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  Monday June 18

Photo I used for Facebook todayI set the alarm for noon, but I went back to sleep until 2:30. I probably would have slept longer, too, but Brandy insisted I wake up. Well, at least I did get a lot done today, anyway.

I was quite sick today, from one or more of the restaurants we ate at this past weekend. When will I learn? sad face

I made this astronaut photo using photofunia.com ...I made the pic my Facebook profile, too.

I did a lot of work on my site. I put away the laundry I did yesterday, and I ran the dishes twice (we got a little behind)... I played with Brandy, but I still forgot to work on training her. I'd like to start that soon.

I took Brandy for her walk, as per usual, around 7:30pm. It was fairly nice out. It was only in the 80's, and not very humid. There was a nice breeze. It was a pleasantburger and chips walk. A few of our neighbors were out, tending to their gardens or just sitting in the front yard.  Sometimes it feels like we're in a land that time forgot. It's just a very nice neighborhood in a fine little town. 

By the time I had breakfast, my stomach was feeling a little better. I had a little bit of lowfat hamburger meat left, so I made myself a burger, with some bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce, grilled onions, and lettuce, on GF bread. It was quite yummy.zucchini

I can't remember what I had for lunch. I think I just snacked after that.  Then later, I sliced up a small zucchini and sautéed it in butter with garlic powder. I added salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. It was really good. I'll have to make more of that. I had blueberries, and sliced strawberries, with whipped cream, for dessert.

I'm planning to start on the dining room tonight, to finish packing up the Christmas decorations...Update: I finished it easily. Brandy had run in there a few times (got past my gate!) and tore up a few things made out of paper and cardboard, but nothing important, thank goodness. Tomorrow I'll tape the boxes up and move them to the garage.

I got a new cover for my chair...it's very nice. Some of the pleather (or whatever the fabric is on my chair) had started tearing, so I got this cover, so it will hopefully not get worse. 

I get so tired out now, especially after our walk. I guess I should stretch more. It just seems like, for a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood, I shouldn't really be feeling quite so tired and sore afterwards. I guess it's from being older.

I tried going to bed about 5, but I wasn't tired enough. I'll try again! I did finally get to sleep around 7:30am.

  Tuesday June 19

I woke up at 2:30pm again... darn it. I need to get up early. I will probably just have to stay up all night and then go to bed early, or try.

BrandyI made a good breakfast with turkey sausage, 2 scrambled eggs, the rest of the onions I had sautéed yesterday,  some spinach, and shredded cheese. It was good!

I taped up the rest of the boxes and moved most of them to the garage. I just left one big one for David. He took it in after he got home. Later I cleaned up most of the debris of cardboard, pine needles etc. in the dining room. Yay, all done, finally!

I stayed up all night, since I'm used to going to bed really late. I had a lot to do.Brandy curled up on my lap Before I have the house cleaned, I always move all of my knick-knacks, plants, coasters, photos, etc. out of the way so it's easier for her to clean. It's a big house and I have a lot of stuff. Even with all of that out of the way, it takes her 5 or 6 hours to clean it. She's very thorough, and the house is plants on tablepretty dirty, so.... if I left all that stuff, it would probably take her a few more hours, and I would still have to go around and make sure everything was put back where it was. There's less chance something gets broken that way, too. Also, I prefer it if she wet-dusts everything, and then we give it a chance to dry before I wipe my own stuff and put it back there. I've had many house cleaners over the years, so I've dealt with these issues. It's just better, I've found, to move the stuff, even though it's slightly annoying to have to spend the time before and after, moving the stuff back and forth. Mostly I put it on the beds or in the cupboards.

  Wednesday June 20

A rabbit much like the one I keep seeingAfter I got the house all ready, I was left with about 45 minutes with nothing to do, so I got dressed in my exercise clothes and walked Brandy. We only walk for about 20 minutes (that's how long it takes to go once around the neighborhood). It had been raining the night before and was still a little drizzly.  There were many birds and other animals out, so Brandy was very excited. Even more than usual.  In one yard, we saw a little brown and white bunny sitting there....then he or she hopped away.  Later on, when we had our evening walk, the same bunny was there in the same yard! And it hopped away again. Very cute bunny. I wish my phone weren't so heavy so I could get photos of these things. This picture at left tells you a little bit of what it looks like. I thought it had more white on it until I saw it again.

I had breakfast after we got back. I had 2 eggs left, so I fried up some turkey sausage, the eggs, and I added in the garlic zucchini from yesterday, and some cheese. It was pretty good. My stomach was kind of upset all day. I was sick as usual from the gluten. Probably from the restaurant we ate at on Sunday.Brandy, not happy to be tethered!

I was very hot all day in our house. Partly because I was running around, doing things. It's just very hard to get the air where I like it. I cranked up the air for the house cleaner, anyway.  They came around 8:15.  She brought her grand-daughter, Ana-something. I have a terrible memory. It was a pretty name, though, whatever it was. The girl is very cute. I put on cartoons on the TV for her.  Brandy and I always stay in the master bedroom until they clean it and the master bathroom. I was able to go to sleep for a few hours, too.  I really needed it. I slept most of the day, off and on. They left around 2.  Brandy was very hyper and annoying after that. Usually she's a good dog, but she does this crazy dog thing where she runs around in circles, and she messes up the rugs, and if I walk by, she tries to bite my feet. I put her outside for a while.

We got my American Express card bill, and it showed me that the pizza place in San Diego charged me, even though they never delivered my pizza! So I had to send them a copy of it, and they're going to send me a refund. What a lot of hassle.

Amex bill

I slept longer than I wanted, of course. David woke me up when he got home at his usual time, around 6:30. I cooked his dinner, and then I reheated some leftovers for me. I put some of the stuff back (knick knacks etc.), but I was physically very tired, so I kept resting between doing that, and the laundry. I'm still not finished. I was in a lot of pain today because of all of the physical work that I'm not used to, and the walking. Sorry to keep complaining! I'm also still very congested since that cold and bronchitis. In the evening I was having terrible sinus pain and pressure, and later ear pressure. I had trouble sleeping when I finally did get to bed around 11. I took more medicine, and it helped.

  Thursday June 21

I woke up about 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. I've just been working on my site and finishing the laundry. I tried to go back to sleep, but it didn't work.

Brandy and I took a nice walk about 8 am.  It was only 80 and rather cool. We saw that same bunny again! At least, I think it was the same one...it was in the same yard. 

I just coughed up a bunch of green gunk. (TMI? Sorry!)  I hope that doesn't mean I'm getting sick again (it didn't, thankfully!).  I don't have a fever or any other symptoms, other than that sinus pain yesterday. I'm going to keep taking Mucinex and drinking lots of water to see if I can get rid of this horrible congestion. If not, I'll either try the nasal rinse kit or go to the doctor again! UGH. I'm not worried because I had this happen before...after having cold/bronchitis, the coughing and congestion has lasted for months before.  The last time I went to the doctor for a really bad bout, I went through two courses of antibiotics before they sent me to a specialist, who ran all sorts of tests. He said to just take Mucinex, drink lots of water, and do the nasal rinse kit. I hope it will fix it this time, too. I hope I don't have a sinus infection.

I bought a Summer flag for my front yard, last month. I just went to put it out and it's way too big for the flag holder I have. I didn't realize when I bought it, how big it was. Thankfully, they have it in a smaller size, which I ordered, and they're letting me return the big one. I got lucky. Well, Amazon is very good about returns. I'm a regular customer who's spent a lot of money there, too. Whenever I email or chat with them about a return, even though it's past the return date, they'll usually let me. You just have to ask!

chicken at TokyoBrandy and I took a long nap.  Then David came home, and we went to the Japanese restaurant for dinner. There isn't much there I can eat without getting sick, but he really loves the sushi there, so I agreed. Usually I have trouble communicating with the people who work there, but today they had a young guy who was fluent in both English and Japanese. He was able to speak not only with me but to confer with the others who work there, to find out what I could eat. The only thing they could come up with was the Teriyaki chicken, without the teriyaki. I would have had the steak, but last time I tried that, it was not a good cut of steak. We discussed whether I could have the Miso soup or not, or the salad with dressing. I decided to skip them.  The chicken was sliced and came with some veggies. The veggies were fine, but the chicken was really overcooked and dry. I asked if there was any other sauce I could have, and he brought me some spicy mayo (even though I wasn't sure it was safe).  It was super hot, so I just had a little. I hope that it was all safe. This is the only place I'm eating at this weekend, so if I get sick, I know who to blame!  Now, the waiter was very helpful, and I thanked him, but you know what....if you're a waiter, #1 you should know what's in the food and what's safe for people with allergies. #2 if someone asks you if the food has this or that ingredient, you're only answer, if you don't know, should be, "Let me go check for you" and then you ask the cook or manager.  Your answer should not be, "I think so."  SIGH....

Brandy and I did our other walk when we got back. It was really humid! I put the laundry away. I didn't stay up too late and actually slept through most of the night!

  Friday June 22

I woke up around 7:40 this morning when Brandy made me wake up. We went walking pretty soon after that. It was pretty humid for so early in the morning, but not too hot yet.

I made bacon for breakfast, and I also had a nectarine. They are great this time of year.

new shirt I wore!David came back around noon and we did errands. I wore my new shirt, which you can see here on the left. I bought it on Amazon a while back. I'm not crazy about the sleeves. In the photo on their site, the cut-outs look smaller.  This shows my big fat arms too much.

First we picked up some prescriptions at the pharmacy, then we went down to the Square. He ate lunch at JavaPrimo while I had a soda. I've been sick already the past 2 days from gluten I ate at the Japanese restaurant. I'm only eating at one restaurant per week here at home, so that if I get sick, I know which place did it (and I won't go back there to eat).

The people sitting behind us were professors. David wasn't wearing a suit, like he usually is during the week, so they almost didn't recognize him.  He gets recognized a lot when we go out. It's hard for him to even go in a store without running into someone he knows. Another lady asked if he was a professor. I guess he has that look about him!

I took my laptop to the computer repair place, and they were able to snap the face of it back on pretty easily, and for free! That was a relief. I wasn't looking forward to using the tiny one for awhile. It's also a little cracked in the screen at the very tip right corner, but it doesn't affect my viewing of anything. That part of the screen is darksea salted caramel popcorn brown, anyway. I never even noticed that before. I wonder if there's a way to use more screen space...?

I mailed a package to my brother at the post office (no line!) and also dropped off a return package at the electronics store (UPS picks up there).  It was all very easy andpretty crepe myrtles outside our house quick.

Then we went to Brookshire's to get a few things. I had a sandwich when I got home. I was so hungry! I bought some of these caramel popcorn, but they don't taste much like caramel, sadly.

Later on, I walked Brandy around the neighborhood. I took my phone, so I could take many photos of flowers. Also, I got a video of that bunny I keep seeing!

Now I'm very sleepy, even though it's only 11. I tried to go to sleep, but I only slept very briefly. I shouldn't have magnolia blossomhad a long nap!

Here's a photo I took of one of the magnolia blossoms on the big magnolia tree down the street.  The tree did not do too well this year, due to the very dry Spring and Summer we've had.  There are also just a few flowers left on it now.

cinnamon raisin toastDavid has been buying cinnamon raisin bread lately, which has been hard for me to see because I can't eat it, and it's so good. I made my own raisin toast with GF bread. I just toasted it, and I spread it with butter, then I sprinkled some cinnamon, and Splenda on top, and a few raisins. Pretty good!  Not something I should eat very often, though, since it still has too many carbs.

  Saturday June 23

For the past two days, I've been trying to figure out how many pages and files are on my website. I think I figured out that I have over 80,000 pages or files, not including images. I think I have over 200,000 images.  Not as big as I thought, but still pretty big. I had a guy that was helping me out, via email, and we talked about some more work he was going to help me out with. I was really hoping he would pan out, but now he's saying he's too busy. This is a major bummer for me because what he was going to do would have really helped me out a lot. For a long time, I've been wanting to change over to a new system for my site, to make it easier to update, and in the process also it would look better. He was talking about a way to automate a lot of it, but now he's saying that he is probably too busy to take on my site for free. I can't afford to pay him, that's for sure.  SIGH.

OK, update, he feels bad for bailing on me, so he's going to help me somewhat. He'll help me redesign my site and get started on a new way to do it. We're still working out the details.our front door

Brandy and I walked around 7:30. It rained briefly before that, so it was a little humid. It was pretty cool that time of the morning, though. I didn't see the bunny this time! It was very humid when we went out later, and still no bunny.

I went back to sleep eventually and had a long nap.  David was doing various things today. He got me a new cord for my phone. I had somehow bent the old one. It still worked, but it was erratic. It cost $50! Yikes! I should have looked online.

My friend Kathy is out on a cruise with her family right now. So lucky!

I went with David to Antigua's for dinner. I just had some chips and soda.

I'm very tired at 10pm!

Wednesday this coming week, we're going to take Brandy in to be kenneled at the vet's. She really needs a bath and a trim. Then we'll drive to Texarkana and spend the night. Then I have my spine consultation on Thursday. We'll probably drive back after lunch.

Brandy on my lapDavid took this pic of Brandy on my lap. I look fat, but she looks adorable as ever!

There's a house down the street, on the other cul-de-sac, that's been for sale forever. I wondered why, so I looked it up. For one thing, it has 3 1/2 baths but only 2 bedrooms, which is kinda weird. For another, it's overpriced. They're asking more than for ours, and I think we overpaid just a tad. Their place is about the same size. Wish I could see the inside! I would love to know if there's anything else wrong with it. It looks like it has huge closets, though.

I haven't been very productive today. This messed-up sleep schedule just has me tired all the time. I went to bed sometime after 11pm.

  Sunday June 24

I woke up after 5 and couldn't get back to sleep. At least I did sleep through most of the night!  Brandy and I went walking around 7. Nice to get that out of the way!Awake Chocolate

One of our neighbors has a big dog that isn't too friendly. We see him out walking sometimes, and the dog always barks at us. Turns out he's a math professor at SAU! So funny, living in a small town.

I bought another box of this Awake Chocolate. It has the same amount of caffeine as half a cup of coffee! It's dark chocolate, too, so it's healthy.

My brother David is finally on Facebook! I hope he will get more involved, but knowing him, probably not. ;)

My new haircutDavid took me over to Wal-Mart around noon. We did the grocery shopping, and I got my hair trimmed. I stupidly forgot my grocery lists! We got most of the stuff I wanted, though. I was preoccupied because I was talking to that guy that was going to help me with my web site.  It turns out, I'm going to move my site to Wordpress, and I won't be getting much help from him, except for advice. That's OK because I think this will work out very well.  FYI I'm going to be using the Wordpress software on the same host I use now, not moving it to the blog site.  Marcos, who hosts my sites, will have to set us up on a newer server and then move the other site as well. Hopefully it won't mess things up too much on my older sites.  It's been my experience that when my sites are moved, it usually messes up some of the options I use in the old Frontpage software, such as the navigation of some of my pages, and my Sitemap. That's OK, though...it will be worth it to make things much easier for me.

I've decided to get a new logo and put the new site in different colors, too. I'm kind ofSquirrel trying to get my birdseed! sick of the old yellow, orange and aqua. The new site will be more blue. Blue is a pretty, calming color. I'm hoping my friend Lee, who's an artist, will design the logo. If not, I'll put up a contest on freelancer.com like I did last time.

There are a lot of squirrels and bunnies, I guess, out in the back yard, so Brandy has been barking to go out and chase them....

I took a nap in the afternoon. I was just so tired! I need to stop taking El Compadre decornaps.

We went over to El Compadre for dinner. Well, David had dinner, and I just watched. It's fine....I got my diet soda, so I was happy. It was sort of his birthday dinner.

Brandy and I had our usual walk. It was very humid out, even atLuke Cage and Claire 7:45pm.

I spent a lot of time working on my site and watching TV. I need to find the energy to finish putting back the knick-knacks and other stuff, and finishing the laundry and dishes!

I was binge-watching "Luke Cage" season 2 this weekend on Netflix. Such a great show! 

Tomorrow is David's birthday. I still have to wrap his presents and write in his card. I went to bed before midnight. I was very tired.

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