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  Monday 2/5/18

Brandy on floor, sad about being tetheredI was very tired this morning and hit the snooze button twice. I really wanted to stay in bed. I got up, though, and let Brandy out. I usually have David set the alarm for two hours before I get picked up, to give my hair time to dry and myself time to eat breakfast etc.

Linda picked me up. Her sister is out of the hospital, so that's great. She dropped me off at Reynolds, as always, and I got my usual soda there. I just killed time reading on my phone and then went to Overstreet around 11:45. My class was fine. The professor was as tired as I was. He stayed up too late last night, too. It made him a little less chatty than usual, and he let us go early. Fine with me!

David took me home and I walked Brandy right away. When I got back, I realized my blood sugar was pretty low, so I ate a sandwich, the last piece of my chocolate pie, and a bunch of pecans.

I had a hard time staying awake, so I went back to sleep for a while. I felt a little better after that. I put most of the laundry away. Then David came home. Brandy was tethered while I put away the laundry because otherwise she gets in the way. She was whining, so I gave her an old rag to chew on. She got very excited when David came home (she always does)!

I made dinner and watched TV, and worked on "stuff."Brandy lounging

We are definitely going to San Diego for a few days in February, and we're also going to Chicago for a few days in April, so that should be fun. The latter is a conference.

It looks like my voice teacher is still sick and has also been exposed to the flu from her husband, so she's canceling tomorrow's lesson. Bummer! I've only had one lesson so far, and it's almost been 4 weeks since the semester started! Well, good thing I've been putting in more work singing and doing my exercises.

I spent most of the evening working on my blog for my Videos class. I went to bed way too late and then had trouble sleeping because of allergies.

  Tuesday, 2/6

What a day it's been! First, I decided to stay home because I was so tired and also the allergies were really bad. I felt sick again, with a sore throat. It was actually a nice morning. I slept in until about 10, and then I got up, and I turned the heat on, and I went back to bed. Brandy was whining, so I put her up on the bed with me. Now, before, whenever we've tried to put Brandy on the bed, she's overly-excited, and she jumps around, and she starts biting the blankets, so it doesn't work. This time, she was nice, and calm, and was stretched out on my feet, behaving. Then I realized I was hungry, so we got up after a little while.

Brandy usually scratches at the back door to be let out, several times a day. It was raining all last night and this morning, so it was rainy, muddy and the backyard was full of muddy puddles. I thought, how funny that when we first got her, I was so worried about what she would eat or get into in the backyard, but now I don't. She probably drinks gross muddy water out of the puddles, and it doesn't seem to matter. She never gets sick from it. She gets plenty of fresh water inside, but for some reason, the water found outside is more enticing. It's not as if I'm going to run outside and empty out all of the puddles, or police her. That would take way too much energy.

A little bit later, I let her back in when she scratched. I let her in and then saw behind her, on the patio, that it was covered in bright red paw prints! I thought, did she somehow get into some red paint? WTF? It didn't look like blood because it was so bright. I turned and looked at her, and both her paws were covered in red. I went to get a wet towels to dry her off and see if she was hurt. She didn't act any differently. She doesn't like it when I try to dry her off or anything. She thinks I'm playing a game and tries to bite the towel. I noticed she also had some red underneath, near one of her back legs. She didn't seem hurt, though. I tried to limit where she went, but she ran all over the place. I was worried, so I called David and told him to come home and take her to the vet.

While I waited for him, I made him a sandwich, and then I got the mop out and cleaned the back patio. I figured it wouldn't be good to let it dry. It was really gross.Brandy with bloody paws It reminded me of all of those crime shows where someone is cleaning up all the blood from someone that they murdered. I mean, it wasn't as MUCH blood as those shows, thankfully, but it was still gross. I mopped up the blood in the sun room, too.

David and I took Brandy to the vet and left her there. We explained what happened, and I made sure they would give her a bath, too, before David picks her up tomorrow. She definitely needs it now! Yikes. Mud is bad enough.

I came back home and had lunch, and I watched TV for a while, and then I went back to sleep. When I got up, I cleaned up all of the blood. There sure were a lot of bloody paw prints, all over. Thank goodness that Resolve carpet cleaner works well. I used Fantastik on the floors, like I do for everything. We definitely need a new mop, though. The one I have is not a "real" mop, it has this cloth-like head that doesn't work as well as a real mop. I spent the good part of an hour cleaning up all the blood. Yuck.  Then the house smelled like cleaner for the next two days! :(

I called the vet and he said Brandy just had a small puncture wound on a her paw. They gave her antibiotics and they're watching to make sure it doesn't get infected, and we'll have to do the same when we get her back tomorrow. She's spending the night because David can't pick her up until tomorrow. He had a bunch of meetings this afternoon. I got lucky that he had time to take us in to the vet! I don't know what I would have done otherwise.

David stopped at Brookshire's on the way home to get some things we were out of. I made dinner. I've been working on my blogs for school. I'm pretty sick of blogging right now! I thought it would be fun to have blogging classes...but they're just, writing papers that happen to be in blog form. Oh, well.

  Wednesday, 2/7

It was tough getting up in the morning...so tired! It was rainy and very cold all day.

We had to discuss our blogs in class today, for the Videos class. This week was a product review, so I reviewed my phone. My dumb laptop ran out of power during the class. Fortunately, I had already looked through the blog, so I could summarize it for the class. I probably didn't have it plugged in well enough at home, so that's why it ran outBrandy is ready to go out! of juice. It usually lasts for a good 5 or 6 hours.

I've been cutting back on caffeine lately, so I just had the one soda before class. At home, I drink either water or diet caffeine free Pepsi. I used to drink a lot more Diet Pepsi, and occasionally coffee. Caffeine just tenses me up, makes my spine problem hurt a lot worse.

David was a bit late getting back from his lunch meeting, so I was chatting with his assistant, Keisha. She's very nice. We were mostly talking about our dogs.

David and I went to the vet and picked up Brandy. We just have an antibiotic to give her peanut butter and mayo on romaine lettuce!twice a day. She was a bit sleepy all day, not her usual energetic self. Which was nice! After I walked her, she napped on the bed with me for awhile. That was sweet. Normally she's way too rambunctious to have up on the bed. We had a very short walk because it was way too cold. I'm getting sick of these cold days. I know, if you live in the midwest or north, having temperatures in the 30's is no big deal. We're in the south, though, and this is not normal weather for us. I guess it's the new normal. Last year, though, we had a very mild winter.

Brandy peed on the floor, but thankfully, I think it was just an unusual occurrence due to her hurting her foot.

Lately at night I've been eating peanut butter and mayo on romaine lettuce (don't knock it 'till you try it).  It's really delicious and pretty healthy.

  Thursday, 2/8

I tried to sleep in a little more after the alarm went off, but I ended up getting up after Brandy with her little bib from the vet!all.

I need to make more of my breakfast casserole because otherwise I have to make real food. I've just been cooking up some bacon the past two days, and having one slice of GF toast.

I made sure to get ready, get my stuff ready, have breakfast, and get the dog in the bedroom, all ready....I had hoped to sit here in my chair and nap, but instead, I got sick and had to spend the last half hour in the bathroom. Something I ate made me very sick.

I met my new driver, Trisha that I hired via care.com  She picked me up, with her mom and granddaughter. TheyValentine's Day decorations were taking her mom to the doctor. Trisha had sent me all her info, except for her car registration, which she showed me. It's all on the up and up! They all seemed very nice. It was nice of her to wait for me because I was a little late due to being sick. I suppose it could still be the Invokana still making me sick.

The ladies at the Mulerider Cafe have their Valentine's Day decorations up - it looks nice!

Class was fine...we had to talk about our media law and ethics blogs. This assignment was about advertising ethics. I was in a talky mood, I guess.

I had lunch over at Chick-Fil-A and then David took me Me in the practice roomhome around 1:45. I had a sugar free lemonade, it was yummy.

Oh, I had time to kill before David took me home, so I went to Brinson and did my singing exercises, and I worked on my song a little. I worked on it more later at home. It was super warm in the practice room, and I was dressed for cooler weather, so I had to use my winter hat to put my hair up, and I tucked my shirt up. I couldn't do much about my long pants, though. There's no lock on the door of the practice rooms! :)

I walked Brandy, and the weather was a bit warmer, inBrandy on the bed the 60's. Nice! I wish it would stay that way.

I tried to have a nap with her, but she was back to her old self, so I had a nap, but she was banished to the floor, tethered.

NIMA gluten free sensorI've been having a hard time being very motivated for anything lately. Today I have a sore in my mouth - very annoying. (A little Orajel fixed that later)

I tested the bacon and peanut butter -- both were gluten free. Yay! I have no idea what made me sick! :( Maybe it was just the medicine. I sure hope so!



  Friday, 2/9

I was very sick today and didn't go in to school. UGH. It was nice to go back to sleep, though.Brandy's new toy

I did feel a little better in the afternoon, so I walked Brandy. It was starting to drizzle, though, so we didn't go for very long.

Later on, David and I went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant, El Compadre, right down the street. I was very grateful not to have to make dinner. They have a bar there now, so I was happy to have a glass of wine, too. There were not many people dining there, so they started trying out their new karaoke equipment! The owner sang, and she sings really well.  Of course I had to help! I just sang one song. The only audience by that time were the waitresses, the owner, and this guy that worked there (maybe in the kitchen). They didn't have it hooked up yet to a monitor, so the lyrics were on this guy's phone. I knew the words, though. I did "Blue Bayou." It was fun. I hope I can go back sometime. Sounds like they're going to be doing it on Fridays, and it's only down the street, so it may be possible, sometimes. I was surprised I could sing, given how sick I've been!

El Compadre has the best Mexican food in town, IMHO. For some reason, though, they don't get the crowds that the other two places get. Maybe it's because of the location? I don't know. I hope people start going because we like having a good place right down the street.

my burned chickenI cooked up some chicken last night and then didn't hear the timer go off, so it ended up a bit burnt! It was still very tasty, though.

I watched "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2" and really enjoyed it. I am Groot! I loved seeing a young Kurt Russell. It's amazing what they can do nowadays. Apparently they start by putting heavy makeup on him, then they use computer graphics. They somehow get someone who looks similar and then put that guy's skin over the older person's skin. I don't really understand it. They did it before in some other Marvel movies with Michael Douglas and Robert Downey Jr. They also had an NCIS episode back in 2010 where they did something similar. So if they can do this, why have a young actor playing Han Solo in the new movie? Why not just haveI am Groot! Harrison Ford do it, and then make him look young with this technology? I think we'd all rather see him play Han Solo. Now, he may not want to do it...that's a different reason. Hey, how about a new Star Trek movie, and William Shatner can play Captain Kirk. For that matter, why did they pressure poor Carrie Fisher to diet for the last two Star Wars movies? Seems like they could have just digitally made her look thinner. They should have done the same thing for Mark Hamill! I mean, I love the guy, but he's gotten a bit chubby. We all have, of course. It often comes with old age. Also, this worked well for the character, who's been a hermit. Anyway, getting back to "Guardians".... if Kurt Russell's character was supposed to be immortal, and he impregnated Peter's mom in the 80's, then why does he look so old now? I mean, he could look any way he wanted to. That made no sense. Well, it was a fun movie, nothing to really think too hard about.

Speaking of movies, it looks like I'll get to see Black Panther next week. Yay!

Brandy likes nibbling on my feet!I spent a lot of the day cleaning up the house. Not really "cleaning" so much as straightening everything up and putting stuff away. I did one load of dishes and washed our bedclothes.

Oh, yeah, this was weird. There was a terrible smell coming from around the kitchen area, but we couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It was still there, after we took out the trash and did the dishes. Turns out that one of the dog food cans had come open and spilled on part of the counter. The other cans, and an appliance, were covering up, so I didn't see it. I had to literally sniff around to find it. LOL! The smell still lingered for a while, so I did spray a little bit of Febreze, which helped. I really don't like the smell of Febreze, so a little goes a long way.

I stayed up way too late, since I slept so much. I don't even know what I was doing...must have been important! LOL!

  Saturday, 2/10

I got a lot done today. David woke me up about 11:30. We went to lunch at the BBQ Yummy barbecue from Backyard Barbecueplace. It wasn't crowded, for once. This place is really good, and they give you a ton of food. However, it's always way too cold in there, and it takes forever to get your food, and it's quite expensive. Most of the places we eat at here are $25 or less. This place is twice that much. I was starving by the time we got our food.

We went to the grocery store, Brookshire's, after that, and then I got really sick again. UGH. I still don't know if it's that new medicine I'm taking, or if I ate something that has gluten in it. I was not feeling well for a long time after that. It was rainy and cool all day. Poor Brandy didn't get her walk because of the rain.

We did our budget, so that was good. We've been trying to get our finances together. We still have to do our taxes, too.

I cleared off the part of the couch next to me, so I got Brandy to come up there. It's nice to have her there, so I can pet her, but I don't let her on my lap when I'm trying to work. She tries, though! I especially don't want her on my lap after she's gone outside and gotten all wet and muddy! Blecchh!

I had a very strange dream while I was napping, having to do with foster kids, mutants and puppies...LOL!

I had a hard time sleeping again....itching, stuffed up, and neck hurt. The usual for me, but still annoying. Also, my feet were very dry and itchy, in particular. I had to keep getting up to get medicine, lotion, etc.

  Sunday, 2/11

I got up around noon. We went to KFC for lunch, and  then we went to Wal-Mart to do grocery shopping. It was very cold, which I didn't expect. I should have brought my large jacket, scarf, hat and cloves. It was in the low 30's. Brrrr! Way too cold. After we got home, I rested, and then I took Brandy out for a walk. This time I did dress for the weather. The weather app says it might snow tonight. That would be great! Especially if classes are canceled ;)

I wrote an article that was published in this month's KaraokeScene.com magazine!  If you can't see that article, for whatever reason, you can read it here. I'm on page 20.

I did the laundry and dishes, and I'm trying to work up the energy to put away the Christmas decorations. I'm very tired. I made pretty good headway. It's hard on my spine because of all the bending over and reaching. After finishing the laundry and some work on my site, I went to bed around 11, super tired.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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