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  Monday 3/19/18

Brandy biting my feetThis week is Spring Break (although I've been on break since last Friday - my class was canceled). I've been very happy to sleep in and stay up late again. I'll probably try to switch back to an earlier schedule next weekend. We'll see.

I made David a lunch last night (which I don't usually do), but he left it at home. He had to go pick up something at the pharmacy, anyway, so he came home and ate the lunch.

I was still sleeping when he came home. I had awakened early, about 7:30 am, and let Brandy get on the bed with me (she enjoys that). I went back to sleep after he left, too. He doesn't get a spring break and has a lot of work to do.

I woke up around 1:30. I was still tired, but I got up.

I had breakfast (microwave Atkins meal and some lemonade) and then I walked the puppy. It was such a nice day out. Perfect weather. It was about 81, but there was a lot of shade and nice breezes, so it wasn't too hot. I love looking at all of the flowers around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it also means worse allergies than usual. The pollen here is really bad in spring. Our white tile porch gets covered in yellow, and that's already started.

I did some work this morning and then I was sick from something I ate. I went back to sleep around 5 and slept for about an hour or so.

I have lots of things to do, but today I'm just not feeling like doing any of them.

David got home around 6:30, and I made dinner for him and a snack for myself. Weold pitcher caught up on some TV shows on the DVR. He was very tired and went to bed early, around 8:30. I'll be up late, I'm sure.

I was tired, so I went to bed about 1am. I slept pretty late. Between the medication I take, getting sick, and the ups and downs from the blood sugar, it's no wonder I'm so tired all the time! :(

I've been wanting to make lemonade, but our pitcher is messed up. It has an insulated layer, so when I washed it, the soap and water got stuck inside and won't come out. I'm going to have to get a new one. I bought this pitcher last year and only used it once! It wasn't a cheap one, either.

  Tuesday 3/20/18

Yesterday it was in the 80's and today it's in the 40's! Brrr!

After I woke up, around 12:30, I had breakfast (a salad) and then took Brandy for a walk. I still was pretty tired and even took a nap for a little bit.

So far I haven't been sick from eating gluten (or from taking my pills, not sure which is it. It seems that every time I take a new diabetes pill, it makes me sick for a few days). However, my right arm/neck has been stiff and sore (from my spine problem). I took an Aleve, which has helped a little. I don't like taking the muscle relaxer pill unless it's really bad. Later, I got a real bad headache that didn't go away, so I did finally take a muscle relaxer. UGH.

I tried to get some On Demand shows working, but they weren't working. I called DISH and they weren't much help. That's a shame because usually they are able to help me fix whatever problem it is.

pizzaI ordered pizza for dinner. I really didn't feel like cooking. I only had one piece with the crust and just ate the topping off the rest. We got a free pizza, but it doesn't include the gluten free kind, so I got David the free one.

I haven't felt like doing much today, although I did manage to do the dishes and put the laundry away. Brandy has been really annoying this evening, jumping all over the place and wanting to play and bite, or jumping in my lap, or scratching at the door or scratching the couch. She was fine during the rest of the day and was napping with me in the bed or on my lap.

I went to bed about 4am, and Brandy was still very hyper. Usually she just settles down quietly and goes to sleep, but she was whining and woke David up. He usually gets up around this time, anyway, so he just got up. Then I had a lot of itching, and my back was hurting again. It seems to be very rare lately for me to just go to sleep without having these issues.

  Wednesday 3/21/18

I got up around noon and had leftover pizza for breakfast...I didn't eat most of the crust.

It was in the 80's again today! This weather is so odd. Plus our house is cold, noBrandy trying to get up in my lap matter what it's like outside. I was freezing all morning.

I can't believe that my Spring break week is half over...I've done very little besides sleeping and playing with Brandy. It's a little warmer today, in the 60's. We had a nice walk this morning.

My back started hurting a lot after we got back. I don't know...maybe I should go back to the doctor and look into surgical options, even though I really hate the idea. I made an appointment for next Wednesday with my doctor, so we'll see if she has any ideas.

I took a hot shower to help with my pain. Sorry to complain so much! The shower helped quite a bit.

I've been eating leftover pizza all day, and I also had a chicken pecan salad from Domino's. So yesterday's pizza was enough food for two days! And it didn't even make my blood sugar go up too far. Yay! I can't make a habit of it, though, because the pizza is still not diet food. David also had leftover pizza for dinner.

I've been catching up on "General Hospital" on my DVR. I'm watching the December 2016 episodes. Yep, I'm way behind...

I took some time tonight to whip up some whipped cream as well as make some low carb chocolate mousse. I'm just craving chocolate!

Brandy seems to have a lot more energy than she had before, so I'm thinking again that I should get up earlier and walk her, and then walk her again later, so she gets two walks, and burns off all that energy. Because otherwise, she drives me crazy.

I went to bed around 4:30....I just had a lot to do. I tossed and turned for a long while, half-asleep, itching.

  Thursday 3/22/18

I wanted to get up early, but I didn't. I got up after 1:30. I had breakfast - turkey turkey and cheese on lettucesandwich with cheese and lettuce, on one piece of gluten free bread, and some cheese chips, and Jello with whipped cream.

I walked Brandy about 3pm. I was cold inside the house, but it was 80 degrees outside, so it was nice and warm. Not humid at all, just very sunny and warm. Beautiful!

I did work on updating my blog from a few weeks ago. Almost done and caught up now.

I found this fun app that makes your photo look better or different. It has different filters.

The electrician, Scott, phoned me, but when I called back, his mailbox was full. :( Hopefully he will call again.

I still haven't watched the JLA DVD...maybe this weekend! I still haven't finishedFaceApp putting away my Xmas decorations, either. Hoping to do that tomorrow.

I ate a healthy breakfast, and I tested my blood sugar, and then an hour later, it crashed again to 59! So weird. And then again, I ate too much to overcompensate.

I tried to lie down on the bed with Brandy, but she was too hyper and chewed a hole in my blanket. :( That's what I get for letting her up there, though. David came home after that. We had a fairly nice evening at home.

It's so funny....our last dog, Bugs, was a real licker. He would lick you all over your face if you let him. Brandy is not a big licker. She likes to sniff your face, and sometimes she will lick. She has to be in the right mood (unless you have food on you, then she will lick it off). So David was always complaining that she doesn't lick him enough, so she must not like him. Of course, he's joking, and I always say, well, she's just not much of a licker. Every night, Brandy and I go in and say goodnight to David when he goes to bed (which is always earlier than me). She jumps on the bed and we pet her, etc. Tonight she licked him right in the face when he wasn't expecting it! It was so funny!! I was laughing so hard, and saying, "See, that's what you get!" LOL!

  Friday 3/23/18

I had planned several things today but did none of them. I slept in late and was a bit sick. I shouldn't have ordered that pizza.hot outside

I found out that the beautiful white trees in our neighborhood are Dogwood. We have two next to our house, too. I took some more photos of neighbors' flowers and trees.

David technically had today off, but he spent the morning at work, finishing something up. Then he was able to run some errands, come home and relax.

I spent the last two days updating my songs page. I hadn't updated it for almost 2 years! I also did some singing and recording. Then I spent a lot of time singing along with the Carpenters on karaoke (on YouTube).

I had hoped to go out to karaoke at El Compadre, which is just a few blocks away, but when we got there, there were no singers. I don't want to be the only singer, especially in a place that doesn't even have a KJ. I told them on their Facebook page that they need to advertise more, or they're not going to get anyone. Plus, 6-10 is a weird time. Most karaoke is 9 to 12 or later. Most people like to drink when they sing, and they seldom start drinking that early. Now, for ME, 6-10 is great, but I don't want to be the only singer, especially when there are people there trying to eat dinner. Well, at least we got some extra exercise, since we walked there and back.

I had also planned to finally go through my Christmas decorations and put them away, but I haven't felt like it yet.

I had a lot of trouble going to sleep because of itching.

  Saturday 3/24/18

When I woke up this morning, I was in a lot of pain on the left side of my back. I don't know what I did to it yesterday... I took an Aleve and a muscle relaxer and went back to sleep for a while. It helped, but I'm still in pain.

We went to Brookshire's briefly for a few groceries. I haven't done much today besides walk the dog and watch TV. It's so beautiful outside. It seems like every day, I see more flowers that were not there the day before. I did play frisbee outside briefly with Brandy, while David shot this video.

I took a shower in the early evening to try to help the pain. I also had a bowl of blueberries because they're supposed to help with inflammation. I felt a bit better, so maybe it helped.

We're walking over to the Flying Burger for dinner. Something to do, anyway! That way, too, I don't have to make dinner, and we get to eat pretty healthy. We looked at the fresh fish at Brookshire's, but they only had tilapia and flounder, no catfish.

It was a good dinner and walk. We're having such beautiful weather right now. I wish it stayed this nice year round! Supposed to rain later tonight, though.

We've just been hanging out, listening to music. My back is still hurting, but not as much. Besides the hurting, it's also been itching badly all day. It's almost as if all of the nerves on my left side are inflamed or something. From what I read online, having nerve damage can result not just in pain, but also in itching. Great... :(

I was cutting up some lettuce in the kitchen (I don't like big lettuce leaves). I turned and Brandy was standing on her hind legs, with her front legs on the cabinet drawer, peering up to the counter. The counter was bare, thankfully, and Brandy isn't quite tall enough to reach much on it. I'll have to keep an eye on her if she gets bigger. It was very funny, though.

I made some salad dressing....it was OK, but a bit too tart. I had to add some more Splenda to it. I keep trying to find a good dressing that I like, that I can make at home.

  Sunday 3/25/18

I got up around 1:30 again. I'm still in a lot of pain, but I would say it's slightly better than yesterday, even though I only have one muscle relaxer pill left, and I'm saving it for tonight. Thank goodness for Aleve, Tylenol, and Ben Gay (oh, and hot showers).

We went to Wal-Mart to get groceries. Nothing too exciting. The Easter Bunny was there, passing out candy.

I mostly just worked on my site and tried not to be in pain. Tomorrow is going to be tough because I have to get a ride in with David to school around 6:30 am. Blah.

I moved one of our regular chairs (that we don't usually sit in) so I could have more back support while I work. The real problem is that slouching seems to be my natural position. It's hard to counter 56 years of bad habits.

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