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  Monday 8/27/18

BrandyI'm running a little behind this week....I hate that. It's hard for me to remember what I did earlier today, let alone one or two days ago, or more!

I woke up around 7 and walked Brandy. The weather was a bit humid, but not too bad. I had a long nap as well.

I cleaned up the house a bit...it needed straightening up. I didAwful movie "The House" laundry and dishes, too.

I watched some TV, and quite a few movies. I keep recording movies on my DVR from HBO, and then I watch them and record them to DVD for a friend.  I started watching this awful Will Ferrell movie called "The House." It was so awful that I quit watching after a little while. It Victoria & Abdulwas stupid, but then it also got gross, so I'd had enough. Then I watched a delightful film called "Victoria and Abdul" about the friendship between Queen Victoria and this Muslim guy from India. It's based on a true story.  It's worth watching, although the ending is a little sad.  I looked up the real-life history.  They didn't mention in the movie that Victoria made sure that he would inherit some land after she died. He became rich, in fact. They just ended with him going back to India after her son burnedscene from "Atomic Blonde" all of their letters and photos. Other than that, it seems pretty accurate, from what I read. After that, I watched "Atomic Blonde," which is a pretty good action flick. Very violent for me, but not for these type of movies.

I got a lot of work done today on my site, and I stayed up pretty late. The quiz for our class was fairly easy. They let you take it twice if you didn't do well the first time. It's a Chapter One quiz, but some of the questions are not from Chapter 1, so that threw me. I got 14 out of 20 the first time. 3 were stupid mistakes I got wrong. 1 was a poorly-worded question that I felt could have had 2 of the multiple choice answers. (There was also another one like that, but I chose the correct answer) There were three that were not in the first chapter at all. I guessed correctly on one of them. After I was done with the quiz, I printed it out and went looking for the answers I missed, both in my notes and textbook. For the others, I looked online. Otherwise, I wouldn't gotten them at all. I got 20 the second time around, of course.

I noticed my book, which is rented, is the instructor's edition! But it has all of the same instructional parts as the student's version, so it doesn't matter...

David had some kind of work dinner in the evening, so he was a little later than Brandy in our bathroomusual coming home...apparently he didn't eat much at the dinner, so I made him some food.

It was very humid when Brandy and I walked in the evening. Yuck.

One of the houses down the street was really TP'ed a lot. It's kind of funny...must be a teacher that lives there, or maybe a high school student whose friends got him.

I stayed up until about 2:30am, and I was very tired.

I'm still planning to move my site to Wordpress. I'm waiting on two people: 1) Marcos, who hosts my site and helped me set up some things on it. The menu doesn't work on the phone or tablet, so he's supposed to fix that. I had asked him to look into whether it was possible to add in some more photos at the top and possibly an ad... 2) Lee, who drew our new logo. She will be sending it soon, I think. I can't really do anything until all of that is addressed. No sense putting in new content if no one will see it. It's been taking quite a while, and I'm very impatient...

  Tuesday 8/28/18

I was very tired when David woke me up at 5am. I took a shower, got dressed and got the bedroom ready for Brandy. Then I was on the computer a little bit before wChick-Fil-A breakfaste left. I have my usual routine now where I go in to David's office until 7am, and then I go over to Bruce Hall to wait for Chick-Fil-A to open, so I can get breakfast. The breakfast is good, but not healthy for me, so I think I'm going to start making breakfast ahead of time, and then I can just quickly eat at home before we leave.  That way, I'll probably just go to the library or Reynolds instead.

The campus is so small that I run into people I know all the time. It's pretty cool. After eating breakfast, I went to the library for a little while. It was very cold, and I was wearing shorts and sandals. As I was leaving, I saw that my friend Bryan from last year's photography class, was working there. I guess he's been working there for a while, but our paths just never crossed. We had a nice chat.

I went to Reynolds after that and had a coffee - haven't had that for quite a while. I needed something hot, with caffeine. I asked Sondra to make me a small sugar-free mocha latte, with only half a shot of espresso. Then after it's mixed, I asked her to pour it out so that only about 1/3 remains in the cup. Then she filled the rest with whipped cream. I added in some Equal and mixed it all up. It was perfect!  I gulped it down. I got a diet soda to take to class and went off to the marketing class. I chatted briefly with this guy that works at the bookstore, who's very nice.

Class was fine. The professor likes to share his political opinions, which is unusual (for me, for the classes I've had here). I'm not sure what some of them have to do with marketing! :) He runs an interesting class, though. He's very engaging and asks us questions constantly to get us involved. He also likes to print out newspaper articles that he thinks are interesting and relevant, and then passes them around the room. He's older than me. Otherwise I think he would know that he could post them on blackboard for us to see, rather than bothering to print out the one copy. It's amazing how many professors are still so low-tech in this day and age.

I chatted with the two older people in the class briefly afterwards as well as the professor (separately). I stopped in again at Brinson (the music and art building) to see if my new voice teacher had posted anything, but he hadn't. There was a posted note that said that all voice students have to show up at 5:10pm on Tuesdays in the choir room, so that made me worry a bit. I knocked on Michael's door and he said that it didn't apply to non-majors like me. Whew! What a relief. Michael is the accompanist for the music department and also one of the voice teachers. He's a really nice guy. His wife Amy works in advising and helped me out, figuring out my classes. She teaches voice here, too!

Then I went to Reynolds for lunch. The ladies gathered there at a table. There was a woman I didn't know, from Nepal. She is married to the guy who runs all of the food services on campus (whom I've met many times).  We all had a nice time chatting. I brought some beef sticks (from a company in Vermont) and some kale chips from home, and I bought a fruit cup there as well as another soda. I shared the kale chips around so they could taste them.  Everyone liked them pretty well.

my new backpackI have about an hour and a half between classes, but it goes pretty fast. I went to the bookstore and got a small backpack. Carrying my stuff around in my laptop bag has been too hard on my spine. I ran into Brenna briefly; she's been in a lot of my Mass Comm. classes. She graduated but is going to grad school there now. She's on Facebook and just posted some great photos of her vacation in the Caribbean, so we chatted about that. She went with her parents on a cruise, her graduate present. Nice!

Then I went briefly to the library again. I just had a little time there before I had to go to class back at Overstreet.  Some guy was sitting in "my" seat! Grrr. So I sat up front instead. I usually sit at the desk right behind the door.  Class was fine. We have a blog due on Thursday. I set up the blog as instructed. Now I just have to write it. It should be easy.

David took me home around 2. I made a few phone calls before taking a nap. Scott is coming next week to fix the lights. A few of them went out just after he fixed them all last time, so hopefully he can come up with a more permanent solution. We've been playing phone tag all summer. I had a hard time sleeping because my neck hurt a bit. Also, Brandy was not in the mood to be sleeping, since she had been shut up in the room all day. I only got a little bit of sleep."Shine" poster

Later on, I went with David to El Compadre for dinner (I didn't eat). It had been closed on Sunday when we went there. They just closed down for a party. Glad they're not closing!

When we got back, I walked Brandy about 15 minutes earlier than usual. I was afraid it might rain, but it didn't. It was pretty muggy out.

I watched part of a movie, "Shine." It's good, but a bit sad. I need to finish watching the rest tomorrow.

I was very tired and didn't do too much in the evening After I had dinner, I went to bed the same time as David did, about ten. It's very unusual for us to go to bed at the same time!

  Wednesday 8/29/18

I woke up about 1 am, itching, and couldn't get back to sleep. It's almost 4 now, so I Brandy on the couchmight try again. Eventually I did back to sleep, and then I slept in until almost 11:30.

I fell really behind now on this blog...

I failed the Summer Slim Challenge.  Oh, well. At least I didn't gain any weight, and I lost a few pounds. I plan to stick to it.

We were supposed to go to the dentist today for a regular cleaning/visit, but we postponed until next week because David has a meeting today. Our dentist is moving to another town! That's too bad...

I felt bad not walking Brandy this morning. It rained in the evening, so we couldn't walk then, either! Poor little dog.

I did the dishes and laundry. There's always more to do!

I finished watching "Shine".... Good movie. The guy the movie's about is still alive. Apparently a lot of is not true, according to his family. Very interesting.

I don't know what I did to my back, but today it felt like someone was stabbing me, next to my right shoulder blade.  Probably from too much work at the computer. I was writing and putting together my blog for my Writing and Reporting the Mass Media class.  I stayed up pretty late.

  Thursday 8/30/18

I only got a few hours' sleep.  My back was still hurting some.breakfast

I had a healthy breakfast before school! Turkey sausage, zucchini, eggs, cheese and herbs. It was really good, and I made enough to finish tomorrow, too.

David picked up Brandy while I was at school, to take her to the vet. We're going to be in Little Rock for a few days.  Fortunately, Brandy loves the vet's office and the people who work there. Well, she loves everyone, so....

I went in with David early, as usual, around 6:30. I could still seethe moon the moon out.

I went over to Reynolds to kill some time before class. I got a soda and sat inside with my laptop. It was very cold in there after awhile (they have really strong A/C), so I got a sweatshirt at the bookstore. I needed a new one, anyway. Before my class, I went over to Chick-Fil-A in Bruce to get a Diet lemonade. It's really good there. I took it to my class. I was tired, but I didn't want any me with new sweatshirtcaffeine to make my back pain worse. My class was fine... but my back was still hurting me.

I went back to Reynolds after class and sat with the usual ladies, having lunch. Then I should have hung around more, but instead I went over to Overstreet. I was very tired, and I guess I thought my class was earlier than it was (I really wasn't thinking).  Fortunately, the previous class was over, or I would have been really embarrassed walking in there.  At least I got my usual seat this time!

We mostly just went over the blogs in class... I think we all misunderstood the professor. I think he had said some confusing things because we all had our blogs ready, but I believe at one point, all he said was to have the URL's ready to give him. However, I think he might have also said  that we would go over the blogs today, too.  So we were all ready for that.  We went over mine first. I had a different theme at first, which I liked better, but for some reason, the text was all pushed down too far, so I had to switch to a better theme.

I thought I was going home after class, but then I read my email (I had forgotten to read it yesterday, since I was so busy writing my blog), and my voice teacher scheduled me for today at 2:30.  So, after my marketing class, I chatted briefly with my professor, and then I went over to the practice rooms at Brinson, and warmed up my voice a little. Then I met my teacher. He seems very nice. I handed him a paper that I typed up, that lists all of my musical background, and songs I sang here at SAU etc. I did that because usually, we spend so much time the first lesson or so, where the teacher asks me about this stuff. I figured it was just easier to type it all up, rather than relying on my memory.

I don't know why, but I get very nervous when I first have to sing for anyone.  He was nice, though, when I sang for him. I had mentioned my musical history and that I can sing both high and low, but I like singing high better, and that's where my best notes are. So he took me through some exercises. At one point, he got me up to a high B, so he remarked, "Oh, you ARE a soprano!"  LOL! That was funny.  We one of the art piecesmostly just chatted. He's moved around a lot, as we have, and we had some places in common.

I took some photos around the art gallery before I left Brinson. Some of them are kind of cool. You can see the photos on my Instagram.

I went to Overstreet after that. I had some time to kill, so I went to Student Accounts. There had been some kind of mix-up with how much money I owed, so I went there, and we straightened it out.  I just had to pay another $100 for fees, for the voice lessons.  The woman that helped me, and has helped me in the past, is Kendra. Unfortunately, she said that tomorrow was her last day. Too bad!

After that, David and I went home. He changed and I just hung out.  We went to theOne of the mulegating tents football tail-gating thing, but it was almost over. We had some food. Usually they have burgers, but they also had pork tacos and some other yummy stuff. I hope it doesn't have gluten in it...  We missed the Sno cones, too, darn it! It was really hot out, and very humid. I'm not going to this again unless it's a lot cooler. I really don't enjoy sitting there, sweating. It's one of my least favorite things. I'm not a big fan of football, either.

We went to the first half of the game. My phone was dying, too, so that left me with the scoreboard, early onvery little to do besides sit there and try to pay attention to the game, while I was very uncomfortable.  It was a good game, though. They won easily. The other team didn't score any points at all.

We always sit in this one area that is not in the sun too much. I brought my little seat with me.  The cheerleaders are usually in front of us. It made me think, if I'd had different parents...ones that were supportive and encouraging, perhaps I could have been a cheerleader. Who knows? Instead, I was a geek. Oh, well. I think cheerleading looks like a lot of fun.  I'm sure it's hard physical work, too, but I could have really used that, when I was younger.David and I at the game

Here's our usual Mulerider selfie...

When we got home, I took a nap. I was very tired. Later, I did work on my site.

I had to do more dishes and laundry, too. Later on, I also dusted part of the house, so that when we come back on Sunday, it'll still be pretty clean. I had to start packing and getting everything ready for tomorrow.

My back was hurting again, so I took a nice, hot shower before bed.

  Friday 8/31/18

Driving in the morningWe left very early, around 7am, for Little Rock. I'd only had a few hours' sleep, but I did doze in the car. I had some breakfast at home before we left. We drove straight through to Little Rock without stopping. We stayed at The Marriott, which is my favorite hotel there. It's very nice, and right down near the Riverfront area. Even though it was pretty early, they let us check in early. We were on the 4th floor, with no view, but we didn't care.

When we got there, David had to go another building to find an ATM (the one there wasn't working). I spoke with the bellman, who was waiting there with our luggage, while he did that.  This guy was chatty and very nice. Turns out that he had lived inall dressed up for dinner and karaoke Oahu for 4 years just before moving to Arkansas! What a small world.

David took off for his meeting, and I went back to sleep.

After David came back, I think he took a nap, but I don't remember for sure. It's all a little hazy! :)  Anyway, we were going to go to Samantha's for dinner (the place we found last time that we really liked), but they were all booked up, so we went to Brave New Restaurant instead (which we both love). We took a Lyft over there.  The driver was funny because when he found out where we were beautiful rainbow that looks like it's disappearing into the watergoing, he said, "Do y'all have money?" which was a weird way to say it. He explained that the restaurant is very expensive. He had been there before, with some doctors, and he couldn't believe the prices. I hope the doctors were paying, for his sake! I said, we have credit cards, the next best thing to money!

Anyway...we went there and had a great dinner. It's always good. Also, it has a nice view of the river, and of the city off in the distance. We had a table right next to the window. There were some people sitting out on the terrace, but it was too hot and muggy for me. That turned out to be a good choice because it started raining! They all had to rush inside. It didn't last long, but there was a beautiful rainbow that reached from the city skyline all the way to the other side, and it seemed to disappear into the water. So beautiful! Neither of us had ever seen a rainbow that pretty, even in Hawaii. The photos here don't do it justice.

The waitress was very nice, too. They brought me some wonderful GF crackersyummy GF crackers (turns out they're from Dempsey Bakery, which I've gone to many times). I had some good wine, too. For dinner, I had a wonderful dish that had duck slices, and also duck sausage, and a really wonderful rice pilaf, and green beans. It was a LOT of food. I didn't have any room for dessert, but also, I was trying not to eat dessert, even though they have a wonderful home delicious duck dishmade ice cream there.  I'll have ice cream after I lose the weight!

We went over to Dugan's Pub from there.... We sat outside. The weather wasn't too bad. There was a nearby table with three people, and each one had a dog! Two of the dogs were really big, and the third one was a little boxer. They were so cute! Mostly they were just mooching for food, but I did get to pet them.  One of them got off hisdogs at Dugan's leash and wandered over to us! That was so funny because the owner didn't notice at first. The dogs (and people!) were all friendly.

After that, we went over to Damgoode Pies (pizza place) for karaoke about 8:30. They've changed it so that now it starts at 9, and it's karaoke outsideoutdoors on their patio, instead of inside. It was not a good idea; I hope they change it back. It's a long patio, so the karaoke setup was on one side, and the chairs (with the audience) were on the other side. You couldn't even hear the audience applaud because there was a big gap between the two sections of the patio.  He has a good sound system, at least, because you could definitely hear the music and the singer (I recorded myself on my phone, which was on the table, so that's how I know).  Good thing it didn't rain again, though! Anyway, we had fun. There were probably about 20 people at the tables by the time we left, around 10. There hadn't been a lot of singers, though, so I got to sing three times, in just over an hour. First I sang "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman," and then I sang "You Can't Hurry Love," and then "Dancing Queen."  The second song was the only one I'd never done in public before, so that was fun. I messed up a little at the end, but not too bad. I recorded it a few months ago, and I think I do it a little betterpretty bridge by the riverfront now. I still need to work on it a little more!

I do have to admit that it was very pretty, sitting out there by the river. The bridge there has colored lights on it that change at night.

veggies with hummusWe stopped at our hotel bar after that and had snacks. I just wanted something light, so I had some celery and carrots with hummus. It was kind of spicy but very good.

When we got back to our room, my allergies were really bothering me. After I took out my contacts and wiped the makeup off, my eyes were really watering for a while. UGH.

The Wi-Fi in our hotel was not very good. I was listening to music for a while on the karaoke sites Kantstopkaraoke.com and karaokescene.com, but it was tough because of the Wi-Fi. So after that, I just listened to my own songs on my laptop. I ended up staying up too late as usual.

My friend Lee, who's an artist, did a new logo for me, and now it's on my new Wordpress site. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for Marcos. He put up the logo and other things like I wanted, but in doing so, it messed up the menu on the mobile version. He's still trying to fix it.

  Saturday 9/1/18

I think I slept in a bit, and then took a shower, etc.  We went to lunch at the nearbyyummy steak dish sushi restaurant Wasabi. I always have the filet mignon hibachi (I'm not a sushi fan), and they have this great sauce called Yum-Yum sauce that tastes great on anything. The steak was delicious, perfectly cooked. David had sushi as usual.

Then we went back to our hotel for a while, and then we took Lyft over to the McCain Mall. I guess we'd been there before, years ago, but I don't remember it at all. I just bar in malllove malls. I like to walk around, window shop, and find business cards. However, I was sick from something I ate with gluten (darn it!), so I spent a good part of today in the bathroom.  Still, I had fun looking in the store. I bought a pen at the Spencer store. We stopped and had soft drinks at a place there called Bar Louie that had Chicago 30's mob decor.

Our Lyft driver was great! He was a very nice, chatty guy, very friendly. He had a little box with candy in it - Tootsie Rolls, mints, Jolly Ranchers, etc.  That was great! I hope that one day we get him again. All drivers should be like him.

We stopped again briefly at Dugan's. The Arkansas game was on. The local news station was there, videotaping fans watching (but not us). We went back to the hotel. I stopped at Starbucks and gave in to my sweet tooth.  I wanted the Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino, but apparently they don't have that one anymore. They've replaced with something else with strawberry that has tea in it. Blecchhh! I don't like tea. So instead, I had their new Ultra Caramel Frappuccino, but without coffee. ItSoulfish was delicious!

David had a nap while I attempted to read my marketing book. I gave up and joined him for the nap for a little while.  Maybe I should have had that coffee after all!

Later, we wanted to have a light dinner. We settled on this place we hadn't been to before called Soul Fish. It's near Samantha's.  It is a pretty good place. It's a kind of diner, but with a full bar.  They do have smoked chicken salada GF menu, which is great. I wasn't really in the mood for catfish, or a burger, so I just had a smoked chicken salad and some wine. It was pretty good.

We went back to Dugan's after that and watched part of the Alabama game. They won handily. I think the final score was 54 to 14. I had a drink called alovely orange drink Dreamsicle that was really good (I've had it there before). A band started playing, so we left pretty quickly after that.  We went over to a piano bar called Ernie Biggs. We've been there before, too. We had to get some more cash to pay the cover charge. We had a pretty good time. They played a lot of songs we knew. They had many young people when we first got there, but then they ended up leaving. They probably didn't want to piano barhear our oldies! I gave them some money to do "I Will Survive" (they take requests). I tried to convince them to let me sing, but they wouldn't. Too bad!  Oh, well, it never hurts to ask...

After we got back to our room, I stayed up, working on my site. Before going to bed, I got my clothes out for tomorrow, folded our clothes, and re-packed the suitcase. Then I folded the dirty clothes into a neat little pile and got everything else ready. That way I wouldn't have to worry about it tomorrow and have to rush around when I'm tired.  I went to sleep around 1am.

  Sunday 9/2/18

Amazingly, I woke up around 8:30.  We got our stuff ready and then had breakfastomelet downstairs. I had a ham, cheddar and spinach omelet, and he ate at the buffet. It was not very good. They used to have a pretty good breakfast menu, but they changed all of their menus. Not for the better, it seems. Their buffet has never been good. Too bad. My omelet was fine, just a little dry/boring, and the potatoes were awful. They didn't have any GF bread (they have before).  Well, live and learn.

I noticed two mosquito bites today! This whole summer, I only got one other. So weird that I'd get two in one weekend...It was probably from sitting outside Friday for the karaoke, right on the river. I really should have known better (but, it's not like I knew ahead of time that it was outdoors, either).

Whole Foods signWe packed up our stuff, checked out, and got our car from the valet.  Then we drove to the Whole Foods. We've never been to this one before. I wanted to get some fresh veggies that we don't have in Magnolia, and check out their GF foods. I have to say that I found it quite disappointing.  For one thing, their frozen foods section was very small.  They just had one freezer section. On the left was all breakfast foods and vegetables. On the right was "specialty foods," including vegan and Indian foods. There were not nearly as many GF foods as I'm used to seeing at Whole Foods. The Shreveport one is much better. There were no corn dogs, or  donuts, for instance. They did have some fish, so I got some of that. Unfortunately, they didn't have Dr. Praeger's Quinoa and Herb Crusted Fish Fillets, that I used to get in Hawaii at the Whole Foods there. Those are really delicious.  Their produce section, their cheese section, and their olives section, were all fine.  Their baking aisle, which also had crackers, was really good. I found a great section there. However, the cookies were in a very small section elsewhere, and they had very few GF cookies. Again, disappointing. I got Tate's, which are great, but usually they have a better choice of cookies and candies. heading home

We got some drinks as well and checked out. We drove home and stopped briefly in Prescott. They have a rest stop there. I got a soda and used the restroom. TMI? LOL!

Anyway, when we got home, I was going to nap, but I didn't. I did get sick a lot, though, again, from something I ate. That's too bad. I don't know which place made me Tiny lizardsick. Usually Little Rock is fairly safe for me. Ah, well.

I finished reading my book chapter, watched some TV, and worked on my site. Then I vacuumed some of the house, takingrain from our car frequent rest breaks. I put some vinegar and baking soda on two of the cheap rugs that the dog spends a lot of time on (and has peed on a lot), hoping that I can make them look a little better.

I surprised this teeny little lizard while I was vacuuming the flowersdining room! LOL!

We went to Wal-Mart, so we could do the rest of the grocery shopping. Right after we got in the car, it started pouring rain! Thankfully it did let up after we were done. I got more flowers, among other things. They have a terrible selection of plants now, though.

I had one of the Dr. Praeger's fish entrees that I'd bought...it's fish nuggets that areyukky fish bites supposed to taste like fish tacos, but they don't. I don't know if I'll be eating the rest or not.

We watched this HBO documentary I recorded about Richard Nixon...it was fascinating. Everyone should watch it. Here's a good review of it on my site, too.

We've mostly been listening to the usual Sirius 70's channel. They have theNixon special America's Top 40 Countdown every week. These were from Casey Kasem's radio show back in the 70's. Too bad he didn't do an Adult Contemporary countdown until the 90's. In the late 70's, I got really sick of bad disco songs (especially KC and the Sunshine Band), so I started listening to oldies and AC on KOGO and KFMB for a few years.

I still have to clean the kitchen and one of the bathrooms. I think I'll go to bed after that!

Tomorrow I have to finish straightening up the house, start the laundry, unpack, and study.  Our friend/financial manager Beth is coming over at noon for a consultation. The house really needed cleaning, anyway!

I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend!!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Everyone!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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