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  Monday 7/2/18

Brandy tearing up her new toyI woke up around 6:45am. I took Brandy out for her morning walk. It was nice to get that over with. It was already pretty warm and humid.

I had a lot of work to do on my site, so I did that. There's always more to do!

Brandy was running around a little, so I gave her a new toy to focus on. She enjoyed it. Of course, she always rips it up, strewing the stuffing everywhere!  We had a good morning, though.

I post a lot of cute Brandy pics and videos on my Instagram so please check them out!

I took a shower around 11:30am...

I got my grade for my summer class, an A. Not surprising....I think next summer, I'll take more classes, to try to finish by Spring 2020 instead of Fall.

I was very tired all day. I went to bed early, around 11.

  Tuesday 7/3/18

BrandyI woke up around 5am. Too early! That seems to be what's happening lately.

I was very sick this morning from the usual gluten poisoning. Since I was stupid and ate out so much this weekend, I don't know which place did itham sandwich to me.

I'm still walking Brandy twice a day. It's good exercise for both of us.

I had a great ham and cheese sandwich with my cloud bread for lunch. It was SO delicious!!

Storm in our back yardI made some sugar free vanilla ice cream. It's really good.  I had some with berries and whipped cream.

I tried to take a nap in the afternoon....I just barely dozed for a while.

It rained a bit in the evening, but it was done by the time we went out later.

Brandy playing tug of warWe went to Antigua's for dinner. I just had some chips and soda. I didn't want to risk getting sick again. However, I was sick again later on in the evening from the same thing as before.

I walked Brandy. We saw the boys down the street, so they said hello to her, which she always enjoys!

I did some work on my site, and around the house, but mostly I just watched TV. IGH wasn't feeling very well all day. I caught up a little on watching "General Hospital" episodes on my DVR from 2 years ago.

I bought some new mats for my kitchen. I like these anti-fatigue mats that you can standnew kitchen mats on that help your feet and back while you cook or do the dishes. I bought some in 2014, when we lived in Hawaii. Those were not good. I mean, they were comfortable on your feet, but they never sat flat on the floor - always curled up on the ends. I tried everything...weighing them down, taping them, buying plastic corners to glue on the back....nothing helped. They are pretty old and junky now, so I just trashed them and decided to get new ones. These are much better quality and come with a guarantee, too. They look nice. The new ones are cheaper, too! Imagine that.

I bought a neck roll last week that was supposed to help support my neck when I sleep, but it was still too big and hurt my neck. I got a refund, thankfully. The size they have listed there is much bigger than the actual size of the pillow. I bought this SNÜZ pillow that a friend on Facebook recommended instead. Hopefully it will work better!

Tonight they have "Sparks in the Parks" down at the big park near the Square. I would Brandy all excitedgo, but David doesn't like driving at night, plus he's tired in the evenings after his long day at work. He's not really into fireworks, either, or crowds.

I guess they have the fireworks the night before, so that people can have the actual holiday with their families. Plus the fireworks keep you up late, and if you have to go to work, you may not want to go the night before. It probably also cuts down on drunk driving. If you're having a barbecue with your family all day and doing some drinking, then it's not a good idea to have to drive to see fireworks.  I also read somewhere that the people who do pyrotechnics and security charge double on July 4th.

I was very tired all day, and I went to sleep before 9:30pm. That is way too early for me.  We heard a lot of firecrackers from around the neighborhood.

  Wednesday 7/4/18

Happy Independence Day!

I woke up super early, around 3:30 am.

Brandy and I did our morning walk around 7am.

Here's a video I did for 4th of July!our food

We went to Wal-mart in the morning to pick up a few things. We don't have a grill or barbecue, so I just fried up our cheeseburgers.

We had burgers with all the trimmings. I bought low fat ground beef last weekend. I mixed in Guy's sugar free GF barbecue sauce and garlic powder. I cooked up some bacon, and then I grilled some onions in the bacon fat. I added some butter in, too. Then I drained watermelonthe onions and used that fat to cook up the burgers, along with some olive oil. I melted cheese on the burgers. We also had, to put on the burgers, lettuce, avocado, mayo, mustard and extra bbq sauce. We also had Doritos, and watermelon. It was great! We ate too much

Speaking of Guy's barbecue sauce...this is a weird coincidence.  One of my former volunteers knows the guy who created that sauce! Small world.War for The Planet of the Apes

We listened to a lot of 70's music. The Sirius channel on DISH was playing any song that had the words "American" or "freedom" etc. Brandy enjoyed the 4th of July leftovers, of course!

I had a nap in the afternoon because I was really tired from getting up so early. That was a mistake, though, because I ended up staying up until about 1:30am.

I've been recording some movies off HBO to watch. I watched last year's "War For the Planet of the Apes." I love those ape movies, both the old ones and the new ones. They do a great job with them.  This one was good, even if a lot of people and apes did die. I thought it was cool how they called the little girl "Nova" like in the old movie. I guess she grows up to be the one from the original movie. I wonder if there will be any more of these? Anyway, I enjoyed it.

  Thursday 7/5/18

Elmer FuddI got up about 7am.

Brandy and I did our walk right away.  I saw the bunny again, in that same yard, so that made me happy. I haven't seen it for awhile! We didn't scare it off, either. It didn't move the whole time we walked by. I made sure to be vewy vewy qwuiet...

Last week I'd had enough with Brandy messing up my rugs. She goes "crazy dog" and runs around, sliding on the rugs and messing themmessed up rug from crazy dog up, creating havoc. That's bad enough, but she also chewed one of the rugs up. So now if she acts like that, I put her outside. Then if she still does it again when she comes inside, I tether her to the couch until she calms down. It's been working pretty well, so far. I thought that taking her for 2 walks per day was supposed to help with all of her energy, but it doesn't seem to help. Giving her Bendryl helps much better, though. I hate to drug her up all the time, but the alternative is that she's just way too annoying and almost literally bouncing off the walls.

She was sleeping most of the rest of the day.  Poor little doggy!

rain in our front yardIt rained again today, and then cleared up. I hope it's still clear at 7:45 when we have our evening walk.

David wants to go out to dinner, so we'll probably go to that Japanese restaurant. I won't eat, though, just have soda. I really can't eat anything there without getting sick.Brandy with new chew toy

I'm still waiting to get my Wordpress site set up on my server, so I can redesign my site. My webhost had some family health crisis, so I'm waiting on him.

Otherwise, I've been getting quite a lot done on my site.

I watched him eat at Tokyo and had a soda...then we stopped briefly at the grocery store, Brookshire's, to get some things. Our evening walk was fine...It didn't rain again until a little later.

I made more sugar free ice cream!

I went to bed about 11:30...

  Friday 7/6/18

I got up at 7:15 and walked Brandy. I've been very tired all day, so I didn't get much done.

I had a great salad for breakfast. I put lettuce in the bowl, and then I made thousand island dressing with mayo and ketchup. I added in some of the egg muffins I had made a few weeks ago, chopped up. I also added shredded cheese. It was very yummy.

I'm scheduled next Wednesday to go to Texarkana again. I will be going to the Surgery Center to get my injection. I hope it's not too painful or uncomfortable, and I hope it steak dinnerworks. We'll drive there on Tuesday, spend the night, and then the appointment is 10 am the next day. I can't eat or drink anything after midnight. :( I hope my blood sugar will be OK, and I won't be too thirsty.

We tried this new place nearby called Blue Bull Grill. It's a sort-of burger and steaks place. It was pretty good. Hopefully it won't make me sick! I had a steak with sweet potato fries and green beans. The only bad thing was that the steak was medium, and IBrandy on the bed with me asked for medium rare.

I returned an Amazon purchase, too. We dropped it off at the electronics place, which has a UPS dropoff.

Brandy and I took a nap for a while.

Our night time walk went fine...it looked like it might rain, but it didn't. It rained a little later. We were supposed to have some big thunderstorm, but we didn't.

I wrote an article about topics of the day, shall we say. I submitted it to HuffPost and Salon.com I don't know if it's good enough for either of them...

I went to bed really early, like usual lately! So tired.

  Saturday 7/7/18

I was up early, around 6:30am.

It was raining today, off and on. Fortunately, it didn't affect our walks much.

We went to Flying Burger for lunch. David ate, and I just had a soda.

We stopped at the store again so I could get a few things. I got a GF Indian dinner thatIndian frozen dinner was pretty good. I had that for lunch.

I bought a new support pillow for my chair online at Amazon, and it arrived today. It works pretty well. I'd had my old one for a long time and it was not working as well any more, so I needed a new one.

It was not a very exciting day. I don't remember doing anything pillow for my chairelse too interesting besides working on my site.

Oh, yeah, one of my volunteers had to go out of town suddenly, so I had to do her work....that was annoying. Then it turned out she could have done it, but I'd already done it, so...too late! LOL! It's OK. Then another volunteer was supposed to do something, and she messed it up, but not too bad, so it was OK. We will have her try again with more instruction... I'm not complaining because I'm happy to have so much help. I'm just explaining what I've been dealing with today.

I'm still waiting for my webhost to tell me how to get in to my new Wordpress site. SIGH. He has a lot going on, but I really hate waiting.

Brandy is so funny. She just crawls on my lap, whether I want her to or not. She thinksBrandy on my lap she's a lap dog, even though she's a little big for that.  David took this photo of us. I look terrible! But she looks adorable. So just ignore my fat arm and double chin.

When we did our evening walk, I noticed Brandy was limping. We just did the short walk. We ran into our next door neighbor, Mary. She's having computer problems, so I offered to take a look for her. Somehow she has brought back her Microsoft login without trying, and she doesn't remember her username or password. I got her out of that, but all we ended up with was an endless loop where it keeps trying to startup. I couldn't even get her into safe mode. The local computer repair place said they wouldn't be able to repair her computer for 2 weeks. I suggested she take it to them, and they might be able to fix it sooner that way.

  Sunday 7/8/18

I got up pretty early and walked Brandy as usual. However, she was really limping badly, so I brought her home quickly and let her rest. I noticed that there were some dried blood spots near the back door...not as bad as last time, but clearly she must have stepped on something. I tried to examine her paws, but she always thinks I'm trying to play a game when I do that. I didn't see anything that was bleeding or sore, though.

breakfastI had a very unhealthy breakfast of bacon, eggs and one slice of toast. It was so good, though! :)

For some reason, I have this big scratch on my face! It looks terrible. I must have scratched my face in the middle of the night with a jagged fingernail. Yikes! I hope the Neosporin can help it heal fast.

We went to Wal-Mart for our weekly shopping....

Later on, Brandy started throwing up. She threw up all afternoon, and I was annoyed as well as feeling bad for her because I had to keep cleaning it up off the rugs and floors. Finally I got her to stay on the floor and got a bowl for her to barf in, but she was pretty much done by that point and had very little left to barf. Clearly something she ate made her sick.  I went through a whole roll of paper towels and then some! It was very disgusting...

We were getting pretty worried about her, but I couldn't find a local 24 hour vet hospital anywhere close by. I asked Steve, the dog trainer, on Facebook, if he knew of one, and he told me to call the vet's office because they would have a vet on call. Sure enough, I got through to Dr. Hayes.  He said there probably wasn't anything to worry about andBrandy after being sick Brandy probably ate something bad, so her body was rejecting it (which is why dogs throw up).  He had me feel her belly, and he didn't seem to think it was sore or anything. He advised me not to feed her or give her any water for 12 hours. He also suggested I give her Pepto Bismol. The poor guy was home sick and sounded terrible. It was very nice of him to take emergency calls.

I had given her ice chips, but she didn't want them much. I tried Pepto, but she only licked a little bit off my finger and wouldn't drink any more.  Poor Brandy was acting sick, just lying around, sleeping. She needed the rest! Eventually she perked up and acted more like her real self, and she was hungry. I didn't wait 12 hours because she was acting very hungry and thirsty. I gave her a little water and some bland food. I just gave her a little turkey and some bread with honey and ginger (I read online that was good for dogs' upset stomachs).  She ate it up.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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