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  Monday 8/13/18

I asked David to wake me up at 6:30, and he did, but then I fell back asleep for ame on Snapchat while....until Brandy woke me up. She made it clear that she was going to keep pestering me until I got up! I can't really blame her, though, because I went to bed pretty early. I was just very tired because of being sick a lot yesterday from accidentally eating gluten. That usually makes me very tired.

Brandy and I went for our walk about 10 till 8. It was pretty nice outside. It was raining a lot yesterday, so that made it cooler for a change, and less humid. The garbage collectors were out, and boy, did their truck stink! Plus it leaked something down the road from us, so it stunk even worse after they were gone. Pee-Yoo! Brandy loved it, though. Dogs like stinky things.

She went a little crazy dog after we got back, but fortunately, it didn't last too long. I give her Benadryl twice a day for her allergies, and it does keep her calmer most of the time.

spinach stir fryI'm waiting for the pest control guy, who's supposed to come by sometime in the next few hours for our regular pest control visit.  I spent about an hour straightening up the house and putting the dishes away, so that it wouldn't look too bad. At least the house is still relatively clean from being cleaned professionally last week!

I had breakfast before Michael, the pest control guy, came by. I fried up some veggies and scrambled eggs. I made a lot so that tomorrow I could eat the other half of it.

Brandy was very excited when he came by. I tethered her to the couch. He loves dogs, and he knows her, so he came over to pet her briefly. So that meant, unfortunately, that she peed on the floor a bit. I sure wish she would outgrow that soon!

It's always nice to chat with Michael. He's an interesting guy and clearly likes people. I showed him the photo of the snake that we found yesterday, and he, too, said it's a king snake.  He said that if it happens again, to call him and he'll come get it. That wasn't an option yesterday, since it was 6:30 am and we just wanted it out of there so the dog wouldn't get it, and so it wouldn't crawl under the furniture. We had no idea it wasn't venomous. He said he would probably make it a pet (lots of people keep snakes as pets). Brandy with tongue out

We went back to sleep after he left...Brandy was a little hyper for a while, but then she passed out.

I've been working quite a lot on my site because I put up our Fall schedule. I'm still adding more to it. 

I was sick again in the evening. I hope that's the end of it for awhile.

I sent some DVD's to my SIL Eileen. She and her husband have never seen any of the Marvel movies, so I sent her some of those as well as some movies I watched and recorded off TV. They liked them, so I'm happy about it.

I stayed up pretty late. I got a lot done, though.

  Tuesday 8/14/18

I tried to sleep in, but once again Brandy wouldn't let me, so we did our morning walk just before 8am. After breakfast, I tried to go back to sleep, but it was very difficult. My allergies were really bad, for one thing. My eyes kept watering, and I was really congested. I couldn't get comfortable.  It seemed like every time I drifted off, something woke me up.

The Texarkana Surgery Center called me twice, waking me up. One person called to remind me not to drink or eat after midnight, and to bring someone with me to drive me home. The other called to tell me the cost. Surely the same person could have called about both!

David came by around 11 to pick up Brandy and take her to the vet's kennel.  I finally was able to get to sleep, and I slept until about 3:30. I woke up coughing, which was not pleasant. I took Mucinex, which helped. I also got a headache (allergy-related), so I took Aleve. I forgot I'm not supposed to take Aleve, aspirin or Advil before I have that epidural shot tomorrow. They should have called and reminded me of that. Oh, well. Hopefully it's not a problem....I believe that they tell me that because they're a surgery place. It's not good to take these medicines before surgery because it causes you to bleed more. I'm just getting a shot, so it shouldn't be an issue. I'm debating whether I should mention it or not. I'm worried they might say, no, we can't do it today, then, (because of silly legal reasons) and cancel it. Then we'll have driven there for nothing.  Well, I think I'll say nothing, unless they ask me specifically. It's pretty ridiculous to expect someone with pain in their spine to give up their pain medication before getting a shot for pain! Especially if they don't bother to call and remind me...

I packed, which didn't take too long, since it's just one overnight trip. I just worked on my site, other than getting ready.

road trip!David came by around 5, and we left for Texarkana. We checked in to the Magnus Motel, like we usually do, and then we walked over to the Hooter's. We're very boring creatures of habit.  I was starving by then, but I still just got their spinach bacon and shrimp salad. It was really good.  We noticed that the motel next door, the Rodeway Inn, didn't have one single car. I wonder if they're closing down? We stayed there a few times before. It's not very comfortable, so that's why we tried the Magnus and like it better.  There are some nicer places across the street, but they don't have many eating places. The walk is not far to the Hooter's from those places, but you have to walk across the busy freeway and through a lot of grass and weeds. We did that before, and it's no fun, especially in the heat or in the dark. We stopped first at a little convenience store to get water and snacks, then at Burger King for me to get a diet soda. I was really craving some ice cream, but their ice cream machine was broken. I was very disappointed, but I didn't need the carbs/fat/calories, anyway.

The WiFi here didn't work at first, but eventually the people at the front desk managed to get it working. I forgot to bring the HotSpot device I bought...I haven't really figured out yet how to work it, anyway.

There was a huge cricket on the curtains, but lucky for us, it didn't make any noise. Later, I saw it walking across the floor. I hope it doesn't get up on my bed! I don't mind crickets, but that doesn't mean I want them walking on me at night.

We watched a little TV before David went to sleep.

I chatted with my brother David quite a bit on Facebook. He just recently got on there. It's about time!

I went to sleep around 1. I woke up around 4, itching a lot. It seems to always be something! I hope I can get back to sleep a little.

I really hate that they say not to eat or drink after midnight. It's just an arbitrary, dumb rule based on something that happened in the 50's; most anesthesiologists don't even make you do that any more.  I had snacks and drunk a ton of water right before midnight, of course. I was thirsty, though, so I did have a little water after that, anyway. I did last time, too, and it didn't cause any problems. I had to take a muscle relaxer pill earlier, so I had to drink some water with that.

I think we're going to have breakfast at Denny's after my injection procedure. Something to look forward to!

I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I went to bed about 1:30, and woke up around 4, and I was itching terribly. I couldn't get back to sleep. I took an allergy pill. It helped, but I still couldn't sleep. I ended up listening to music for a while and trying to sleep after that, but it didn't work. I was really hungry, too.

Here's something weird I noticed. Maybe it's obvious, but I never thought about it or noticed it before. Apple is known for having high quality products, particularly when it comes to sound and photos, whether you're talking about a Mac computer, an iPod, and iPad or an iPhone. However, the older versions are not as good. That part IS obvious. But here's the thing: They aren't as good as other non-Apple products that are newer.  I have this iPod. It's a 3rd generation Nano, which means it came out no earlier than 2007.  I probably bought it in 2013 or 2014, maybe... I don't know. But anyway, 2007 was 11 years ago, as much as it seems like it's more recent than that.  I've never had ANY problem listening to songs on my Nano.  Tonight I was listening for a while and then my battery ran down, so I plugged it in and switched to listening to my phone. Now, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy 8, which came out last year. Oh, my God! The sound on there is SO MUCH BETTER! I never noticed this before because I don't use it too much for music.  The thing about these products is that over time, they all try to one-up each other, and they steal other's ideas, so things like sound and photo quality are always improving, among other features.  I'm sure if I got a new iPod it would sound even better. But they only make the iPod Touch now, which is like having an iPhone, except you can't make phone calls. It costs a few hundred dollars. I would rather not spend that much on an iPod.

  Wednesday 8/15/18

David went out for his morning walk, and I took a shower about 8:45. We had to check out before we left for my procedure because checkout time is 11 and my procedure is at 10. I wanted to take a shower and give my hair time to dry. I packed ournurse stuff before my shower. We got ready pretty quickly after David returned. It was about 9:40 by the time we both got ready. I was just a bit braindead from my lack of sleep.

We checked out and then drove over there. I checked in, which meant filling out and signing a bunch of forms, and giving them my insurance card. Then we waited a bit. I was so tired, and also not at all nervous since I did this before. Not like last time, where my blood pressure went very high. I think they said it was 168 over 200 (not sure about the bottom number). It's normal today.

I brought my good neck pillow with me and stupidly left it behind at the motel, again! They're going to hold on to it for me until the next visit. I was tired, what can I say...

Just like last time, they brought me in, at the surgery center, and had me take off my shirt, bra and shoes, and put them in a locker. I put on the hospital gown that's open in the back, and their slipper-socks. I kept them last time. I won't bother this time! If they were a better color than mustard, I might, but...blecccch!

I went into the same room across the hall, but for some reason, this time I got a private waiting area/room (last time they put me in the more public one where everyone is separated by curtains). I had a male nurse today. He was fine, but not very chatty or friendly like the female ones they have there. He suggested I might want to use the bathroom first, which was a good idea.  Then I laid down in their wheeled bed, and he gave me shower cap to wear (I think last time, the nurse put it on for me).  I told him and the others that last time, my neck was hurting so bad that I couldn't even tie up the back of the gown; I had to have them do it for me. This time, it was no problem at all. That's probably why she put the shower cap on me, too; she figured it was difficult.  My neck was a little bit sore today, but not that bad.  The left side was hurting a lot yesterday, but the shower fixed that, for the most part.

I laid there, very tired, and I tried to sleep, but it was too loud, and bright, and I wasn't that comfortable.  Once he put a needle in my hand for the IV, then it was even harder to sleep.  It hurt a lot when he put it in, but after that it was mostly fine. I just had a sort of vague ache in my wrist area. Last time it was the opposite. It didn't hurt much going in, but it hurt a lot after that, just sitting there.

The reason I wasn't all that comfortable was that my neck didn't have enough support. They put me upright like I asked, and I had plenty of pillows, but I didn't feel like asking them for something to put right behind my neck. I was too tired.

They took a long time. There are two doctors. One is an anesthesiologist (the guy I had last time, I think his name was Aquino) and there was another doctor, too (Doctor Watson). Not sure what he did. He was more the hands on guy and the other one was supervising. Maybe the second one did the actual procedure. I don't remember having a second doctor last time, but I was so nervous, I might have confused them. I didn't notice his name until later. I should have asked where Sherlock Holmes was! Ha ha! I'm sure he's never heard that one before... ;)  He was the one that was late and apologized for it. He kept calling me "Sister" during the preparation. That was a weird one. I never heard that before. Anyway, looking them up now online, they are both seasoned anesthesiologists. That's good!

The nurse, who was very nice, had come in to chat with me, and then Dr. Aquino. I had a regular parade of visitors! Dr. Aquino asked me about how it went last time. He seemed pleased when I told him that once my head went down on the pillow, I remembered nothing after that until they took me out of there.

It was after 11 already when he came in, so that took a while. I was pretty hungry and thirsty by that time. They wheeled me into the room where they do the procedure. Last time, I believe everything was all set up already, but it seemed like this time, they had to move stuff around more. I know they have two kinds of shots they do, one for the lumbar, and one like mine for the cervical area. Maybe it was setup for the lumbar, so they had to change it...no idea. By the way, I had to keep signing more papers! I must have signed 10 papers, at least. Geez.

They had to move me and the other stuff around. I was facing the opposite direction from last time, for some reason. Anyway, they had me face a metal tray, and they put the same kind of foam pillow on it (with a hole for my face) and they put tubing that had two prongs in my nose. I don't like that thing because it's very uncomfortable to me. I told myself not to complain, though, because I knew it wouldn't last very long. Last time, when I was so nervous, I complained! That gives you oxygen, though, so if you pass out from the medicine, you don't suffocate, so it's kinda important!

Anyway, after that, I put my head down, and again I was fast asleep very quickly from their drugs. Next thing I knew, they were sitting me up and having me walk back into the area to get my clothes on (I barely remember that, but I did have a little bit of trouble with getting the clothes, and walking). Then they led me back to a little waiting area and brought David in. He had my purse, phone and a bag with water. They gave me a cup of ice water as well, but I added more. I got dressed and then just sat on a chair. Last time, they didn't have me there very long, but this time they did. We waited a while.  I was still pretty loopy. Then they brought a wheelchair, to wheel me back out to the car, like last time. I was glad to have it.  Then we left there (It wasn't pouring rain like last time, thank goodness). My neck felt great, and it still does.

Denny's breakfastDavid and I went to Denny's; it was after noon at that point. It sure took awhile. I was starting to feel more normal, but I was still a little out of it. I was starving and ordered way too many high carb foods. I had bacon, sausage, hash browns, their GF English muffin and half a chocolate shake. Bad idea! It was delicious, of course. I made sure to tell the waitress about gluten, and her manager came over to confirm, so they made sure to clean off an area of the grill to make my food. So, hopefully it won't make me sick. I took half the muffin and my soda to go. We drove back home. I slept through most of it.

After we got back, David got dressed and went to work. He was remarkably patient about all the waiting around he had to do.  He couldn't even bring his tablet because last time, their Wifi, if they have it, wasn't working. So all he had was his phone. Maybe next time I will remember to bring my HotSpot device. wrist band

I realized that I forgot to take my morning pills while at Denny's, so I had a little more food with the pills. It was not good because my blood sugar was high all day. I  went back to sleep for a few hours and woke up around 5:30.

I was still tired and didn't do much all day except for work on my site. Tomorrow I will tackle the unpacking and straightening up, and the dishes.

I ate healthy for the rest of the day, but my blood sugar was still way too high. I even took an extra Glipizide to try to bring it down.

We went for a walk around the neighborhood around 8. It was very humid. I walked faster than usual and did the lap twice. I came back and David did the third lap.  Brandy is still at the vet's until Friday. It was weird to walk without her! I had a Sugar Free Popsicle afterwards. I usually do when I've been walking out in the heat and humidity, if I don't take a shower instead.

For lunch, I just had some meat sticks. For dinner, I had salad with lettuce, carrots, celery, mozzarella cheese, pumpkin seeds and oil and vinegar, and some sugar free Jello with whipped cream for dessert. All very healthy and low carb!

I stayed up until about 5am. I had a lot to do.

  Thursday 8/16/18

I tried sleeping, but I never got there. I ended up staying up until about 11am.  It's not so much insomnia as too much napping, weird hours, plus allergies and pain. I really overdid it, working on my computer without enough breaks, so I was hurting a bit. Eventually, I took a hot shower, and that helped me. I was able to finally get to sleep after that. I slept until about 4:30.

Since I couldn't sleep, I took a walk around 7am. It was very humid, 98% humidity and it really did feel like that. It wasn't TOO hot, but man, that was some miserable humidity.

dinner at El CompadreWe went to dinner at El Compadre. I had a really good special, which was a chicken breast topped with cheese sauce, onions and chorizo. This is their big test, so I hope they pass! One of the waitresses there is really nice and is an SAU student in computer science.

I still haven't gotten sick yet from Hooter's on Tuesday, or Denny's on Wednesday, knock on wood...

After we got back, I went for a walk around the neighborhood. It was still very humid, but not quite as bad as this morning.

I've been trying to clean up the place a bit. I put away the laundry and unpacked our bags, and I straightened up some of the house. I was going to do the dishes, but I'm feeling very sleepy right now. Maybe I can go to bed at a decent hour? We'll see!

I went to bed about 1:30.

  Friday 8/17/18

I slept pretty well and didn't even get up until about 10:30. I was very tired!

I increased my Glipizide medication, which finally brought down my blood sugar. I didn't do the walk this morning. I worked on my site, and then I finally had breakfast about noon. I just had some cut up veggies and a couple of beef sticks, with some sugar free, GF barbecue sauce.  A great way to eat vegetables!

I got sick about 1pm, from gluten. I think it was probably from Denny's and not El Compadre because it was 2 days after the first and only 1 day after the second. We'll give El Compadre another test sometime.

I made a list of all restaurants in our area and whether I've decided not to eat at them or not....in case I forget!

I felt sick for a while after that, so I went to sleep for a while. David brought Brandy home about 3:30, so I opened the garage door for them. It was raining out, so he didn't want to have to bring her in, in the rain. He went back to work.  Brandy was quite hyper, and it took her a long time to calm down.  It's good to have her back, though.

I've been watching a lot of Valerie Bertinelli's cooking show, Home Cooking. It's a lot of fun to watch.

Looks like she'll be put in a kennel again at the end of the month. We're going to Little Rock, probably, for the Labor Day weekend.gluten free pasta

I tried this pasta for lunch that's made out of edamame and mung bean. It's not very good. Too bad!  I was hoping it would be more like real pasta.

Despite being sick, I managed to do both the dishes and laundry, plus record some TV to DVD. It was a very productive day.

I made some bacon for dinner - a BLT for him, and a salad for me, with bacon and mozzarella cheese. Even Brandy got some of the bacon grease on her food!

I was very tired and went to bed around 11:30.

  Saturday 8/18/18

I woke up about 1am, and then again at 4am, itching. I took some medicine, but itBrandy with her toys only helped so much, so I got up. I just did some work on my site and played with Brandy a little. Then we went for our morning walk about 6:45. It was cool out. Very nice.

When we got back, I made breakfast. I made a stir-fry with lots of veggies, cheese, leftover pasta and an egg. It was really good. I saved half of the veggies for tomorrow's breakfast.

I tried to go back to sleep later, but I really couldn't sleep. I just dozed a little.

David and I went to The Flying Burger for lunch. I wasn't really in the mood for fish, but it's such a healthy meal, I hate to turn it down. I had the salad and just some of the fish. It was plenty. Then we stopped briefly at Brookshire's to get a few things.

I've just been feeling tired and blah today. Well, I got sick again, so that's why I was feeling that way. :( I took a long nap, which was a bad idea because then I had trouble sleeping later on.

I worked on my site while we listened to music. My new Wordpress site is almost ready!

I was very tired about 11pm, so I went to bed not long after that.

  Sunday 8/19/18

I woke up around 1am, itching, and couldn't get back to sleep. I kept trying. I did a lot of work on my site, which made things worse because then my whole body hurt. I took a shower, but it only helped a little. I finally got to sleep around 9, I think.

Brandy and I did our morning walk around 6:45am.  It was already way too humid for being so early. There was no one around. We had breakfast.

David came back from his walk. I was supposed to go get my hair cut, but I decided to sleep in, instead. I woke up after 3pm. I felt much better, aside from my left knee hurting (bursitis).  At least I didn't get sick today from gluten.

Here's a fun meme from Facebook:

We went to the grocery store for our regular weekly shopping. It was very crowded at the Wal-Mart with returning students. They were still not stocked up on the kale salad mix I like. :( They didn't have the ranch-flavored kale chips, either, but I got the "original" flavor and they taste fine.

I put "Jenny-O turkey sausage" on David's grocery list, but instead he got turkey hot dogs. Yeah, not at all the same thing! LOL!Brandy and me

For breakfast I had the leftover stir-fry veggies from yesterday, with 2 eggs mixed in, and lots of parmesan cheese on top. For lunch, I had some mozzarella sticks wrapped with salami and some of the kale chips. For dinner, I had some hot dogs with mustard and mayo (no bun) and a small salad. I also had some low carb ice cream bars, sugar free popsicles and a handful of caramel corn. The caramel corn was the only bad thing I ate.

I went with David over to El Compadre, but I didn't eat. I just watched him and got a soda.

I was very sleepy and went to bed about 11:30.

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