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  Monday 5/7/18

I got my grades - straight A's! Not a surprise, though, as I already knew. It makes it a lot easier when I go part-time.  Click on the photo above to see the larger one.

Last night and this morning was awful. The allergies were bad. I couldn't sleep because I was so congested, and I was itching all over. I finally fell asleep about 8am. I just slept about 4 hours at most.

I figured out yesterday that the Hall's Sugar Free Cough Drops are partly what wasHall's Sugar Free Cough Drops making me so sick. They have isomalt, which is a sugar alcohol that can make you sick. I was eating a lot of cough drops because of the allergies, not realizing that they would make me sick.  So now I have to wait see if I'm healthy again. In the meantime, I did at least check the cough drops for gluten, and they are gluten free. Now I plan to use the Vick's inhaler stick instead, when I'm slightly congested.

To combat the itchiness, I'm going to have to take the hydroxyzine twice at night and hope that helps. It takes about 2 hours to kick in, and I can take them every 6 hours. So I took one at 4, and I can take another one at 10. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep and not itch.

I was pretty tired all day from having so little sleep. Then I had low blood sugar, which made me feel pretty awful for a while.  After lunch, I took a little nap.  I've been doing a little work, and watching TV.  I haven't had much energy.

Brandy and I went for a walk around 6:15. It was still very hot out, and I wasn't feeling very well. David stopped at the Wal-Mart for me, to pick up my diabetes test strips. I ran out, and the insurance won't cover them for another 4 days, so we had to pay quite a bit for them. UGH. Then I made him dinner...

We had an electrician come out a few weeks ago....he fixed my lights and switches that needed fixing. There's one light that needed the whole outlet replaced, so we thought it was fixed. Unfortunately, that light and another one have already burned out again. The electrician is going to come back at some point, when he has time.

Looks like we're going out to San Diego May 25th and will return June 2. We're going to Vegas, probably June 30th and stay 2 nights.

I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen before going to bed.

I went to bed pretty early, around midnight, I think? I slept really well.

  Tuesday 5/8/18

Brandy napping on my lapI got up pretty late, around 10:40. I walked the dog, and it wasn't too warm yet. All day I was pretty groggy. I probably should have had some caffeine!

I worked a lot on my site and did the laundry...not too much else!

Brandy and I walked again, about 6:15. It was a little warm, but not too bad.

David made our plane reservations for San Diego, so, yay!  He still has to make the others.

There's not too much interesting going on right now. I'm just enjoying my vacation from school and trying to get other things done. I'm trying to work out where and when we'll have karaoke in San Diego during our trip. My good friend Mary is helping me out with that.

I couldn't sleep last night until about 3 am. UGH. I should avoid naps at all cost. I did get a lot done on my site, and watching TV.

  Wednesday 5/9/18

I woke up around 10:30. I was very groggy but forced myself to go walk Brandy. It was not too hot out. It was freezing in our house (like usual), so I wore long pants and, thankfully, I didn't melt. It got hot later on. I never know exactly what the temperature is. For instance, the two mobile apps both say it's 89 right now, but my outdoor thermometer says it's 96.

I updated and posted last week's blog. Two days late is not too bad!!Trying to get a good selfie with Brandy

I'm really fighting the urge to take a nap.

I had to send a letter to the spine specialist in Texarkana. You may recall, my doctor here referred me to them, but instead of calling me, they sent me a letter, saying I had an appointment May 17. We can't make that date. Texarkana is an hour away. We'll probably spend the night, since he hates driving back and forth. So I called them three times over the past few weeks, and I never got a human being, just voice mail. No one has called me back, either. Hopefully they'll get my letter and call me back to say which date we can do this. I sent them a list of dates in May and June. Good thing I'm not in a lot of pain or anything!

I've started trying again to train Brandy. I had to give itBrandy sitting up last Fall because of school. I was just glad to be able to housetrain her back then so she wouldn't pee inside.  We've started with "sit," and then next week we'll do "stay," and then hopefully we can move on to "come here." I hope to also train her to get down or go away, "leave it", not to jump up, not to bite, and to heel when she's on the leash. I still have the instructions from last time when we had the trainer, Steve, come out.  They're not hard - I just have to train her about 10 minutes a day, twice a day, for a week. It's finding that time and energy that's tough.

It was so hot today that it dried up most of the puddles of water that are usually down at the end of our cul-de-sac. They were there this morning! Now it's almost dry. I don't remember the last time I saw it dry there. We had a nice afternoon walk.

I put the laundry away, and I also re-folded all of my shorts, tank tops and pajamas. Last week I had moved some of my T-shirts to another shelf (the ones I don't wear very often). I'm just trying to be more organized.Hydragneas blooming in the back yard

David watched sports after he got home and had dinner.

I couldn't sleep again tonight, even though I didn't have a nap. I don't know why. I kept getting up and trying to sleep.

I'm still going through some of my email. I chatted with Symantec tech support for a while, asking questions about my Norton 360 subscriptions. I had 2 different ones, so he merged them for me. I have to change my subscription on my older computer (the one I use to record with), to reflect those changes. It's a very slow computer, though, so it's going to take me awhile.

  Thursday 5/10/18

gluten found reading on my NIMAI woke up late, around 11, and only because Brandy kept bugging me to wake up. It was too late to walk her because it was already hot. Also, I just didn't feel well. Then I got really sick and realized something made me sick again from gluten. I know it's from the gluten because I get all the allergy symptoms. So, anyway, I charged my NIMA gluten sensor, then got all my remaining NIMA capsules out, and I tested a bunch of things I've eaten in the past few days, here at home. Turns out that something in the chocolate chip pancakes I made has gluten in it. I'm guessing it's the vanilla, but I ran out of capsules, so I have to wait until I get more before I can test the vanilla and other things. The HormelHormel turkey pepperoni turkey pepperoni also tested as having gluten.  Now, the vanilla package says it's gluten free, but then again, so does the vanilla that made me sick over Christmas, that I tested, that has gluten.  Stupid companies! The pepperoni doesn't say gluten free, but I'm fairly sure I read years ago that it was gluten free. Maybe they changed it. Who knows!

After being sick, I went back to bed, and Brandy napped with me. This was later and I had already fed her, and she went outside, etc. So she was ready to nap again, too. It was very nice to have her nearby while I was sick. Sometimes she just goes to the foot of the bed or to the other side of the bed, but she curled up next to me. So sweet!

I didn't get much done today because of being sick. I walked Brandy in the evening, and then David got home a little while later. He went to the girls' softball game at SAU.  He went to bed pretty early.

I'm still culling through all my recent emails. I finally did get it sorted so that all of my work press releases and such go to my TV MegaSite Gmail. That makes my personal Gmail a lot easier to handle. I've also been unsubscribing to any junk I get (not real spam, just junk that I had signed up for at one time or another). I did that as well as some work on my site. I watched some shows on my DVR and I also watched some new shows to review for my site. I'm always behind on that, but at least I had a little free time to try to catch up.

For some reason, I can't post to either of my Facebook groups that I created. Both are about TV. I can comment on other's posts, or my older posts, but I can't post an original comment. I tried it in Firefox, Chrome and Edge. In fact, I usually post to another Facebook account in Chrome, and I can post fine with that one! I log out, and sign in again as me, and then I can't post. It's crazy! I was starting to wonder if perhaps Facebook had suspended my posting there for some weird reason, but then again, I can post with my phone just fine. I would think that if I were not "allowed" to post under my username, it would not let me post from other devices, either...? I reported the problem to Facebook, but they don't have very good customer support, so we'll see if anything gets done. It's very annoying.

I went to bed after 5 am... I slept pretty well.

  Friday 5/11/18

JavaPromo menuI woke up around 11. The spine doctor's office finally called me back to reschedule my appointment. It only took 3 phone calls and a letter! LOL!  So now I have an appointment June 5. We're supposed to come back from our vacation June 3, so we might just stay for the appointment. The appointment is in Texarkana, which is an hour away. We'll see. It probably depends on how much work David has.

David and all of the staff at SAU get Fridays off. They work longer hours the rest of the week to make it happen.  He still goes in for some part of Friday, though. He has a lot of work.  He just takes some time to do more exercise and to relax a bit more at home.  We might take a weekend trip somewhere, too. The only trouble is, I keep thinking that today is Saturday, not Friday.

We went to a new restaurant downtown (or what they call "in the Square"), JavaPrimo. It's a coffee shop, but it has a full menu and bar as well as coffee and smoothies. It was pretty good, and they seemed to know about gluten. One benefit is that the counter where you order is right in front of the open kitchen, so it makes it very easy for them to go back and forth, to check about gluten, etc. For lunch they have salads, pizza, sandwiches/paninis/wraps/burgers; and they also have different food for dinner like steak, catfish, ahi etc.; and they also have a breakfast menu. I just had a Greek salad with chicken.  They were a little skimpy on the olives, and there was no feta cheese, but otherwise, it was very good.  I forgot to ask about the feta; maybe they thought it wasn't gluten free. Their house dressing is a yummy mustard vinaigrette. It was a bit sweet - I thought they had mistakenly given me honey mustard instead, but no. At least the chicken was not overcooked, which is a rarity in most restaurants, I've found. I know I said I wasn't going to eat out for two weeks....oh, well.....hopefully I won't get sick. Well, I'll just not eat anywhere else this week, and we'll see if I get sick from that one or not. Ha, famous last words!

Lately they've been opening new restaurants and other businesses in town, which is great! They have another coffee place on The Square, and a fast food Japanese restaurant (no sushi), and a new Mexican restaurant. Also, the worst of the other Mexican restaurants closed down and moved elsewhere, changing their name.  We really don't need 4 mediocre Mexican restaurants here!  I sure wish we could get an Arby's, or an Applebee's, or a Denny's. I know, dream big, right? LOL! I'm not being greedy. I'm not going to ask for something ridiculous like a Trader Joe's or a In 'N Out....or even an Outback.

I've just been working here all evening, and watching TV, and playing with Brandy.

At least I didn't get sick today!

I'm annoyed because I ran out of one of my medications tonight. David went to pick up the prescriptions, but for some reason, they only gave him one. Grrr!

It looks like Facebook fixed my posting problem. That was pretty quick!

My niece had another baby! This is her 4th (probably her last). She had two boys and one girl, and a step-daughter.  The new baby is another boy, Dashiell. He was born May 1st, but I didn't see it right away on Facebook.

I was very tired and went to bed about 2am, but I couldn't sleep due to allergies. I kept waking up coughing, and then I was itching. I took medicine, but I didn't sleep well.

  Saturday 5/12/18

I got up around 9:30 and walked Brandy not too long after that.  Then I had breakfast. Just doing a little work this morning.

David went to Flying Burger for lunch; I went but just had a soda. I'm trying not to eat out as much, so I don't get sick. We went to Brookshire's after that for a few things. The cashier, who had a really interesting name, wished me a "Happy Mother's Day!"  I said, I'm not a mom, but thanks, and wished her one, too. I never know how to react to that. I feel like I should get a shirt that says, "Happy to be Childless! Happy Mother's Day!" LOL!

I spent some time this afternoon recording songs. It was fun, as always. I posted them on the karaoke sites. I'll record some more tomorrow for Mother's Day. I kind of sang too much today...my voice was a bit hoarse. It didn't help that we listened to the weekly "America's Top 40" with Casey Kasem on Sirius (re-runs from back in the 70's). I always sing along with that way too much.

I spent a lot of time working on my site, doing laundry and watching TV. Nothing too exciting! Just a relaxing day. It's getting pretty hot here...Summer has definitely arrived.

  Sunday 5/13/18

Happy Mother's Day!

My mother-in-lawWe sent roses and chocolates to my MIL, which she enjoyed (the roses were from Proflowers and the belgian chocolates were from Amazon). My SIL Susan sent me this photo of my MIL with the gifts.  Hard to believe that she's 90!

We were going to try the new Mexican restaurant here in town, Los Tovares, but they had a line out the door. I forgot that it's Mother's Day, so every place was crowded.  We went back to the coffee shop again. It was crowded, too, but not quite as bad. They have all-day breakfast, so I had their breakfast plate. The red-headed girl who waited on me was not as good as the women that waited on me Friday. She was not smiling and didn't seem to like her job too much. I had to keep repeating myself, so either she's deaf or just not good at listening. I told her I had to eat gluten free, which she kind of ignored.  So when she asked, "bacon or sausage," I replied, "If it's gluten free, I'll have the sausage."  Shebreakfast said, "I don't know if it is or not."  I felt like smacking her. Instead, I said, "Well, can you go check?"  She smacked her hands on the counter and said a lot "TSK!" like a teenager being asked to clean her room. I remarked, "Well, that was rude" and one person looked up. I don't think the others heard me. When she returned, she said the sausage was not, so I would get bacon. I didn't realize that it also came with potatoes, so I forgot to ask.  It's a shame that she's there because everyone else there seems very nice, and helpful.

The eggs were perfect. It's rare that you order "eggs, over-medium" and they don't come out either too hard or too runny.  The fruit was good.  The bacon and potatoes were tasteless and dry.  Oh, well. I won't get that again.  Later on, I got very sick, so I shouldn't have ordered it, apparently.  Or at least, I should have made sure that she also asked about the potatoes, and made sure to tell the kitchen that it should be gluten free...

We went to Wal-Mart for the rest of our weekend grocery shopping. I usually get a soda from the Subway there. The people there are also very nice. This one guy, who's almost always there, wished me a Happy Mother's Day. There was no one else in line or anything. I said, well, thanks, but I'm not a mom. And I'm very happy not to be a mom. He smiled, said, "Oh, you're not a mom. Well, at least you don't have diapers..."  "I said, right, and I have a lot more money than I would if I had kids." He said, "Yes, there you go. That's sure true!"  His boss is also very nice, too, and he usually jokes around with me.

So I spent half the day sick....then I did some work on my site, and some recording. I learned two songs better than I had known them before. One was kind of tough, but it came out well. I did The Beatles "Mother Nature's Son," which was fairly easy, and then I did "If Momma Was Married" from the musical Gypsy. It's a duet, so I sang both parts. I heard this song years ago on the Carol Burnett Show. Carol and Vicki sang it, and I recorded on tape. I used to listen to it all the time. I'm sure it's still in my garage somewhere. Anyway, it's a fun song to sing.

I walked Brandy in the afternoon, about 6:30 or so. There were quite a few people out. About two houses down from our place, on the left, on Azalea, is a house where the dad is a fireman (his truck is often parked out front). I'm often saying hi to the mom or their kids. The older boy is the one who's so good with Brandy.  Saturday afternoon, the people next door to them were playing catch in the yard with their kids. They don't really have a yard, plus the fireman and his family have these neat baseball nets or whatever you call them, to practice catching and batting. I guess they had left and their neighbors were still using their yard. Anyway, the man introduced himself and his family to me. I think his name was Chris. I was busy trying to control Brandy because she likes to jump up on everyone.

Today the fireman and his kids were out front. The older boy was pushing a lawn mower and not looking too happy about it (it was pretty hot). The dad was spraying the boy, the yard and the mower with water from the hose (he had some kind of mist attachment). I guess he was cooling the boy off. I don't know. It was kind of a weird picture. I wish I'd taken a photo! The little girl was standing there, watching them.

When we got to the other cul-de-sac, there was a very friendly cat who came wandering out of the one of the houses' garage, meowing, her tail up in the air in a friendly way.  She didn't see Brandy, and vice-versa, at first. Then Brandy saw her and tried charging her way. She froze and then ran off.  LOL! Poor kitty.

There's another house, up the street from the left of us, far at the end of Azalea. There's a nice family there, with two dogs, one big and one little. The man was bringing out some fishing rods to his truck. We had a boring casual conversation:  Me: Getting some fishing done?  Man: Yes, ma'am. Too hot to fish during the day. Me: That's sure true. Man: At night, you get eat up by mosquitoes. You lose either way. Me: Ugh. It's always something.  

I love walking around the neighborhood because it's very pretty and the people are friendly. There are quite a few who work on making their yards very pretty, with lots of flowers. I would like my yard to look better. I was going to have Trish, the lady who was giving me a ride, take me to Wal-Mart to buy flowers, and then she would plant them. She was very interested in this because she needs more money and loves flowers. However, her house burned down, so she's busy trying to find a new place to live for her family. I keep waiting....I guess I'll wait until after we come back from our trip. No point making it look nice now if we won't be here for a week. If she still can't do it then, I'll see who else I can find.

Delicious steak, shrimp and potatoDavid asked if I wanted go to  El Compadre for dinner, so I went. I wasn't sure if I was going to eat or not. I can't test the food right now...still I'm waiting for more NIMA capsules. I was all set to order something, when one of the men who works there, came up and asked if I wanted to try their Mother's Day special. It was steak with shrimp. I asked him if it was gluten free, and he assured me that it was. He seemed very sure, so I ordered it. It's rare to get steak in this town.  It was not a cheap dish, either, but that's OK. Usually our bill there is about $25, including tip.

Anyway, it was delicious, and there was a lot of it. They put some kind of seasoning on it, and it made it really good. Thankfully the seasoning turned out to be gluten free.  The shrimp was good, too. It came on a skewer, with vegetables. I'm not a huge shrimp fan, but I like it if it's grilled, with seasoning.  David ate tacos, but he shared some of the steak with me and liked it, too. I brought half of it home, too.  Oh, it also had a baked potato. I had some of that, too, and took the rest home.Me with rose in restaurant

Then, after the dinner, they brought me a single rose, and a yummy-looking dessert. Sadly, I had to turn the dessert down. Still, that was a nice touch. I almost felt like a mom! LOL!  Funny thing is, I had just been thinking, gee, wouldn't it be nice if they gave out roses? Because many places do, on Mother's Day. 

It was a nice evening.   Later on, when I had to take my pills, I took the leftover baked potato, sliced some of it off and chopped it up. I fried it in a pan with some butter, garlic powder and onion powder until it was a little brown. Then I chopped up the steak and added that in, and I heated it up. I sprinkled it with grated cheese. It was very yummy. I ate about half of it.

In the late evening, something weird happened. I was in the kitchen and saw a fairly big spider (about the size of my thumbnail, maybe a little smaller). I didn't have a shoe handy, so I grabbed a cardboard box and went to smush it. I missed the spider, but when it moved, a ton of little baby spiders swarmed out! It was horrifying. I kept shuddering all night after that.  Thank goodness I didn't have nightmares. Anyway, I chased down the mama spider and killed it, then I had to go back and kill all the tiny baby spiders. I felt bad, too, but I really hate spiders, and this was just way too many. They were near a kitchen rug, too, so I had to lift it up and make sure I got them all. I found this video that gives you an idea of what happened. It was very similar to this. It was just unbelievably creepy and horrifying.

I stayed up for a long while after that, watching TV and listening to music, to get that picture out of my head.  Also, I did the laundry.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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