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  Monday 1/29/18

I'm tired of falling behind on my blog! So starting today I'm going to make sure I type it up every day; and then later I can always fix it up if need be.... I'm already two blog posts behind, so I don't want to fall behind a third week. Sheesh. It's just that I have so many other things to do, especially on my TV site, that I seem to run out of time and energy to blog. Especially now that I have two classes where we have to blog! I have blogs coming out of my ears! ;) Seriously, I reckon I have about 6 blogs right now. This one, the TV blog, one for my Videos class, one for Media Law and Ethics (above), and 2 that are secret....By the way, you can now access this blog at http://chron1.net

I got up at 9 am, very tired...I had trouble sleeping last night (probably from too much sleep on the weekend). I took a shower and then checked my phone. Linda, who normally gives me a ride, had to cancel today because her sister was in an accident. I hope she's OK! Fortunately for me, David could take me in at 11:30. He picked up the dog first. Brandy was very happy to see us, and she was wet from just having had a bath, but!  Unfortunately for her,  we had to put her in the bedroom, and lock her up again. Poor thing! Well, I'm sure it's better than being in the kennel. She has all of her toys, too...

My class was fine...it went pretty quick. My neck/back has been hurting all day. I hate carrying this heavy laptop around. I took the stairs, too, which made it worse. The elevators are slow in that building, and there were already a bunch of people waiting for it. It's not as bad as last week when I had to go to the doctor. I'm trying to convince David to buy a new, small laptop, that he can use around the house and I can carry to school. The one he was using broke and would cost too much to be fixed.

I got quite a lot done in class on my site. He doesn't mind if we have our laptops, phones etc. or if we're paying attention, thankfully.... Since I went in later than usual, I just grabbed a water from home, rather than buy a soda, so I was tired. I'm trying to cut back on caffeine, too. After class, I went over to Bruce Hall and had a bacon cheeseburger, no bun or fries. Then I went to Reynolds. I forgot to bring Aleve, so I bought some at the bookstore. It made my neck feel a tad better. Then I went to Brinson and practiced my singing in the practice room. I'm trying to be more diligent about that. After that, I went back to Reynolds and got a soda. I settled at the library for a while. David took me home around 5. He has to come back to campus for the belated Martin Luther King, Jr. festivities (they were canceled last week due to snow).


I would like to take a nap when I get home, but I really shouldn't because I want to go to bed early because tomorrow is an early day. I'll probably walk the dog and see how I do...

David was able to take me home a little bit earlier, around 4:15, which was awesome. I took Brandy out to the backyard so she could run around a little bit before we went on our walk. She was very hyper, of course. We went on our usual walk around the neighborhood. There are these little boys down the street. They were playing basketball. The smaller one ran over to pet Brandy. They just love her! They have their own new puppy as well, but he was tied up, so I couldn't pet him. It's in the 50's today and a bit windy. I just had a jacket, and it was a little chilly in the shade.

We had a snack after we got home, and then I fed her for real. She seems glad to be home. I always take lots of photos and some videos of her for my Instagram page.  Check it out!

I finally finished and posted the previous week's blog! I had it all done last week, and I was putting the photos in, but then the program crashed, and I never got around to getting back to it...

I watched a little TV, and then David came back. He was home a little later than usual because of his event. I made his dinner and then we just hung out with the puppy. We're both very tired, though. I have a lot to do, but I'm too tired to do it.

I did some work and didn't go to bed until about 10:30. Very early bedtime for me!

  Tuesday, 1/30

outer officeI woke up around 5 am, put on the heat and then went back to bed for a half hour. That was way too early, and too cold. It was about 25 degrees.

I hung out in David's office (I saw our friend Abe, who's really nice...young professor; he and his wife Antoinette have 2 great dogs, plus they take in foster dogs!) and then went over to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. They just started doing breakfast this past Fall. I probably should test it, but I didn't. Their website says that their eggs, sausage and hash browns are gluten free. This particular Chick-Fil-A is not a regular one, so it doesn't have eggs. Anyway, I had a yummy breakfast. Then I went over to Reynolds and got a sugar-free hot chocolate to warm up. I stayed there for a while and then got a bottled water (I was trying to decide what I wanted to do; otherwise I would have just gotten the water at the other place), then I went to the music room and did my practicing for voice lessons. My voice teacher is sick today, so there was no lesson. Anyway, even though it was very early, and I was tired, I practiced, and it was fun. I went back to Reynolds (all of these buildings are next to each other) and got a soda, then went to the library for a while. I tried to work, but I was very sleepy. I sort of napped there, sitting up, looking at my phone. I didn't want anyone to think I was actually sleeping in the library! They frown on that. I did manage to text Linda to ask her how her sister's doing. She broke a bunch of stuff but will be fine, sounds like.

After that, I went back over to Reynolds to get a soda. The line was long, so IChick-Fil-A breakfast went to the restroom. I was sick there for a while, so then I had no time to get my soda because class was starting soon. I went to Overstreet, where my classes are. I tried to get a bottled water from the vending machine, but it wasn't working, for some reason. Grrr! When class was almost over, I had to rush to the bathroom and got sick some more. It was awful, and I was also worried that my blood sugar was too low. When I got back to class, there were fewer people. Now, the professor likes to talk a lot, even between classes, and he has multiple classes in a row, sometimes with the same students in them, so I wasn't sure if the class was over yet.  I had a KIND bar while sitting there. I didn't want to be rude. I waited until 12:30 and then went up to ask him while I was in the bathroom if class had ended. He said it had. I'm glad he didn't make fun of me! I felt kinda stupid. Well, it's his fault for never starting and ending class on time...LOL!

Thankfully, David took me home after that. I was not feeling well. I got some food for me, and the dog, and we stayed in the bedroom. I let her out briefly and then I went back to sleep for quite a while. I felt better but...UGH.

I guess I'm just going to have to eat at home most of the time. I hate it, but...otherwise, the only thing I can do is test every single meal, and that gets expensive. Not to mention, the food gets cold while I test everything. I don't know what else I can do because something I'm eating is still making me sick, probably from cross-contamination at Chick-Fil-A or one of these other places we eat at.

I didn't walk Brandy because of not feeling well, so David walked her later. Thankfully! Linda said she's going to be able to give me a ride tomorrow. Yay!

I got a few things done today. I started one of my papers. I played with the dog. I did some work on my site.

I was supposed to meet with someone in the business center today about my site, and I completely forgot. What a dummy! We re-scheduled for Thursday.

I stayed up until almost 1am, and then I had trouble getting to sleep because of my neck pain, as usual.

  Wednesday 1/31

For some reason, I woke up around 5:30am and thought it was time to get up! Thankfully, I figured it out pretty quickly and was able to get back to sleep. I woke up at 9am. Still too early! :) I did my usual routine...let the puppy out, took a shower, checked messages, had breakfast, wasted time on social media :) and then I got the bedroom ready for the dog (for when I'm gone), and got my stuff together. It takes me about 2 hours, more or less. I like to have time for my hair to dry after my shower, and also I like to have a lot of time between eating breakfast and brushing my teeth. I hate brushing my teeth when I just ate...it's kinda gross, to me.

First I got my usual soda at the coffee place and chatted with the ladies there. Then I went to class, a little early. I told my professor about one of his former students, who runs a soap site Daytime Confidential. He co-wrote a web series with actress Victoria Rowell and was just nominated for an Indie Spirit Award! That's so awesome. My professor was very excited. That led to a conversation about soap operas. It was a fine class.

I met a guy online who might be helping me with my website. He's meeting me on Friday at SAU. Tomorrow I'm meeting with a woman from the business center, to talk about my site and how I can improve it. Busy, busy, busy!

After my class, David took me to the pharmacy to pick up my Jardiance, which I called in last week. The doctor had not refilled it. I was annoyed! I called later and talked to the nurse. I completely forgot that the doctor had told me that our insurance is no longer paying for Jardiance after the first of the year. She had given me a prescription to give to them for something else that's similar, but I don't think I ever did give it to them. So now they will fix that.

I walked the dog after class. I ran into Mary, our next door neighbor, out in her yard. We had a nice chat. I might go over to her place this week to help her with something on her computer.

After I got home, I just did work on my site, played with the dog, etc. The usual stuff. I'm trying to eat healthier, so I'm having salads for dinner whenever possible. I just need to cut out the bad stuff like Doritos and M&M's. I had half a turkey sandwich for lunch, and half a bag of Doritos. Too many carbs. For dinner I had a salad with tuna, and a sugar free cookie.

I stayed up too late, again! I went to bed around midnight. At least I did get the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned up.

  Thursday 2/1

Can you believe it's February already? I can't. This weekend I plan to put away all of the Christmas decorations. They've been sitting in the dining room too long. It's time!

The alarm went off at 8, but I hit the snooze button. It rang again at 8:09. The snooze is for 9 minutes? Wow, that's weird. Why not 10 minutes??

cheese sauceI made some gluten free cheese sauce to go over my breakfast casserole. It's made with rice flour. I read the recipe wrong, being half asleep, and put in a cup of flour instead of 1 tablespoon! I was thinking, why is it getting so thick so fast? The butter hasn't even melted yet! So I dumped it and started over. It was pretty good. I added about 3 times as much cheese as the recipe called for, and it was just OK. Not as cheesy as the kind you buy in the store, in a jar, like Tostitos.

I went to class, and it was fine. We looked at our blogs in class.  This week's assignment was about supermarket tabloids. Mine is not done yet, but the professor is not too picky. I wasn't certain about the due dates because everything was pushed back due to the snow days we had.

I had lunch at Grilleworks (cheeseburger, no bun). Then I had a meeting at 2pm with someone who's helping me with my website.

After we went home, I walked Brandy. We ran into the little kids down thechocolate pie street. They have a new little puppy named Taffy that's very cute. He and Brandy got to meet each other.

The evening was not too exciting. I finished my blog post for that class. I made the chocolate pie I've been talking about. While I was working on something on the computer, Brandy scratched to go out, and I ignored her. Bad idea, so she peed on the rug. Whoops! Totally my fault.

I stayed up too late. I went to bed about 1 am, and then I had trouble sleeping due to coughing and my neck hurting.

  Friday 2/2

It was very hard to wake up around 5:30, but I did it. I took a hot shower and got everything ready. We went in to SAU around 6:30. It was 34 degrees. I should have brought my big jacket. I hate carrying it around, and I thought that the weather app had said it was going to be in the 60's later. Now it says it'll be in the 40's.

I went to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast again and then came over to Reynolds to get soda and set up my laptop on the table. I'm meeting this guy, Chris, an SAU graduate, who might help me with my website. He has a pool cleaning business and wants my advice about setting up a website, so we're exchanging services. Hopefully he will be normal. That's why we're meeting in a public place! LOL! Plus, I'm here, anyway...

I was a little bit sick from something I ate, but then I was okay. I met Chris, and he seems very nice. He's willing to work on the site as well as help out with ads, so that's great.

I tried to do my vocal exercises after that, but my throat was scratchy, and it kind of hurt to sing, so I gave up after 20 minutes. I hope it's just allergies and not a cold!

I ran into my photography professor from last semester. Very nice guy and we chatted for a minute before we both had to rush off. He was asking me about my future plans.

Then I went to class. I saw a flyer about a paid summer internship with a newspaper that sounded really good. Unfortunately, it's in Little Rock, not here. Oh, well. Class was fine and he even let us out early!

I went down to David's office, but he wasn't there yet, so I chatted with one of the students that works at the front desk there. A very nice, smart young woman who's majoring in math. We talked about her future plans, and teaching kids, and about our puppy. I would have waited in David's office, but he keeps it very warm in there. Even though it was very cold today, it was WAY too warm in there. I don't know how he stands it.

When I got home, I put Brandy outside briefly while I got some food. I took her and the food back to the bedroom. I shared some of it with her while I ate, and then I went back to sleep. I was SO tired and not feeling well. She woke me up a few times, whining. I let her out again and then went back to sleep. David called me about 5:30 and then brought home McDonald's. Yay! I'm still not sure if I'm sick or not, but I kind of feel it.

Brandy with her new toyA few months ago, I had ordered some toys for Brandy from Hammacher Schlemmer. They finally arrived today! They're squeaky toys, but only dogs can hear the squeaks, making them far less annoying. They seem pretty durable, too, so hopefully it'll take her longer than usual to destroy them.

Later on, David brought us McDonald's for dinner. We didn't do anything too exciting. Mostly I just worked on my site, posted on social media, watched TV - the usual. I went to bed about 11.

  Saturday 2/3

I slept in until about 10:15. We went to lunch at Flying Burger, which is very healthy for me. I was very sick all morning. I think it was from switching medications. I've been taking Jardiance since July, but the insurance company no longer covers it, so the doctor switched me to Invokana. Unfortunately, I had gotten sick, I remember, back when I started Jardiance, so that's probably why I am now, too, from the Invokana. UGH. Hopefully it won't last too long.

I have no energy today, so I'm not walking. I probably won't put the Christmas decorations away this weekend, either. I really want to, but...too sick. I don't think I have a cold, at least.Flying Burger cup

I've been doing things for my site. I wrote up a new business plan. I'm working on a survey for visitors to my site. I'm chatting back and forth with this guy who's helping me (a programmer type) and the guy who hosts my site. This is all fun but a bit stressful! I have so many other things to do.

I was feeling much better in the afternoon and evening. Imodium helped. I stayed up until about 3am. I crossed a few things off my To-Do list, including doing my singing exercises and cleaning up the chair next to mine that had a bunch of papers and other stuff on it. I was singing for about an hour, but then I was kind of losing my voice, so I quit.

  Sunday, 2/4

I had a strange dream about Princess Leia and others...it was kind of a cool dream.

We went to lunch at the local Mexican place. All day my stomach hasn't been feeling that great. I ate, anyway, but then my stomach was kind of upset all day. Probably still from that medicine.

We went to the grocery store afterwards as usual. The manager of the Subway there is very nice and always teases me when I go in to get my soda. Funny guy.

I took Brandy out for a walk after we came home. It was in the 50's today, so it wasn't too bad. I'm used to the colder weather now. I didn't even wear a jacket to the store, just a long-sleeved shirt.

I'm down to just one piece of that chocolate pie I made. That went fast!

I started the laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and did the dishes.

SuperbowlI don't care at all about football.... but David was watching the Superbowl, so I saw some of it. It seemed to be a close one. I'm glad Philly won, since they never won before.

Now that the semester is going in earnest, we have about two papers due every week. I haven't even started mine yet. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

Some of the lights in our house have gone out and are difficult to replace (partly it has to do with the weird kind of recessed lighting they used). We tried to fix them tonight but so far only got one bulb replaced, in the living room, and one of the ones in the bedroom that was loose is now working, I think. It's still too dark in the kitchen and in the master bedroom. It looks like we're going to have to call an electrician. Funny thing is, I don't think we've lived in very many houses where the lights weren't messed up in some way or other! Hopefully it won't be too expensive to fix it.

We were hoping to go to San Diego around Valentine's Day for my MIL's 90th birthday, but we're not sure yet. It depends on something at David's work. We'll hopefully find out this week.

Some good news: there's a new bakery in our town and it makes gluten-free foods. I'm going to see if they can do sugar free as well. I mean, I can make my own sugar free, low carb, gluten free cookies and cakes, and some pies, but I would love to have things like donuts and cinnamon rolls. Bakery goods usually taste better than mine, anyway.

I might have a new person to give me a ride on the days that Linda can't. We've been chatting via care.com

I went to bed way too late finishing up stuff I had to do on my site. I was very tired, too.

This week was pretty boring, sorry!!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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