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  Monday 9/17/18

Brandy next to meI woke up around 7am...Brandy was whining, so she woke me up, but I wasn't sleeping very well, anyway.  We went on our walk as soon as I got dressed. It was a little humid, but not too bad.

Yesterday, when we went to Wal-Mart, I had bought some more flowers, so I put them around. I bought some yellow andfront porch flowers orange mums, and also a new croton plant.  I those put outside, and some cut flowers in the vase inside as I've been doing every weekend now. It just makes the places look very nice, and the flowers last at least a week, sometimes more.  The mums need more sun, so I put those on the front of the porch.

I was very lazy all weekend and didn't do any of my schoolwork, so today I had to play catch-up. I had to write my assignment for my blog in my Mass Comm class, read my chapter and take the quiz for my marketing class and also prepare some of the presentation I have to do in that class next week.

I also did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen up, and spent some time on the phone with Verizon tech support. My phone has been doing some weird things for a few months, as you may recall. I took it to the local Verizon store and the idiot woman there, without telling me, uninstalled my browser. I use one called Adblock Plus (they make a great adblocker plug-in for your browser on the computer, but for the phone they make a pretty good browser. It blocks all ads, so I love it.) - she treated it like it was a virus or something. I was quite annoyed, especially once I realized that I lost all of my bookmarks when she uninstalled it.sad face

That really pissed me off. I don't think there's any way to retrieve them, either. Also, of course, it didn't fix my problem. So I called Verizon today and their guys tried to help me, but the problem wasn't fixed. It's that type of thing where it only happens sometimes, so it's hard to check if it's fixed or not.  My main problem is that the keyboard keeps disappearing while I'm typing and I have to bring it up again (in any app, not just one particular one). The other problem is that when I try to take a video, it sometimes stops pretty quickly.  I posted a complaint on the Facebook page for the store, but they just made excuses, saying that their employees were just sales people, not technical support. That's BS because I've been to many Verizon stores and they usually can help me out (in Alabama, Georgia and Hawaii). They usually know quite a lot about the phones. If they can't fix the problem, they can call Verizon tech support for me and get a much better/quicker answer. Also, if that's the case, the woman at the store should have said that, instead of messing up my phone without even telling me first.  I thought maybe the problems were solved, but they weren't, so I'm going to need to phone them again ....just have to find the time! Took an hour this time.

In the morning, I was trying to fix up the rugs in the living room. Brandy always messes them up when she runs around like crazy dog.  I was trying to get her to get off the big rug, because I can't pull it over if she's on it. She thought I was playing, so she started running around again and took an unexpected turn; ran right into my knee, really hard. Ouch! It's like playing football with a tiny player who has a really hard helmet and you have no protection whatsoever! LOL!

Congratulations to our friend, Chris, who got married! We don't hear from him too much any more, but he lives in Texas now. He went to high school with David. Both of his kids are on Facebook, and I was chatting with one of them, his son, Oscar, pork chopswho told me that Chris got married to his long-time girlfriend, Eartha. Yay!

I installed this program called Net Uptime Manager that's supposed to monitor your internet connection. Our internet goes out a lot, in and out, sporadically. I plan to call my ISP, Suddenlink, to complain about it, and show them the logs from this program as proof if they can't fix the problem.

I cooked up some pork chops for dinner. I used this recipe, which was pretty simple. They're very delicious.

I did more laundry this weekend, but I still need to put it away.

I stayed up until about 2:30 watching TV.

  Tuesday 9/18/18

sunrise outside our houseI got up around 7:45 and got breakfast. Then I got ready for school. Unfortunately, I was sick a lot all day, from some gluten ingestion (probably Antigua's on Sunday).

After I went to school and got my soda, I headed right over to my business class in Blanchard Hall. I went early because I had to Blanchard Hallmeet with the guy who's in my project group. It didn't take long, so I spent most of the time chatting with this woman, Crystal, who's one of the other older students in class (there's at least 4 of us, one who's 39, two who are 40 and me).

Class was fine....I spoke briefly with the professor after class because I had some Brandy on the bed with mequestions about our project. I walked with Sam, one of the other older students, over to Reynolds. He always goes there at that same time to get a drink. I got my soda and then sat with theBrandy lying on the chair next to me. ladies to have lunch. My stomach wasn't feeling well, so I didn't eat, but it was nice to chat with them.

I had about an hour to kill after that, so I went over to my other class early and did some work on my site. I had my lunch, too. Then class was fine...we had another new assignment to go over.

After I got home and had some more food, I went to take a nap, but it didn't work. I couldn't sleep. I figured I would go to bed early, but I didn't. I wasn't all that tired, for some reason.  Brandy did lie next to me for a while, on the bed, and on my chair.  She thinks she's a lap dog, evenMcDonald's though she's too big for that... Good thing my chair is pretty wide!

The Clawsons came by around 4:30 to do the lawn, even though it had been sprinkling a little.

I went next door around 5 to help Mary, our neighbor, set up her new tablet. It took about an hour because she wasn't sure of her passwords. I had to call her ISP to get some help. David camemosquito bites! home and brought McDonald's for dinner. I finally got her set up, I think...

After I went back to the house and ate, I stupidly stood outside for a while, chatting with Galea. I got bitten all over my legs by mosquitoes. I should have known better.

Emmys hostsI took Brandy for her walk. It was very muggy out, thanks to the rain.

I spent most of the evening watching "The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards." I enjoyed them....it was pretty funny. Maybe the funniest one ever, IMHO. I guess the critics disagreed...well, what do they know?

I stayed up until about 2:30am.

  Wednesday 9/19/18

I forgot to leave a note for David to set the alarm, so I didn't wake up until about 10:30. Whoops! Too late to walk Brandy because it's very hot.

Brandy threw up outside...she doesn't usually throw up. I hope she's ok!Brandy

I've just been working on my site and doing social media. I'm so tired, though. I might have to take another nap.

David came home and had lunch, and then he took Brandy in to the vet's to be kenneled until Monday.

I'm supposed to have a call online at 2. Very sleepy, though!  My call went fine...then I took a nap!  I was going to go over to Mary's to finish helping her with her computer, but we couldn't get our schedules to work, so I'll probably go over there on Sunday.

The call was with this company that helps you improve your site...I usually turn these type of companies down because I can't afford to pay them. A Facebook friend, Oscar (son of Chris, mentioned above) works for them, so he asked me to participate in the call, so I did. It was interesting. They had some good ideas. They can't really help me much without my paying them, though, which I already knew. Also, I've been doing this for 25 years, more or less, so I know pretty much what's wrong with my site, and how to improve it, which I've been working towards more lately. The guy that I was talking to said that... he seemed kind of impressed, actually.  He said he would check back in 6 months to see if my financial situation with the site improved. I doubt it will, but I said, OK. Thing is, I don't need their service. Mainly what they suggested that they could do was to improve my social media hits and tell me to spend some money on ads. I knew this already and don't need their help with it. I don't have money to spend on ads and very little time to spend on social media, either!

I had to use this program called RingCentral to speak with them...it's not free, but it has a free trial. I just canceled it afterwards.

Anyway, I did a lot of stuff on social media today for my site, after that call. They inspired me!

David came home, so I made us a small dinner.  Well, it was lunch for me... later on, frying pork chopsI cooked up the rest of the pork chops for dinner, and had two of them with some frozen veggies.

I had a lot of work to do for my classes, so I did that. I had to finish writing up the info for our class presentation on Tuesday. Now all I have to do is gather the sources I used, and put together the PowerPoint presentation. I had to find a feature story from my hometown and rewrite it for my other class blog. I did laundry and dishes, too.

The mosquito bites were bothering me a lot the past two days...the Benadryl gel helps, though.

I'm going to bed! Exhausted.

  Thursday 9/20/18

I woke up around 7:45am for class. I was too tired to make breakfast, so I just had a KIND bar. My back/neck was hurting a lot this morning, too, until the medicine kickedWearing my Peace Love and Karaoke shirt in.

School was fine...met with the guy again before the marketing class to talk about our presentation next week. We watched the first presentation from our classmates. It was really cold in the classroom as usual. We asked the professor some questions after class for ourpiano in professor's music room presentation.

I met with the ladies again for lunch... it's always fun and interesting. I didn't eat much, just some snacks. Then I had to rush off for my voice lesson. I had about 15 minutes beforehand to warm up.  My lesson went great, too. Then I went to my Reporting and Writing (Mass Comm) class. We went over our recent blog posts.  The professor had to leave early to go to a dentist appointment, so we were waiting for my rideout by 1:35. I went over to Reynolds to get a soda to take home.

Trish took me home today.  David is in Little Rock, and wasn't sure when he'd be back.

We were supposed to go to Texarkana tonight, and spend the night. Then I was supposed to get my last epidural shot for my spine. They phoned this morning to tell me that they had to cancel it. We rescheduled for next Friday. Well, apparently when David made the motel reservations, they're nonrefundable, so we lost about $150 on that. Also, we had put Brandy in the kennel for no reason, and that money was wasted. I'm glad I didn't pack, too, but still...kind of annoying. I was looking forward to eating at the places there that we don't get to as often and that usually don't make me sick.

I was about to take a nap, but then Mary next door called me for help. I went over to her place to look at her computer. She wasn't able to login her new computer.  I blame her ISP, Suddenlink. They set it up for her and gave her a ridiculously long PIN number (12 letters!  And no password that we could find).  Also, they asked her for her email address, but she gave them the wrong one, but it's also very long. I used the netplwiz command so that she wouldn't have to login any more. I also installed an antivirus program, and Chrome. (We had been using the default browser, Edge, but Chrome is better.) However, when I tried to login on Chrome with her Facebook account, it didn't work. I reset her password many times (on Edge), but it still wouldn't work when I went to login on Chrome. Nothing I did helped. So I'm quite flummoxed.  I also installed Avast, which is free antivirus software.  In return for helping her, Mary offered to give me her Casio, which she doesn't use. It's a big, nice one, much bigger than the one I have. It looks really cool.

Later, David and I went out to the Japanese restaurant, Tokyo. I had some wine and edamame, like usual, while he had his sushi. It was lunch for me, dinner for him.

Later on, I heated up the last two pork chops and we shared those. I ate most of it...it was my dinner, more or less. I had to eat something with my pills.

I think I just watched TV most of the evening, but I don't remember for sure. I'm just getting so old and can't remember anything any more!  My neck was hurting a lot when I went to bed, so I had to take a muscle relaxer and Aleve.

  Friday 9/21/18

I woke up around 11:30. After a little while, I went to have some breakfast. Before I could do anything, I got a call from Mary next door. She had tried to get in to her computer again and couldn't. I guess that what I did to take off her login didn't work. She'd called a repair guy, and he was over there, but he was having trouble, too. On her request, I got dressed and went over there. I was relieved that the repair guy didn't seem annoyed at my being there. He's the professional, after all! I just know a lot of stuff. I'm hardly an expert.  We finally got in. Her Windows login had a mysterious secondary login, which I remember now, also happened to me on one of my older laptops that I bought while I was in the Wal-Mart in Hawaii.   But the repair guy said that the new login only worked once with the PIN, and then it disappeared, so he was concerned.  Once we got in, he tried to set up a local account, which is also supposed to make it so that you don't have to login.  However, it wanted her Windows password. We only had her PIN number.  I suggested to him that it would be better if he just set the laptop back to the factory settings, since we haven't done much on it yet.  I left, explaining that I had reached the end of my knowledge. I felt bad about that, but since he wasn't listening to my advice, I couldn't really do anything else.   I went back home and looked into what I could find online. The only thing I found was a way to ask Microsoft for help online. I called Mary to see how it was going. The guy had taken her laptop with him! Thankfully, he's not charging her by the hour. I guess he just wanted to figure it out. I hope he can, and I hope he doesn't keep it too long. I would be really pissed off if the tech support person took it when he could have just easily reset it.

I finally had breakfast after that. I had some leftover tortilla chips from the other day, so I made nachos with them, with some turkey sausage and shredded cheese. It was OK.

We were going to go ahead and go to Texarkana tonight anyway, but the stupid motel canceled our reservation (yet wouldn't give our money back). So we probably won't go back there again.  I hope they still have my pillow that I left there last month...they said they would save it for me. That's probably why my neck has been hurting more, too.

I watched some TV and did a little work.  Nothing too exciting. I rewrote my To Do list for the nth time. I don't want to actually do any of the things on it, though! Some things are very tedious and I keep putting them off.

David brought Brandy home around 3pm or so. She had a bath, so she's nice and clean. She was pretty hyper for a while.  Unfortunately, she didn't get her walk because it rained in the evening.pollo adobado

We went to El Compadre for dinner. I had their Pollo Adobado again. It's a really good dish, almost like a curry or a soup.  It has a wonderful spicy sauce.  This is their big test, the last one. If I get sick any time between Sunday and next Wednesday, then I'll know it's them, and I will have to cross them off my list.

Later on, David was on the treadmill. He usually takes his tablet on there. Well, the tablet fell, and it hit him in the leg, so he slipped off the treadmill and fell on his face. Ouch. It looked bad. I hope he can go to Urgent Care tomorrow to make sure he's OK. He thinks he is, but I would like him to get checked out. His face looks like someone punched him a few times.   We put ice on his nose, which seemed to get the worst of it, and he took some aspirin for the swelling. Nothing else seems to be injured except his face, and a small scrape on his hand. I've fallen a few times, and it's never fun. Once, years ago, I broke my finger and didn't know that it was broken, so I didn't go to the doctor right away, which was stupid. Now I can't straighten it. They would have had to re-break it in order to fix it, so I said, never mind.

sleepy BrandyPoor Brandy was very upset because she could tell we were upset...dogs are very empathetic that way. She was very needy and kept leaning on me after that.

My neck is really hurting tonight again...

I'm watching the original "Stargate" movie from 1994 (which I'd never seen before). Spader and Russell It's great seeing younger Kurt Russell and James Spader.  The movie is pretty slow, though, and a lot of the "surprises" I already know from watching the TV shows. Too bad I didn't see it back then. I'm sure I would have loved it! It's still good, just not as good as it would have been, had I seen it back in the 90's, before seeing all the TV shows.  I used to love watching "Stargate SG-1," but I stopped watching it at some point (I just fell behind). I saw "Stargate Universe" and loved that one. I've only seen a few episodes of "Stargate" Atlantis."  I've been enjoying them lately on the El Rey channel, which just started showing the first season, so I can watch them in order.  If you love Star Trek, then you should love the "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate Atlantis" series because they're a lot like Trek.  They even have some of the same actors.  "Stargate Universe" is a lot more like DS9. Too bad it was only on for 2 seasons. I just loved it. Also, the Stargate theme music reminds me of "Star Wars."

We were supposed to go to "Family Day" tomorrow at SAU, and then the Mulegating, and the football game, but it rained this evening, and I guess it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow, too, so they canceled everything except the football game. I'm not going to that...

Very itchy today from the mosquito bites and my usual allergy problems.

I went to bed about 4:30am, but I didn't sleep well. My whole body was either hurting, itching, or both. I took a shower beforehand, hoping it would help, but it only did a little bit. I finally got up again at 6:30.

  Saturday 9/22/18turtle in the back yard

This morning, when there was a break in the rain, I looked out onto our back patio and saw what looked like a large leaf. However, it was this turtle! Very cute little guy. Brandy really wanted to go out and say hi, but I wouldn't let her. I'm sure she would have killed the poor little guy (probably not on purpose). I know that turtles can retreat into their shells, but she would have pushed that shell up against the fence as hard as she could, to try to get to the turtle, I'm Brandy wanting to go outsure. She's a strong dog, but who knows whether she would hurt herself, or the turtle, or both!  Most other animals she can't catch, but turtles are pretty slow.

Mary's husband brought the Casio and stand over, and some hymn books. I took Brandy for a walk, and then David and I ran some errands. It started to rain.  We went to Urgent Care, but he's fine. They put some stuff on his nose and told him to get a bandage. I went to the Dollar Tree, which is next door to the Urgent Care.  I got a bunch of Fall decorations and some paper goods. How is it that it'sUrgent Care SO easy to spend $30 at the Dollar store? LOL! We stopped briefly at Walgreen's... then we went to McDonald's. It was pouring rain the whole time we were out.

When we got home, I went back to sleep until about 3:30 in the afternoon. After I woke up, I put up the outdoor Fall decorations. I had taken two boxes out of thefall decorations garage yesterday. I'll take the rest out next week, after we have the house cleaned again.

I walked Brandy at 3:30pm because it was nice outside, and we had a break in the rain. I see that many of my neighbors also bought their outdoor decorations at the Dollar Tree! Personally, I still think it's way too early to put up Halloween decorations...

We had dinner (BLT's) and then listened to our usual 70's countdown on SiriusXM. brownies Later, I made some GF brownies from a mix we bought at Whole Foods, with some low sugar GF chocolate frosting. It's OK.....the problem with low carb desserts is that, you know, the sugar makes it tastes good. They already left out the flour, which also makes it taste good. But still, it's chocolate, so it's good. I like it with a lot of whipped cream.

I mostly worked on catching up with my blogs! It's nice to get caught up.

I'm still itching a lot....I'm also congested, so it's probably just regular allergies.

So far it's been a good football season for us. Bama has been winning, and so have bamboo plusthe Muleriders. David's a big Bama fan (I don't really care one way or the other about football), and of course Muleriders is our school team here, so we have a vested interest. The Chargers usually suck. Thereivy plant have only been two games so far, and they've won one and lost one, so it's too soon to tell (but they usually do lose).

Most of my plants are doing well.... our large bamboo plant has gotten huge!  The ivy plant is doing better, I think. It was almost dead. I tend to overwater them and I killed 2 in the past. 

I'm very tired and might go to bed soon....if I can do that without itching and pain!

  Sunday 9/23/18Brandy and me

I had a pretty good night's sleep for a change. It was raining, so I didn't get up early to walk Brandy.

I woke up around 10:30, got ready, and got the room ready forWal-mart Brandy.  David came back from walking and got ready. We went to Java Primo. He ate while I had a soda. Then we went to Wal-Mart to do our regular grocery shopping. I tried really hard not to buy unhealthy things! I did get a diet soda at Subway...It was pouring rain most of the day, but it stopped while we were in the store.PowerPoint presentation

After we got back and unpacked the groceries, I walked Brandy. It was very nice out - just a little humid, but cool and windy.

We went to Antigua's later on, and again I watched him eat Brandywhile I had soda. I'm trying not to eat anywhere else this weekend, except home, to make sure I don't get sick again.

I spent most of the day working on my PowerPoint project for class. You can see the whole presentation if you click on that link.  You read what we're going to say here. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would... about 8 hours, I think. UGH. I'm going to just eat dinner, relax and watch some TV to de-stress.

I did manage to start the laundry and get some other things together.  Have a great week!

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