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 Monday 8/20/18

Brandy on couchI slept pretty well last night ; David woke me up around 6:30 (at my request). I walked Brandy after that. It was nice again, not too hot or humid. The fireman down the street was standing outside with his two boys, probably waiting for the school bus. The boys were dressed up in some school uniform. Jack came over and pet Brandy. I exchanged weather pleasantries with the fireman and wished the boys good luck in school.

After we got back, I had breakfast and then worked quite a lot. First I worked on my site, and then I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

I was very sleepy about 1:30, so we took a nap - much longer nap than I had planned! We woke up around 5pm.

chicken dishI made some barbecue chicken and vegetables...I found the recipe online when searching for "frozen chicken breasts" because I have a bunch of frozen chicken breasts in my freezer. It came out pretty well, but some of my chicken breasts are pretty thick, so it took a wee bit longer than the 45 minutes that the recipe called for. I made it with Guy's sugar free BBQ sauce.  It'll make great leftovers, too.

We had our evening walk as well...not too hot or humid out, and there was a nice breeze. I hope this means that the weather's turning cooler! One can hope.

Brandy has really come a long way in the past year... especially considering I haven'tBrandy with nose close-up worked with her, to train her, the way I wanted to. All I really trained her to do was not to go to the bathroom inside.  There are many things, though, that I've trained her to do, just from daily repetition. She's a smart dog and loves to please, so that's why. She doesn't bite my feet or jump up on us nearly as much. She's learned from us saying saying "No!" all the time. She will still mouth me sometimes, but she doesn't do that to David at all because he's made it clear to her, that's unacceptable. She has her little routines.

Brandy on my lap, chewing on her tailFor instance, when David arrives home, he calls me to let him in because our garage door opener doesn't work on that side.  I move the baby gate from the door to the hallway, over to the kitchen, so she won't run out when I open the door to the garage.  She knows that routine now, so even if she rushes into the kitchen, she rushes out and waits for me to put the gate down. At night, we tuck David into bed. It's our little ritual.  I move the gate and she goes running in and jumps on the bed to say goodnight. After we say good night, and I turn off the light, I used to have to practically drag her off the bed back into the living room. We started this "woop woop woop" to get her excited, so she would follow me out of the room. Now I don't even have to say "woop woop woop". I just turn off the light, and she jumps off the bed and runs into the living room! It's very cute. Most of the time she goes where I want her to. I just have to say her name or whistle and she comes running (especially if she thinks there's food).  She's also much calmer than she was a year ago (although part of that is from the Benadryl I give her twice a day).

I tried to go to bed about 3am, but I had really bad allergies, sinus pain, headache etc. I took a bunch of medicine for it, but nothing helped. I just couldn't sleep in that condition. I'll just wait now until it's time to walk the dog...

This is a very interesting video about countries that have mandatory voting (and whether we should).  Whether you agree with it or not, make sure you go out and vote in in the SquareNovember!

 Tuesday 8/21/18

I ended up staying up all night. We had our walk and it was actually kind of cold! I had breakfast and then didn't go to sleep until about 9 or 10am. Then I slept until about 3:30.courthouse

David picked me up about 5, and we went down to the Square for Blue and Gold Day. That's the annual festivities for SAU's Fall semester. I guess this year they also made it for the high school kids, too. It was really crowded. We had a hard time even finding a place to park.  There were just too many people there, and it was kind of hotnew SAU store (not as bad as usual, though). We walked around, saw all the tables and booths, and I took photos. It was also the opening of the SAU store on the Square, so we went in there and David showed it to me. He had been there earlier for the opening. They have a nice room in the back, too, for continuing ed classes.

They give away a lot of free things at the Blue and Gold Day, like pizza, candy, sno cones, nachos, T-shirts and more.  They had lots of drawings and raffles, too.  I picked up quite a few souvenirs for my collections, especially pens.  We saw somestuff I picked up people we knew, but not as many as last year...probably because it was so crowded. They also had rides and bouncy castles for the kids.

Then we went to Los Tovares for dinner. I had their carnitas tacos. They were pretty good. After we got home, I walked the dog again.

carnitasI did laundry and worked on my site...not much else! The day is kind of a blur. I kept falling asleep all day, dozing. I finally went to bed around 1, I think? Maybe earlier.

 Wednesday 8/22/18

I couldn't wake up this morning until about 8 am. Thankfully, we're having a nice cool spell, meaning it's in the 70's in the morning and the day has a high of 91. Not tooneighbor burning leaves much humidity, either.  It's supposed to stay nice until Sunday.

The neighbors are burning stumps again...

I got a lot done today. I played with the dog quite a bit. We had our nice morning walk. I put the laundry away, washed our bedclothes and did the dishes/cleaned the kitchen. I did some work on my site and watched some DVD's and other TV. I started reading the first chapter of my marketing class book, and taking notes as I did. I didn't quite finish the whole chapter, so I'll try to tomorrow.hot dogs

I took a very short nap. Brandy woke me up, and I couldn't get back to sleep.

Oh, the university finally hired a new voice teacher, so it looks like I'll be taking lessons after all! I hope the person can fit me in Tuesdays or Thursdays so I don'tdog wanting to play have to come in another day.

This is a very interesting article I stumbled across, about Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (which I have, as well as allergies to foods with gluten). I have always suspected that many people who are diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (like I was) really have food sensitivities. I'm glad to be right!

Looks like I've lost my driver again, so I have to find a new one. In the meantime, I'm going to have to go in with David super early in the morning. UGH.

Going to bed now at 1am, and I hope I can sleep! I have to get up at 5am.

 Thursday 8/23/18

BrandyI couldn't sleep. I was tired, just not sleepy enough. Allergies also made it tough to sleep. My eyes keep watering, and I was coughing a little. I don't know how I'm going to get through this day!

These are all of the Marvel Universe movies in order of when they came out. The numbers next to them are in order of my preference. (If Deadpool was in that list, that would be #1 and the sequel #2) I haven't seen the last two yet (the last one isn't out yet).

I posted for help all over, trying to find a new driver. I hope I can get one! I hate getting up this early.

Next semester I must remember, if I have a book, not to bother bringing it to class the first day. So far all I've done is lug big books around for no reason.Brandy looking up at me

I hope all my friends in Hawaii are safe!  They closed the schools, including HPU. If we were there, we would be fine because we lived in a high rise, near the harbor. But we would have had to bring in our patio furniture, I'm sure (they always told us to do that when there was a risk of high winds). HPU was closed, too. Mostly they worry about flooding more than anything else, in that part, where we lived. It's not a danger for those who live high up. My friend Kathy is supposed to fly there tomorrow. I hope she can get there, and safely!

campus early morningWe went in to the university about 6:40. I hung out at David's office until 7 (nothing else is open at that time). Then I walked over to Bruce Hall. The Chick-Fil-A opens at 7:30, so I waited there until it opened. I had a sausage patty with cheese, and their "hash browns" (which are really tater tots), with a sugar free lemonade.  Then I walked over to Reynolds for a little while. I got to say hi and chat with the ladies there that work at the coffee place, which is always fun. Then I went to the bookstore after it opened. I wanted to buy a new mini-brush for my purse because mine broke, and also a 3-subject notebook. They didn't have any brushes. I wanted a notebook that said SAU on it, but they only had those in 1-subject, so I got a plain one. They changed the bookstore last year...I think Barnes & Noble took it over. It was way better before. They had a whole makeup section...that's gone. They had more and better snacks, too. Oh, well.

I tried to read my textbook more, and take notes, but my brain was pretty dead at that point, and there was a lot of noise. I didn't feel like moving anywhere else. I went over to the business building for my class about 9:15.  The business building is across the street from Reynolds, so it was a short walk.

My class is up on the 2nd floor, so I just walked up the stairs (I didn't see the elevator, but I figured it was healthier to take the stairs). I always sit near the door, in case I have to run to the restroom! The desks there are pretty small and not very comfortable. I'm spoiled because most of my classes (for Mass Comm) are in this one room in Overstreet where we have big tables to sit at. I can spread my stuff out over the table with plenty of room, and the chairs are comfortable. This one, and the one I had last year in Photography, are really tiny (to me) and have a sort of half-desk you pull up. Barely enough room for my notebook and nothing else.

The professor came in and called roll. He's a very good speaker. He doesn't just stand there and talk. He's a very dynamic speaker.  He asks questions and really gets the class involved. I like that kind of class because it's less boring. The subject of Marketing is not all that interesting, but hopefully it won't be too terribly hard for me. It sounds like a lot of work. I hope to keep up on it. I don't really care what grade I get, though, as long as I pass.

I spoke with the professor after the class because I always let them know about my gluten problem (in case I have to run to the bathroom in the middle of class). Turns out, he's celiac! So that was interesting... there were two other students there speaking with them, and it turns out they're both 40, so all of us older students were there to chat with the professor after class. We know how this works! Get all the help you can! :)  I recognized a couple of other students I know in that class, at least one from Mass Comm.

Then I had to email the professor because I can't find the syllabus. They have this online system called Blackboard where the professors can post assignments, tests etc. but I haven't used it very much. My main professor, the one I have for most of my classes, doesn't like it, so he doesn't use it. He has his own separate website.

Anyway, after the class, I stopped in at Brinson to find my voice teacher's office. He had a blank schedule on the door for us to fill out, so we could tell him when we have time for voice lessons. I really hope he is able to schedule me Tuesday or Thursday, so I don't have to come in an additional day just for that. I only have a half hour lesson, so I hope he can fit it in. I saw some other people there I know and said hi.

Then I went back to Reynolds, got a soda, and hung out with the ladies there, who were having lunch. I was late, so we only had a little time to chat. It was nice to see them, and another woman who works there, that I hadn't seen for quite a while.

I had my next class about an hour later. I was getting very sleepy. I went over to themy notes library for a while. It was too warm in there. I don't think their a/c was working right. I had some snacks and soda, and I worked on my laptop.  I stopped briefly over at Bruce to get another soda before heading to class.  I saw two guys I knew in Bruce, in separate areas, from my Mass Comm classes. It was nice to see them. One gave me a hug! Awww! So nice.  My Mass Comm class was fine, but I kept falling asleep. It was tough. Fortunately, the professor repeats everything, plus I can ask him questions next time. I had been worried that no one I know would be in the class, but there were a few I knew, so that was good. I chatted briefly with the professor afterwards. He lost a ton of weight in the summer! I mentioned it to him and asked if he was OK...I didn't want to compliment him for losing weight if it was from cancer or something! He looked at me in a kind of shocked way, but he was mostly joking because we chat all the time about stuff. We're close to the same age.  He chats with all of his students, gets to know them, etc.  He assured me that he was fine and that he lost weight because of arthritis in his knee. Good for him! I wish I knew how he did it! But of course it's much easier for men to lose weight. He probably just cut out snacks or something. If you look at my notes above, I nodded off while writing...

The class is Writing and Reporting for Mass Media. Mostly we just write in our blogs, like the two classes I had of his last semester. They are super easy - no book to read, and no tests or quizzes to study for. The subject is interesting, too, so it should be easy to write about.

After class, I went down to David's office, and he gave me a ride home. I let the dog out and had a snack, and then took a nap. Brandy was too hyper, so she didn't get to join me on the bed. I slept for just a few hours (I think Brandy woke me up, whining).

edamameDavid came home about 5:30, I think? And we went out to eat. We went to the Japanese restaurant, Tokyo. I had the edamame again, and some wine. It was good. We stopped at Brookshire's briefly afterwards to get a few things. They were out of my low carb ice cream bars, so I got this other kind called Chillycow. They're pretty good, but I like the Breyer's better. Chillycow has fewer calories and less fat, but it's not as low carb.

My friend Kathy is flying to Hawaii tomorrow. I guess the threat of hurricane has died down...that's a relief to my friends there, I'm sure!

I was really exhausted, but I had to walk Brandy.  had some wine at home, too, but I didn't finish it. Too tired! As soon as David finished on the treadmill, I went to bed. It was about 9, I think. I slept through until 7am!

Friday 8/24/18

David woke me at 6:30, but I went back to sleep for a half hour. Then Brandy woke me up again. I guess she knew it was time for her walk! So we did the walk. It was a bit humid for 7am, but not too warm, thankfully.

When we got back, I had breakfast and did a few things here and there. I watched some movies.

The Clawsons came by about 9:30 to weed and mow the yard...nothing eventful happened. It's always nice to get that done, even though it means I have to go out back and unlock the gate, and then lock it again later on. Plus Brandy always gets super excited and barks a lot.

I was sick a little today from something I ate, with gluten...hard to say what it was. It could either be the Mexican restaurant on Tuesday or the Chick-Fil-A yesterday morning. I shouldn't have eaten at the latter, so that I would know for sure.

I went back to sleep for a nap around 1, and then I woke up at 4. We had this retirement dinner to go to, so I had to start getting ready for that.  David came home around 5. I always have a hard time picking out a dress to wear because most of our events are not very formal, but I want to look good. I chose a blue, green and white dress I got at Ross while we were in Hawaii. It has a sash and the front is sort of wraparound. It wasn't a super formal event. I have this new dress I want to wear, but it requires ironing, which I haven't gotten around to doing yet.  Then I couldn't find any of my party-purses. I forgot that I had hung them up on a hanger. Took mecrowd at the retirement dinner forever to find them.

We went to the retirement dinner in Reynolds. I only knew a few people there. The dinner was for a business professor, a woman that was teaching accounting there since the early 80's.  One of the former presidents hired her to teach when she just had a Bachelor's degree! Wish I could do that.  She then got her Master's and Doctorate later.  She'd been at SAU for 38 years. Wow! She has a bunch of kids and ten grandchildren!  I'm sure they all keep her busy.  She and her husband live in El Dorado, which is about 40 minutes away. It's amazing how many people who work here live in some other town and commute.

They found some GF food for me, for dinner, so that was good. No dessert, though. :( I hope it really was GF and doesn't make me sick.  We were there a few hours. I had a little trouble hearing some of the speakers because we were sitting in the back. They did a nice job with the presentations about her. First they had a slideshow of photos of her over the years, then they showed a video with some of her friends/colleagues talking about her, and then they had 4 different people talk about her in real life (3 former students and one former caramel ice creamfaculty member), and then they presented her with some gifts. Then she spoke, and it was a nice speech.

Unfortunately, it was after 8 when we got home, so it was too dark to take Brandy for her evening walk. I couldn't talk David into going with us. He was very tired and went to bed pretty early for a Friday night.

We just relaxed, snacked and watch TV the rest of the evening. I watched another movie and some TV after he went to bed, and worked on my blog and my site. I found this great caramel ice cream pop that's pretty low fat and low calorie. 

This morning I watched "Evita" for the first time. I've had the albums for the original soundtrack and movie for a long time, so I know the music very well. I just never got around to watching the movie. I have it on VHS somewhere and probably DVD, too. Well, 22 years later....LOL! It wasn't bad, I just don't like Madonna's singing in it. I guess they probably told her to sing quieter, but it didn't work, either for the music or for her voice. She's got a very strong voice when she sings pop, so she should have been able to really belt out "Buenos Aires" like the original singer Patti Lupone did. Too bad. Now I've had the songs stuck in my head the whole day.

This evening I watched a movie called "Everything Everything," which wasn't bad. It was amovie poster nice teen drama, and thankfully it had a happy ending. I was afraid it was going to be too sad, but it wasn't. There were a few things that I thought they messed up on. The movie is about a teenager that has this auto-immune problem called SCID, so she lives in a specially-designed house by her mom. She can't go out anywhere and everything she touches has to be sanitized.  Like that old John Travolta TV movie, "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble."  Later on, she falls in love with the boy next door, and she takes him to Hawaii. Now, they don't show them checking in at the gate, but how is she boarding a plane with no I.D.?  She's never been out of the house. You can't get an I.D. online, so....that was a major flaw, to me. Then when they land, they actually showed a girl in a hula getup, putting leis over their heads.  Now, that's something they've shown in TV and movies for decades, but it's wrong. That doesn't happen. Perhaps if you get some special travel package, or paid an extra fee, that might happen.  Otherwise, you don't get a lei unless you buy one (or you're visiting friends, and they give you one, like we did for our friends when they visited).  But, also, they were walking off a small plane, like it was the 1960's or something. Now, I've never been to Maui, where they said later they were. I assumed they were in Honolulu up to that point. Perhaps they did take a small plane from Honolulu to get to Maui (not sure why you would do that, though, instead of flying directly to Maui).   So that was dumb. Otherwise, it was a pretty good movie.

i stayed up really late because I wasn't tired enough to go to bed at a regular hour...salad

 Saturday 8/25/18

I took Brandy walking in the morning, and then I slept some more. David went to the pharmacy for me, and then we went to II Brothers Restaurant, which has been closed for a while and just re-opened. He has the spaghetti, and I have the salad, every time. It looks like they changed the way they make the food, though. Too bad.

cheeseburgerWe stopped briefly at Wal-Mart so I could get a few things. Later on, I had a really good cheeseburger on lettuce with grilled onions.

I've been trying to read the first chapter of my textbook for my Principles of Marketing class. It's very dry and boring, but also obvious, and poorly written. I have to take an online quiz on Tuesday.

 Sunday 8/26/18

I got up pretty early and walked with Brandy, and then I went back to sleep for awhile.  I'm not liking this split shift sleeping schedule I'm on lately. I stay up too late, get up to walk the dog (or to go to class) then go back to sleep.  Then repeat! Not good because I'm tired all the time.

We went to Java Primo for lunch (as usual, I just had a soda while David ate - I had breakfast before that) and then went to Wal-Mart for groceries.

It was very hot and humid today....I had hoped this awful weather would be past us now, but I guess not.

I did a lot of studying this weekend to prepare for the quiz I have to take on Tuesday.

I was sick off and on the whole weekend from something I ate with gluten...it justbanana brittle never seems to end.

I took the leftover salad from yesterday and added some bacon and mozzarella. It was very yummy.

It was a stressful day. Someone let me down big time, so I'm really upset at that person. Some other people were also aggravating me. I'm not saying any names!

Today is National Dog Day! Of course, that's every day at our house.  I may have said this before, but Brandy is a lot less hyper now than she Brandy looking at mewas a year ago. Which is a good thing! She behaves most of the time.

I forgot that I wanted to get my hair cut this weekend...oh, well.

We were discussing Honolulu, as I said above, and it got us talking about which of our favorite restaurants we'd visit. I decided to make a list. These don't include the ones that went out of business. We both agreed on the #1 place. David's not as picky as I am, so he only has 3 places on his list. He also doesn't really remember which places he liked or not, for the most part, plus he doesn't have to worry about gluten.  There would probably be a lot more Asian restaurants on my list if I could eat at them without getting sick.

Top Favorite Honolulu Restaurants

for Suzanne--

1. Duc's Bistro
2. Nobu
3. Ruth's Chris
4. Beachhouse
5. Bali
6. Tiki Grill
7. 12th Ave. Grill
8. Ethiopian Love
9. The Tchin Tchin! Bar
10. Waiahole Poi Factory
11. Il Lupino
12. BLT Steak
13. Buzz's
14. Bill's
15. Rumfire
16. Pint & Jigger
17. Kan Zaman
18. M.A.C. 24/7
19. Seoul Jung
20. Smith & Kings

David's short list

1. Duc's Bistro
2. Gordon Biersch
3. Hunan Cuisineflowers from Wal-Mart

We were waiting to hear whether our financial advisor was coming by tomorrow or not, so I bought some snacks just in case...I didn't really want to clean the house, though, so I was a little relieved when she canceled. We've rescheduled for next Monday (Labor Day).  It's not that I have to really clean, but I don't like someone coming in the house if it looks too bad.  Now I will have more time to prepare.

DVDI found something great out, quite by accident. I wrote a review of a Lifetime movie, about J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter), back in 2011. I just found out that, they put out a DVD of the movie. Well, the UK version of that DVD has 3 positive quotes on it from reviewers. Two of them are mine! Under each quote, it says "tvmegasite.net"!  I'm very happy. I've never had anything like this happen before, so it's very cool. I bought one of thebaked cheese curds DVD's from the UK Amazon site.

After the great GF poutine I had in Vermont, I wanted to try cheese curds again (they were delicious in that dish), so I ordered some off Amazon. They aren't very good cold...like very dry or skim mozzarella.  But I found this recipe for GF and low carb baked cheese curds. They are awesome. They remind me a little bit of mozzarella sticks, and a little bit like gnocchi. I want to try the recipe with skim, low fat mozzarella  sticks, to see if that will work.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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