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  Monday 9/10/18

my pancakesI didn't sleep all night...allergies kept me awake, especially itching. Probably also because I had a nap yesterday.  I finished the laundry.

Since I was up anyway, I took Brandy for her walk around 7. It was cool, so I wore longer pants and a regular shirt instead of my usual tank top. It's been very nice lately, due to the rain. It's been in the 70's. It's supposed to go back to the low 80's on Wednesday. I hope this is the beginning of Fall!

I made pancakes for breakfast...I made my own this time, instead of the package mix, and they were way better.

I finally went to sleep around 9 or so, and I woke up around 2. I had set the alarm for 3:30, but I couldn't go back to sleep.  Brandy was sleeping with me the whole morning, like a good dog, not chewing anything up or causing problems. She likes to go to David's pillow and sleep there. Brandy curled up on floor

When we woke up, I worked for a while, and then I had lunch. For once I actually followed my To-Do list and crossed many items off. Yay! I did work on my site for a few hours, and I phoned American Airlines to ask about using our miles during Christmas break (I couldn't get through, so I'll call tomorrow morning). Also, I did the dishes, and I practiced my singing.

My neck is a little sore and tense today, which made it more difficult to sing. I did all of the exercises my teacher gave me, as well as some I had from previous teachers, and I also found some online.  But I was not able to sing my song, or any other high notes, very well. It was just very tight and difficult. UGH. Maybe I just overdid the singing yesterday, or maybe it's because I'm just too tired today.  It's only 8:30 and I feel like going to bed. I'll try to hang on until 10.

Brandy lying on David's feetOh, I got some good news for a change. Trish can start giving me a ride again, so tomorrow I don't have to get up at 5am! Yay!

I did the dishes again, and I have one more load to run. There were A LOT of dishes! Ha ha!

I have to take my quiz now, for my marketing class. UGH.  It went OK. We're allowed to use our notes etc. and we can take it twice. I usually take it the first time without much help. I usually get 14-15 questions out of 20 right.  Then I look up the answers and take it again, to get 20 out of 20. I'm sure pretty much everyone does it. It seemed like this time, the questions were actually from Chapter 3, so that's an improvement! I emailed Barnes and Noble about what I should do, since I got the wrong textbook. They said they're working with the professor to figure out what to do. That's great, but what about all of the time we lost in the meantime, reading and studying the wrong book?

I got into this argument on Facebook with a guy I've known online for many years. I wouldn't even call it an argument. We were all being very civil, for the most part (well, I was...).  He decided to just unfriend me over it. So stupid. Oh, well, his loss!

I was very tired and went to bed before 10.

  Tuesday 9/11/18

I woke up around 6:30. I wanted to go back to sleep, but I was cold. That's because it was 66 degrees outside! Wow!! I know, that may not seem like cold to mosttemperature by the time I got up people, but to me it is.

I put on socks and my robe when I got up, and I made myself some hot coffee...I only drank a little to warm up. I also warmed up some of my pancakes leftover from yesterday. They're not really that good. Real pancakes are light and fluffy. These are much heavier. These are like pretendingto-be-pancakes. Oh, well.

I've been trying to contact American Airlines for the past 2 days. I called this morning, just like yesterday, and it said they're all busy, try again later. I sent an email and got no reply. I asked on Twitter, so they said they were more busy than usual, due to the hurricane (I guess they had a lot of people changing their travel plans).  They did send me a customer satisfaction survey, though! Even though noPretty plant Sondra brought in to Mulerider Cafe one has helped me yet. So I let them know I was unhappy. I'm just trying to find out if we can use our frequent flyer miles to go to Hawaii in Christmas or not. I tried to login to the website, but that wasn't working, either.  Hopefully we can find out this week.

I was happy to put on regular pants and a long-sleeved shirt for school! It stayed nice all day. It was a little muggy in the evening, but otherwise...great weather.

I watched some TV and did some work on my site, before I got ready for school. I had to let Brandy out because she hadn't gone out in a while...

Trish came by around 8:45. It was nice to see her. Then I got a soda at Reynolds before my class. I was a little early, but I went ahead after a few minutes and headed over there. It was a bit rainy in the morning. I brought my umbrella, but I didn't have to use it too much.

My marketing class is usually interesting. The professor likes to give his views on news and stuff, as well as talk to us about marketing. I wish he would talk more about marketing!

I found out that last week, when I was sick, he had everyone split up into groups and choose their topics (from a list he provided). I had asked this guy I know in the class what I missed, and he gave me his notes but NOTHING about the groups! Argh! So here it is a week later...I asked the professor about it during class, and he paired me up with this other guy that also was absent...so we're meeting before class on Thursday to talk about it. We have to present on the 25th. That's not much time! I have no idea what we're doing yet.Brandy with wagging tail

I was chatting with this other woman after class...she's older as well (not quite as old as me). She was a bit upset because she has a job, and too many classes, and not enough sleep.  Poor thing! She's having a problem with a particular class that has to do with computers, so I advised her to go talk to the professor during his office hours. She's just so busy, I don't know if she will make it...

Toward the end of the class, I got really sick from something I ate with gluten, so I had to run to the restroom. I tried to wait until the end of class, but I didn't quite make it. Then I was sick again during my other class, twice, so that was awful. Too bad, so either Flying Burger or El Compadre - one of them made me sick.

After my class, I went back to Reynolds and had lunch with the ladies there. I met a new woman. She knows David, too... I don't eat a huge lunch there, just snacks, because I had breakfast before school. I bring in some meat sticks and kale chips, and I have a soda. Not very much. Brandy behind the gate, whining

Sondra was passing around photos of her son's wedding, that was this past weekend. It sounds like it was a very last-minute thing, but she did a great job with the decorations.

Anyway, it was a nice lunch, with lots of chatting.

I got some more snacks at the bookstore and then headed over to my class a little bit early. Some of the students were also there early, and there was some fun conversation.  Class was fine, other than my being sick. Oh, and the WiFi is kind of iffy there. I don't know why, but it is. Drives me crazy. Sorry to complain so much.

Flowers I got this week from Wal-Mart David took me home after class. I took Brandy out walking, since it was still nice out. Afterwards, I just watched TV, ate some more snacks, played with the dog, and worked some more on my site. I thought about taking a nap, but I didn't.

Later on, David and I went to Tokyo, the Japanese restaurant. I just had edamame and some wine while David had sushi. It was just nice to get out and relax a little. Brandy wasn't too thrilled about being cooped up by herself again, though, I'm sure. Thankfully, we weren't gone too long. We did stop at the store briefly to get a coupleBrandy curled up next to me of things. It was almost dark when we came back, so I just walked her a little bit, around the cul-de-sac and not much else, and around our yard. I threw a stick for her, and she got to run around a little, so she liked that. I used to do that a lot, but she started running outside of our yard, into the lot next door, and didn't want to come back, so I stopped doing it. It was just too annoying to bring her back. The last time, it was raining, so I thought she'd go right to the door, but she didn't. So I just said, fine, I'm going inside, and I opened the door...and she did come running. That was funny. She likes to be with us and not by herself. She's very needy.

I found out that since I'm an Amazon Prime Member, I get a free online subscription to The Washington Post. Wow! Apparently there are lots of freebies. I'll have to look into those more.

Oh, this is annoying. Some dentist's office keeps sending mail to one of the former residents. I wrote "No longer at this address" on it. The mail carrier left it. I thought, well, maybe it's because they can't see that the flag is up because there's too muchFunny People poster ivy growing around it. So I cut back the ivy.  Still didn't take it. I took it to a mailbox and put it in there. It returned! In the meantime, today, we got a mis-delivered letter, so I put both in the mailbox. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I did my voice exercises...trying to keep up on those. And I worked a little on my song. It's still not going that well. Hopefully I can get it working tomorrow. I'll have more time tomorrow, too.

I watched some TV and worked a little. I stayed up too late, watching a movie, "Funny People," which is pretty good. Then I had trouble with itching. I think I finally got to bed around 4.

  Wednesday 9/12/18

I woke up after 11. Brandy was in the bed with me and being a pretty good dog. She did wake me up a few times.Brandy on bed with me, playing with her toys

I got dressed, and we went out for our morning walk. It was very nice outside. I saw one of our neighbors that I'd never seen before. It's the house I've mentioned where they always seem to be having pool parties in the back yard. They have a flag out front that says "Party!" and always many cards in their driveway.  This guy was super handsome and wearing scrubs, so my guess would be that he's a doctor or dentist.  I've seen his wife before, and their two little dogs. funny meme

I'm waiting for several people to reply to my emails...it's so frustrating!

I had turkey sausage and scrambled eggs with half a low carb, GF pancake, for breakfast.

I didn't do much today. I was very tired all day, for some reason. I just watched TV, worked on my site, and not much else. I did do my singing exercises and worked on my songs.

I've been very stressed lately because I'm always so behind lately with reviews for new shows. Plus there are shows I like that I would like to watch, that are back for a second season. I never have much time any more. It sucks.

Oh, I did work on my blog for tomorrow, for my class. I put away the clean clothes, and did the dishes, too.

I ended up staying up too late, though.

  Thursday 9/13/18

Brandy looking at me expectantlyI woke up at 7 am, took a shower, had breakfast, and watched some TV before getting the dog ready to stay in the bedroom all day. I also made a few phone calls. Apparently, when they sent my new ATM card, they also sent the new PIN, and I probably threw that way by accident... I have to come in to the bank to get a new one.  It's a small, local bank, so I can't just do it online.

I also finally got through to American Airlines about our frequent flyer rewards miles. I wanted to look into the possibility of going to Hawaii over the Christmas break. It looks like it will cost all of our miles, and then we'll still probably have to pay for my return flight, which could be almost $800. We'll see....I would love to go, of course.

Trisha picked me up at 8:45, and took me to school. I had the usual school day. I won't bore you with all the details.  My marketing class had a guest speaker, so that Guest speaker Christina Treadwaywas fun. It was one of his former students, who graduated in 2008. She was very interesting.   She previously worked for Discover Card in Chicago and now works for an insurance company, I think?

I was supposed to meet with another student to talk about our presentation, but he was late, so I just briefly chatted with him. We're going to meet on Tuesday before class instead.

Lunch was brief because I had to leave around 11:30 to make sure I could warm up my voice before my lesson. One of the women there has been going through some tough times with her mom, who is sick, and it was also her birthday, so we all signed a card and sang "happy birthday" over a cupcake.

My voice lesson went well. Somehow, I always sound better in my lesson than when Piano at practice room I try to record at home! The teacher said that it's a tough song (Schubert's "Ave Maria"), and I could change the key if I want (which I don't want to do). Also, it's not natural to sing with a karaoke recording, particularly this type of song. If you're singing this song live, you would be with an orchestra or pianist, and they would followSign next to the elevator in Brinson YOU, and you can take a breath, or take your time, as much as you need.  With the recording, it's hard to find a place to take a good enough breath, so I keep running out of air.

Hopefully, after we've worked on the song a bit more, I can get a good recording of me, singing with the pianist.  I'm determined to do better this year, though, with my singing. So far I've been practicing almost every day. I want to keep that up.

Playing tug-of-war with BrandyThe other song I'm working on is "O Holy Night," which is one of my favorite Christmas songs. I haven't done too much with it yet, but I will start soon.

In my Reporting and Writing for the Mass Media class, we went over our blogs. This week, we had to find 10 news stories of different types, and tweet about them. When we tweeted, we had to re-write the lede (the first part of the story) with the tweet. Then we had to embed the tweet into our blogs. It was fun, actually, going through and finding the stories.

If I had all the time in the world, I would waste a lot of time just reading stories online....there is so much to read, and not enough time.

At least I haven't been sick since Tuesday!  Yay! This week's selfie!

After David took me home, I walked Brandy. It was a bit hotter today, but not too hot for her to walk. I felt the sidewalk with my hand to make sure.  I tried to take a nap after that, but I couldn't sleep. Brandy and I played some tug-of-war, though, on the bed.

I called the post office about the mail that they still haven't picked up, and they assured me that it will be picked up tomorrow...chips and salsa

I did some work, and the laundry, and watched some TV. David and I went to Antigua's for dinner. I didn't eat. I was going to call for pizza after we got home, but instead I used this new site called hitmeupp.com  It's supposed to let you order food locally. Well, I don't know what happened, but the food never came. I sure hope I can getBook of Henry a refund easily. I was very annoyed that they never bothered to show up. It wasn't that late when I ordered, just about 9:20. I should have just gone with the pizza like I planned. Ah, well. Live and learn!

I walked Brandy about 7:10.  It was very muggy outside. I think we're over our cool weather for a while.  Well, at least it's cool at night. I did the laundry.

I stayed up until about 2am watching this movie, "The Book of Henry."  It was pretty good. It got panned by critics, probably because it wasn't very believable...

Francis Scott Key anniversary

  Friday 9/14/18

I didn't wake up until 11am. I was still pretty tired and had a nap a little while later. Brandy didn't get her morning walk, and it was too hot to take her after I got up. Oops! The hot weather is back...not as bad, but still too hot to take her out.Brandy's Bark Box for September

Of course, the mail carrier still didn't pick up that mail, and they left another one that I want to return. Sheesh!

Hitmeupp.com sent me a Facebook reply, apologized for messing up last night's order and said they're sending me a refund. Great!  Later, they sent me another, longer, and more profuse apology. Apparently their software was malfunctioning.Me relaxing with Popsicle

I straightened up the whole house, including the kitchen/dishes. I was very hot after that, so I had a sugar free Popsicle.

I'm starving and don't feel like cooking, so I ordered Domino's GF pizza. I won't eat most of the crust, anyway, since it's not good for me.  It was very yummy...

Domino's web trackerI've been very itchy this week. Today was worse than the other days. I was taking my hydroxyzine twice at night. Now I'm thinking maybe I should take it more. I've been making sure to take the Flonase, too. Tonight my back was itching pretty badly, and then my right leg started itching really badly, so I took a hot shower, which helped...

I have many things to do, but I can't seem to get motivated to do anything. I was dozing off most of the day.

I went to bed early, about 10:30. I was so tired!

  Saturday 9/15/18

I kept waking up all night. I finally woke up for good about 4:30am, with a lot of itching. UGH.Brandy watching me

It looks like we'll have some more cool weather NEXT weekend...back to the lower 80's during the day and 60's at night. Yay! A hot week until then, though.

I heard back from the bookstore; I had asked them about ordering the other book for my class. They don't think there is another book. What a big mess. Brandy staring up at me

One thing I can say, after reading my campus email for a few years, is that students lose everything! Their keys, wallets, phones, notebooks, jewelry, textbooks, etc. Sheesh. I know how it is, though. I lost my wallet once when I was that age. It was horrible. I never did it again. I didn't have many credit cards back then, and no ATM card, thank goodness. It got sent back to me, minus the few dollars I had in there. I was grateful to get back my ID's. (No drivers' license then, either)

I like not having to get up early on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I kind of miss going in every day and seeing people...also, it's harder to keep on an earlier schedule when I only have to do it two days a week. Also, they sometimes have events on the other days that I miss. Oh, well.

David and I went to the SAU Trail with Brandy. We went around 8 am, and it was already too hot. I shouldn't have gone...too hot for both me and Brandy. We haven't been out there for quite a long time (last winter?). I thought it would be cooler. The walk itself was bad enough, but we always have to wait in the car afterwards for a half an hour or more for David to finish his second lap. Brandy on the grass at the church

Well, it was way too hot for poor Brandy. I had some cold water, and I dumped some of it on her head (which she really didn't like), but it wasn't enough. She was panting really badly and moving back and forth like she wanted out of the car. After walking a few miles, normally she would be very tired and not moving around so much. I looked it up on my phone, and it said excessive panting is a bad sign. I had brought a washcloth, to wipe off my sweat, and I had also put cold water on it, for me, so I put it on Brandy's head and neck as the net suggested. Normally, she would be biting that cloth, but instead she just sat there and looked happy to have it.

Even though both of the front doors were open, there was not much breeze, so I decided to get us both out of the car. We park in the church parking lot across from the trail, so I put the leash back on Brandy, locked the car, and we went over to the grass outside the church, in the shade. It was much cooler there. I gave Brandy the rest of my water...I didn't have a cup, so I just kept pouring it into the little cap, and she licked it out...until it was all gone. We were both much better in the shade. She stopped panting and laid down on the cool grass. I gave her the water bottle to play with, which made her happy.  There was no place for me to sit, so I just sat on this little railing, trying to avoid sitting on the bird poop! LOL! Thankfully, David did hurry up on his walk because he knew it was very hot.

gelatoAfter we got home, we rested a little bit, and I had the rest of my pizza from last night, for breakfast.  Then David and I went to run errands. First we went to the post office. I had to mail a package and I also wanted to get rid of that mail that they wouldn't pick up. I checked my mailbox, too (all junk).  I was planning to go to the bank to get a new PIN, but apparently only their drive-through is open on Saturday. Bummer.  After that, we went to Java Primo. David ate lunch, and I had a small scoop of some delicious gelato.  It was chocolate chip, my favorite flavor. We went home after that and had a nap. Then I worked for Iron Fist season 2a while.

I have some more schoolwork to do, so I'm trying to motivate myself to do it! Well, I never did...I spent most of the weekend watching "Iron Fist" season 2 instead.

Brandy and I walked in the evening, even though we didn't really have to.... we had both recovered by then, and it wasn't too hot, so I figured, why not? I ended up staying up pretty late.

  Sunday 9/16/18

David woke me up about 11. I was sick after that, probably from eating the pizza. It could also have been the ice cream, but my guess is that it's the pizza.

I went with him over to II Brothers Italian restaurant. He ate and I just had a soda. We went to Wal-Mart after that for the groceries. I bought some plants and flowers as well as the groceries. They had a good selection for once. They also had my kale salad mix, so that's good. They were out of the low carb ice cream bars, but I found this Skinny Cow ice cream that's not bad. It's not only low carb, but also low fat and low calorie. I got two flavor, mint chip and some kind of coffee with chocolate. Both could use more chocolate! :)

I've been downloading some shows for myself, and for my brother, from this site that a friend of mine owns. I wish I had more time to watch the shows. It took me about 3 days to get through all 8 episodes of "Iron Fist." Now I'm way behind in everything else.

I had an afternoon nap. I was very tired, which I usually get after being sick from gluten.  That pizza was good, though. Almost worth it.

I love these proscuitto-wrapped mozzarrella things they sell. I should look into making my own (it's probably cheaper). One package of 7 or 8 of them is $10. That's a lot. Especially since I could easily eat a whole package in one sitting. I try not to eat more than 2 or 3 of them at once. I can't believe I was eating the salami ones all these years when the proscuitto ones are SO much better. I think I've had bad  proscuitto before, so it threw me off eating it for a while. It's really good, though.

Brandy, begging for food or attention as usualI shouldn't have put everything off....tomorrow I have to read my book chapter, take the quiz (twice, probably), do my assignment for my blog class, and also do some preliminary work on the project I'm doing in my marketing class. I'm still way behind on taking notes for the marketing class, too. SIGH.

At least I did do the laundry again. There's always way too much of that.

I spent part of the afternoon/evening trying to figure out how this Verizon Jetpack (hot spot) works. It turns out that you do have to have it activated by Verizon, and then it costs a monthly fee.  The thing cost me $120 as it was, on Amazon. Then Verizon wants to charge another $30 for the first month and then $20 per month after that. It's ridiculous. Just so that I can occasionally have internet access when it goes out or doesn't work, while I'm at school, or on vacation? It's really not worth it. It took me hours to figure this out, too.  Fortunately, Amazon is letting me return it. I tried phoning Verizon, but they said their lines were too busy, so I went online, but the only person to help me was a sales agent. The person tried their best, though, but they should have said up front (as well as on the Amazon site) that it costs extra money. I had to watch this video to take me through the activation, and the video was a bit out of date. Then it asked me for the SIM card ID number, which I couldn't find....then I couldn't figure out if it even HAD a SIM card or how to get it out. It was a long process and very annoying. All for something I can't use. What a waste of time that was.

My internet at home is spotty....most of the time it works, but then it goes in and out. It's very annoying. A friend told me about this software, https://netuptimemonitor.com/ so I downloaded that, and I'm using it to track how bad my ISP is. We'll see what happens. At school, the net there is not good, either,brisket tacos even worse.

I don't download large files the normal way any more. I have to use a special download manager program...otherwise, nothing would download properly. It would have to keep re-starting over and over. I used to use BitComet, but it stopped working with Firefox, so now I use a program called Ninja Download Manager. It works pretty well.

I totally forgot that I was supposed to go next door and help my neighbor, Mary, with her computer. I will do that tomorrow, too.

Viva!We were going to go to El Compadre for dinner, but they were closed again. We went to Antigua's and it looked closed, but it wasn't. There weren't a lot of people in there. I don't know if it's just that people were at the county fair in Texarkana, or what. Funny thing is, it's also the Mexican Independence Day, so that may be why the first one was closed. I ate there, and I probably shouldn't have, but I was very hungry.

I definitely did not eat healthy all weekend...I will go back to it tomorrow, for sure. I don't think I'm going to be able to fit into a good Halloween costume this year...bummer....I'll keep trying, though!

Well, it's almost 4 am, so I should go to bed!

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