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  Monday, 4/30/18

new comforterIt's been really busy the past two weeks, with the end of school, so I haven't done a very good job of keeping up theplant stand blog. I hope to do better from now on, since I won't have school any more, really, until Fall. I have one class, but it's all done via online and sounds like it will be very easy.

I had some free points from my Amazon card, so I got a few things for the house, which arrived today, including a new comforter (hopefully we can keep Brandy from chewing this one up), a little metal plant stand, and some other stuff. I got a couple of new T-shirts. One says, "Peace, Love and Karaoke." Another one has the Avengers on it. I hope I can get to see the current movie while it's still in the theater! Don't forget, you can see the better versions of these photos on my Instagram account!

little blue birdAt some point, not too long ago, I had broken the little bird in the bathroom. It was ceramic or something. I had bought it at the Ten Thousand Villages store in Little Rock before they closed it. Their online store doesn't have it, so I bought this similar one on Amazon instead. I had also broken another little round box-like thing, and their website doesn't have that, either, unfortunately. I also got some bully sticks and a big chewie thingkaraoke tee for Brandy.

It's been hot all week, in the 80's, and very humid. Summer is here, it looks like...it will only get hotter and more humid!

lemonadeI made some lemonade....it didn't last long, though. I drink it fast! I used a whole bag of lemons to make it, too.

I cooked up a yummy dinner; it was almost like a tuna casserole, but not baked or dry. I cooked up some frozentuna casserole veggies in the microwave, and some zucchini pasta. Meanwhile, I had a large package of tuna, which I mixed with seasonings and half a jar of Tostitos Salsa con Queso. I mixed them all together, and it was very delicious. It made good leftovers the next day, too.

  Tuesday, 5/1

Happy May Day! Happy International Worker's Day!

I've been writing my blog/paper today...it's pretty long, so I spent a lot of time on it. I was just going to leave the rest until tomorrow, but once I've started, it's hard to stop.

The pest control guy came back today to do the annual termite inspection. He's a very nice guy, and we always have a good chat. Brandy loves seeing him, too!

  Wednesday 5/2

our houseThe nice couple that mows my lawn, weeds it, etc., the Clawsons, came by about 9:30. They always do a great job.

Before they left, they showed me that behind our little palm tree, in a fenced off area, there's a little hole with baby bunnies! So cute! I hope that the mama bunny hasn'tarea with the bunnies abandoned them, and I hope that Brandy doesn't chomp on them. Now I know why she's been so interested in that area lately! Poor little bunnies.

I've been trying not to sleep in. I want to get up earlier, go to bed earlier, and then walk Brandy twice a day so she is less hyper, and we both get more exercise that way. We walked about 10, and then again later around 6.

I put the finishing touches on my blog/paper this morning, which is great. It's due tomorrow. At least I didn't wait until the last minute, like usual. The actual writing part is easy for me. It's the putting in the links (references) and photos that takes up so much more time and effort.  It's the same with this blog, except I don't use too many references here, and there is no central topic or idea.  The writing is probably a little better on the class papers, too.

Brandy hanging aroundI finished the laundry....I made cookies for my last class (tomorrow). That went well. I made them smaller this time, but they weren't crumbly, anyway, so that's good.

Poor David has been even busier than usual these past few weeks. He even forgot to change the calendars in our house over to the new month! He's usually right on the ball when it comes to calendars, and changing the clocks for daylight savings time.

I had a really hard time getting to sleep...probably because I slept too much earlier today. I did get a lot of work done. I slept a lot because of not sleeping enough last night, and also because of getting sick again from gluten, and lastly because I was in pain. My left ankle hurt, like maybe I sprained it, and my right wrist really hurt, too. I took Aleve and, after all the rest, I feel fine now.my Gmail

For some reason, I decided to go through and clean out my email. I had about 25,000 emails in my two Gmail accounts. Most of them were either TV-related news that had already expired, or they were stupid things like, Twitter notifications or some sales crap I signed up for. So I saved a few recent ones, deleted some, and archived the rest.  They're still there, and I can access them at any time, but I feel like a weight has been lifted, just knowing they're no longer in my Inbox.

  Thursday, 5/3

Me on the last day of schoolI was very tired but got up around 8:30. I had prepared most of my clothes, etc. the night before, so I didn't have to much to do to get ready besides making breakfast.

I saw Mary before my class, which is rare. I usually only see her MWF. I got to sit with her and Sondra for awhile. Most of the ladies there had a three-week diet trial, and everyone put in $X amount, and the winner got the pot. Sondra won, yay! It was nice to see everyone. I suggested we get together for walks during the summer, but we'll see if theychocolate chip cookies! actually do it or not. They don't all live in Magnolia.

I brought in cookies for my last class. One of the other student's mom was there visiting (helping him move out of the dorm, I guess). She lives in Vegas, so the professor was chatting with her before class. I passed out cookies while he did that. Class was very relaxing and fun, with some joking around. One of the students did his project on Stan Lee, so I showed him and another student (that I know loves geek stuff) the photo of me with Stan Lee from 2015. Geek cred! winky face After class, one of the students who's been in many of my classes, Shriya, was outside with her parents and sister, to meet the professor. I gave them cookies and said hi, too, before I left. I was very tired but in a good mood. I went down to David's office and gave out more cookies to the women there. Brandy on our bed

David took me home. It was very hot and humid, so I didn't walk Brady until around 6. It was much cooler then, but still a bit humid.

I talked David into stopping at the grocery store on his way home later. I ran out of Claritin and forgot to get any at Wal-Mart on the weekend. I had hoped to buy some at the school book store, but they only had a package of ONE, and only one of that. They got taken over by Barnes & Noble recently, who greatly reduced the medicines and that sort of thing that they used to sell.

I cooked up some bacon...I like to fry the whole package and then save the leftover bacon for salads, etc. David had a BLT.

  Friday, 5/4

Yummy breakfastFor breakfast, I fried some eggs and microwaved some bacon. I had some remnants of the Udi's GF bread left. It wasn't big enough to toast or use for anything, so I fried that in some butter, and I sprinkled a little shredded cheese on it. It was so delicious!!

It rained most of the day! I took Brandy out for a very short walk about 10:15. It was already drizzling. It never let up, all day. Bummer! Oh, I hope the baby bunniesSelfie with Brandy didn't drown...

Today was the first day all week, I think, that I wasn't sick from eating out. I plan not to eat out again for at least 2 weeks (unless we travel somewhere else).

It's nice not to have to get up early, get dressed, and go to school, as much as I do enjoy it, too. It's also nice not to have any papers or projects hanging over my head.

Since I had plenty of sleep, and I didn't get sick, I took some time to clean up the house. I put all of the clean clothes away, and later I'll do a little more laundry. Brandy was on the bed, but she was a pretty good dog for a change and chewed on her bone, not on the blankets or on the clothes. I made sure to keep the socks away from her! That would have been way too tempting.  I also re-folded all of our T-shirts, to make them look nicer on the shelves.

Our vacuum is not working, so I'm going to have to see if I can find someone to repair it... but I dusted, and cleaned the bathrooms a bit. I wouldn't call it a deep cleaning, but it looks better than it did.

When we last had the house cleaned, I hadn't finished putting back all of the knick knacks etc. so I figured if I clean it a bit now, I can wipe everything again before I put it all back. Then it will be awhile before we need to call Yolanda again to comeletter from doctors clean...

Hopefully I finally finish putting those Christmas decorations back in the garage, too, this weekend.

About a year or so ago, I decided to find a new doctor because I didn't like the medical clinic doctors and residents I had been dealing with. I found these two doctors nearby that take my insurance, so I called. They said I had to fill out an application, so I went in and did that. I never heard back, and that lack of response didn't impress me, so I went ahead and just made the physician's assistant that I like at Southern Medical Group, "Doctor Andy," my regular doctor. So this week I finally get this letter from the other place, saying that some APN (a nurse, not a doctor) has accepted me as a new patient! LOL! How ridiculous.

May the Fourth Be With YouI found out on Facebook that one (Facebook) friend only eats one meal per day (from poverty) and another one (real life) friend is virtually homeless - her house just burned down! I hope they'll both be okay.

Lately I've been really addicted to hot dogs. I should probably stop eating them.

I finally put up this wall decoration that I bought last Fall.  It was sitting in the guest room in bubble wrap this whole time.  guest bedroom with new decoration

Here's a thing I've noticed that's been a change in websites since I started mine. In the old days, if you were making a personal website, or a fan site, you would put what you want on it. It was about you, or about something you liked, or both. It seems like now, though, people only write about what they think other people want to read. Which is fine if all you care about is traffic/money. My attitude has always been the same as that line from the movie, "If you build it, they will come." With the silent, additional "or maybe they won't come, but oh, well, who cares?." So when I write for my blogs, or my website, I write what I want. It seems like everyone else writes for other people, and they also load a TON of ads on their site. I will never do that. I hate reading anyone's sites or blogs nowadays because it just seems like all they do is copy each other, spit out the same news everyone else has, and put a bunch of ads on it to make money. That's not what the internet is about, and it's not what I'm all about. Sure, I want to make money, but not at the risk of alienating anyone who wants my content. If you find my blog boring, then you're probably not reading it right now. I hope you keep reading it!Brandy

Please take a look at my two class blogs. One is at suz1.net and the other is at suz2.net. I put a lot of work into them, they're very informative, and I won't be posting on them any more. Each one has about 10 or so posts.

I haven't sung at all this week...I was just too busy with everything else. I need to get back into doing that before I get out of the habit.

I had terrible trouble sleeping, and I don't know why! I didn't sleep in, and I didn't have a nap. I just couldn't sleep, until about 5:30 am. This is probably going to be tough, to try to make getting up early a regular sleep schedule, after all these years....

  Saturday, May 5

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo flag and dancers

We went to Brookshire's grocery store around 11. We just had a few things to pick up. I was very tired! We drove through Chicken Express so I could get a soda.

Brandy and I went for a walk. It's hot out, but not too humid, and there's a nice breeze. We had a nice but quick walk. Hopefully we can get a second one in later on.

I had "breakfast" after that: two hot dogs, one piece of GF bread, and a handful of Doritos. Not too healthy, I know... I've been trying to eat more fish and salad. I love these tuna packets with ranch flavor. They're pretty good just plain, but they're also really good in a salad.

I got very sick again. I don't know what's causing it, so I'm very annoyed. I tested the ice cream bars, so it's not them. It may have been the hot dogs, but I don't know...they're supposed to be GF. I already ate them, so I can't test them. I had a long nap after that.

Brandy and I went for our second walk around 5:40 after I woke up. It was more humid, but cooler. I should wait until at least 6pm so I avoid all the sun.me in Mexico shirt

Later, we went over to El Compadre. I wasn't going to eat out, but it's Cinco de Mayo, so we went. It was not crowded. I took my NIMA and tested the food. All of it had gluten! It was partly my fault because I usually do ask to make sure it's gluten free, and I forgot.  I just thought it already was GF, but even the salsa has gluten. frowny face  They were singing karaoke, too, but he wanted to leave. I did have a tiny bit of the salsa before I realized it wasn't GF, so I hope I don't get too sick from it.

I stayed up pretty late. I wasn't tired because of having a long nap earlier.

  Sunday, May 6

I got up around 11, and we went to KFC. I just had a soda and watched David eat. I wasn't hungry. My stomach has been upset. I got sick again later on, too.

We went to the grocery store afterwards at Wal-Mart, as usual. What wasn't usual is that I ran into people I know! First I ran in to Mary from SAU (one of the nice women I sit with before class).  We had a nice chat in the produce section. She lives in another town, not Magnolia, but I guess this is where the Wal-Mart is.  Then I turned around and there's Abe and Antoinette, two biology professors from SAU. I believe they're also in admin now. They're really great people who have two big dogs, and they're my FB friends as well.  We had a chat, too. David came along; he had finished his part of the shopping list, so he helped me with my part.  It's a fairly common thing here to run into people you know at Wal-Mart, but it hasn't happened too often to me, since I don't know that many people!

I only had a short nap, for about an hour, in the afternoon. I was very tired. I couldn't walk Brandy during the day because it was really hot (almost 90 and somewhat humid).  We went for our walk around 6pm. The sun was still out, and it was still pretty hot. Maybe we should go at 7.

chocolate chip pancakesLater on, I made some chocolate chip pancakes (all gluten free and low carb, of course). They were pretty good. I made plenty for leftovers.

We found this show on Discovery Family called "Dogs 101," so we watched that. It talks about the different breeds of dog, what their traits are, why they were bred, where they come from, how smart they are, etc. It's very interesting. Of course, they also show lots of cute dogs.  Every time one of the dogs on TV would whine or bark, Brandy looked up! That was funny.Brandy watching TV with us

I put the clean clothes away in the afternoon....Brandy was there on the bed again while I did that. She was having a little trouble resisting going after the socks, though. She definitely has a foot fetish, but most dogs do.

Our friend Shaler called us for a chat, so that was nice. He and David chatted for quite a while.  David also talked to his sister, Susan. We're planning to go out to San Diego as usual, around Memorial Day.  We're probably going to Vegas as well. We're also still planning our trip for the anniversary at the end of July.

I was watching TV but got tired and finally went to bed about 3. However, I just couldn't sleep. My stomach was upset, I was very itchy, and I was stuffed up. I think I figured out why I've been more sick than usual. I think I've been eating too many sugar free cough drops. I thought they just made these with Equal or Splenda, but it turns out they use a sugar alcohol, so they can make you sick if you eat too many. Since it's been such a bad allergy season, I've been eating them a lot. Now I know better. I still had trouble sleeping, so I kept getting up all night.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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