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  Monday 3/5/18

Hopefully this is the last week I play "catch-up" with my blogs. I fell really far behind.  Sorry if this is too boring!

Know Better DonutsI bought some donuts and wraps online from Know Better. They arrived today. The wraps are great. The donuts are so-so. I ate a few of them over the week, and then when I went to grab one, I saw it was spotted with mold, so I had toChick-Fil-A throw the rest out.  I guess I was supposed to keep them in the fridge!  The donuts at PaleoBakehouse are way better.

I was very tired this morning, so I didn't make breakfast. Instead, I went to Chick-Fil-A before class to have food, daffodils at SAUinstead of after.

Then my class was only 20 minutes long! That was a waste of time...

I'm still noticing all of the beautiful flowers and trees. There are daffodils all over campus. There are manymeatballs cherry blossom trees all over. So gorgeous!

I bought some meatballs at the store...they were pre-formed and you just had to bake them. They were not very good, sadly.

I finally watched the Oscars tonight. I got tired of avoiding spoilers on social media! It was pretty entertaining. I still can't believe that the man-fish-sex Jimmy Kimmel on the Oscarsmovie won! I didn't see it, but I don't know how it can be better than "Three billboards..."

  Tuesday 3/6/18

I called in sick today...I was up all night, sick, and just too tired to go in. I think something I ate over the weekend made me very sick (from gluten).Brandy

Brandy came back today. I'm glad to see her, but it's always nice to get a little break from her, too. She can be a real pest!

Even though I didn't go to class today, I still had my blog/paper due tomorrow in class, so I spent quite a lot of time writing that.  It was kind of fun because I wrote about movies.

I went to bed sort of early. I was very tired.

  Wednesday 3/7/18

mascarponeI slept quite a bit...I needed it!

I tried to make this low carb custard, but it was kind of TOO fatty...too rich, and it didn't make very much, either.

I bought mascarpone for this custard. I never tried it by itself. OMG, it is so delicious!! Way better than regular cream cheese. It has a nice flavor.

I stayed up late writing my other blog/paper, for my other class. This one was about copyrights, so I wrote about Star Trek. That was fun to do.

  Thursday 3/8/18tulip tree

I was very tired again and had a terrible time waking up.

Happy International Women's Day!

Our backyard looks pretty right now. We have one of those tulip trees, which is in full bloom. The little yellow flowers on the yellow flowerspergola are looking good. They should look beautiful in a few weeks.

The electrician might come over to look at our lights. A lot of them either burn out quickly, or flicker off and on, or we can't figure out how to change them. Hopefully it won't be too expensive!

I spent a lot of time picking up around the house, in case the electrician comes by.

  Friday 3/9/18clean backyard

I'm having some people come over today to fix up the backyard. It's a real mess. Some things fell over from the storms, and the weeds are growing like crazy, thanks to all the rain. The dog has made a big mess as well. She likes to dig a lot, and chew on anything she can find, and drag things all over the place.  They did a great job, and it looks nice.

chicken dish Pollo a la ParillaI was hoping to go to karaoke tonight at El Compadre, but David was too tired for karaoke.  Instead, we went to Antigua's for dinner.  I had a very yummy chicken dish called Pollo A La Parrilla. Later, I spent some time recording a little, learning a song in Spanish a little better.

I cut way back on drinking caffeine; I only have one diet soda with caffeine per day. The Chick-Fil-A at school has sugar free lemonade that's really good. I've been buying lemons and making my own lemonade at home, too. I drink a lot of water, and Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi as well. My voice teacher said that lemonade is good for the voice, too.  That's a plus! I love it.

Brandy likes to grab stuff and chew on it: bottle caps, rubber bands, coins, Kleenex, anything!  I try to keep things away from her, but she somehow manages to get Brandy on my lap them, anyway. I'm pretty sure that she swallowed a plastic bottle cap tonight (from a bottled water). Sometimes I can wrestle it out of her mouth, but I think she swallowed it before I got the chance.

The electrician didn't come today but might come over the weekend... I have to keep the house clean, until then.

I stopped taking the glipizide earlier in the week, as the doctor had told me to, because it was bringing my blood sugar down too low. However, now that I'm only taking the Metformin, my blood sugars are just too high. It's so frustrating!

Speaking of frustrating, I spent hours on something unexpectedly, that was really annoying. I learned that Susan Sackett, a Star Trek author, put up some things for sale on ebay, so I went to buy a few. I haven't bought anything on ebay for quite a while.  First it said that I had to change my password because apparently, someone tried to hack my account.  Then it said my account was suspended. So I called them up and we got that sorted out. They still had my old phone number from 5+ years ago, so I had to update that as well.

Then when I went to buy the things, I kept getting error messages from Paypal. I couldn't use my credit cards, either. I lost one of the items, in the meantime (no big deal). I had to call up ebay again, and they couldn't figure it out. In the meantime, I figured out that Paypal had my old Discover card on file, not a new one that they sent me, so I just had to update that. I have no idea why the other cards didn't work, though.

It was interesting to learn that I've been on ebay since 1997! Wow!!

  Saturday 3/10/18

Most delicious stir fry ever!I made a wonderful stir-fry, using leftovers.  It was so delicious!!

Last week, Brandy was itching a lot. She was scratching one ear a lot, biting one paw, and also biting her rear area a lot. So when we put her at the kennel, I asked them to look her over to see if they could figure out why she was obsessively scratching all the time. But they never said anything, so I finally called today and was told that she had an ear infection, so they treated that. Otherwise, they think she has allergies and to give her Claritin. I forgot that last year she scratched a lot, too.  I forgot to tell them about her swallowing the plastic bottle cap, but she seems fine.Brandy on walk

I gave her the Claritin, and it made her very sleepy. Then, she vomited a few times (which she rarely does).  I'm fairly sure that this is from the Claritin and not from swallowing the bottle cap. It's too bad it made her vomit because we certainly enjoyed having a much calmer dog!!

David went around the house, changing all the clocks for daylight savings time.

  Sunday 3/11/18

This morning, I was getting Brandy on the bed, but she was having a little trouble jumping up, so I bent down to help her, and just then, she 11 Brothers Saladjumped up again. She hit me right in the nose with her hard little head! Ouch!! It really hurt for a while.

We went to 11 Brothers Italian restaurant for lunch. I just had the salad, as usual.

The we went to the grocery store, also as usual. I tried to recreate that delicious stir-fry later on, but it wasn't nearly as good. Bummer!Trying to get a good selfie with Brandy

I decided to give Brandy Benadryl instead of Claritin because I recall that last year, I gave her Benadryl, and it helped, and she didn't have any side effects. I'll call the doctor tomorrow, but she seems fine today.

I wrote another article for Karaoke Scene magazine!

I had quite a bit of back/shoulder/arm pain, but the medicine helped...

We're having very nice weather, in the 70's.

Next week is Spring Break, so I can't wait! This week is going to go very slowly, I just know it...

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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