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  Monday 6/25/18

new summer flag in our front yardI woke up very early, around 5:30am. I've been sleeping a split shift kind of schedule lately, where I go to bed somewhere between 11 and 1am, sleep for a few hours, then in the afternoon I take a long nap because I'm just too tired and can't keep my eyes open.

I walked Brandy around 7:30. It was already pretty humid. It gotbirthday present worse later in the day.

I got my new Summer flag today and put it out in our front yard - the right size this time.

Today is David's birthday, so I wrapped his presents, wrote out 2 catfishcards (one from the dog!) and I cooked him fried catfish (that was his choice). I also made some cheesy vegetables, and we had mocha ice cream for dessert.

I got a lot of work done on my site, and I'm ahead of schedule for a change. I also cleaned up the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, and did the laundry.

I went to bed about 1am.

  Tuesday 6/26/18

Today was a very long day, and ultimately frustrating towards the end, but I did get a lot done. I got up around 5am. I did tons of work on my site.

I walked Brandy about 7am. It was humid, but not too bad. I haven't seen that rabbit again since I took that video of it!Brandy Later, Brandy was rolling around outside in the backyard, in the sun, so I had to take a video of her!

I made the reservations for Brandy to go to the kennel on Wednesday. We're going to Texarkana for my spine doctor appointment.

I have one more video left to turn in for my summer course. I had taken a lot of video footage while we were in Las Vegas, so I wanted to find an easy video editing program, so I could edit out the parts I didn't like and put them together, with some effects. I spent hours looking, and trying various programs. I finally found one that's fairly easy called Movavi.  My Facebook friend Sean had recommended Windows Movie Maker, but they don't make that any more or let you download or install it. How stupid! The newer software they have in Windows doesn't do the same thing. You can make slideshow-type movies but not edit actual videos.

Anyway, I was able to make the video and post it to YouTube. It's kind of long, though. It was a lot of trouble, but at least I finally got it finished. It's nice not to have that hanging over my head any more.

Brandy and I walked about 7:40. It was still very humid. UGH.

Later on, I was working on my website when it stopped working. I was using Expression Web and got some error like "The server has closed the connection."  So I went to the web to see if the server was down.  Instead of seeing my site, I got a placeholder site that says my domain name had expired. I was very annoyed and upset.  It turns out that you can still see my site just fine, but I can't, for some reason. Just me!  We think it's something to do with the router. It looks fine on my phone, which doesn't connect to the wireless because I had it turned off.

At first I had phoned Marcos because I thought it was something wrong with his server, but then we figured out that it was my router. So I called Suddenlink tech support and got an automated voice. They reset my router remotely, and the problem seemed fixed. My browser was fine again, and I was able to edit my site in Expression Web again. For a few hours. Then it happened again. I called tech support, but they said that since my router had just been reset, I had to talk to someone, so I did. This guy reset it again, and it still didn't work.  The guy was a real idiot.  They're sending out a technician on Friday that hopefully can fix it. They said that I might have to pay for their service call. Like Hell I am!  The guy was arguing with me, saying that sinceSelfie with me and Brandy the internet works for me, and it's just one website, then their service is working fine. I started yelling at him about it, and trying to logic, but he was an idiot, so it didn't help. I don't normally yell at people, but he was SO bad...I did apologize afterwards for losing my temper.

Now I can't edit my TV site until at least Friday, unless I spend the time to go to SAU or somewhere else...so frustrating.  Well, I guess a forced vacation for a few days is OK, if that's all it turns out to be. Also, we'll be in Texarkana for part of Wednesday and Thursday, so I can use the net there. Time to get my housework done and finish up my blogs for the past 2 weeks! :)

At least everyone else can see the page, so that's not too bad.

I went to bed about 2am.

  Wednesday 6/27/18

I woke up about 10:30, way too late. So much for my split shift schedule! No walk for Brandy this morning. It's too hot now. The backyard thermometer says 100.  My phone says it's 89. Too hot, either way!

My website is now viewable and I can edit it. We'll see how long that lasts! I won't bother canceling my appointment until at least Thursday, just in case it goes out again.

David came home around 11:30 to take Brandy to the vet's kennel. I made us BLTs for lunch. It's very quiet here in the house now without Brandy!

our room in the MagnusonWe're leaving about 5:30, so I now have around 5 hours to do all the housework I wanted to get done before we leave, and pack.

I'm very sleepy and wanting a nap... I slept for a little over an hour. I had bad dreams about having to get up and get ready for our trip. I was trying to do laundry, but the dryer kept opening on its own and spitting the clothes out.  The alarm was very jarring when it went off.

I took a shower after that and then packed. It's just for one night, so there wasn't too much to do. I sorted the laundry but didn't get finished folding it or putting it away. I did the dishes.  David came home around 5:40 and we left. We drove to Texarkana. We're staying at a motel called the Magnuson. It's slightly nicer than the Rodeway Inn, which is where we stayed the last few times.

We had dinner at Hooter's. I had their shrimp spinach salad, and he had the wings. This is what we always have there. It was pretty good. We stopped briefly at a convenience store to get some snacks and water, and then at Burger King so I could get a soda.Burger King

I've just been working on my site, but I think I'm going to bed before 11. I'm so tired!Update: I did, but I woke up a few hours later, itching and not able to sleep.  Then I hurt my spine a bit because I was on my phone, and sitting up here in bed. The pillows in cheap motels are very small and too soft, and they never give you many of them, so they don't support my back. Being on the phone too much is also not good for my back because I generally hold it up with my left hand and scroll or tap like or type with my right, which is a strain.

  Thursday 6/28/18

I only got a few hours' sleep, then I woke up again from itching and couldn't get back to sleep. I worked on my site some more...

doctor's office spine chartsAround 6:45, we went down to the free breakfast, but it was mostly stuff I couldn't eat, so we went over to the Burger King. At least their site does claim that most of their breakfast foods are GF. We shared their breakfast platter. It didn't taste that great, though.

Eventually, we got packed up again and went over to my appointment around 9:15. I filled out some paperwork and paid a co-pay. Then we waited. I got put in a waiting room, too. I didn't see the doctor until almost 10:30. He seemed nice enough, although he didn't apologize for keeping me waiting so long. We discussed the options, and he agreed that surgery was really for a last resort and probably not the right thing for me, yet.Denny's burger They're going to call this place, that's going to call me, to make an appointment. Then I have to come back and get what's called an ESI - a shot right in the spine. Gee, I'm so glad we drove an hour each way, spent the night and waited around for an hour, just to get 15 minutes with the doctor!

After that, we went to Denny's for lunch. I had a really good bacon cheeseburger with carmelized onions. Instead of a bun, I had their GF English muffin. It was excellent! Their menu said that all of those idriving homengredients were GF, but of course there's always a risk for CC.

I was pretty tired at this point. We drove home. David went to work, and I was sick with gluten poisoning from somewhere I ate previously. Then I went back to sleep for a few hours.

He called me about 5 to wake up so we could go out to dinner at Antigua's. I just had a soda and a few chips.  It's not even 9pm,tortilla chips and I'm very tired...

The latest website woes. Someone on Twitter (one of the TV network people) told me that they saw that same page (the one that looks like my domain name needs renewing), but then they clicked on the link on Twitter and got the real site. Yet they are both the same URL, so I don't know...but it's annoying because it means that it wasn't just my router after all. If others are seeing it....UGH. So frustrating.

I had posted to a Tech Support forum on the Web, asking for help about this problem and wondering if anyone had seen it. So far I only got really stupid/obnoxious answers. The first guy suggested that my ISP must have blocked my site because I had probably had something illegal on it. Wow, nice assumption to make, and obviously he didn't even read all of what I posted or he would have known that wasn't the case.

The second guy said something really insulting about my site that seems to have nothing to do with what I was asking about.  People online are just such jerks sometimes. I already knew that, but it's still annoying.

The person who hosts my website is trying to help figure out this problem as well as set up a Wordpress site for me to start in. Also, he was supposed to renew one of my domains for the American Business Card Club, which was abccsite.org,  but instead he renewed abcsite.org which is very different. Right now, neither points to the correct page. UGH. I hate these kind of headaches. He fixed it, eventually.

I did so much work this week on my site that I'm actually still ahead of schedule for a change. Woo hoo! That is rare.

heat advisory emailThere was a heat advisory today, but I didn't notice that it was any worse than usual.....???

I had asked the doctor about getting a neck pillow, and he suggested I used an airplane one, but take some of the stuffing out of it. He seemed to think that you could somehow roll it out straight, but I don't see a way to do that. I used it with my nap and it wasn't bad. I ordered one online that I hope will work better. I had previously tried ordering some "neck roll" pillows, but they were too big, too thick for my neck. This one is smaller, so hopefully it will work. I did some research and there was one that was recommended as being great, but it's $90! Wow!  No, thank you.

I have some housework to do, but I'm probably going to bed about 10pm instead. I went to bed about 11. I was so tired

  Friday 6/29/18

I woke up around 4:30am. Too early!

Usually David has Fridays off, but since he took off half of yesterday, and he has a lot of work to do, anyway, he went in today, pretty early. First he went running or walking in the park.

I did some work on the site and then cleaned up the master bedroom and bathroom, and I unpacked. David has accumulated a ton of hangers from the dry cleaner, so I put most of those in a garbage bag. I plan to call them and see if they want them back; otherwise, I'll just throw them out.

I got so sleepy that I tried to go back to sleep, but it didn't work.

I have more to do around the house. I still need to put back the rest of the knick-knacks from when we had the house cleaned last week, and I need to start the laundry and clean up the kitchen. After that, I have a big pile of papers to go through that have been there way too long.

David is getting Brandy out of the kennel around noon. I hope to get most of thisBrandy back home done before then. We'll see! I miss her, but it's also been nice not to have her around. She gets in the way a lot.

I'm caught up on a lot of my work on the site, which is nice for a change. I always have more to do, of course. I'm waiting to hear back from the guy who hosts my site still about whether he's set up the new section in Wordpress. I'm anxious to get started on that!

This is the procedure I'll be getting done for my spine. It looks kind of scary, but hopefully it won't be too horrible or painful. If it can get rid of my pain for a while, that will be awesome.

I almost forgot to cancel the appointment for Suddenlink to come out and look at my router! Good thing I remembered, or they might have charged me. If only it could fix my allergies as well! :) They've been bad this morning. I'm very congested and my eyes are watering.

I got all my work done, and Brandy came home. I took a short nap. I woke up and my neck was hurting a lot.  I took 2 Aleve and went back to sleep. I woke up later and it was still hurting, so I took a muscle relaxer. After watching some TV, I dozed in my chair, but my neck still hurt, so it woke me up.

We went out to dinner to the Flying Burger. They always have great grilled catfish there. We were going to try a new place, called the Blue Bull, which is right across the street from there, but it was too crowded.

Flying NunSpeaking of flying....one of our cable stations that plays a lot of old TV shows has been showing "The Flying Nun" twice a day, so I watch it. It's one of my favorite all-time shows. It's a little dated now, but I still like it.

Last night I had a weird dream that I was in charge of the TV show "General Hospital." My assistant looked kind of like Wynn from "Supergirl," but cuter.  We had the idea to get a songwriter to come up with a special theme song for Anna Devane. Finola Hughes, who plays Anna, wasn't too keen on the idea, but we convinced her to give it a try. I dream a lot about soap opera characters (usually GH), but I don't always remember them very well.

The muscle relaxer helped my pain a lot, but later on I had to take a second one. Iegg muffins went back to sleep around 2 but only slept a few hours.

  Saturday 6/30/18

I took Brandy walking about 7 am. It was a little humid out, but not hot, so it was OK.

I had made these ham and cheese egg muffins for breakfasts...still enjoying them! I added spinach in as well.

carnitasWe went to lunch at the new Mexican place, Los Tovares, again. It was much better this time. The waiter remembered us, and he's very friendly. This time I had the carnitas. They were excellent. David liked what he had, too.  None of the sauce was GF, but I had sour cream instead, and the carnitas were very flavorful and delicious, anyway.

I made this GF, low carb cloud bread that is mostly just cream cheese and egg. Itham sandwich on cloud bread tastes almost like real bread. I had a sandwich with it and I couldn't tell the difference. It's great because most breads are not both GF and LC, and the few that are, taste terrible and are very expensive.

So far, I haven't gotten sick from any of the places we ate at this weekend, so that's good.

I've still been keeping weird hours, so it's been difficult. I stay up too late, then I nap, and then I can't sleep. I wake up around 4am.

Nothing exciting happened today. I just did a lot of work on my site, and the dishes.

  Sunday 7/1/18

I stayed up all night, since I had so much sleep yesterday.  I walked Brandy around 7.  The best part about walking so early is that I don't have to do it again for 12 hours! Yay!

Greek saladI tried to go back to sleep for awhile, but I couldn't, so David and I went out for lunch to JavaPrimo, which is downtown (in the Square as they say around here). I got the Greek salad, which is always good. They make their own gelato, too. Last time I had the chocolate and it wasn't that great. I tried their orange flavor today, and it was very good.

After that, we went to Wal-mart, as usual. I was very tired, but we got it done. I bought this new plant! plant

I finally did get to sleep for a while after that. Later on, I walked Brandy as usual. There are 3 or 4 houses in this neighborhood where they have little dogs and let them out to run around anywhere. I think this is terrible. There are leash laws, and they shouldn't risk them getting run over. These dogs don't just stay in their own yard. I've seen them 2 or more blocks away from their house. Sometimes they follow us, and I've seen them just stand there, in the middle of the street, staring at us. I would feel really bad if one of them got run over while I was there. People are so stupid and careless. 

You know, when you talk about people who abuse animals, we all think of the ones Brandywho do it on purpose, but there are a lot of careless and stupid people out there who do it by accident. People who have pets but can't afford to get the proper medicine or food for them; people who leave their pets outside in the heat, or without leashes; people whose children let the pets out all the time, and they sometimes get run over; people who aren't careful about their pets eat or bother to find out what foods you shouldn't give them.; people who chain up their dog in the yard or leave them in a hot car with no windows down, or outside when it's freezing. These are probably all well-meaning people, but they're hurting, torturing or even killing their pets. And it makes you wonder how they treat their kids, too.

I met one woman, who shall remain nameless, that was beating her dog because the dog would poop in the house. The dog had previously not acted that way, so she took it that the dog was doing it on purpose. I kept trying to convince her that she was wrong, but she didn't listen to me. She got rid of the dog (gave it to a relative), which really upset her poor little girl. I felt bad for the girl. I saw someone else I know (not really well) post the other day on Facebook about hitting her dog because it peed in her room. I hope she was just kidding.

Speaking of that, one of the houses I passed, that has 2 little dogs...I don't know what they put on their lawn, but there were dozens of bees or wasps flying all over their yard! I kept far away from that yard. Creepy!destroyed rug

I think the sun goes down about 8:30 now.

Brandy was really annoying me last night. She does this Crazy Dog thing, which some people call the Zoomies. She just runs back and forth in a frantic state. Sometimes she does it outdoors. She always messes up the rugs as she slides around on them, and I have to fix them. I've been trying to put her outside when she does it, but she usually doesn't stay out. She ended up getting the rug upside down, and she chewed on the backing of it. She ripped a half-dollar-sized hole in it, and also frayed the sides. Grrrr! She usually doesn't do that, so it was very annoying. Thankfully, the rugs are cheap, so I can replace them Brandy tethered to couchif/when we have company. After that, I got out her shorter chain leash and tethered her to the couch. That seems to calm her down. I read that it only takes a few minutes, and indeed, it did work. I think I will do that from now on when she gets like that. It's just too annoying, not to mention harmful to my rugs.

I went to bed about 1am and mostly slept through the night. I woke up about 4:30, and my neck/shoulder was hurting a lot. I took some Aleve and went back to sleep.

I'm having some postcards made to advertise my sites at San Diego Comic-Con and the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend, which are both coming up. I found this great site for making collages (which I used on one of the postcards), and it will come in handy for making wallpapers and other things very easily.

Sorry, this week was so boring!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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