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  Monday 9/3/18

I found 2 more mosquito bites! I don't get it... I haven't sat outside since Friday. I only got ONE mosquito bite all summer, and now 4 in a weekend. Weird!

lunch settingI got up at 9 and finished vacuuming a couple of rugs that I had put vinegar and baking soda on to set overnight. They look much better!

Then I took a shower and got ready....  After that, I started putting together the food I made for lunch today. Beth, our friend and financial advisor, is coming over at noon to go over something. I always make us lunch. This is very light, but there's quite a bit of it. I have Doritos in a bowl, and some Greek olive mix from Whole Foods in another dish. I also have a dish with proscuitto- and salami-wrapped cheese. I have another dish with crackers, with different types of cheese on them. I also put together some bags of the kale mix salad I like (from Wal-Mart). It comes with a tangy honey mustard vinaigrette, but I add some mayo and Splenda to it, to make it a little less tangy.  Then for dessert, I have assorted berries and some brownie bites. It's all store bought, but it looks and tastes good! dessert

Beth arrived, and we had a nice chat about our future while we ate lunch. The lunch food went over well! Especially the olives. David even liked the kale salad.

Adulting is hard....it's scary to talk about what might happen and plan for the future. Like, what happens if you lose your job, or it pays less, or you move, or one of you dies, or you get sick....scary stuff. And then looking at all the numbers are hard, too. I leave it to the two of them, for the most part. Sounds like things are coming along... It's weird to think that he's 60, and I'm getting close to that, and he's talking about what happens if he retires at some point. I'm taking classes now to try to improve my business. It would be so great if I made money with it again in the future, or made more than before. It would be very cool. Anyway, with my degree, I can always write for another site, once I get that experience and degree.

We went out briefly after that, to Brookshire's, to get a few things. Some deer crossed the road ahead of us and we had to slow down a lot to make sure there were no more crossing!  We ran into one of his theater professors in the store, and his wife. We all made introductions.  Then we came home and napped. I was sick again from something I ate with gluten. UGH. Now I'm going to study for my quiz.

I found 2 more mosquito bites - a total of 5! I don't get it!

The allergies have been terrible...we're all sneezing, itching etc. So miserable. I'm taking extra medicine like Sudafed and Mucinex frequently. I had a couple of bad sinus headaches today.

me at workSince it's Labor Day, they have this thing on social media where they want you to show a photo of yourself at work and with the hashtag #

I got through most of my chapter outlining and studying...my right wrist was really hurting. That's what I get for waiting too late to do the whole chapter. Things I didn't have to worry about when I was in college the first time! My body was young and didn't let me down when I needed it. It sucks getting old, but we knew that already...

I decided to go ahead and take the quiz without reading through the chapter and taking notes. We're allowed to take it twice, and we can use our notes etc. to look up the answers, and we can take it twice. I just take it as best I can the first time, then I look up the answers I missed and retake it, so I get 20 out of 20. I guess that's what everyone does. The real problem is that there are multiple questions on each quiz that are not in our chapter, which is frustrating. Why am I studying the chapters if the material will be different? Then it forces me to look up the answer, which is not what we studied at all. What is the point of doing this? How does this help me learn what's in Chapter 2, when the quiz has answers from Chapter 5? I don't know... I have enough trouble keeping all of these terms straight without throwing in things Irain outside haven't even studied yet. It's very confusing.

My voice teacher wants to change my lesson time to 11am, which I'm not happy about. I hope we can fix that. I really don't want to have to rush from my marketing class to voice, with no lunch, and no time to warm up. Plus then I won't get to meet with my friends from the cafeteria for lunch. Well, we'll see what happens...

It rained tonight....

  Tuesday 9/4/18

I stayed up too late last night, and I didn't sleep well. I woke up with a sore throat, so I emailed my professors to tell them I'm sick. I don't really feel that bad, other than my throat, but I don't want to spread my germs around. I just took it easy today.

Brandy lying on my chair with meI got up around 11. I put the gates around in the usual places because Brandy was coming home.  I put out food for her, and I made David a sandwich, and I had salad for myself for breakfast.  David brought her home fairly soon after that. She was very excited as usual. It took her a while to calm down.

I watched this movie, "The 9th Life of Louis Drax." It was kind of weird, but I mostly enjoyed it. It had two flaws. First of all, it was sort of a mystery, but the answer to that mystery was pretty obvious early on. Perhaps if the movie had come out 30 or 40 The 9th Life of Louis Drax poster years earlier, it wouldn't have been so obvious, but the particular medical diagnosis in the movie is one that we've seen many times in doctor and cop shows in the past 30 years.  It also had a weird psychic element that didn't make much sense, and aside from saying it was "weird," no one really doubted it all that much or made a big deal out of it. Also, it is very much an adult movie, yet it's mostly about a child, and partly seen movie Giftedfrom his perspective and narrated by him.  So, a flawed movie, yet still enjoyable.  The actress who starred in it, who I've never heard of (Sarah Gadon) was very good and reminds me of a young Julie Benz.  I had seen her before in the miniseries "Alias Grace" last year on Hulu, but I didn't recognize her from that.

After that, I finally got around to putting the laundry away, unpacking our suitcase, etc.

I watched another movie after that, that was pretty good, called "Gifted," starring Chris Evans. He played a guy who was raising his dead sister's daughter. It made me cry a little at one point! It was good in the end, though.

I went to bed pretty early, around 11, but then I woke up around 2:30, itching, and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I had to take a hot shower, which helped.

  Wednesday 9/5/18

I woke up around 7am and walked Brandy.Murder on the Orient Express poster

I had breakfast, and then after awhile, I went back to sleep...I had too long of a nap.

I watched "Murder on the Orient Express", the one from last year. It was pretty good. I remembered "whodunnit," but still, it was a good movie.

We went to the dentist about 2:30.  The dentist is retiring, unfortunately, and movingdentist's office to Conway. His assistant, who's very handsome, is moving to Atlanta and hopes to continue his acting career there. I had no idea that he was an actor! Apparently he may appear in the first episode of the upcoming season 3 of "True Detective," unless they cut him out.  The receptionist I knew has retired, and this other man is their new receptionist. He's moving back to Fayetteville to be a realtor.  I spoke with the dentist, who will be joining a larger practice in Conway. He and his wife are moving there to be closer to their children and grandchildren. I asked him to recommend a dentist here, and I thought he said something like "Offered" but after looking it up, I think he said "Alford."

We were both overdue for a teeth cleaning and checkup. The cleaning was painful, but I'm glad it's done. He didn't find anything bad in my X-Ray.

I spent a few hours working on my blog for my class, which may or may not be due tomorrow.  Since I missed Tuesday's class, I'm not sure. At least I got it done, for now, so maybe I'll be a little bit ahead.

selfie with BrandyI also spent some time trying to finish outlining Chapter 2 of my marketing book, so I can move on to Chapter 3.  I'm definitely behind on this class, since we were out of town.

I tried to go to bed around midnight, but I kept waking up. First it was coughing. Then it was itching.  Then I was very hot.  Then I noticed my heart was beating really fast, so I got up and looked up how to take my pulse. It's 96, which is kind of high.  I really need to sleep and it's almost 2am. I haven't had any caffeine, so I don't know why my pulse is so fast. Perhaps some of the medication I take? I don't know.

A woman I used to know in S.T.A.R., Susan, had a stroke this week. She seems too young for that! Another Facebook friend, that I used to know on the online karaoke forum JOLT, had a heart attack. What a week. I'm glad both are fine.

I finally got to sleep around 2:30, I think.

  Thursday 9/6/18

I tossed and turned a lot last night, even after I got to sleep. I woke up with a sore back...not my usual sore back problems. I think it's from sitting at the table near the kitchen, outlining my book. It's too high. I don't really have any good place to do my class work at home. I might have to sit on the bed or something...I'll have to figure it out. I could go to the library at school, but that would mean lugging my book around, which I'd rather not do.

It was hard to get up at 5:30 when David woke me up. I didn't take a shower and didn't feel like eating breakfast, either. I had breakfast at the Chick-Fil-A at school, which is not very healthy... I was really tired all morning.

Brandy with her new toyI went to the library for a little bit after breakfast. I tried to do some work, but I was having a hard time staying awake. I left there around 9am and went over to Reynolds to get a soda before class. I was still really tired in class. It went fine. I chatted with this guy, Sam, who's also married and older (not as old as me!), going back for a second degree (accounting).  Then I had lunch with the ladies as usual. It was nice. I got so caught up in chatting that I left a little late for my voice lessons (which were changed to noon). No time to warm up. The lessons went fine. I like the teacher. He's very nice. We started working on "Ave Maria." I had worked on it some last semester, but both Jamiee (my teacher) and I were out sick a lot, and I didn't feel like I had really achieved much.

Oh, I found out that I have the wrong book for my marketing class (Barnes and Noble made the mistake, not me). Not sure what I'm going to do. I guess I'll email them or talk to them next week. No wonder the quizzes had questions about the wrong chapters!

After my lesson, I forgot that I only have about 10 minutes to get to my next class! I ran into this guy, an art student, who was in my photography class. I asked him how he was doing, and he was upset because of something to do with his art classes. I guess he had to bring his work (his portfolio) in front of some professors, and they judged him very harshly. He felt they were unfair and that one in particular was terrible. Poor guy! I felt bad for him. I suggested he talk to his advisor about maybe doing an independent study to improve his portfolio. I had to run off, late for class. Fortunately, the instructor knows me well and didn't mind that I was late.

We went over our blogs in class. I realized that this one student in class is the son of Beth, our financial advisor! I guess he's a Mass Comm minor now. So funny. Small school and small town.

I was sick from something I ate with gluten. Possibly the chips I had at Antigua's on Monday. I need to stop eating those. They're not good for me, anyway.

David took me home. After I had something to eat, I tried to nap, but I couldn't sleep.

I had the usual evening...walked Brandy, had dinner, worked on my site, watched TV, etc. I put away the clean clothes. I should have worked on outlining my book chapters, but I wasn't feeling like it.

David and I went to El Compadre. I watched him eat dinner. I didn't feel like eating, anyway, after being sick.

It was very humid out when Brandy and I walked, but it rained later, so that broke the humidity. Thank goodness! I have to start getting ready for our walks now about 7 because it's getting too dark, earlier. Fall is coming! I'm going to have to get out my Fall decorations soon.

I went to bed around midnight. I was falling asleep on my computer. I noticed that my left knee was hurting when I got up, so I took some Tylenol before bed.

The allergies have been bad...my eyes are always watering. I take Visine A and that helps quite a lot, when I use it. I always remember what Data said on "Star  Trek: The Next Generation" about the eyes leaking.  That's what it feels like!

  Friday 9/7/18

I slept in until after 10am! I was so tired. I would have slept later, but Brandy woke me up with her cold, wet, dog nose! Cute but annoying.

My back and left knee are hurting a little, again...

It was nice outside, so we went for our morning walk. The rain really did make things cooler. I can tell it's going to heat up this afternoon, though.

I did my practicing for my voice lessons and also sang some other songs and recorded them. I hope to do that every day, unless allergies or something get in theGoogle search way.

I did a search for SAU football and look what Google did! Wow!! That's annoying.

I took a shower around 5 in case we went out for dinner. I was thinking about singing... to me it's kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes I get to add another piece. I think, ooh, I found the key to this puzzle, and I can sing ANYTHING now...then I can't. Not when I want to record, at least.  It just depends on the song. With high songs, it takes a lot more work and energy. I run out of breath and just get tired, or my voice gets tired.  It can be hard work. With pop songs, not so much.  So then I realize, I've only found a few pieces to the puzzle, and I haven't completed it yet.

David stopped at McDonald's on the way home, so that was nice.

Brandy on couchBrandy and I went for our walk in the evening. It rained in the afternoon, so it was kind of muggy out.  We ran into our neighbors around the corner, with their little puppy, Kona. Then we saw Jackson, the boy down the street further (who was doing batting practice), and his brother (who was riding his bike). He's always glad to see Brandy, and vice versa. She jumped up and gave him a big lick on his mouth that he wasn't expecting! LOL! Just a dog kiss....

I've been working on my site, and now I need to do a little studying. I did some of that and then watched a little TV before going to bed. I was very tired. It took me a while, though.

  Saturday 9/8/18

I should have gotten up at 7, but I went back to sleep. Poor Brandy doesn't get any walk today. I didn't realize that it would rain later on.

We went over to Flying Burger for lunch. Normally I have the fish there, but I didn't feel like it today, so I just had their burger plate (no bun).  They have great burgers and truly awesome fries. Bad for me, too. We went over to Brookshire's after that. We were going to get our flu shots, but the insurance won't pay for it there, for some reason. Also, there was some question about whether I could get it, since I had those epidural shots for my spine a few weeks ago. I'll have to go to my regular doctor and ask her about that.

I got sick while we were there, from something I ate that had gluten.  After we went home, I tried to study, but instead I took a nap. Too long of a nap!

I had some low blood sugar, so I ate some chocolate. Today has not been a very healthy day for me. I feel like I wasted the whole day, too.

I tried to make mozzarella sticks using some cheese I had, with the recipe I madefailed mozzarella sticks before for the baked, low carb cheese curds. It didn't work. They were too melty and way too salty. Not sure what happened. I'll keep trying!

I was going to work on my singing, but I waited too long. I can't do it after David goes to bed, since the music room is right next to our bedroom. Well, I can, but I'd have to go in to the laundry room to do it.

Right now we're listening to our usual Saturday America's Top 40 countdown for the 1970's. This week is from 1977.

I'm so tired of these allergies, especially my itching, and watery eyes.

I wrote another article for the KaraokeScene magazine. You can still read the last one here: page 1 and page 2.  The new one will come out in October.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can get up earlier, and get my hair cut, and get things done.

I tried to do something with my site that involves using the ABC.COM General Hospital site, but it's not working. I don't know if it's their site, or my WiFi. Grrrr!

I did the dishes, which were very overdue, so I need to run another load tomorrow as well as do the laundry.

  Sunday 9/8/18

pancake mixI didn't get up early, after all, but it's OK...

I woke up around 10:30, and then I made breakfast (some Paleo Pancakes, which are so-so, kind of weird tasting).  I went with David over to JavaPrimo. I had a soda and he had lunch.  Then we went to Wal-Mart. I got my hair cut while he did most of the grocery shopping. They were out of my kale salad mix again. sad face I guess it's so good that theypancakes can't keep it stocked.

I had to wait a half hour or so get my hair cut. They only had two people there cutting hair. You would think that they would hire a third person for the weekends, if nothing else. The woman who cut it was very quick, so that was good. She did a good job. I need to take a shower, but I didn't let her wash it, so it will look better tomorrow after I've showered. I just didn't new haircutfeel like taking all that time.

It's been rainy again all day, off and on. After we got back home, I took Brandy for a walk. It's nice outside, but just a bit muggy when it's not raining. I was very cold from being in the Wal-Mart, so I was happy to work up a little sweat walking.

I've just been working on my site since then. I should read my book chapter for school, but I'm so sleepy... I took a short nap, then I studied a little. While David went to do his afternoon walk, I did some more singing and recording.

We went to El Compadre for dinner, and I ate there for a change. It was really good, a dish called Pollo Adobado. I hope it doesn't make me sick! It was very spicy but Pollo Adobado delicious. I could have done without some of the spinach....it tasted like the frozen kind. Fresh spinach, even when cooked, usually is pretty bland. The frozen stuff has a nasty taste, IMHO.

I went back to the singing for a while after we got back. I watched some TV, did some other stuff, started the laundry, and did more studying.

It's cool enough for the first time in a while, so that I don't need to put on the A/C.

my handI tried to go to bed around 3am, but it didn't work. Plus, I was having pain in my hand, for some reason. I hope it's not arthritis...my mom had it pretty bad in her 40's.

There's this nice lady, Lorraine, who used to work at HPU. She's from South Africa and was a civil rights activist there, and here she does social work. She's just an amazing person, and also very nice, and funny. I only got to see her a few times, but she's the kind of person that seems like you've known her your whole life. She had left Hawaii and moved to Washington or Oregon. Anyway, we heard that she's been stricken with cancer and it's not going well. It's so sad. Of all people to have that happen to...  You can read more and donate here.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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