm so glad they kept it! Then we drove home. I was very tired, so I slept most of the way.

When we got home, we just brought in our stuff and then I went to sleep. I slept well, and didn't wake up with a sore neck for a change, thanks to my SNÜZ pillow.

I've just been watching TV and working here on my computer...Nothing too interesting. We'll pick up Brandy on Monday.

I've been mostly catching up on stuff on my site, since I wasn't able to have good internet yesterday at the motel.

I still need to put the rest of the things back from when we had the house cleaned on Wednesday, and do work for my classes, and do the dishes and laundry! But not today.

I tried to go to sleep around 2am, but I wasn't able to sleep and kept getting up. I think I finally did around 5.

  Sunday 9/30/18

I got up around 11 and took a shower. David went off to lunch to one of the places I can't eat at, but he brought me home McDonald's. Their burgers don't seem to make me sick, most of the time. That's the best I can say! I'm pretty tired of it, though.

I got a little sick in the afternoon... I've been eating out so much, it's hard to know which place it was that made me sick.

After that, we went to Wal-Mart for our usual grocery shopping. I can't believe that they already have Christmas trees etc. on display.  It's not even October yet!Next to Normal program

After a little while, we got dressed to go to the Fall musical at SAU. They did this 2008 one I'd never heard of called "Next to Normal." It's a very intense play about family angst and mental illness, so I cried through the whole thing. I wasn't the only one, either.  It was weird because when we came out of the theater, everyone looked sad! That is very unusual. They were all saying, "Wow, that was really great!" but they were still reeling from the emotions of the play. Anyway, the students did a fantastic job with it. The singing in any musical is always my favorite, and the music in this was spectacular.

I had a short nap after doing some work on my site... then we went over to Antigua's Chicken Al Parrillofor dinner. We prefer to go to El Compadre, since they're right down the street, but they're closed lately on Sundays. I had a good dish, but I hope it doesn't make me sick. I was too hungry to just sit there and watch him eat. We need more restaurants in this town that are close to our house, and open on Sundays...and that don't make me sick!

I was sick more after we got back... I think it was probably Denny's that poisoned me. I should have made sure to let them know to make it all GF, but I didn't. This is what I get. I doubt that it was Hooter's because I did tell them to make sure, and I doubt it was Outback because they have a whole GF menu and prepare the GF food in a different area.  Of course, the only way to be sure is to never eat out again. sad face

I haven't had the energy to do much else today. I'm starting the laundry but haven't done anything else on my whole long To Do list. Blah.

I started to go to bed about 2 am, but the top of my spine was spasming. What they don't telling you about these epidural injections is that they take away the pain, but not the tension, or the spasms. It's very uncomfortable.

I got up and did some things around the house... I put back the stuff in the master bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, and did the dishes. I'd bought a cast iron bacon grill online. I didn't know that you're not supposed to get it wet. I rinsed it off and now it's a little rusty, so I worked to get the rust off. You're supposed to season the cast iron with oil, so I did that.

I finally went to bed about 4:30am.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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