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  Monday 5/28/18

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Sorry to all of those who lost a loved one in a terrible war. My Uncle Leonard died in WWII on a ship. My nephew Jeremiah died in the Iraq war. I hope that one day we realize, as a civilization, that we don't need war. I really thought we wouldn't have any more in our lifetime (at least one in which the U.S. was involved), after Vietnam. I thought we had learned. Boy, was I wrong. sad face Wishful thinking, I guess.

I posted many great photos during our trip, not just the few here, so please make sure you check them out on my Instagram.

Stephen, me and DeadpoolI'm still in San Diego.  It was a very long day. I woke up at 8am to get ready for our movie at Hazard Center. If you go to the first showing, which was at 9:45, you only have to pay $7.  We left about 8:45, in case of traffic, but we got there a little early. I had hoped to go to the coffee place there, but it was closed for the holiday. D'oh! I woke up...eventually!

Susan and I got there first, so we went inside. I wanted a hot dog, but none of their food was gluten free, except for packaged candy, and popcorn. I had the latter, with a soda, but I only ate a little bit.  Stephen and Zina showed up, looking sleepy. I gave Stephen his early birthday present - a T shirt that says "Wakanda Forever!", a card, and some DVD's I recorded for them. Oh, I was wearing my new Avengers shirt, too.

We went in to see "Deadpool 2," which was great. I think it was just as good as the first one. It had a lot of great action, plus it was hilarious. There were so many funny jokes and cameos. Later I read about some that I didn't even notice.  We all loved it.

Susan and Zina took some photos of Stephen and me in front of the Deadpool cardboard cutout...

Afterwards, Susan and I stopped briefly back at home, and then we had lunch athorchata muffins Souplantation. It's one of my favorite places, especially now that it has all of the gluten-friendly food marked. I guess they can't say "gluten free" now because if you get a crouton in your salad, you could raise a fuss or threaten to sue them.  Anyway, they have many great salads, plus soups, breads, pizzas, and desserts. I can't eat most of those, but they did actually have some gluten-friendly horchata muffins that were outstanding. It makes sense that they were great because their regular blueberry muffins are fantastic. I used to go there and eat at least 3 of them.  They also have sugar-free chocolate mousse, which is also gluten free. They had other desserts, but I had plenty to eat. I wish we had a place where we live where I could pig out on great salads!  We don't have one good place with a salad bar.

John and SusanMeanwhile, David had gone to the afternoon Padres game. They lost, unfortunately, in a very boring game.

After we got back, I had a good nap.  Then I got up around 4 and did the laundry, and I worked on my site some. David came home, and he took a little nap, too.

Around 7, we took a Lyft over to this Thai restaurant called Koon Thai Kitchen in Kearney Mesa. It was listed as Celiac-friendly, and it was only 8 minutes' walk fromThai food the karaoke place we were going to afterwards.  Ira called because he arrived early, so he met us there. That turned out to be very lucky because he was able to give us a ride to the karaoke place afterwards. The food was really good. They helped me figure out what to eat. I had some kind of curry with pork.  It was really yummy.  They liked their food, too.

We were about 10 or 15 minutes late, so it wasn't too bad. We had reservations for one of the big rooms at H.I.V.E. from 8:30 to 11:30.  My friend Mary was there with three of her friends.  I was glad to see her at all because both of her parents are sick and in the hospital.  She wanted to see me and make an Mary and I at H.I.V.E.appearance while her mom had some tests done. Her friend Mika was not feeling well, which is too bad because she's a very good singer.  Her other two friends don't sing but were there, anyway.  They stayed for just a little while.

Some people I had invited told me they couldn't make it, and that was nice of them to let me know. My brother David is sick with the flu, unfortunately. I was disappointed that some others who said they would be there, didn't show up. Ah, well. We had a nice group of family and friends.  David was very tired and not really feeling much like singing, so he went outside after awhile. The problem with the karaoke box is that you're all together in this room (even if it's a big room), so you can't really talk easily while other people are singing, like you can in a karaoke bar.

In some ways, it's a good thing some of the other people didn't show up becauseStephen and me at H.I.V.E. there wouldn't have been enough room. I think they put us in a slightly smaller room than we had previously discussed.

Anyway, the rest of us had fun.  We did quite a few songs as a group, so that was great!  I wanted to film the whole thing on Facebook Live and use it for my upcoming Digital Cinema class, but the video stopped at one point, and I wasn't sure what had happened, so I just gave up. However, we did get one song, at least, so it was cool. Martin and I sang a duet. I thought it sounded OK, given that we hadn't practiced it at all. We usually do these other duets, but they didn't have them. The song selection, as I described last week, was not that great.

Stephen wore the Wakanda Forever shirt I got him, so that was cool. I wore a new shirt I have that says "Peace Love and Karaoke." The woman who worked there noticed it and liked it, at least! No one else commented! Frowny face

I definitely sang too much and kind of blew out my voice (I didn't realize that I had a cold yet).  Still, it was fun and worth it. None of us ate there, but we did have drinks, so they gave us a little discount. The whole thing was $166, including a few drinks, which isn't bad compared to the $125 we paid the other day for just two hours in a smaller room.  Plus, some friends gave us donations towards it, so we'll have $75 from them, all together.

I wish I had recorded more, but otherwise it was very good fun and really enjoyable.

Stephen and Zina gave us a lift home, which was nice of them. It was a lot of fun seeing them today! After we got back to Susan's, I changed and took out my contacts. I've been very stuffed up all evening, and it got worse after we got home. Yuk. It's 3 am and I haven't gone to bed yet. The fun stuff keeps me up for hours...all this adrenaline! I had a nice chat with my brother-in-law John, too, about the karaoke evening, and music in general. He had me play this Korean pop song on Youtube that he thought I would like. It was very nice. I will have to see if it's available on karaoke.

  Tuesday 5/29/18

I was coughing a lot last night. Apparently I have a cold. I hope it doesn't turn into bronchitis. It's a weird cold because I didn't have too much of a sore throat, like I carnitasnormally do. I just had a husky voice and congestion, and coughing. I have allergies, too, so it's hard to figure out which symptoms are which! I felt lousy this morning, so it's definitely a cold.

We had a hard time finding a place that I could eat GF that was in the El Cajon/La Mesa area, that we could agree on. Finally we settled on Case De Pico, a Mexican place that used to be in Old Town. Now it's in Grossmont Center. It was not very good, unfortunately. They did have everything GF marked, so that wasflowers great. I had the carnitas tacos, which were very dry. Carnitas are pork, and they're supposed to have a lot of fat. Oh, well. David wasn't too thrilled with what he ordered, either.

Susan took David and me over to the grocery store so I could get a few things. I got some purple flowers in a pretty pot to put on my mom's grave. Susan then took us over to the El Cajon Cemetery, which is in the Granite Hills area. This is a very cheap old place, which is why my mom is there. They have a large paper map that tells them where to find the grave. It's very old school. The urns are listed by year in many spiral notebooks. The cemetery apparently dates back to the 1880's, which is interesting.

When we got there, there was just a tiny little office, and I met the guy who runs it. He's polite but I wouldn't call him exactly friendly. We had a hard time figuring out where my dad's urn would be, but then I re-read Pat's message and realized I had misunderstood him. Dad is in a mortuary in South Dakota still. D'oh!   The map for the graves was out with another guy. I would think they would want to make a copy in case something happened to it! When I mentioned that I was surprised the notebooks were not computerized, he said they couldn't afford to pay someone to put them into a database, nor to buy a computer. That makes sense, I guess.

When the map came back, the guy took us out to the area the grave was in, and we followed. He was counting off paces, like he was looking for a treasure map.  He found my mom's unmarked grave. I was disappointed that it was unmarked, but he told me that markers cost about $1500. My family was very poor, so that explains it. Even now, I wouldn't want to spend that much for something that, while it may last me with the flowers on my mom's gravemany centuries, would not matter to anyone but a few people.

I took a nice photo with the grave. I crouched down next to the flowers, so my knees were killing me. It came out good, though. Later on, after I posted about this on Facebook, someone showed me that you can buy a grave marker on Amazon, engraved, for less than $50! And you can bury it yourself. So it's just a matter of whether that cemetery will allow me to do that or not. I will work on this for next year. I couldn't find the guy to thank him before we left, so I left him a nice thank you note for his help.

After that, we packed up our stuff to leave, back at Susan's house. I couldn't find one of my shoes, and neither could David. I wasn't feeling well, so it was quite a trial. Eventually we did find it, underneath her desk. Not sure how it got there when thechecking in to the Sofia other one was nowhere near it! smiley face

Susan drove us to The Sofia Hotel down in the Gaslamp.  We stayed there before,  when Barbara came out to visit.  It's just a little place, but nice. The rooms are not huge, but they're better than some we've stayed in.  I was not feeling well, so I just tried to sleep. The coughing made it difficult, but I did manage to sleep some, off and on. David went to the Padres game. I got dinner downstairs at the hotel restaurant, Currant. The food was pretty good. I ordered an appetizer (duck tacos) and a Ceasar salad. It was way too much food. The salad was huge, and the appetizer had 3 tacos, more like a main course.  They were great, though.  They don't have room service, so I tried to find a food great tacos from Currantdelivery place that had GF food.  The first one was a pizza place, and I placed the order. Then they called me and said, "Our bike is down," and they had no one there to deliver it by foot. I don't know if they meant a motorcycle or a bicycle, but it was still pretty odd. Then I tried another place, that used a site called Postmates to deliver their food. I signed up, logged in, and then when I tried to order, I kept getting a weird error message. So that's why I just gave up and went with the place downstairs, even though I didn't feel like getting dressed and walking down there and back.

And speaking of Postmates, how dare they use this slogan "Anything, anytime, anywhere. We get it."  They don't operate everywhere!!  Even leaving aside how impossible that is, they don't operate in my town! They're only available in 20 cities! Maybe choose a less-lofty slogan until you at least cover cities in all 50 states. angry face

Before I went back to sleep, I organized all of our carry-on bags in preparation for flying tomorrow. 

David enjoyed the game...the Padres won, so that was good. They lost the other one he went to.  He brought me some aspirin, some goodies and a thermometer. I woke up when he got back, and I had a hard time getting back to sleep.

  Wednesday 5/30/18

I felt better when I woke up... just weak, tired. When I was in the shower, it occurred to me that I didn't see my little red laptop that I had brought with me on the trip! I never used it during the trip. I just had it for the plane flights. My real, big laptop was in the suitcase. I have no idea where I left the little red one. I texted Susan, but she didn't find it. I called the hotels we stayed in, and they hadn't found it. I probably left it on an airplane. I feel really stupid. I hope they find it because I can't afford to replace it. I just got it in April, I think?

We went to the airport and checked in. I filled out a form on the American Airlines website for looking for the laptop.  The thing is, it's password-protected, and there's no power cord (I have that, still), so they won't be able to get much use out of it. I went ahead and changed a lot of passwords, just in case anyone tried to use it to access my social media, email etc. I have a file in each laptop that lists all of my passwords, so that would be pretty easy to use. I'll probably cancel one of my credit cards, too.

We ate lunch at the airport. The Southwest terminal is really awful. It's the fault of the airport, not Southwest. It's too small and doesn't have enough eating places, so there are always large crowds and long lines, and few places to sit.  They had "The Counter," a place I loved in Hawaii. It has many burger options, and you can make your own. They also have GF bread. There was quite a line. Turns out they didn't have GF bread at this one, but they did have burger-in-a-bowl, so I got that. It was very good. I got fries, too. I could only eat half the burger and some of the fries. My appetite is way down, due to this cold. The Sudafed might also be affecting my appetite.

The restroom there is also very small, and there's always a long line. When I got in, my stall had no TP, so I had to ask the girl next to me. I had to ask like 4 times before she heard me! She gave me plenty, too, so I left some for the next person. I told the woman going in there next about it, too, so she seemed grateful. My good deed for the day!

I was feeling lousy again by the time we boarded the plane. It was a short flight,arrived in Vegas thankfully. With Southwest, you get to choose any open seat, so we sat in the back, near the restroom. That's an old person's thing... winky face Anyway, it took them forever to serve us drinks, and then the flight was almost done, and it was really bumpy going over the mountains. That made it hard to drink the soda, and then we had to leave it on our seat for them to pick up.  We had the usual Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant who Thinks She's Funny! laughing faces I was very tired and almost left one of my magazines in the seat pocket. I'm batting 1000 here.

When we got to Vegas, I just sat down near the baggage claim once we got there. I was exhausted. David played just a little on a slot machine. Our bags came very quickly. We went to the hotel and had a nap. We both really needed it. I did briefly get awakened by a phone call, but I was able to go back to sleep. I've our room at The Dbeen taking lots of medicine. I had a bit of a fever on the plane. The aspirin took care of it, but it came back.

Again, I felt much better after the nap. We took a cab over to The Palms, where we met David's sister, Eileen, and her husband Joe. Eileen had called them for me, and they told her that there was a special GF section in their buffet. They lied to her.  I went to get salad, and a few things were marked GF, but not most. I had to ask for help. The chef came out and took me around to tell me which items were GF, so that was nice.  He said they used to label everything, but it was just easier to do this. I felt like saying, "Easier for you, maybe..." LOL! Eileen was shocked, but I was not. This has happened many times...

Some of the food was pretty good. Although I admit, the taste may have beenThe A.Y.C.E. buffet at The Palms affected by my cold. They had a good duck cassoulet dish, fine salad, and many wonderful gelato flavors. It was hard to just narrow it down to two scoops! They even had some sugar free and it was great.  They also had a GF coconut cookie and a brownie, but honestly, they were not very good. The chef said he couldn't guarantee the rest of it was safe because he didn't make it. It came from an outside pastry chef. So I stayed away from it, even though it looked yummy. Especially the chocolate covered strawberries!

My stomach was not feeling well, off and on all day. I figured it was just gas or something. It started getting worse after we ate. We gambled a little bit there, and then they gave us a ride over to the downtown area. I was really in pain by the time we arrived, and I had to practically run to the bathroom. I was very sick. I thought it was from gluten poisoning (maybe The Counter?), but now I think it was some kind of stomach virus, like I've had before a few times when we traveled. It was much more painful than my regular gluten poisoning and went on a lot longer. Also, I was sweating a lot and then got chills later on.  It was really horrible. As soon as I could get a break, I came out, and David took me up to our room. I looked very bad, apparently. I was drenched in sweat and very pale.  I kept being sick, and lying down on the bed in between bouts. Luckily, unlike some of our other trips where I got gastroenteritis, I didn't have too much nausea, and no vomiting. I didn't have to go to the ER due to lack of fluids, either. I briefly considered it because it was so bad, but it got better. I really didn't want to spend all night at the ER. Been there, done that, too many times.

Remember, I get diarrhea quite often from eating gluten by accident. This was not that at all. It was much worse. Trust me on this! If you've ever had a food-born illness, you know it's not fun.

Our room at The D is not very good. Earlier, when we were napping, the clock radio was buzzing off and on, and it didn't seem to be an alarm, so I couldn't shut it off. Finally, I just moved it behind the bedside stand, so I couldn't hear it.

Our room overlooks Fremont Street and Four Queens. It's very loud down there, even during the day. They had a band there at night (probably due to the hockey playoffs), and it was very loud. We could tell what songs they were singing. Then about midnight, it got super loud, in the guitar, bass, and drums. I had to cover my ears with a pillow. Before that, I didn't mind it so much. They finally stopped about 1 am. UGH.

The A/C is good but very loud as well.  Well, it was a very cheap room, about $30 a night, so you get what you pay for.  I was still sick until about 1:30, but I've been fine since then. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to keep some food down without getting sick.  In the past, it's generally been a 24 hour thing, more or less. I've been sleeping a lot. I plan to see sleep in tomorrow, too.

It was great seeing Eileen and Joe! We had a nice dinner with them. We will see them again tomorrow afternoon, barring any more illness...

  Thursday 5/31/18

French onion soupI got up around 10. I was still feeling weak, tired, and lousy from coughing, etc. Better than last night, though. We took a cab over to The Paris and had lunch at Mon Ami Gabi, my favorite restaurant here. They have a lot of great gluten free choices, plus I really love French food. My appetite is not back yet, and my stomach is still tender, so I just had their French onion soup. It was really good. I was only able to eat about half of it. Well, there's a start to my diet! I would not recommend this diet, thought...

We played a little there, where I turned $20 into $50! That was fun. It was the biggest win I had, our entire trip. Then we took a cab over to New York New York. We went to Nine Fine Irishman, David's favorite place here. We had drinks, and I had some really delicious vanilla ice cream. That was the only dessert they had that was gluten free. They have a pretty good GFus in Vegas! menu, but no desserts on it.  Then we played for a while there. I was getting tired, so we went back to The D. We stopped briefly at the gift shop before heading back to our room. I went back to sleep around 2pm.  I woke up again a few hours later and couldn't get back to sleep. I have a temperature of about 99.5. That's not a big temperature, but I rarely get anything higher than 100. I'm very hot, and weak, but I want to have more fun. I did have some stomach pains, but I was fine after that and didn't get sick again, so I guess the stomach bug has passed. Yay! Not that I'm going to push it.

We're going to meet Eileen and Joe around 6:30 and go to Battista's, a great Italian place we all like. I'm hoping they have soup I can eat. Otherwise, I'll just have chicken or something. Something light! We'll see how long I can last before I have to go back to bed. I don't want to make myself sicker, but we only get to Vegas once a year, so I don't want to completely ruin it.

all of us at Battista's!We had dinner there. I had the veal marsala, and a small salad. They were both very good. Most of their GF food is pasta, and I'm trying not to eat pasta or other high-carb foods.  Unfortunately, there is one thing I couldn't have. For every meal, they give you this wonderful cappucino at the end of the meal. It's super delicious. Well, apparently it's not GF. Bummer! Oh, they also give you 2 bottles of wine (one red, one white) with your meal, but I didn't drink alcohol at all.

We went to Joe and Eileen's place after that, to see what it's like. They got a great deal on a 1 bedroom place, with a wonderful view of theMolly on Joe's lap Strip. At night, it's gorgeous. They have really nice furniture, too. It's clear that they have good taste. I love their bed, which is much nicer than ours.  They also have a new kitty, Molly, that they rescued, who was mostly scared of us.  Joe found her and put her on his lap, so she calmed down. I was able to pet her a little bit. Poor little kitty!  We stayed for a little while, but we were all getting a little tired.  They drove us back to the Strip. I was looking for a drugstore. We didn't see one at first. I wanted to find Sudafed because I was almost out, plus a few other things. We did find a CVS and bought some things, but the pharmacy was closed.  We stopped briefly at Fatburger to use the restroom, and we also got some drinks. Fries came free with the drinks, so we ate some of those, but they weren't very good.

view of the Strip at night from their place

As we walked back out to the Strip sidewalk, David noticed that the Monte Carlo casino was gone, and there was a new one called Park MGM. We went over to check it out, and so he could get a new $1 chip for his collection. It was a lot farther walk than it looked because they were doing construction all around the front of it. It was also super windy, which made it very uncomfortable. I was getting cranky! We sat at the bar for a little bit to play Video Poker, and then we left. We walked over to the New York New York casino again, which is right next door. We played there a bitSigma Derby before finally going back to The D.

We played a little at our hotel before going to bed. They have a new casino area upstairs that we checked out, with older games, including one that we love called Sigma Derby.  It's a very old machine. I would have played it, but there was no room to sit (it was packed with players). The machine still uses quarters and they actually give you a bucket to put your coins in (like they used to). That's so cool. We also saw that they have a similar machine nearby called Fortune Cup.  We didn't play up there, though, and went to bed soon after.

Unfortunately, that same band was playing tonight, way too loud. It was already after midnight when we got back, though, so it wasn't much longer until they quit.  I was feeling pretty awful by that time, from the cold. I was coughing a lot.

  Friday 6/1/18

In the morning, David won a pretty big jackpot, so that was great. We came out ahead, at least in the gambling.

Friday is a little bit of a blur. I was very tired and feeling sick. We played a little. I didn't win much of anything the whole trip. It was a weird trip for me because of being sick. There was no karaoke, I didn't gamble that much...heck, we only went to a few casinos! I really wanted to take more video while we were there, for my class. I took some, but it wasn't very good. We stayed downtown, yet I barely got to go to any of the other casinos there, either.

breakfast at Sammy Hagar'sWe took a cab to the airport. Although we usually take Lyft, we took mostly cabs while we were in Vegas because cabs are so easy to find there. We checked in outside of the airport, pretty quickly, and then dropped our bags inside after printing out boarding passes and luggage tags.  We headed to our terminal and went through security, and then we headed to the first restaurant we could find, Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar & Grill. It didn't have a very extensive menu. There didn't seem to be much I could eat.  I asked the waitress if the hot dog was 100% beef, and she said it was. She double-checked about it being gluten free.  It comes with fries, which I couldn't have, so she brought me a bowl of fruit. The hot dog was ENORMOUS.  I ate some of it, but I wasn't hungry enough to eat the whole thing. I was very tired after that and not feeling well. I sat by our gate for a while, and I'm sure the people around me were thoroughly disgusted with the coughing, sneezing, nose-blowing etc.  Especially since my cough sounded so bad at that point.

It was a very quick flight and I dozed a bit. However, my ears got very plugged up, so I couldn't hear. So when we landed and walked off the plane, it was very quiet. I couldn't hear very well at all. Everything was muffled. It was peaceful, at least!urgent care check-in

We took a cab to our hotel, The Sofia.  Then we took a Lyft over to Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center, AKA urgent care. It was a very nice facility and the doctor saw me pretty quickly after we filled out some forms. I was shocked, though, that they didn't ask for medical history or a list of my medications.

The doctor and nurse seemed very nice. He seemed shocked when I told him about all of the health problems I had this week! The poor nurse, I had to keep asking her to repeat what she said because my ears were still really plugged up. After she took my vitals, I asked to use the restroom. She gave me a cup to pee in, saying that I might as well give a sample while I was there, so I did (come to think of it, I never did get any results from that. I guess I should call them). I think she said something about disrobing and putting on a gown, but I was so tired and feeling bad, that I didn't really process what she said. When I was done in the restroom, I didn't see any kind of gown to change into. Then I went back to the exam room, and the doctor was already there. He just told me to sit down, so I guess it was OK that I didn't disrobe! laughing face He listened to my cough and examined me. Then he gave me antibiotics and some cough syrup with codeine, as well as some cough pills that I can take during the day, instead of the syrup, which makes you drowsy. I've had those pills before, and they don't work very well. We hung out at the pharmacy for a while, so they could fill everything.

We took the Lyft back to our hotel. We were supposed to meet our friends George and Beth for dinner, but with me being so sick, we had to cancel. Their kids were sick, too, so it worked out.  David went out for awhile in the downtown area while I slept.

I went downstairs to the restaurant again, like last week, to get dinner. I got the duck tacos again, and some butterscotch ice cream. I only had about 1 1/2 tacos because they were way too spicy for me to eat. I only ate a little of the ice cream, too. I watched TV and went to bed pretty early.

  Saturday 6/2/18

the front of The SofiaWe had to get up super early, so that we could leave the hotel around 4:30. I didn't sleep much because of all the sleep I had earlier, so I was very tired. I got up around 3am and took a shower.

David upgraded us to first class (special deal they were having), so that was pretty cool. We didn't have to stand in the long security line, but for some reason they stopped me and did the pat down, and then they were also taking a long time to look through one of our bags. David thinks it was because of all of the change we had in one pocket. Possible, but I also had a lot of change in my other bag, and they didn't stop us for that one. Who knows!

The terminal we were at had very few food choices: California Pizza Kitchen, Jack-in-the-Box, and a Chinese place. I looked at the first one, but I didn't see any indication that they had GF pizza. Plus, it was way too early for pizza. I settled for Jack-in-the-Box because I had to eat SOMETHING. I got the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich, without the bun. Unfortunately, their website only lists GF foods that have no bread. See, McDonalds and other places usually list each ingredient separately, so they tell you if the meat, cheese etc. is GF or not.  Jack-in-the-Box does not do that, and I didn't feel like asking the people that worked there. I doubt they knew. At any rate, I was really hungry. I only ate half of it, though. I was too tired and sick to try to test it with my NIMA.

The seats on the plane were nice, but the flight attendant guy was not the best. He was kind of lazy and had a real attitude. With most airlines, in first class, they give you your drinks before the plane takes off. He didn't do that, and it took quite a while for us to get anything. They were serving breakfast, so I asked about what I could eat. He assured me that I could have the fruit plate. There were only two choices, that or the breakfast sandwich. The fruit wasn't very good, but I had already eaten at Jack-in-the-Box so it was OK.  The flight attendant was very condescending andThe Shape of Water movie acted like I should be grateful that they had anything at all for me to eat.  Most American Airlines flight attendants are very nice, especially in first class, so that was surprising.

The flight had those movies in the seat back, so I finally got to see "The Shape of Water." It was pretty good. I thought the villain was a little too one-dimensional, but otherwise it was very good. I liked the ending. It was a long but uneventful flight.

We landed in Dallas and had just about 40 minutes between flights, so we went to the Mexican restaurant there, Cantino Laredo. It was about noon (10 am San Diego time).  I always get their Enchiladas Veracruz, which are delicious. These were very spicy, so I only ate about half of it. The whole world is conspiring to make my food too spicy for me to eat this week! ;) I know, I'm a wimp.

Our next plane was very small, but it was a super short flight, and I was so tired, so I just dozed.  We landed just before 2pm. We stayed at the Wyndham Garden again, even though it let us down last time. We tried Lyft, but no one answered, so we got the shuttle from the hotel. It took a while, but we finally made it. They didn't want to check us in a little early, so David insisted on speaking to the manager on the phone. Normally, we wouldn't care, but there was no bar or restaurant open until 5pm, and nowhere else to go, plus we were exhausted. The clerk called the manager and they let us check in after all. Not the best room, but it didn't matter.

We slept for a while and then went down to the restaurant there, which opened at 5pm. They had a large menu, but of course nothing was marked GF. I asked the waitress, and she went to check with the manager. She came back and said that NOTHING is GF on the menu. Now, I find that hard to believe. My guess is that the manager just didn't want to deal with me. I hate when they do that. Really? You can't find some kind of salad, or meat, anything that has no flour in it? WTF!!???!!

Alice Springs Chicken at The OutbackSo we took Lyft over to the Outback (this time they responded!). I got their Alice Springs Chicken, which is usually great. Well, they had overcooked the chicken, so it wasn't as great, but I was hungry and ate it anyway. My appetite was still down, so I didn't need a ton of food.

My ears were still plugged up, all this time, but it sort of comes and goes. I had a terrible time trying to talk to the waitress at the Outback because I was speaking too quietly, I guess.

I went to bed pretty early... I sleep off and on, with this cold, because it wakes me up so much, coughing. I did some work on my site, but not too much.

  Sunday 6/3/18

David woke me around 10. He got the car while I got ready.  We got the bags packed and checked out. Then we drove across the street to the Denny's for breakfast. I always love their GF breakfast, the make-your-own Grand Slam or whatever it's called. They have a GF English muffin. Again, I only ate about half the food, if that. It was really good, though.

We drove home, and then I went back to sleep. I slept most of Sunday. However, Idriving home had a bit of a stomach ache (well, abdominal gas pain) all day. I took Gas X, but it didn't help. I wondered if maybe it was from my antibiotic. I read that it can give you an upset stomach. I had no other stomach problems after that.

David went to the grocery store for me, to get a few things. I am definitely doing better than I was a few days ago. Every day, a little better. It was very nice to be in my own bed. I really didn't leave it much all day, aside from making and eating food and going to the bathroom. I had my computer and everything else there when needed. Let's hope next week is better! I need some rest...

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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