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  Monday 3/26/18

Urgent Care officeI woke up with a lot of pain still, so I got David to take me to the Urgent Care. I got to see Dr. Andy, my physician's assistant, with whom I have an appointment on Wednesday (that's canceled now). She gave me two shots in the neck to help the pain. This is the third time this year that I've gotten these shots, which is disturbing because it seems like my pain in my spine is getting worse.  She told me to take the muscle relaxers, and she gave me a pain pill to take, anyway. It's funny because she asked me if I'd ever heard of it before, and it sounded familiar. Turns out, I had already been prescribed the same medication before, and I have a bottle of it at home - under the generic name! I felt much better after the shots but still had pain.

I hated missing class today, but I was in so much pain! I had no choice.Thor DVD cover

Because I was in a lot of pain this week, and also on pills that made me sleepy, I didn't do a good job of keeping the blog updated. Also, I was trying to rest and not go online very much because typing makes the pain worse. It's probably what made it so bad last week in the first place.

  Tuesday 3/27/18

The pain pill the doctor gave me was not that great, so she prescribed a better one. It worked really well!

I stayed home sick another day, since I had a lot of pain.

Brandy curled up on my lapI watched "Thor: Ragnorok" on DVD finally. It was pretty good. I think they were trying to hard to be funny, like "Guardians of the Galaxy," or "Deadpool." It doesn't really work with Thor.  Also, I didn't like how they chopped off Thor's hair, destroyed his hammer and made him one-eyed!

I saw "Justice League" as well and liked it, too. I think they, too, had too much humor. It needs to sound realistic for these heroes to joke around, not like they're suddenly, well, cartoons.fritatta

Brandy was good at keeping me company while I was feeling bad the past two days. She really likes to curl up on my lap or on the bed with me. She's such a sweetie!

  Wednesday 3/28/18

I made a spinach and cheese frittata for breakfast. It was rain in the backyarddelicious.

It rained a lot today and there were big puddles in the backyard.

  Thursday 3/29/18

My arm and shoulder still hurt a little. I went to the hospital to get my MRI done. They said to go to the hospital, but it wasMRI waiting room really at another building across the street. The MRI was no big deal.

Today was the anniversary of the big blizzard they had 34 years ago, when we lived on Long Island. We had no idea that there could be big snow storms in late March! We were not used to snow yet at all and then we got 15 inches. We had no car back then; we were students, taking the bus. I remember it took an hour and a half to get home from work on the bus because of the blizzard.

  Friday 3/30/18

The electrician came today after I got home from school. He replaced the sockets and switches that needed replacing, and he put a new bulb in the shower light. Everything works great now! He's a really nice guy. It's nice to have all the lights working and we didn't have to make any major renovations.

Brandy looking leftI had to chain Poor Brandy up to the couch, so she was a little sad. She loves to jump all over people!

I'm pain-free, but I still have a lot of weakness in my left arm. You really don't realize how much you use both hands to do things until you can't.

I made some gluten free, low carb pizza, which is alwayspizza delicious.

David has a little cold....it's not too bad of one, fortunately. He sounds much worse than he feels.

  Saturday 3/31/18

I started having problems with my new little Dell laptop. It was Dell problemstaking a long time to shut down and reboot. Also, it has very little free space on it, so it can't do Windows update. I plan to get a new one ASAP. The old one was dark blue, and the new one is bright red. Fortunately, Amazon gave me a full refund, even though I was one day past the expiration date for refunds.

  Sunday 4/1/18

Today was April Fool's Day as well as Easter! I posted this on social media: I'm divorcing my husband. Brandy and I are flying to Hawaii to start a rock band.Easter dinner #aprilfools Of course, everyone knew I was joking.

I made Easter dinner for just the two of us. It's the only holiday where we don't travel at all, and I make a big meal.  I don't cook big meals, usually, because we're dieting and we eat different things. I wanted to cook lamb, but the stores here don't carry it. I Brandy begginggot some nice pork chops instead. I also made some fried potatoes with onions, salad and corn on the cob. I got some Hawaiian rolls for David. We had chocolate bunnies for dessert. I still have Christmas decorations in the dining room, so we just ate in the little dining area off the kitchen.

We kept Brandy in the living room while we ate, but she whined a lot. I threw her some scraps, and then we eventually let her in the dining area after we'd finished. We had a very nice Easter, and I hope you did, too!

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