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  Monday 4/23/18

My azaleasThis is our last week of school. Yay!

We have these beautiful bushes in our backyard with large white flowers.  I think they're hydrangeas. Anyway, they finally started blooming. That makes me relieved because they turned so terribly brown, and I was worried they might not come back.

I didn't have to get up quite so early as I usually do on Mondays because Brandy is still at the vet's. I did have to shower and wash my hair. I hate when they style your hair at the hair salon, and it looks great, and then you wash it, and suddenly it looks terrible! But I must admit that it looks pretty good still.  She did a good job.

I enjoyed catching up with the ladies in Reynolds before my class. One of them, Geneva, the nurse, I haven't seen for at least a week. Another one, Mary, is not here today. Generva had seen "Hairspray" over the weekend, too, so weMe with good hair! chatted about that.

My class was fine. Only one meeting left, on Wednesday! We have one final paper/blog due. This one is about karaoke. It's a wild card paper, meaning that we get to choose the topic. The class is about videos, so karaoke is a natural fit.

I'm still catching up on work from the weekend, as usual! I have a lot to do, but I got quite a lot done today.

We picked up Brandy after my class. She was very excited, as usual! I took her for her walk after we got home. I was very tired, so we took a nap after that.

In the evening, we went to the band concert at SAU.  First we went to McDonald's for dinner. I wanted to wear this dress I bought, but I didn't look that great in it, so I just wore a nice shirt and pants. Even though I wore a long sleeve knit blouse, and I brought a jacket, I was still freezing. That auditorium is always way too cold.   David's boss sat next to us. He's very nice, so it was great to see him. Well, I just saw him, and his wife, on Saturday, at the donor's dinner, but not for very long. He's a busy guy!  The concert was very good, and it only lasted an hour.

I learned that it's a bad idea to let Brandy chew on the rugs or on anything with threads in it. I used this as an excuse to throw away most of her cloth toys, which are just bits and pieces, anyway. I'm happy to get rid of them because they smell bad. I gave her a new toy, which she liked.

I took a funny video of Brandy...when we're in the kitchen, and there's some food she particularly likes, like whipped cream, cheese or peanut butter....she's been jumping up on her hind legs to beg. It's very funny. The sound of the whipped cream can makes her a little crazy.

I stayed up way too late,,,,

  Tuesday 4/24/18

My voice lesson went very well.... Tomorrow is my last lesson with Jaimee! Too bad because she's really good. Before my lesson, I heard the guy who takes lessons before flowersme, singing "Soliloquy" from Carousel. He sounded excellent. I was singing along... then I got that song stuck in my head the rest of the week.

I stopped by the bookstore. They were closed for a few days, after having a big sale. I think someone said that Barnes and Noble bought them out. Anyway, I don't see a huge change, aside from just where they placed stuff. Too bad. I was hoping it would have more stuff.

My class went fine. I spent most of it writing the paper that's due for tomorrow. I got quite a lot of it done. After class, when David took me home, we first went down to the Square to find the florist's shop, so we could order some flowers for Administrative Professionals Day tomorrow. I love going there. It reminds me of all the great flower shops we lived near in Honolulu.

After we got home, I went in to our bedroom, where we keep Brandy when we're not atBrandy with toy duck home. I always have baby gates leaning up against the bed, so she can't chew on the bed while we're gone. I moved one of the baby gates out of the way, so I could sit down, and take off my shoes. I motioned for Brandy to jump up on the bed, since she likes doing that. The poor thing didn't jump up high enough, slid down and then landed very awkwardly.  She was whining pathetically for a minute or so, but then she was fine after that. Poor thing! I felt bad for her.  We went on our walk after that, and she was fine.

David had a dinner at SAU, so he didn't come home until later than usual.

I made cookies for my class and for my voice teacher. Tomorrow is the last day of class.  We have our last project and that's it.  I made regular chocolate chip cookies, but I added in half a package of white chocolate chips.  I guess I put in a little too much flour because they came out a bit crumbly. Hopefully they will like them anyway.

My voice teacher likes to eat gluten free, so I made basically the same cookies, but I used rice flour, and I added in cocoa. I didn't have enough chocolate chips, but I had some chocolate bars that I cut up to make chocolate chunks instead, and the rest of the white chips. Also, I ran out of sugar, so I added in Splenda.  So, they're low-sugar, not low carb. They're pretty good.  I gave her some and kept the rest for me.

I stayed up really late, putting the finishing touches on my paper. Then when I tried to sleep, I was very itchy and had a hard time sleeping at all. I'm sure my nap didn't help.

  Wednesday 4/25/18

Brandy and meI was really tired but managed to somehow get up around 7:30 and take a shower and eat breakfast. I had some of the caffeinated chocolate to help me.

I had my last voice lesson today, around 9:15. Trisha picked me up at 8:50, so I had some time to warm up at Brinson first.  I was very tired, though. I gave Jaimee the cookies, and we had a nice chat. I will really miss her!  I've learned so much. She said my voice sounded tired, so she suggested resting it for a few days. That's hard when I'm kind of jazzed at the moment about trying the new things I learned, but I I will try not to sing.

Since I was on campus so early, I went to the library for a little bit.

I sat with the usual women before my class. Well, there's this one student that sometimes sits with us, too. He also works on campus in several jobs. A couple of professors and administrators that I know also walked by and said hi. I don't always bother to mention that unless we have a real chat. It's a small campus, so it happens a lot. Oh, I ran in to Brenna, who's in my class but has a class conflict, so she's not physically in the class (it's complicated).  She's very nice and gave me a hug! Awww. She's a sweetie. I feel bad that I forgot to give her cookies, since they were right there. My brain was not working very well today due to lack of sleep. I think she's graduating, so I won't see her again. Too bad because she's very nice.

I got a frappuccino-like thingy, to try to wake up.cookies I only drank half of it, and it was very good. I hope it was gluten-free.

The students liked my cookies, so that was good (even though they're a little crumbly).  Our professor also gave out Chips Ahoy packs and microwave popcorn.  It was a very fun class. We had our wild card paper/blogs to go over, and the ideas the students had were all very interesting. I urge you to check them out. It was a very good class, anyway, all semester. It was all about videos, so that's right down my alley. I had fun writing the karaoke blog/paper, which was my final one.

I felt really bad because I accidentally called this one girl the name of another girl. I didn't realize at first, but then it dawned on me. I apologized, and she said it was no big deal, but I still feel bad. I mean, the two girls don't even look alike, except both are African-American. Here's the thing. As I've mentioned here before, none of us look too closely at one another.  We don't stare at people, and so we just generalize by a person's obvious traits. People see me and think "fat girl with glasses," or whatever.  It gets even worse as you get older and have more trouble remembering people's names and faces.  Usually the students sit in the same place, but for some reason, this one girl moved and she's near the other one.  Both have dyed their hair, or they're each wearing a dyed weave. One is blue and the other is red/pink.  So I got them mixed up. I just hope she doesn't think I'm prejudiced. I get the white men and women in our class mixed up, too. The thing is, since most of my classes are in the major, I tend to have the same students in there, over and over, so I have learned who some of them are, and their names, but it's still hard for me.  The other thing is, the girl that I did that to is a Facebook friend! I should know what she looks like! I'm an idiot. I told her I was very tired when I apologized...Jeez. Of all stupid things to do.

As usual, David took me home after my class, and then I walked Brandy. It was kind of hot. It had been cool in the morning. It's so hard to know how to dress this time of year. It was supposed to rain, but it didn't rain until late in the evening. Then it got much cooler.

I spent some time on YouTube. First I listened to various people singing "Soliloquy," to try to get it out of my head. The last one was Hugh Jackman, so then I watched some other videos of him singing. That was a lot of fun.  I still didn't get that song out of my head, though! ARGH!

I tried to nap with Brandy in the afternoon, but neither of us were in a very sleepy Brandy all excitedmood, I guess.

David was home for once at night! LOL! We were both pretty tired.  I tried to go to bed a little early, around 11:30, but then I woke up coughing. I got up to take a cough drop, and I read some of a magazine. David, too, woke up coughing, so it took a while for us both to get back to sleep.  Brandy was whining, too. You know, we let her on the bed more often, but David doesn't want her sleeping with him, so she hasn't quite figured out, I guess, that she's not allowed to sleep up there at night with both of us.  Eventually, she settled down.  Every morning, though, when David leaves for work, she starts whining again, wanting to be in the bed with me. I get up, and I cover the whole bed with this large green microfiber blanket. She likes to chew on the other covers, but not that one so much, so it works out. Still, I'm not thrilled being awakened at 7am every morning. Good thing I'm usually able to get back to sleep.

Sometimes she drives me crazy. Being a puppy, she likes to chew on everything, and everything is a game. For instance, she somehow found a plastic bottle cap and was chewing on that last night. I had to chase her around the room and corner her, then grab her by the collar, then put my fingers way into her mouth, to get it out. That's so gross!

  Thursday 4/26/18

I woke up early, for some reason, but I went back to bed. I thought the alarm had gone off, but it hadn't. I finally woke up around 8:45. Too early. Plus it was in the 50's, way too cold.  I just have this one class left, and then all I have is one class next week, during finals. Yay!

I've been sick the past 3 days, probably from McDonald's. One more place I can't eat at. frowny face

One of the women from the coffee place, Sondra, was doing inventory this morning when I went to get my soda, so I sat with her. We had a nice chat. 

I spent most of the class writing this blog to catch up. We have one assignment due in a week.

I learned something very useful about Brandy! When we take our walks, she's usuallyBrandy with her bully stick pulling a lot on the leash, especially if she sees birds, or people, or wants to sniff something. Not all the time, but often enough that it gets annoying. She picked up this thick stick and carried it with her, in her mouth, our whole walk. It was so much easier! I remember reading that if you have her bring her favorite toy, then it makes her less distracted. Now, I know her, and if she brought a toy, she'd just drop it somewhere and I'd have to carry it after that. Or if I gave her a new toy, it might work, but then she'd have to get a new toy every day!  So a stick works great and is very cheap. I can also give her some kind of chewy stick and that will also work.

I was very tired and took a nap after our daily walk...I didn't want to, but I was really tired. Hopefully I can get some other stuff done, even if I do stay up late.

I wanted to go to the percussion concert tonight, but David didn't have the time between meetings to come pick me up. I wish he had told me ahead of time so I could have arranged a ride or stayed at SAU. sad face  The percussion students always do a good job, and this is the last concert until Fall.

I was finally able to measure Brandy, I think. It's difficult because she doesn't stay still. She's 26" long, not counting her head or tail. With her head, she's 40" long. I guess you're supposed to measure height and width, too. Well, maybe next time!

I'm really looking forward to having some time off...but I will miss having the daily contact with people at school.

I did a lot of work on my blogs, and some work on the site, and watching TV. I just mostly took the night off. I didn't want to work on my paper yet, or anything else too strenuous. It was nice to have a fairly relaxing night. I tried to sleep but had trouble, so I had to get up again and then go back to bed early the next morning.

  Friday 4/27/18

I slept until about 10am...I was so tired yesterday morning when I saw Trisha, that I didn't adequately communicate to her that I didn't need a ride today. Also, I hadn't paid her, so I was mixed up. She called at 10, thinking she was there to give me a ride to SAU. I was like, what??  LOL!  But I just had to throw on some clothes, brush my hair a sec and write her a check. I stayed up for a long while after that.

I was sick again (still from McDonald's, I guess).  I took Brandy for her walk not too long after that. She still had her stick through most of the walk, but then when the Fedex truck came by, she dropped her stick and I didn't notice it until we were too far away to go back and get it! I tried to find her another stick, but there was nothing very sturdy.  Well, we can get another big stick from the yard tomorrow.

I was cold all morning, and then I got cold again after recovering from the walk. It was 80 outside, but our house stays so cold. I made myself get up and do stuff, finally, around the house. I put the clean clothes away from last week and started washing the dirty ones. I picked up around the bedroom and bathroom, too. That was exhausting, somehow.

When I went to put the clothes into the dryer, I cleaned out the lint trap, and it was full of dog hair! The last thing I dried was our bedspread. Ha ha ha! It must be spring...

I was very tired after that, so I went back to sleep, and we took a long nap. Too long! I will be up late again tonight. Ah, well.DISH Network

I spent some time calling DISH Network, and I was none too pleased! I record "General Hospital" every day, and as you may know, I also use the soaps for my site. I use a computer program that grabs the closed-captioning off the TV show, and then I put that up on my site as a transcript. Well, Monday's GH was interrupted for a news break, as often happens. Then I usually get the episode from DISH Network's On Demand. For some reason, they're missing Monday's episode only!  It's so frustrating. It doesn't go up right away, which is bad enough. You have to wait a few days for it to even show up. Then it's not there! It's so annoying. And DISH Network didn't know why, either. Grrrr!

David stopped at the store to get some stuff, so I asked him to get me some hot dogs.2 hot dogs on Udi's bread I've been craving them for two weeks, and I forgot to get them last time we went to the store.

I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, which really needed it, so that was good. I still have more dishes to do. I've been so busy this week and really let them pile up. It's nice that I have no more classes, except for just one next week, so I have more free time to make the house look nice, and work on my site.

It's been a very busy and stressful time for David.  Hopefully he can relax soon. One of the things that was stressing him out so much is over and went well. Now he just has to wait and see about the other one. I'm sure it'll be fine, though. He says that next week he'll figure out when we can do our usual summer trip of Vegas and San Diego.  That will be great!

Our friend Kathy will be in Nashville in early July for a conference, so I was hoping we could meet her there, but I don't know if we'll be able to manage it. He gets so little time off.

I've been having headaches and sinus pressure all day. crying face It got even worse tonight. Hopefully the medicine will take care of it soon. As usual, I stayed up too late and was itching a lot before going to bed...

  Saturday 4/28/18

Igrilled fish and salad woke up around 11, and we went to lunch at Flying Burger, which is always good. After we came home, I got very sick. I think it may be from that coffee drink I had on Thursday.  If not, then something in my cupboard or fridge is making me sick. After awhile, I took Brandy for her walk. I had bought some bully sticks, so I gave her one during the walk, and it worked just as well as the real stick did yesterday. Yay! We had a very nice walk without her pulling too much.

Around 4, I started feeling like I had low blood sugar, but when I tested, it was 103, which is not low. It may be that my monitor was not being that accurate. I don't know, but I felt awful, even after I had a sandwich. I had brought home leftover fish from Flying Burger, so I made a fish sandwich with that.  I still felt awful, though, so I had a nap.  Brandy was being a bit too energetic, so I tethered her, so I could get a good nap.  Later, she was whining, so I let her back on the bed.  David went for his regular walk in the park.

We had bacon for dinner, and I felt gross afterwards, sick to my stomach. I don't know why. Usually I like bacon just fine. It seemed really salty, too. Even more than bacon usually is.  My allergies are really bad again. I have sinus pain and headache.  I'll be so glad when Spring is over!  So sorry that I'm complaining so much. It's been a bad week for me being sick.Chicken Parrilla

I've been giving Brandy Benadryl twice a day for her allergies, too, so she sleeps a lot. She's got her head on the arm of my chair, right now, snoring away.  It's a pretty funny sound.

  Sunday 4/29/18new toy

We had lunch at Antigua's...I made sure they understood that I'm allergic to flour, so hopefully it will come out OK.

As usual, we went to Wal-Mart to get groceries, and then I walked Brandy. I gave her a new toy later and she enjoyed that. It keeps her busy for a while, so she doesn't Spring flagbother us! LOL! Whatever works.

I got a new flag for my front yard for the spring and put it up. I probably should have ironed it first, but it looks OK.

As most of you probably know, I've been recording songs and uploading them online for many years. I started on Singer's Showcase (SS for short), and then someone opened the site KantStopKaraoke.com (KSK for short). That site went down, so someone started ThisIsKaraoke.com (TIK for short). TIK recently went down, and someone re-opened KSK. I hadn't gotten around to posting on there yet, in part because I hadn't recorded much newmy song stuff lately. Also, I don't like to post the same songs on both sites because many of the same people are on both sites (although there are much fewer on SS).  So I finally registered for KSK and posted a song on there, and listened to other people's songs and made comments.  SS (which is part of KaraokeScene) has a number of problems that make people leave, unfortunately, so that's why they gravitate to these hurt kneeother sites.  There was another site, called DareToSing.com, but I never used it.

I was chasing Brandy again, to get some plastic thing from her mouth, and I stupidly dove to grab her and ended up falling on my knee! I just skinned it, thankfully. Now I know better, and I just open up a package of cheese. She drops whatever she's got in her mouth and comes running!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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