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  Monday 2/19/18

Happy Presidents' Day!Here I am, playing catch-up again!sad face

Today is President's Day, but we don't get that holiday off.

It was unseasonably warm today - in the 80's!  A little toothermometer outside warm for me, but I hope this means we won't have any more days in the 30's or 40's!  Even more bizarre, it's 57 today in San Diego! Wow!!!

It was tough to get up early and go to class, but somehow I managed.  I realized, though, that I couldn't find my keys anywhere (turns out I left them at my SIL's house in San Diego). I called David, and we worked it out that I would leave the front door unlocked, and then he would come home after his meeting and lock it, and then he would leave me his key to pick up after class. I don't like leaving the house unlocked, but we live in a vkey machineery safe town and neighborhood.

I got Trisha to give me a ride after my class to Wal-Mart. I picked up a few groceries (since we didn't have time to go to the store yesterday) and made some copies of my house key. They have a pretty nifty machine that does it, really quickly and fairly cheap.

I had a lot of work to do on my site...

A friend of ours that we knew from Hawaii came for a short visit (work-related). It was so great to see her and to catch up! Unfortunately, our house is a mess, so we didn't show her our house. We had a nice dinner at Antigua's.  We had hoped to take her to the BBQ place, but we forgot that it's closed on Mondays. Too bad she's leaving tomorrow!

 I had to spend some time getting the house ready again for Yolanda to come clean it tomorrow. Most of the stuff was picked up already, though.

3 years ago today my friend Mary was visiting us in Hawaii! What a fantastic time we had....Bark Box Many photos!

  Tuesday 2/20/18

I subscribed to Bark Box - they send us a box of dog toys and treats every month. I'm not sure it's worth the price, but it's not too expensive.  We use the treats more than the toys, to be honest.

I unpacked from our trip, finally.  Yolanda got here in the morning and cleaned while I went off to class.  Then when I came back, she was still here. It's so nice to have a clean house clean houseagain! Especially after how much rain we've had lately. The dog tracks in so much dirt and mud (and blood, this month!).

I had a hard time staying awake in class...I took a nap after Yolanda left.

I had to spend most of the evening writing my blog post/paper for class that's due tomorrow.  This is why I keep falling behind on my personal blog. Between the class blogs and working on my site, I get really sick of writing and typing.

  Wednesday 2/21/18

It rained again today! Of course, now that the house is all clean...and we picked up Brandy finally from the vet's kennel, so she's here to make more mess! rainy

It was cold today! So weird after how hot it was on Monday. It was in the 40's and damp. I really didn't want to get out of bed today.

It's flooded bad all over the neighborhood. When I went to walk Brandy, we almost had to swim! There's an area at the end of our cul-de-sac that we always have to cross to get out into the neighborhood...there are usually big puddles there that I have to jump over, but this time they were too wide and deep. I had to walk through, and the water went up to my ankles.  The street had huge rivers on either side, with just a narrow area in the middle for cars (and for us).  It was unreal. I wish I had taken photos.  Poor Brandy is Brandy excitedso low to the ground that she got quite wet on the walk.

When I chatted with the lady at the vet's, she told me that they really love Brandy, but apparently one time, when she was giving out treats to all the dogs, Brandy got really impatient for her treat. She picked up her food bowl and dumped it out, then looked expectantly at them as if to say, "Well? Where's MY treat??!!??"  LOL! She does that a little at home, too. Mostly she just keeps licking her bowl until it's empty and turned over, making a clattering sound.

In the afternoon, I wasted way too much time making a silly GIF about a TV show...it was just a fun idea I had, but it took too much time.

Tonight I had to write another paper/blog for my other class. I was just not in the mood...too tired. I ended up staying up way too late, too.

  Thursday 2/22/18

It rained even more today! The backyard is completely flooded.flooded backyard

I had a phone interview today, but fortunately, my volunteer Krista did it. Otherwise, I would have had to leave class early.

When I went to walk Brandy, I noticed that our next door neighbors have a "for sale" sign in their front yard! Wow! I know she had mentioned that she might want to move at some point, but I didn't know they were already doing this. I phoned her to get the details; they want to move into a smaller place, so they hope they can find a smaller one and then sell this one. Hope they get what they want! They're older and have a 2-story house, so it's tough on them.  I don't know if they'll be able to sell it, though, without getting help from a realtor.

We had a big thunderstorm in the early evening.  I went to bed pretty early because I was very tired. Too many late nights and early mornings.

  Friday 2/23/18

chocolate ladybugsI ordered some delicious chocolate ladybugs that Williams-Sonoma was selling. I ordered two packages, one to keep in the freezer for my ladybug collection.smiling lady bug  The chocolates were really good, too.

No class today! The professor gave us the day off. Yay!  The weather was nicer today, in the 60's.

We went out to El Compadre for dinner (thetaquitos place right down the street). There was a birthday there, and the owner wanted me to sing karaoke to the person etc. but we demurred. Poor David was very tired and didn't want to stay long.  I ordered the taquitos, which I'd had there before. I was assured they were gluten-free, but of course they weren't. (I tested them with my NIMA)  David had some, and we moved it around so it wouldn't look like I didn't eat it (didn't want to make trouble there).  I wasn't that hungry, anyway, so I just ate something at home after that.

I was doing my exercises for my voice lessons, Brandy sleepy, silly nosesinging, and I always have Brandy in there with me because she gets upset if I'm in a different room from her (she has a little bit of separation anxiety). However, whenever I hit a high note, she starts howling. I looked it up, and this means she's just singing along with me. It's kind of cute and funny, unless I'm trying to record! :)

Two years ago, my brother Stephen was visiting us in Hawaii! That was fun, too! I hadn't spent this much time with him in a very long time, so it was nice. See many photos! Stephen and I

  Saturday 2/24/18

My doctor had prescribed a new diabetes drug, Jardiance, last summer, because my numbers weren't that good. I haven't been doing a very good job of testing my blood sugar or eating right. Before I got Brandy, I wasn't exercising much, either.  The problem, though, is that the Jardiance brings my blood sugar down too low. I kept at it, hoping my body would adjust.  Then the insurance wouldn't cover it any more, so she got me Invokana, which is similar. Both drugs make you pee a lot.  I decided to stop taking it because I just don't like having that drop in blood sugar and having to worry about how low it's getting.

We went to Flying Burger for lunch, which is always good. I always eat a very healthy meal there of grilled catfish and a salad. Very yummy, too.

I'm very tired of all the rain. Brandy goes out back and gets very wet, and then when she comes in, she wants to jump all over me. I try to towel her off, but she bites the towel, thinking I'm playing a game. It's hard to get her to stay still so I can get her dry. It's really annoying!

  Sunday 2/25/18

We went to the store as usual. I found out Cocoa Pebbles are gluten free, so I bought a box, to try it. I just had a little bit. Later, I divided it up into small amounts and putCocoa Pebbles them in baggies, so I can have a little bit at a time. It's like candy, really.

It's a beautiful spring day. It's in the 60's, and there's no rain.

I decided today to start dieting seriously. It's always hard, but I just have to do it. I'm tired of being overweight and looking fat in my selfies, with two chins. Back around 2008 I lost 25 lbs. in 2 months, just by eating mostly salads, so that's what I'm trying to do now.  I've been sick a lot, too, from eating gluten, so I'm going to eat out as little as possible.  I know I've said both of these things before, but I mean it this time.

If you like to see a lot of cute videos, you should friend me on Facebook because I post often, and many are cute animal videos. I don't go looking for them, but when I see one of my 900-plus friends posting a good one, I will share it!

There's a guy who's been helping me via email. He knows a lot about website design and programming. I met him when I asked for volunteers on one of the Expression Web forums. He thinks that he might be able to help me set up the site in another format (like a database) so that it's much easier to edit and keep updated. That would be awesome. He works, though, so he'll probably only be doing it when he has a little time. Anyway, he thinks he can automate it so that my current site is put into the database (I don't really understand it).

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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