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  Monday 8/6/18

Brandy is ready for her walk!I had trouble sleeping last night, so I stayed up all night. I took Brandy for her walk right around 6:20, after the sun came up. I like to take photos of the sunrise, but I can't see it from our house. There are too many big trees all around. I did manage to get this great pic of the sun coming up through the trees, though.Keto Bark

I ordered these chocolates called Chocolate Zero (that came in the mail today), that have no sugar and are "keto." They have a few more carbs than I would like, but they taste pretty good for the fake stuff. A little salty.  No sugar alcohols, either.  Too bad David is allergic to almonds because he would love this.

I tried to go back to sleep after the walk, but I still had a lot of trouble with pain, etc. I don't think I went to sleep before 10. Then we slept Brandy lying next to me on my chairfor most of the day and woke up in the afternoon. I did go back to sleep for a little while, though. I was very tired.

The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow, so I had to spend part of today doing dishes and laundry, and getting the house ready to be cleaned. I did a lot of work on my site as well.

I got a lot of spam robo-calls today on my cell - 8 of them in all. That's a lot more than usual. I don't even answer the phone if it's not someone I know. I know they're spam because none of them leave messages, and they're all from other states.Brandy lying on the couch

I was reading something about Amazon, and they said they shipped their first book in 1995. I started ordering from them in late 1997. Wow!! Makes me feel old.

I cooked up some bacon in the evening for BLT's for us, and then I cooked up the Brandy on my laprest of the package later in the evening. I like to cook it ahead for salads, etc.  I also chopped up some other veggies to use during the week. Brandy loves bacon, too, of course, and was just sitting there, staring at me..."More bacon, please!"

This is a terrible picture of me on the left, but I wanted to showMore bacon! you how Brandy is always climbing over the arm of this chair to sit on my lap! It's so funny.

If you're on Facebook, make sure to check out my feed because I post some interesting and videos and other stuff. I don't Friend too many new people any more, but most of my posts are public, so you can read them even if you're not my Friend. Please click like on my website page!

I went to bed about 2, very tired.

  Tuesday 8/7/18

Brandy sad because she's tethered to the couch...I woke up at 7 and started finishing getting the rest of the house ready for the cleaning lady.  They came about 8:30. Brandy and I went for our walk then. It was a little hot, but not too humid, thankfully.

I had a sugar free Popsicle to cool down, and then breakfast.  After that, we went back to sleep. They cleaned the rest of the house whileNice clean windows! we were in the master bedroom. It takes them about 6 hours, at least, to clean, so we have a long time to nap.

They finally finished around 3:45.  The house was very dirty, and I had asked them to do some extra things, like: mop the back patio, which still had blood stains on it from cardinal in the back yardthe last time Brandy stepped on something; clean the back windows, which were pretty dirty, partly from Brandy jumping up on them, I guess; clean under the beds (which they sometimes forgot to do); and clean inside the trash can, among other things. I would also have her clean the fridge, but I don't really want to keep her here any longer than she already is.  It all looks great, though.

I had lunch and then put back stuff, watched TV, and worked on my site. Oh, I was doing laundry all day, too.gluten free Thai food

I tried to get some good pics of this little cardinal in our yard, but it didn't work out too well. If I tried to get closer, he would fly away.

I made David a grilled cheese for dinner, and I also made some pasta salad. I had some leftover macaroni, so I just added mayo, a little mustard, onion powder, some vinegar, and pepper. Amazingly, he liked it. He's often very pasta saladpicky. I didn't even use a recipe. I just threw things together. Glad it worked! It's regular macaroni, not GF, so I couldn't even taste it myself.

We had our usual evening walk. It was very humid as usual.

For my dinner, since I had eaten a lot earlier, I just had somezucchini sautéed turkey with melted cheese, and I also sautéed some zucchini in olive oil and garlic powder, with parmesan. It was delicious.

I've been having a lot of pain in my right shoulder. Today  I've also had pain in the muscle that goes behind the ear. The bone behind your ear is called the Mastoid Process.  Below that is a muscle, the sternocleidomastoid, which connects to your neck. If Brandy watching cleanersyou turn your head, you can see it. There are nerves connected to this muscle, and it connects to your spine (the area where I have all my problems). Early today, that area right under the mastoid was really hurting. It's better now, but the whole thing is a little sore. I will probably go to bed and rest it. I probably hurt it when I was doing all the housework stuff.

I'm very tired, so I'm going to try to go to bed early. Probably around 11.

  Wednesday 8/8/18

I had a horrible time sleeping all night, due to my neck/shoulder pain, and beingBrandy on my lap again! very itchy. I kept trying all night and just tossed and turned constantly, with only a little sleep.

I woke up for good around 5:40, so I got up and got ready to walk Brandy. We went about 6:20. It was nice out, as it usually is in the morning. I haven't seen that bunny in awhile... David left while we were out. He drove by to make sure I had my keys and then went to work. (He should have known I had my keys, since I locked the door behind me! But he probably wasn't quite awake yet, either.)

I had breakfast...just some bacon and kale chips. Then I went back to bed a little bit later. I was up and down all day. I got sick from something I ate, so I just said, forget it and went to sleep until about 5:30.

my viewI'm just enjoying having a clean house for a change! It won't last too long...

We had a lot of thunder this morning, and just a little rain. I was hoping for more!

I just had a salad for lunch, and some of the dried salad strawberry chips. I don't know why they can't make these with potatoes or some other starchy vegetable. (They're low carb as well as GF) Anyway, I'm trying again to be very careful about what I eat, especially with regards to carbs. Lately I haven't been careful enough about that.

I just bought my book for one of my courses, and it's $100 to my bookrent it (that includes tax and postage). UGH.  Digital copies are cheaper, but I really hated the format of the one I used for last year's class. I'd rather have a physical book, anyway. I guess I should have rented it on Amazon, since it looks cheaper there. Ah, well..

I had a salad for dinner. I made some mustard dressing that was pretty good. I finished off the last of my nectarine ice cream.

I went to bed about 1 and actually slept through the night with no problem! Yay! I was worried because I napped a lot today.

  Thursday 8/9/18

I woke up about 6:30am. I think I can probably sleep in until 7am from now on. It's a little bit too cool and the sun isn't quite up yet. It looks rainy out, too, so that may be why.  It's supposed to rain today.hanging out with Brandy

I had to cut our morning walk a little bit short because my knee was hurting a lot. It's probably bursitis. It is a slightly different part of my knee than a few days ago. That was on the left, and this is in on the right and slightly above. I took Aleve and put Ben Gay on it, so hopefully that will help.


Happy Birthday to our good friend Barbara!

Happy Birthday!

We were talking the other day about writing... I never thought of myself as a writer, yet I am one now. When I was growing up, I was always really good at English...You know -- spelling, grammar and punctuation. I never thought of it as "writing." To me, a good writer is someone who is eloquent and somewhat poetic. You just enjoy reading what they say, either because they are so good with words or because they're able to really spin a good story. Like Barbara Kingsolver or Stephen King. Their words really grab you and make you keep reading. I may have the occasional nice turn of phrase, but otherwise I think I'm just a competent writer. Which is fine with me!  I'm too lazy to do more.

When I was in high school, I didn't have to write much. We didn't have very much homework or many papers. I kept a diary for a little while, but I wouldn't call that writing.

Then in college, I had a really hard time because I had no idea how to research orBrandy close-up write a paper. My husband has always been a great writer, so he helped me a little, and then I got more help from professors later on. There was a Russian history professor at UTEP who helped me a lot in that regard. We discussed how he liked his papers done, with attention to things like when to focus on the general and the specific. That was mostly about organization.  When we were at ISU, I worked for a Chinese biology professor, and he would often have me proofread his writing. It helps that I'm also a very fast typist. I took typing in high school. I typed about 40 wpm back then. Now it's more like 90.

I've always enjoyed creative writing classes, although it's not something I do for fun, usually. I had creative writing classes in high school and again in college. Briefly, some friends of mine and I wrote fiction in high school for fun. I remember that my friend Kim, who fancied herself a writer, wrote stories about these characters Tommy and Mitch. She was Tommy and I was Mitch, and we wrote stuff about them.  Then my friend Cindy and I would write long letters that were all Star Wars fiction.  There was a time in the early 80's where I tried to write a fiction book. Some friends of mine in S.T.A.R. did something called SCRAPA. An APA is where everyone writes a particular thing and then sends it in to one person, who collates it and makes a bound copy for everyone. This was done largely through the mail. We had one for just any old writing, comments, thoughts, etc. called SWAPA. Then they started SCRAPA for creative writing. I got many chapters written, but I never finished. Life got in the way, and SCRAPA folded. I thought it was a very unique idea, though. I used to read many romance and sci-fi novels, so I combined them into one. It was called "Surrender to the Stars," which I thought was a good title. Well, who knows, maybe one day I'll finish it!

Anyway, after the 80's, when we left ISU, I never did any more creative writing. Once I got on the internet, though, I wrote my site, plus many emails for Ask Jeeves, and I was on many message boards, so that was a ton of writing. This is where I got pretty good at it, and fast. It got so that I was composing emails or posts all the time in my head.  Now that I'm in school again, it comes in handy to be able to write so easily. I'm not sure when it became so easy, but it is now. I can write up an article quickly as long as I get a good idea. Now I have all these sites and blogs, plus social media, plus school writing.  The school writing is somewhat harder just because I have to give references and make sure that all of the grammar is good.

My site writing is either opinion articles or interviews. I have to come up with many questions for interviews. I usually just post the transcript, but sometimes I have to rewrite the interview into more of a newspaper format, where I have to paraphrase. Thank goodness I took that 9th grade Journalism class. I became a part of the entertainment press with my site. Many of the TV networks and their PR people consider me part of the press, so I get interviews, information and screeners.  As it turns out, my new B.A. is in Mass Comm, which is what they now call journalism, so I'm training to be a journalist, even though I kind of already am one. I never really thought about becoming a real journalist, probably because I'm not really into the news, and the thought of entertainment journalism never occurred to me ONCE.

I'm not saying I'm a good writer, still, just competent. Better than the average person, but that isn't saying much. When I write reviews of TV shows, I just try to convey why I like or don't like the show, not how to write it so that it sounds good. Occasionally I will come up with something that I think is pithy or witty, but it's rare. I'm looking forward to my new class, "Reporting and Writing for the Mass Media." I hope I learn to write better! Looks like it's another blogging class.

Speaking of class, it starts 2 weeks from today. I guess I'm ready...

I have a Pinterest site that I've never done much with, but I'm starting to put stuff up there breakfast stir-frynow.

My knee was still hurting a lot. I took more pain medication and went back to sleep. Brandy was too hyper, so she had to be tethered to the treadmill. She can't sleep with me if she's biting the covers or me. Poor dumb dog!

I got up again about noon and had breakfast. I made a stir-fry with grilled onions, cole slaw mix, sliced zucchini, eggs and cheese. Unfortunately, I ruined it by accidentally dumping a bunch of salt on it! I guess I left theveggies with dip cap loose. Oops! Even though I scraped most of it off, it was still way too salty to eat, so I had to throw it out. I probably should have given it to Brandy. Oh, well.  I didn't feel like remaking all of that, so I just sliced some cheddar and got out sliced cucumbers, carrots and celery, and a satay dip (peanut-Thai flavor). That was really good. I'll have to eat that more often. Healthy as well as tasty. I also had a small dark chocolate Awake bite.

The caffeine in the Awake bite didn't keep me awake, I'm afraid. I fell asleep in my chair in the living room until about 4.

edamameI had more energy, so I cleaned up the master bedroom and bathroom, and I put the laundry away. I did the dishes earlier, too.

We went to the Japanese restaurant for dinner. I just had edamame. Most of their stuff is not GF. It was pretty good. I really miss all of the places in Honolulu that served edamame.

We stopped briefly at Wal-Mart. I just got a soda from Subway.selfie with Brandy

When we got home, Brandy and I went for our evening walk. It was so humid, and very noisy out there. Someone was having a loud pool party behind their house. Dogs were all barking. Noisier neighborhood than usual.  Brandy seemed to have  more energy than usual, too. Maybe she was just reacting to all the noise? I don't know... My knee didn't hurt much, at least. Only a little bit at the very end of our walk.

I was up late because of all the naps I had, so I just decided that I might as well stay up all night for the morning walk.

  Friday 8/10/18

We walked around 7am and it was nice.

I made breakfast, a stir-fry with veggies, eggs and cheese. It was great, and I made enough to have it for tomorrow, too. And I finished up the last of my sugar free vanilla ice cream.

I've been having a problem with my DVR. It looks like it needs replacing. At first I was mad that I may have lost 800 TV episodes, but apparently if I hook up an external hard drive to my Hopper, it will let me transfer the episodes to the hard drive. Then after I get a new one, I can transfer them back to the new Hopper as needed. We'll see how that goes! Honestly, it's not a super big deal since most of it is General Hospital and Y&R, which I can watch online if I need to. I have a few things on there that I want to save...hope it will let me access them so I can back them up to DVD.  Otherwise...oh, well.

I'm very tired, so I might go to bed soon. It's almost 11am!

Don't forget to vote in your state's primary!  You can register to vote at https://iwillvote.com/

I did take a long nap at noon, until 5:30pm. I was very itchy before bed, but I managed to get to sleep.  I found that I do have a mosquito bite. Weird that this is the first one of the year! Usually I get them earlier in the year. That's because of how dry it's been.

David had a work thing until about 7:15.  Brandy and I went for our usual evening walk. She was happy to see all the kids down the street, who were riding their scooters and skateboards down the hill. She didn't pee this time! I hope that means she's over that. Perhaps it's just because she went out to the backyard beforehand, so there was no pee left.  It was funny, though. The little girl there moved closer as Brandy was jumping up. I try to keep her from jumping up on anyone, but she can still jump up, vertically. Well, since the little girl was in reach, Brandy jumped up and licked her right in the face! It was very cute. The little girl was so surprised and obviously very pleased. I told her that she was special, to get a doggy kiss!

It wasn't nearly as hot and humid as yesterday, thank goodness. I don't know where all this rain we're supposed to be having this week went to, though!

Well, one piece of good news about the DVR...I usually record Y&R twice, once from CBS and once from the POP channel. This is because we get a lot of news interruptions on the CBS one.  However, recently I noticed that the POP Channel had no closed-captioning. Well, it turns out that they do, but I just had to change a setting on my program that grabs it.  So, yay! At least I will still have the Y&R Transcripts. I've started recording the shows that I can see onto DVD, so I can hopefully delete them. Perhaps that will fix some of the other problems...I don't know.

I just watched TV and worked on my site in the evening. I was very tired. I went to bed by 1am. I slept through the night, easily.

  Saturday 8/11/18Brandy staring at me

I woke up around 6:45. We went walking about 7:30am. It was still pretty cool out. It feels like it might rain, but it's not predicted for today.

I mentioned before about how some of our neighbors like to let their little dogs run around without leashes. I really wonder about some of our other neighbors with big dogs, that we see (and hear) in their yards, yet I never see them walking these dogs. I sure hope they are walking them. Dogs need more exercise than just what they get in the backyard. Perhaps they walk them in the evening or afternoon, or they go elsewhere, such as the Brookshire'sSAU trail or to Logoly State Park. It's just abusive if you have a dog and don't walk it.

I'm going to try really hard not to nap today so I can go to bed early tonight! I need to try to keep that schedule to get ready for school.

Yesterday I got my book for school, for my marketing class. It looks interesting...I'll try to read the first chapter, at least, before class.

I put together a package for my SIL of DVD's... hope she likes it. I hope to mail it in a little while. The post office closes about 11am on Saturdays.

We did a whole bunch of errands this morning. We mailed that package, then we had lunch at JavaPrimo. This is my big test to see if I get sick from them for sure or not.  Then we walked a bit around the square, then we stopped at the pharmacy for my prescriptions, then I got a soda at KFC, and then we went shopping for some things at Brookshire's. Whew!

They have some neat murals downtown in The Square.  Here's one that has many movie characters on it. It's on the side of the old Cameo theater. I noticed Han Solo, so I had to take a picture!

movie mural

I ran into Sondra, who works at the Mulerider Cafe on campus, when we were going into JavaPrimo. It was so nice to see her! I was not really awake...I should have invited her to join us for lunch. Whoops!Greek salad

I resisted the gelato this time at JavaPrimo...I'm trying to be very careful of what I eat, not only for gluten, but for dieting. I had the rest of my eggs and veggie stir-fry from yesterday for breakfast, plus a square of the Awake chocolate, after our walk. Then I had the Greek salad at JavaPrimo.  I had the other half later on for dinner.

I did a lot of work on my site and ended up staying up way too late.  My allergies kept me awake.  I stayed up so I could walk Brandy early in thestrawberry shake morning. I did the dishes but not much else besides work on my site.

Later on, I was really dying for something rich and creamy. I made a sort-of milkshake. I had some cream, so I put that in the blender with a little bit of milk, a handful of strawberries, Splenda and ice. It was quite delicious, but not overly sweet.

Oh, my DVR finally started working again! Perhaps because I was watching some shows and deleting them. Whatever works!

  Sunday 8/12/18

I walked Brandy about 7:40am. It was barely light out, and David was still asleep. We did a quick walk because it was drizzly, and I was afraid it would start raining harder.snake!

After we came back to the house, I happened to see something moving under one of our end tables, next to the couch. I thought it was a worm at first, but it was a small snake! It was a very pretty snake, and after researching it, I think it was a king snake, which aren't venomous, but still, who wants a snake in their house!!??!! Not me. I was afraid Brandy would go after it and get bitten, so I put some of our baby gates between BrandyBrandy wants food! and that part of the living room. Then I awakened David to deal with it. We got a bowl and a piece of cardboard so that he could trap it and take it outside. It worked!  It was not a very big snake, but it was a little scary. I have nightmares already about snakes that move very fast.  This was a little snake. I don't think he was quite the length of my forearm, if you stretched him out. He was very thin, thinner than my little finger.

After a little while, I went to sleep, and I didn't wake up until the afternoon. We went to the grocery store. it was irritating because they were out of a lot. I mean, like, cucumbers! They had about 4 or 5, shriveled-looking ones. They were also out tuna saladof the kale salad mix I like, and they only had one ranch-flavored kale snack, and a few other things that I wanted to get. I know, First World problems! At least they did have these mozzarella and salami sticks I like.

I had a tuna salad for dinner. 

Well, looks like I can't eat at JavaPrimo again. I was sick all evening. :(rain in the backyard That's a shame. I'm not surprised, though, because their counter workers often seem like they can barely do more than use the cash register. The one yesterday was particularly bad. She probably didn't even tell them to make it gluten free like I asked.  It's too bad because I really like the place.

It rained a bit today. That's good because we sure need it. We're still in a drought.

We listened to music in the evening. I went to bed pretty early, since I wasn't feeling well.

Have a great week!


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