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  Monday 5/21/18

hydrangeas in our back yardI woke up late today, after 2:30pm! But thanks to the rain last night, it was not too bad out. It was 80, but not as humid as we've had lately. I took Brandy for a walk and it wasn't too bad. We just did a short walk.  It was a bit hot after a little while!

I picked up the house a little, but then I got tired and didn't finish...

I started training Brady to "stay," but she was practically eating my fingers every time I gave her a treat. I read up about this and found out that I'm supposed to open my hand palm up and give her the treat below her nose, where she can smell it.  That should work better. (And it did!)

Later, I took Brandy out for a walk about 6:45. It was nice.

I was very tired all day, so I went to bed around 9:30. I was really beat!

  Tuesday 5/22/18

I woke up at 7:30am and couldn't get back to sleep. I took Brandy for a walk aroundBrandy playing with her new spider toy 8:45am. She was very hyper all morning. I don't know why! It was like someone gave her caffeine. She was very annoying. I hope she wore herself out. The weather was beautiful!

My right hip/lower back has been hurting a lot. Aleve and Ben Gay took care of it, thankfully.

The couple that does our mowing and weeding came by around 10:30. It was so hot. They should come earlier and avoid the heat. They always do a great job.

Of course, this made Brandy even more excited! She loves seeing new people and always wants to say hi. She gets very hyper when I have to keep her from seeing them.

Brandy sleeping on bed with meI had a little nap in my chair for about 15 minutes. Man, I'm getting old!

David came home about 11:30, so we went to run some errands. He deposited some checks at the bank; picked up his prescriptions at the Wal-Mart (and I got a soda); and we picked up the vacuum cleaner (repair only cost $37! They said it was just clogged up with dog hair); and then we voted in the Arkansas primary. It was pretty easy.

I've been training Brandy to "stay" again. Holding the treat the right way helped a lot. I think she's getting the hang of it...we'll see!

I can't believe we're leaving in 3 days! I'm not ready yet.

For some reason, I always get a little sleepy this time of day, about 6pm. Brandy and I went back to take a short nap. David phoned me about 6:35, right before my alarm was going to go off. He thought he would be home later, so I was surprised that he came home early.  (Well, on time for usual, but earlier than he'd said)  I got ready and then walked Brandy.Brandy licking my face

Somehow I managed to lose my remote control for the ROKU. First World problem, I guess. We were going to watch a show on HULU that we've been watching, one episode at a time... I usually have it right here on the couch, but I can't find it anywhere. We turned the couch practically upside down looking for it. Fortunately, I can get a new one on Amazon for just a few dollars.

I looked around to see if maybe the dog had grabbed it and chewed on it, but I didn't see that, either. She will often grab things that fall on the floor! Paper, plastic, metal, it doesn't matter!  I would watch it on the laptop, but David prefers to watch on the bigger screen, on the TV. I mostly do, too. We would make terrible Millennials!

I stupidly knocked my laptop on the floor and the front of the screen broke off. I can't get it to stay on, so I taped it. Hopefully I can take it to the repair place this week. Ittaped up laptop still works and everything, but I'm sure it's not good to have it hanging off like it is.

I've been working to backup my files, but now I've run out of external hard drive space. Darn it. Hopefully it will keep working until I get back from our trip.

I know that external hard drive backup is passť, but usually I hate using the online ones, the "cloud" or whatever. For one thing, if you have a lot of stuff to backup, which I usually do, it takes forever to backup. For another,  before this, it was difficult to get that much space for free. I would rather buy a physical space to backup than pay some monthly service a big fee. That's more expensive, too, I'm sure. A good Seagate 2T drive only costs about $70 and I can use it for years. Dropbox costs at least $100 a year for only 1 TB. I have a lot of music, video and graphics files.  A friend of mine told me about this service Backblaze so I've started using that to back up my laptop for now. It's only $5 for unlimited storage, so that's awesome.

I was messaging my SIL Eileen a lot today. We've been chatting about Vegas, since we're going there next week and will see her and her husband. I want to make sure to only eat at places that are safe for me. I've been too careless in the past, and I'm so very tired of getting sick.

It looks like we're going to H.I.V.E. for our karaoke party next Monday. It's a bit expensive, but I called four different ones, and they're all about the same price. I hope enough people come!

I guess Thursday night we're driving to Texarkana to spend the night before we fly out. We fly out very early Friday morning. I only have one and a half days to get everything here ready. EEEEKKK!

I tried to go to bed about 2 am...later than I planned. Then I couldn't sleep, due to allergies etc. as usual. Also, I just slept too much yesterday.

  Wednesday 5/23/18

I woke up sometime late, and my left knee was hurting badly, so I went back to sleep. David called me about 1 and woke me up. He came by to get my package so he could mail it and do some other errands. I took some Aleve, but the knee still hurts a lot when I try to bend it. My right knee also hurts a little. Getting old sucks. This is the second time in the past month that my knee has hurt like this. :(

I keep finding half-dead insects. Yesterday I found a centipede on the floor. I went to pick it up with a Kleenex, but then it was wiggling. Ewww, gross.  This morning the same thing happened with a wasp. It probably flew in sometime when I had the back door open. Yuck. Last week I killed one of those when I saw it fly in, but I missed this one.

I took a muscle relaxer, so hopefully it will help the knee pain. I've also been sickBrandy telling me she wants to play from gluten. I don't know what I ate that made me sick. Possibly still from the Mexican place on Sunday...

I worked on recording a new song today, and I also made sure to train Brandy.  When we get back, I'll have to work more with her outside because there are a lot of noises and distractions there...makes it more difficult for her, and that's what I should be counteracting.  I want her to sit or stay all the time, not just when we're in the house and its quiet.

David had another slightly-late work thing. Brandy and I went for our walk around 6:50, but he was here when we came back.  I was not feeling well (my knee is better, but it hurt a lot trying to put on socks), and Brandy was once again too rambunctious.  Also, it was very humid out.

After we got back and I took a shower, I just sat in my chair and ate a sugar free Popsicle for a while...I didn't want to move!  This is how I can really tell my age now (or maybe I'm just so out of shape). I have to recover now from the smallest things.

I finished the laundry, and David packed tonight for our trip tomorrow.  I've been very tired all day, so I'm kind of zoning out. Maybe I can go to sleep early for a change, again. That would be nice. I have a lot to do, though, and I hate to wait until tomorrow and not get enough done!

I'm going to have to take my laptop in to the computer repair place after we get back. I considered taking it before and just using my little laptop on the trip, but I don't like using that one for long periods. Also, it would take a long time to figure out what to transfer. It's just too much hassle right now.

I ended up staying up late before I tried to sleep. It rained and thundered again last night. I was happy to have more rain, but I hate when Brandy goes out in it and gets all wet. I literally have to wrestle with a wet dog to try to dry her off. There must be a better way! It's exhausting. I tried herding her into the bathroom, grabbing her collar, giving her treats...nothing works. She's already riled up from being out in the rain, and then she gets more riled up when I bring out a towel. She thinks we're playing and loves to try to bite the towel. I don't mind if she bites the towel, but she's super hyper and hard to drive off, and she gets me wet, too, which I hate. It's really aggravating and stressful. She already walked, so tiring her out, as the internet suggested, wouldn't help.

I wasn't able to sleep all night...too much sleep last night, I guess.

  Thursday 5/24/18

I got up around 7:30 and walked Brandy. It was nice and cool out, in the 60's. We had a nice walk because she was still sleepy.

lizardI almost stepped on this big, beautiful lizard! He was in our living room, just sitting on the rug. Fortunately, Brandy didn't see him. I got a glass and put him outside. He barely moved, so I don't know if he was sleeping, dying, or what. He sure was pretty!

I had breakfast, and now I'm trying not to fall back asleep because I need to pack and do other things first.  David's coming by soon to pick up Brandy and take her to the vet for boarding.

I got sick again...I figure it must be something at home making me sick. I can't imagine that I would still be sick from what I ate on Sunday. It's very frustrating. I don't know...I have read a few people online who say they've gotten sick 4 days later. SIGH.

David picked up the dog and did some other last-minute errands. I packed, did the dishes and laundry, and I did a bunch of other things that I needed to do, and then I went back to sleep for about 4 hours. I was very tired! I woke up around 4 and finished shrimp salad at Hooter'ssome dishes, packed some more stuff, and worked a little on my site. I got ready and waited there until David returned about 5. We packed up the car and headed out to Texarkana.

We stayed at the Rodeway Inn as we often do, since it's close to the airport, cheap, and close to restaurants, stores etc.  There are many little motels there, but this one is right next to a convenience store, Burger King, and Hooter's.  I know that some women object to Hooter's, and I understand that objection. However, we like the food a lot. He loves the wings there, and I ADORE their spinach salad with shrimp (it alsoRodeway Inn room has blue cheese and bacon), which is GF. We used to stay at the Wyndham Gardens across the street every time we traveled, but crossing that big street is kind of difficult; plus, that place has really gone downhill.  If we're going to stay in a dump, it might as well be one that's cheaper and in a better location.  I'm not thrilled with motels, though. Hotels are way better. I wish the nicer places they have here, like Hampton Inn, were closer to the airport.

I went to bed pretty early...around 8:30. I was so tired!  Then around 1 in the morning, there was a police officer banging loudly on all the doors! David answered it. Apparently there was a burglary, and they were trying to find the owner of some suspect whose car was parked outside here. I'm sorry, but that's not a good reason to wake us up. If it was a violent crime, then I could see, but it seems unnecessary to bang on doors at 1 am just for a break-in.  This is another goodTexarkana airport reason to stay in a hotel.

The last time someone banged on our motel room door was back when we had our anniversary trip in Anchorage, Alaska in 2002. Some poor little kid was looking for help because his parents were fighting. That was difficult to deal with...

I don't know if I'll back to sleep now. I had the alarm set for 4am because we have such an early flight. Something here in our room makes an annoying sound (maybe the fridge?). It's also pretty hot, but part of that is from the laptop.

  Friday 5/25/18

I stayed up the rest of the night - I never got back to sleep. I was so tired! We went to the airport around 5:30. It was still dark out. Too early! We flew to Dallas and justairplane in Dallas had a very short time there. We ate a really quickmimosa at the Hopping Pig breakfast at TGIFriday's. Hopefully it was gluten free (GF) like they claimed it was. I didn't even get a chance to get to the gift shop, like I usually do.

When we got to San Diego, it was around 10, due to the time zone change. We couldn't check in yet, but they let us store our bags. We walked around a bit and had lunch at the Hopping Pig, a place we had discovered before and really liked. Unfortunately, it was a little bit disappointing. Not as good as lastSan Diego time. I had the taco appetizer and it was a bit dry.  Their beer menu said "gluten-free" on the bottom, but they had no GF beer or even ciders,  etc.David at The Field

Then we went over to The Field to have some more drinks. I mostly had soda during the day. The Field's web site said that their bread pudding was GF, but it wasn't. GRRRR! We had a good time there, though. After that, we went to Le Parfait, the French pastry shop I like in the Gaslamp. It has many GF pastries, so I got a few.

chilean sea bass at OsetraWe took a nap after that, in the room.  All of the rooms there are named after famous writers. This one was the Shelley room (It did not specify Percy Blythe or Mary!) I did a little work first on the site, and then I went to sleep. I had made reservations at Osetra, across the street, for 6:30, and set the alarm for 6pm.  We had a nice nap, and then we went there to dinner. Again, sadly, it was disappointing. We've been there many times, and it's usually pretty good. Well, eventually every restaurant lets you down, I guess.me with stuffed llama

Then we went back to The Field briefly, and after a while, I asked the waitress if there was any nearby bar or restaurant that had a good view, like at the top of a building. She told us about a bar called Altitude that has a fantastic view of San Diego. It's at the top of the Marriott, near Petco Park. We went up there and it was really nice. It looks right into Petco (no games going on tonight, though).  It was a bit too windy and chilly for us, so we didn't stay all that long. We should go back there when it's light out. I'm sure the view is great then, too.  We walked back to our hotel and stopped at a bar called 5th and Rose, which is in the Pendry Hotel. It David and I at The Fieldlooks like a nice upscale place. I had some kind of drink called Under the Boardwalk. I had asked the waitress for some kind of sweet cocktail, so she suggested it.  It has some apricot liqueur, and I don't know what else, and "absinthe mist." I never had that before. It was pretty good. Not too sweet, not too tart. It really packed a wallop that I wasn't expecting, too. We decided to head back to the room. We stopped briefly at the CVS to get some water and snacks.

I've had my CVS points card in my wallet forever. We don't have any CVS or Longs stores in our area. I've had it there in my wallet since we left Hawaii!

We went back to our hotel. David went right to sleep. I stayed up a little bit longer, but I'm tired and going to bed now.view of San Diego at night

I stupidly forgot to bring some of my pills, and also, I can't find my plastic zippered container that has my tooth brush, toothpaste, Benadryl Gel, and foot lotion. Grrr!

I slept a little bit and then woke up. One drawback to the Gaslamp Plaza Suites is that we're right on the Gaslamp, so we hear loud music and people downstairs.

bar at The PendryI really need to stop eating the sweets and lose weight. On top of everything else, I hate how droopy and puffy my eyelids are! Something I never noticed before.  It makes my eyes look very tiny and piggy. I hate it!

  Saturday 5/26/18

About 6am, the fire alarm in the hotel went off, waking us up from a very sound sleep. A loud voice kept repeating something about, a fire was seen, head downstairs etc. So we struggled to wake up and put on clothes; I grabbed my purse, my phone and my laptop.  We went out and headed down the stairs. On the floor below us, some poor older woman struggled to walk down the stairs, with her head in a towel. As we went down the next level, some guys came back up, saying that it was over already.  Strangely enough, we took their word for it and went back to our rooms. As I lie in bed, trying to get back to sleep, I thought, what if they were wrong? Maybe we should have called the desk to make sure they were right...but I was too tired to get up again, and I fell back asleep. Thankfully, they were right, and we didn't burn to death, nor die of smoke inhalation. We were on the 4th floor, so we should have just gone down the whole way and made sure. Ah, well.

David woke me up about 10 am, and I said, let me go back to sleep until 10:30. Then he talked to his sister on the phone, so I went ahead and got up.  We packed our stuff and got ready. I was very tired. Our room seemed to be set up for the disabled, so our shower was not a regular one. It only had a handheld shower, and we couldn't figure out how to move it up high. I decided not to bother taking a shower (I had one yesterday, in the motel room). I'll take one tomorrow!

We took Lyft over to Susan's house in El Cajon.  Then we went with her and John to Nicolosi's. They have a good GF menu there, but I didn't want to eat too many carbs. I had the chicken marsala with a salad. It came with pasta, but I didn't eat most of that.  The chicken was a bit overcooked, which is a shame. Usually the food there is pretty good. It also came with vegetables, but they were undercooked and had no sauce, so I didn't eat them. There was plenty of food. I am having bad luck for food in San Diego so far!

Afterwards, Susan and I went over to Target. I wanted to pick up a few things, and she wanted to print up her film, which took about a half hour. I got sick while we were there, probably from one of the places I ate yesterday (maybe at the airport). It wasn't too bad, though.  Here in California, like Hawaii, they charge you 10 cents per bag, so Susan has a trunk full of reusable bags for us to use. Even though Target doesn't have a huge grocery section, it was still way better than anything we have back in Magnolia. They had a huge GF section, for instance.

I had a very nice time chatting with Susan this whole afternoon. We have a lot in common, and she visited us last June, so she has seen our house, etc.  After that, we went over to see their mom at the senior place.  It was kind of late in the afternoon, which is not a good time to visit older people. She was kind of out of it.  We'll go visit her again tomorrow in the morning, so hopefully she'll be more alert. She's 90, so....you can't expect too much.  We're just happy if she recognizes us and can hear anything we say.

H.I.V.E. karaoke and foodThen Susan drove us over to the karaoke place that we're going to on Monday, H.I.V.E.. I wanted to check it out ahead of time. It's too bad we couldn't find a good karaoke bar, like the one we went to last time. Apparently Sunday and Monday are not the good nights for karaoke in San Diego.  Mary said Tuesday or Wednesday is a better day.  Anyway, the karaoke place has a restaurant and bar, but it has private karaoke rooms.  Susan, David and I went there and sang for fun, for two hours. We also ordered food and drinks. The food is Korean and very delicious. They even had some food that was GF. I ordered a caprese salad, and some fried rice, with no soy sauce, and with spam, egg and kimchi. It was very good, and a little spicy.  David had the bulgogi, which looked really good. Susan had her own fried rice and shared some of my salad.

The karaoke is Asian karaoke, which means it has all videos in the background, not just the words to the songs. It's very different from regular karaoke you see in the U.S. This place doesn't have a great English song selection, especially of older songs.  They have a book, but you can also look for songs on the computer screen. We all searched for songs that they didn't have, let's put it that way. I'm not saying we couldn't find ANYTHING to sing...we did fine. It was just somewhat frustrating.  The one we used to go to in Hawaii was a lot better. It certainly doesn't help that you feel pressed for time, since you pay by the hour; also, you can search for songs on the screen, but you can't sing while you do that, so it takes up more time.

Hopefully it will work out OK on Monday....we definitely had fun.  It was pretty expensive, though. The smaller room is $40 per hour, but you get 25% off if you order food and drinks.  Still, it was over $125, before tip, for the two hours we were there. 

We stopped to get me a soda, and they went for a walk, which they like to do. I was on the computer briefly.  I called Ira to make sure he had seen my emails and/or Facebook posts. He might come over tomorrow sometime.

It looks like Susan, Stephen, Zina and I are going to see "Deadpool 2" Monday during the day! That will be great. I still want to see the Avengers movie, but I think everyone has already seen it. :( I might be able to go tomorrow, but we'll see. I wanted David to take me over to the cemetery, so I can see where my mom is buried. Strangely enough, I've never been there, even though she died in 1972.  i was 10 then, and I really didn't think about visiting it for a long time. I didn't know where she was buried. Then one of my brothers told me that he visited the grave, and I thought, I want to do that. Then whenever we visit here, I forget because we usually have so much going on. This time I remembered, and Pat tells me that she's buried in the El Cajon Cemetery in Granite Hills.  Apparently, my dad's ashes are also there, so I can visit them both. (I learned later, I was wrong about that)

David came back and wanted to go to the local Irish place Hooley's, so we took Lyft over there. I didn't eat a lot of the food at H.I.V.E. (I don't like to eat while I'm singing), so I was still a little hungry, plus I had to take my pills with food.  I ordered the corned beef tacos, with fries, but I only ate some of it. I should have had the salad there that's very good. I liked it before. The tacos sounded better, though. They had a band playing with two people. One guy was playing guitar and singing, and he had a woman there who did backup vocals. I think he had prerecorded piano and drums as well. They were pretty good.

I have some work to do, but I'm very tired....not sure if I will be up much longer. Maybe it's jet lag, or maybe it's just lack of sleep, or keeping irregular hours.

We did talk about going to Tijuana on Sunday, but I emailed my brother David and never heard back about it, so it's probably too late now. He lives in Tijuana, and doesn't have his phone set up so I can call or text him. He doesn't always answer his email right away, either. He did answer about us coming out this week, and going to Karaoke, but I don't think he read the other one yet.

I had a horrible time trying to sleep and couldn't get to sleep until after 5 am. It was mostly allergies, so I had the usual problems of itching, being stuffed up, watery and itchy eyes, diarrhea, etc. They have a new bed with a sleep number, but it seemed too lumpy to me. I couldn't figure out how to adjust it, and everyone else was asleep. I listened to music for a while before David woke up and got up, then I finally did get to sleep.

  Sunday 5/27/18

David woke me up about 10 am. I took a shower and got ready. We went over to visit his mom again. She was doing much better. We had a nice chat. I forgot to take any pictures, though. I was not really awake yet. She knows who we are still, so that's good.

Then David and I went over to In-N-Out for lunch. They are very good about gluten. They have a protein burger, where basically, they wrap the burger in lettuce. They don't have onion rings or other breaded items, so their fries are safe to eat (no fryer sharing). Their shakes are made from scratch, and real ice cream, and they're GF as well. Plus, when you order it GF, they put it in the order, so everyone making the food knows to be careful. It's printed out right on your receipt, too.  Of course, they also have the usual CYA warning about cross-contamination, but I'm not worried.The In-N-Out

The food there is very good. The burgers seemed far less greasy than they used to be (which is not a good thing - that was one of the things I liked about them).  I only ate a few fries, and half the chocolate shake, and threw the rest out. Too many carbs! But it was delicious.

I called El Cajon Cemetery to see if they were open today, but I just got a recorded message. They didn't say anything about when the office was open. So we drove over there to check it out. It's not a huge cemetery, from what I can tell, but still, I didn't feel like looking all over. The office was closed, so we'll go back Tuesday morning when they're open. They called me later on to tell me that they were closed until Tuesday. I have to find out exactly where my mom is buried, at the office, to find her. Also, my dad is somewhere there in an urn. My friend Kathy told me that urns are usually kept in a columbarium.

salad at Hooley'sI worked on my site a little and had a nap.  Later on, Ira phoned, so we made plans with him. We met him over at Hooley's for dinner. This time I did get the salad, and it was excellent! Glad I did that. It was fun to talk to Ira, as always.

I also phoned George and Beth because somehow I had forgotten to include them in the emails to everyone about our coming out here. Whoops! I felt bad about that...still do! I should probably make a list of all of our friends here, so I won't make that mistake next time.  Last visit, I forgot to email Martin! LOL! Just call me an airhead.

I had a lot of work to do on my site after we got back because I had put everything off this weekend. I ended up staying up until 1 am. I was so tired!!

Susan showed me earlier how to work the sleep number bed. Turns out I had it too soft for my back, so now it works great. I slept very well.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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