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  Monday 6/11/18

I slept in late and woke up after 3pm. I need to stop doing that! It's gotten so hot and humid now....I walk Brandy in the early evening and it's still pretty miserable.

I weigh myself every Monday. Today it's 170.4 which is exactly the same as it was a week ago! Well, at least I didn't gain any weight, so that's good. I have to really get serious about this now.

catfish and mashed cauliflowerI think I'm pretty much over the cold and bronchitis now. Today I haven't had to take Mucinex or Sudafed, and there's been no coughing or congestion. I will probably still take the rest of my cough medicine for bedtime because I don't want to wake David up coughing....he has to get up for work in the morning. You know, if I'm wrong, and I don't take the medicine, and then I cough, I might wake him up.

I had an Atkins breakfast entree for breakfast. It's good, but I'm kind of sick of it. I gave some of it to the dog. I had a slice of GF toast, too.

I bought a box of Awake dark chocolate bites a while back, but David gobbled them all up. I had one left, so I ate that today and ordered some more. Unfortunately, Amazon is no longer selling that type. I had to buy it off the Awake web site, which is more expensive. I don't love coffee and hate tea, but these little bites are just perfect. One of them has the same caffeine as a half a cup of coffee. Plus, they're dark chocolate, which is healthy, and I don't love dark chocolate so I'm not going to eat more than one or two.

I got a lot done today. I did the laundry, set up some appointments, did work on my site, cooked dinner, did the dishes, etc.

We bought some catfish, so I fried that up for David's dinner (my lunch). I had two pieces, with some blue cheese dressing (it works as well as tartar sauce). We also had some mashed cauliflower.  Then a little later, my blood sugar was a bit low, so I had a nectarine, a square of Ghirardelli caramel chocolate, and some watermelon.

I watched this great new show on AMC called "Dietland."  It's based on a book. It's very good. Marti Noxon created the show, and she's written on many wonderful shows, like "Unreal," "Glee" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." It's about a fat woman living in NYC who is a bit obsessed about dieting and fixing her life. She gets pulled into something bigger and more dangerous than that. It has a lot to say about dieting and weight. Someone on Twitter was saying that it was good that the character is fat and stays that way. I don't know...I have mixed feelings about that.

Certainly, no one should be made fun of or insulted because of their weight. No one should be made to feel shame or self-loathing due to their weight or anything else.  There is nothing wrong with not being skinny or perfect. However, there is definitely something wrong with being obese. I don't mean wrong, like immoral. Wrong like, it's not healthy and you should definitely lose weight.  You shouldn't feel bad about yourself, but you should want to be healthier.  Whether or not you look better, that's up to you.  If you're an unhappy person, only you can fix that. Losing weight will not fix the problems in your life.

We all like to think that, if only I lose this weight, I'll be happier, healthier, I can buy new clothes, everyone will love me, etc. but of course, that's not true. You may be healthier, but that's about it. I just don't like to think that anyone is going, oh, it's OK that I'm obese, I'll just eat whatever I want and give up on dieting. Fad dieting is bad. Eating healthy is not bad. Not all diets are bad. So far in this show, they don't show the woman exercising, either, so that bothers me as well. You need to do both. Even a little exercising is better than nothing.  Hey, I can say this because I'm 60 lbs. overweight and I've been trying to lose it for a long while now. We've all had thoughts about how disgusted we are with how we look, and been tempted to do something drastic.  The best thing to do is eat healthy, cut down on the amount you eat, and exercise. Eventually, you will lose weight.  Most of us are just impatient and want to see weight loss NOW!! Then we lose interest and go back to over-eating or eating unhealthy food. There is no secret to weight loss aside from the usual: eat less, exercise more. If that doesn't work for you....if you do that for a year without cheating, then you might talk to your doctor about what other problems you might be having, such as thyroid or other problems. It can be done, even after your metabolism changes. I lost 25 lbs. in 2 months back when we were living in Georgia. I just ate mostly salads (big salads with lots of veggies, meat, cheese, nuts/seeds and dressing). I snacked on sugar free Jello with whipped cream, and sugar free popsicles; and I snacked on meat, cheese, veggies, nuts and seeds.  Yes, I was hungry, but not too much. And I exercised. I just need to get back to that. It's hard for me because I don't really love salad. But if you're hungry enough, you will eat it. You just have to make sure you don't buy things that are not on the diet. I'm still on that Summer Slim Down Challenge, so that's why I'm weighing myself every Monday.

Anyway, getting back to Dietland, which is about an overweight woman in New York, in the fashion industry (like "Ugly Betty"), I have to say that the experiences might be different depending on where you live. Certainly a large woman will be scorned more in the fashion industry, or in Hollywood. Perhaps also in any cosmopolitan place like New York City? I don't know, but I do know that I felt worse (Judged) about being overweight in California than I have almost anywhere else we've lived. In Illinois, Texas and theBrandy South, I felt like I was more on the thin side because people in those places tended to be overweight. This is not to say that there are no overweight people in NY or CA. There are, but maybe it skews older. I don't know...

My other problem with the show is that the star is very big, like probably over 200 (300?) lbs., yet she's in her 20's or 30's. If you're that young (meaning, your metabolism is higher), and that obese, there's no reason you can't lose weight, unless you've got some health problem preventing it. You just have to eat less and exercise.  They make it look like this woman never cheats on her diet. I just don't believe that.

I had weird dreams last night about Hawaii, and also about my classes here at SAU. I often dream about Hawaii, though, especially the ocean. I miss it so much!

Brandy goes out many times at night...one night around 2 am, she started barking, as did the dog that lives in the yard behind us. She was so annoying, and I couldn't get her to come back in. I was just going to go get dressed, when David woke up and went out there to get her for me. Annoying dog!

I tried to go to bed a little earlier, but I couldn't sleep.

  Tuesday 6/12/18

I didn't get up until pretty late...again! I need to stop doing that.

pancakesIt was not too bad when I walked Brandy in the evening... hotter and more humid than I would like, of course, but not too bad.

I made almond flour pancakes, with blueberries, for breakfast. They came out really good.

I wasted a lot of time the past two nights testing food with my NIMA gluten sensor. Something in my kitchen is still making me sick, and I can't figure out what it is. I'm going to try to eat mostly non-processed food and see if that helps. I'm really tired of being sick. I was sick again today. NIMA gluten sensor

I finally finished unpacking. I got a lot of work done on my site, and I finally watched the Tony Awards, which I always enjoy...

Because I got up so late, I decided to just stay up as long as I can and walk the dog when it gets light.  Then we'll go to sleep for a little bit, wake up in the afternoon.

  Wednesday 6/13/18

Poor Brandy is wondering what's going on, and why we're not in bed yet!

outdoor thermometerI really tried to stay up, but I couldn't....ah, well. I ended up getting up around 2:30 in the afternoon. Darn it!

I'm still being pretty careful about what I eat, so I wasn't sick today. Yay! I had bacon, eggs and one piece of GF toast for breakfast. Then I had some mixed berries as well. For lunch, I had a turkey sandwich with just one piece of toast and more berries. That's mostly what I ate today. I'll probably have something small for dinner, so I can take my pills.

At least my cold seems to be over. I didn't cough at all last night.

David was on the local TV today, on two stations (well, really the same station). He was also in these two newspaper articles as well.David on TV He's not quoted in either article, but he's in the photo. This one has a better photo.

Today I put away the laundry, finished all the unpacking, picked up around the house, and did the dishes. I'm trying to get everything done.

Trish is coming tomorrow to take me to Wal-Mart, where we'll buy some flowers and then she'll plant them. I hope I can get up in time!

I got all ready to walk Brandy, then there was a crack of thunder and the rain started! Poor little dog...no walk today!

She makes me laugh, though. You know, I have these baby gates up, to keep her out of rooms we don't want her to go in. For a long time, I had one up so that she couldn't go to the front foyer area, or the dining room. Eventually I moved it so that she just couldn't go into the dining room. I have all of my Christmas decorations in there still, mostly not put away (that's my next project!).  Well, a few times I left the baby gate askew (because that's also Brandy getting her tummy rubbedwhere the controls are for the a/c), and she got in there, where she's not supposed to be. I have no idea yet what damage she's done. But anyway, now she just sits by that baby gate and whines because she wants to get in there again.  She's so funny!! She has no idea that room is forbidden, she just knows she wants in there - NOW!  I'm sure that once I get all the Christmas decorations put away, I'll let her in there, but she may not love it so much when it's mostly empty.

I spent the rest of the evening tidying up the house, including doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Brandy was extra-hyper and driving me crazy! I had to put her outside for a while so I could finish cleaning up.  I went to bed about 3am.

  Thursday 6/14/18Petunias hanging in the backyard

I woke up around 8:15 when my second alarm went off. I was very tired but somehow managed to get up and get dressed. I finished tidying up the house.

I put Brandy in the bedroom, and Trish came by around 8:45. It was nice to see her! Her family moved into a new place in Emerson, one of the nearby towns here. She took me over to Wal-Mart, and we picked out a bunch of flowers for her to plant outside, and I also picked up a few new plants for inside. I suggested she come back tomorrow to plant them, so she agreed. I got a few groceries at Wal-Mart, too.Brandy with new croton plant

Since I was dressed anyway, when we got back, I went ahead and walked Brandy. It was only about 9:45, but it was already very humid. We got through it, though. Lately I've been taking a nice cold shower after our walks...it sure helps.

cactusAfter I cooled off, I put the plants out and put the rest of my groceries away...

Later on, The Clawsons are coming by to mow the lawn and do the weeding. I'll probably take a nap before that. I'm tired!

I took a long nap....for some reason, I had trouble getting to sleep at first. Perhaps it was from the Diet Pepsi I got at the Subway.caladium

David called and suggested we go to Antigua's for dinner, so we did. I had their Pollo de Parrilla, which is very good, and I'm fairly sure it's gluten free.

After we got back, the Clawsons arrived to do their work. I took Brandy out for her walk, since it was after 7pm.  It was still very hot and humid, so I took another shower afterwards (just a short one).

I collect business cards, among other things. I have a site for them, and a P.O. Box. Sometimes people send me cards that they no longer want. I got two packages today, with nice notes, from people who had cards to give me.  One was just from a collection, and the other was from a defunct restaurant. business cards

Later on, I was in pain from all the walking. I pulled some muscle that's in the area between the rear end and the upper thigh. It really hurts a lot. My lower back on that side, and my right knee, also hurt a little. I took 2 Aleve and put Ben Gay on everything. Hopefully it will be OK tomorrow. I don't know how I can do this from just a little walk around the neighborhood!

The Clawsons left as it was getting dark. When I opened the front door to speak with them, Brandy ran out behind me and started saying hi to Galea. She didn't mind, thankfully. Brandy had a great time saying hello and then running all over the field next door.  We took her to the backyard so I could look around and then lock the gate.  Brandy sure has had a great day, with lots of exercise. It didn't seem to tire her out too much, though.  It did tire me out! LOL!

I'm going to bed early, before midnight...

  Friday 6/15/18

Brandy woke me up whining this morning, and then she was antsy on the bed for a while...I had a hard time getting back to sleep. It was hot and I put the A/C on. Eventually I got back to sleep! I woke up around 8:30 when the alarm went off.

Trish showed up about 10 minutes later and started work on the flowers out front. She did a great job! Brandy was very happy to see her, too.

Front yard

I made breakfast. Trish put the flowers in, and it looks very nice.  David might be coming home later for lunch.

He came home around noon, and we went to JavaPrimo down in the Square. I had the Greek Salad that I liked there before. It's very good, even though they put some sort of honey mustard type of dressing on it instead of the traditional Greek dressing. At least Java Primothey put the feta on there this time. I tried their dark chocolate gelato, but it wasn't worth the calories. I never had such mediocre gelato before! I usually love anything that remotely resembles ice cream. Ah, well.

We also dropped a package off at the post office. I had bought some DVD's on ebay and one of them came broken because the idiot that sold it only put it in a regular manila envelope, with no padding. So I had to return it for a refund because I bought it as a gift for someone. Then I left the wrong feedback, so I had to leave follow-up feedback. I don't know why they don't let you edit your own feedback!

Trish had mentioned to me that Springhill, a town about a half hour away, might have more amenities than Magnolia. She's the third person to say that to me. I looked it up, and Springhill has a movie theater, and a bowling alley! Yet they're half the size of our town. That's very weird. I wonder why? Is it just because they're in Louisiana? Or because they have a casino?

Brandy cracks me up all the time. I'll be sitting here, working on the laptop, and she comes up and tries to get in my lap. Never mind that there's no room for her! She also licks the keys.  And if I get a Kleenex to wipe off her dog droll on the laptop, or on the arm of my chair, she gets very excited and tries to bite the Kleenex. She would love nothing more than to tear the Kleenex apart, so she thinks I'm playing a game. She's so silly.

I had a long nap this afternoon...that was probably a bad idea.

I ordered a new medical ID card from Amazon. It's a hard plastic. ID bracelet

I didn't walk Brandy this morning, even though I was up early. I was just too tired, and I wanted to rest my sore body. We'll be walking around 7:30pm as soon as the sun goes down a bit more. It's very hot out today.  It's 94 and 56% humidity. The thermometer in the backyard, as always, is higher, at 98.

We had a nice little walk, the sun was mostly down, and it wasn't too hot.

Brandy was worn out, though...she was at my feet, like she often is, and I had my feet on top of her, like she was my footstool! She doesn't usually allow that. Usually if she's right under my feet, she's trying to bite my foot! She was just zonked out there for a while.

This is annoying. I had tried to order from a pizza place in San Diego back at the end of May, and they called me to say that they couldn't deliver it because "our bike is down."  So I asked them to cancel it. Well, they didn't cancel it on my credit card and didn't refund it! So I had to call and email them about it...hopefully they'll take care of it. Otherwise, I'll have to call Amex and explain it to them. Don't you just hate idiots?  I'm very sure it was incompetence on their part and they weren't trying to rip me off.

BrandyWe were talking tonight about where to go for our anniversary. Every year, we go to a different state for it. It's July 30, so our rule is that we must spend the night and eat dinner that night there. The rest of the trip, it doesn't matter where we are.  David likes baseball, so we looked at the schedule to see who's playing. We have to be in Fayetteville July 27 because he has a meeting. Then we'll probably drive to Little Rock and fly to Pittsburgh. There's baseball there. Then we can take this bus that goes to Morgantown, West Virginia. We can eat and spend the night there. We've done Pennsylvania before, but not WV.  It will be a short trip because he has to come back to work. We'll probably just spend a few days in that area before flying home.

During our last trip, we signed up for American Airlines Mastercards because they were offering a lot of extra miles. We were already in their frequent flyer club. So I have almost 20,000 miles, and he has almost 30,000.  We'll probably book our anniversary trip on our card.  Then if it works out right, we'll get more miles. They're offering 50,000 extra miles for certain purchases. We have to look more into what that is about and where we can spend our miles.  The cards do have an annual fee, but it's worth it if we can get a lot of free trips on it. For instance, with the miles that we already have, we can go practically anywhere in the US. I can almost go to Hawaii, and he can definitely can. We would go there now, but he has to have the time off, too, and he would need at least a week off to go to Hawaii because it's such a far trip.  We have to talk about when and how he can take that week off and more.  Anyway, it seems like a good deal. There are lots of bonus things you get with this card, like free checked luggage, early boarding etc.

I like cards with points and miles because I use them all the time for purchases anyway.  I use my Amazon VISA a lot and get tons of free stuff with that. My Amex, which I don't use as often, also gets me some points to use for free stuff. Neither of these, though, have annual fees.  Thing is, if you pay the cards off right away, like we do, it's all free. They only make money off you if you don't pay it back right away because the interest is higher on these type of cards.

ice creamI made some mocha ice cream with my ice cream maker. It's very yummy.

I had a toothache all day. That wasn't fun! It's usually from grinding.

I was very sleepy about 12:30 and tried to sleep, but I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. :(  My feet and back were itching.

Earlier I was texting with my SIL Eileen, and our friend Susan, whom I've known since high school. She and Eileen were best friends for most of their lives, too.

Tomorrow I need to do the dishes and laundry again. They're never-ending!

  Saturday 6/16/18

chicken dishI was tired and didn't get up until 11:30.  We went out to eat at this new-ish Mexican restaurant, called Los Tovares. The waiter was very slow. He took forever to take our drink order, and then forgot to bring our drinks. I think because I asked about the gluten, it confused him. After checking, he said not to eat the salsa because it wasn't GF. Why do all of these places around here put flour or something into their salsa? Sorry for ranting about this again, but salsa shouldn't have anything but tomatoes, onions, maybe some peppers, vinegar if you really must, and salt. Not flour or barley etc. I ordered the "homemade tamale" and he checked, said it was gluten free. So he asked me which sauce I wanted, I said, whichever one is GF. He brings it out and it has NO sauce. So not one of their sauces is GF, either? That is not good. And it was very dry, of course. We probably won't be going back there.David getting hair cut

We went to Wal-Mart after that. David got his hair cut while I did some shopping. I was a little sick there, probably from one of the restaurants we ate at on Thursday or Friday. My bad for eating at too many places in one weekend. Now I don't know which one made me sick! I'm stupid, I don't learn...

Then I forgot to eat lunch, so my blood sugar dropped. UGH, I hate when I do that.  Then I sort of pigged out after that. I haven't been doing very well on my diet.

I had a really hard time getting to sleep all night. It was awful because I was itchy, and my neck hurt, and I just couldn't sleep. If I did fall asleep, I woke up coughing (from allergies). Mostly I just wasn't sleepy enough. Yet I was very tired and couldn't concentrate on anything, even watching TV.

  Sunday 6/17/18

I didn't get up until 3pm. Too late!

We went to Wal-Mart for the rest of our shopping. Later, we went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant down the street, El Compadre. As we walked into their place, there rainbow unicorn drinkwas a sign that said we could now get delivery from a site called Hitmeupp.com   I looked them up on my phone, and they deliver from all sorts of restaurants around here! Apparently it's Arkansas-based. I'm so glad we finally have this. Yippee! Now if only I could eat at most of the restaurants in the town...LOL!

They had a spicy shrimp special, so I had that. It was pretty good...a little too spicy for me. I also had a drink called a Little Mermaid that was very colorful. However, it had a really bland taste, so I won't be ordering it again. Too bad. I thought it would be very sweet.

Later on, I took my leftover dinner and made nachos, so that was great.

I hope that this week I can finally put the Christmas decorations away, and go back to training Brandy, and start singing again!

My tooth is hurting me again. I really don't want to go to the dentist.Brandy and me!

My computer was getting full, and I still need to take it into the shop because it's still held together by tape. I've been backing everything up to an external hard drive. Also, I've been moving some videos onto USB drives for my brother.  I hope to get this all finished tonight, and then maybe David can take it in to be repaired sometime this week.

Yolanda is coming to clean at 8 am Wednesday morning, so I need to get back into an early schedule. Otherwise I will be way too tired Wednesday.

Brandy and I usually go out now for our evening walk around 7:30. That way the sun is down most of the way. It's still light enough out to see, but the sun isn't shining on us. It was still very humid today when we went.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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