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  Monday 1/15/18


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I had the day off, but David had to work. All of the faculty and students got the day off, but the staff (including admin) made some sort of deal where they traded some of the other holidays in exchange for more time off at Christmas.

I woke up around noon when the dog was whining; she had gotten herremote squeaky toy stuck under the treadmill. I went ahead and got up, figuring it was a good time to get up, anyway. I was very tired, though.

I felt very lazy all day, but I did do the dishes and laundry. I didn't do much else besides watching TV and going on social media.

I watched a movie on Blu-Ray, "The Mountain Between Us." It wasn't bad.  My remote didn't work because I don't use that Blu-Ray player very often, and the batteries had exploded inside and left a gross white residue everywhere! Eeeew!

The big news today is that it's going to snow tomorrow, so they canceled classes. Yay! I don't mind having another day off, especially when it's so cold out.

I took Brandy out for a walk around 3pm. It was about 60 degrees, so not too bad.  The temp is supposed to drop tonight, though.

snowThe dog got on my lap around 4:30 (she was calm for once), and we had a nice nap. David came home around 6:30. He went to the grocery store for me, so that was great.

I got sick in the evening, probably from some chocolate I accidentally ate two nights ago that had barley in it.

It started raining about 9, and then it started snowing around midnight. I kept taking photos of it through the window. So pretty! There's a few inches, at least. Brandy liked running around in it, but I was afraid it would be too cold for her, so I made her come back in.  Even though they have fur coats, dogs can freeze to death in the cold.snow

It doesn't snow here very often.  Apparently they got a few inches of snow in 2015; before that, they didn't get any since 2011, when they had almost 5 inches. Last year was just a slight dusting.

I tried to go to bed about 3, but I was very itchy, and coughing. I may try again in a few minutes.

  Tuesday 1/16/18

My house in snowI got up around 11. The snow outside is very pretty. I took some photos for Instagram. It didn't stick at all on the street or sidewalk, but I guess that's not true in other areas of the town.

I haven't lived in snow for a long time. Of course we had none in Hawaii. I don't think we had any in Columbus, either, but I'd have to go back through my old blog and look. It snowed more in Tuscaloosa. That was almost 9 years ago!

It's just so cold. Hard to believe that on Monday it was in the 60's! It just makes me want to stay in bed all of the time.

pizzaI've been doing a little baking. I made some pizza, which is very good.

I've also been doing work on my website, and housework, and playing with the dog. Also, just a lot of goofing off on social media, and watching TV.

All month I've been trying to clear more shows off my DVR because it's usually around 85% full nowadays.  Most of it is "General Hospital" and "The Young & The Restless" going back to 2016. I was going through the GH episodes very fast, but then I hit the date where I have to watch and write up a summary for each episode. I had lost my site's writer for them during this period, so I have to write those missing summaries now.  I have a few of them to write for Y&R, too. 

Brandy in snowBecause my PC is in the shop, I have to keep ALL the current soaps around until I can run the transcripts for my site, so that means it's even more full than usual!

No school tomorrow, either! I guess there's black ice on the road, so they're worried about accidents. On the one hand, I'm happy to have another day off. But on the other hand, I want to get going with school...I enjoy the classes.

One of my Facebook friends, Maxine, likes to post fun questions for us to answer. She asked, "How many of your Facebook friends have you met in real life?" It took me awhile to figure out because I have 969 Facebook friends! It's 25%.  This is because 1) I used to add anyone who friended me; 2) I've been online since 94 and have been very active in message boards, groups, lists etc. so I know a lot of people from those places, as well as my own site; and 3) I friended a lot of celebrities as well.  Most people answered 95%.

  Wednesday 1/17/18

I've been wanting to get up earlier, but so far I haven't been able to. Partly it's because, at night, I have a lot of coughing and itching (due to allergies).  However, I haven't been sleeping TOO late because the dog usually whines and wakes me up, like she did today.

David has been going in to work, even though we had the last two days off.  He works too hard!  Also, he's been walking Brandy for me when he does his evening walk, because it's just too cold out there for me (also, it's slippery).

Christina, who's been driving me since the summer, can't drive me any more. Linda, who drove me last year, will be driving me again (her schedule changed at her other job), but she can't do it on Tuesdays and Fridays. I've been posting around for help, to get those other two days covered, as well as to get more help on my site.

I really need more help on my site, particularly to cover some of the work that Gisele used to do. She (and Boo before her) was a superwoman, so it's hard to find anyone who will do even a small part of what she did.

As I said on my Facebook page, commenting about the snow day activities they had on campus, "My snow day activities involve sleeping in, watching TV, drinking hot chocolate, napping, and sneezing my head off."

I made another breakfast casserole. I over-baked it a tad because the insides were still a bit runny. It tastes fine, though.Brandy napping on my lap

Things are still going well with Brandy. She hasn't peed on the rug in over a week! Yay! She seems to have learned now to scratch at the door when she wants to go out (which she does often).  Lately, she wants to drag each of her toys outside, which I sometimes discourage because she doesn't bring them back in, so they get all wet and gross. She's a funny little thing. Yesterday I gave her some food in the kitchen, and the sound that the oven made nearby kind of freaked her out.  Last week, I was watching SNL and they had a fake-game-show type of thing, with a DING! periodically sounding. Every time it dinged, she ran to the front door and barked, obviously thinking it was the doorbell. LOL! Wish I had times like that on video... She could easily be a YouTube star ;) It would ONLY require me to keep a video camera trained on her 24/7....Naw, I don't think so.

I've been very tired all day, even though I had some coffee, so I went to sleep around 10:15. I mostly slept through the whole night, too. Amazing!

  Thursday 1/18/18

I woke up before the alarm went off at 8am. I hate when that happens. I had plenty of sleep, though.

You may recall that we use baby gates to keep Brandy away from rooms, or things that we don't want her to get in, or away from furniture we don't want her to chew on. Normally, I have three of them in the sunroom to keep her from chewing on the furniture in there, and one between the hallway and living room, and one to keep her out of the dining room, and one to keep her out of the kitchen. Then I have one left over. But when I go to school, or leave the house, I have to move all of those into the bedroom to keep her from chewing on the bed, or the chairs, or from scratching on the door, or chewing on this one corner she likes to chew on. So it's kind of a hassle, especially if she's nipping at my heels while I'm moving the baby gates around.  Also, she knows when I want her to go in there, and she knows that she's going for a while, which she doesn't like, so it's a pain to chase her around or put the leash on her to make her go in.  So lately I've just been leaving her in the bedroom in the morning instead of letting her come out to the living room. She's not too fond of it, though.  (I do let her outside briefly to go to the bathroom)  She was whining a lot this morning. I don't leave her alone in there. I have my breakfast and stuff, keep her company for most of the time.  So she's not missing me. She's just used to the routine of going in to the living room after we get up and leave the bedroom. Dogs love their routine. I find that if I ignore her when she whines, or barks, that eventually she stops.

I'm trying to diet still, but it's difficult with all of the sweets in the house. I have some gluten free pastries still left over from the last time we went to Little Rock (back in October). I put them in the freezer, so I've been eating them along with breakfast. I don't always test my blood sugar, either, which I should. I had weather on my phonethe pastries with my breakfast casserole. It turned out so good. I used turkey sausage this time, and I added in cooked broccoli, onions and spinach.

Linda picked me up at 10.  She said that maybe her sister can get me on those other two days. That would be great! (Turned out that her sister can't) I sure wish we had Lyft here...

It's so cold. It was 18 this morning. I dressed very warmly, but still.... just too cold. Brrrr!

I got more NIMA capsules today in the mail, so I can go back to testing everything for gluten. I think tomorrow I'll eat at the burger place (instead of Chick-Fil-A) and test their food. I've never done that before. It would be nice to have more eating options on campus. 

My class went fine...I'm way ahead on my assignments. The two classes are all blog writing, which is very easy for me, so I can stay ahead of schedule. I've already written one for the second assignment in one of the classes. When I say "blog," I mean, each entry is like a class paper, so it's not as easy as writing for this blog. Ave Maria music

David is taking me home today at 3pm, so after I had lunch, I came over to the library. I was looking for some songs to do in my voice lessons. I found one of them there, and the other I found online.  I'm probably going to do "Ave Maria" by Schubert, and "My Lord and Master" from The King and I (sorry if I said that already). I've never worked on that particular "Ave Maria" before, so it's relatively new to me. A challenge! I have done the other one before, but not recently. I'm still working on making my high notes sound better.

The computer repair place called to tell me that they got my desktop working, so that's great news! I had ordered another desktop online from Amazon, so I'll just send it back.

After I got home, I took the puppy for a walk. It was in the 40's by that time, so it wasn't so cold. There is still a lot of snow in some places, that hasn't melted yet. We have none left in the front yard, but some still in the back.  It's amazing what you can get used to...

I worked on my site quite a bit. I have been posting for more help, and it's a challenge because some people go, "Why do you want volunteers? Why can't you pay people?" And they think I'm paying myself, but not them, so I have to explain what's going on.  Then I post for help on these forums for Frontpage and Expression Web, and I get a lot of flack from EW people who hate FP and think I should change my site, so I have to explain that I have a large site, so it's not so easy to change. I did get a very nice email from one of them, and we had a discussion back and forth. He made some helpful suggestions that I will be implementing. I got an email from someone replying to my Craigslist ad, but so far I haven't gotten another reply. I hope that one pans out! Or the other one I got yesterday that also sounded good.

chicken tikkaI used my slow cooker to make chicken tikka, but I should have kept a better eye on the chicken because it's overcooked. I haven't really eaten much of it, so we'll see tomorrow if it's edible after I heat it up again. I also made the super easy baked Mexican chicken recipe for dinner, that I've made several times now, that we got from our friend Kathy. I think next week I'll try another slow cooker recipe and also make a chocolate pie. I have a bunch of gluten free chocolate cookie crumbs to use up for the crust.

I stayed up way too late, watching TV. I wasn't tired. I went to bed around 1:30. At least I don't have to get up too early tomorrow. David is going to be able to take me in around 11 instead of 7am. Yay!

  Friday 1/19/18

I couldn't stay asleep last night and had a hard time. I had asked David to set the clock for 9:30, but apparently, I shut off the alarm and went back to sleep. I woke up around 11 when he called me. I was sound asleep! I rushed around to get dressed, get my stuff together, and get the room ready for Brandy. I was so out of it.  It took me quite a while to wake up.

It was a bit warmer today, in the 50's, so that was great. It was still pretty chilly to me, though, so I still wore my big coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

I didn't have time to eat breakfast, so I was pretty hungry during my class. I'm used to eating breakfast right after I get up.  Class was fine. I'm still way ahead in my coursework. Yesterday I had asked the professor after class to look at my blog because I wasn't sure if I liked the end of it. He just encouraged me a bit, and helped me out. So last night I was able to fix it as well as put up another blog post.

I've been eating at Chick-Fil-A because I like it, and it's one of the few places I can eat that's gluten-free. I get sick of eating the same thing all the time. I might also test out some of the food in the cafeteria, like the meats and dressings on the salad bar.

David took me home around 1:45 after I ate lunch. I'm waiting to hear from a woman from care.com about whether she will be able to take me to SAU on Tuesdays and Fridays or not. (She was supposed to call, but I never heard from her.)

I walked Brandy after I got home. Around the house, I've been using the bitter cherry spray more to keep her away from me when I'm busy, or when she's being annoying. I'm filling the bottles with water when they get almost empty. Water works just as well to spray at her to tell her to go away. Dogs don't like getting sprayed (they hate it almost as much as cats).  Brandy's been a little more hyper than usual this week, probably because of the snow. She loves to go out in the backyard and run around in the melting snow. She could really use a bath...

We had the chicken tikka for dinner with the basmati rice, even though it was not that good. It was OK. We were both pretty hungry. I gave some to Brandy and she liked it.

I've been corresponding back and worth with this guy on email, a computer expert, and he's been helping me fix some coding problems on my site, so that's been great. Tedious but very helpful. I just wish I had the time to do all of the fixes that he's suggesting. It would do me no good to fix up the site in the coding and design, if I have to delay putting up tons of content that people expect; even on the off chance that it will bring many more people to the site.

The computer repair place brought my computer back today, so I've been running the transcripts. So happy about that. It cost $120, but at least it's fixed now. I had ordered another desktop to replace it, so that one's going back tomorrow.  Thank goodness Amazon is so good about returns.

I have a few friends who don't go online much or avoid certain sites out of fear or other silly reasons.  Fear shouldn't stop you from doing anything, especially normal things that people do every day. It's sad, really. I don't know how anyone lives now without Wikipedia, Google and social media.  It's fine if you try them and decide you don't like them, but never trying them is just very sad. They don't know what they're missing.

Looks like my voice lessons will be Tuesdays at 10, so that's not too early. The teacher posted the schedule online, in Facebook. Another one of her students, who had an earlier lesson, said, "I don't do 9am."  Wow, what a diva. Can you even imagine talking to a teacher or professor like that? I sure can't.

Stayed up too late again!  I was very tired. I'm still very itchy when I go to bed, so I just slather Benadryl gel all over my back, legs and arms. :( It sucks. I take 3 allergy pills plus Flonase spray every day already. I can take another hydroxyzine if I remember to take one six hours before, but then it makes me very drowsy.

  Saturday 1/20/18

I woke up around 11. We took the computer to the UPS dropoff place and hadgrilled fish lunch at Flying Burger. I couldn't remember if I had tested the food there before, so I tested it, just to be sure. It was all gluten free. Yay! They have really good grilled catfish, and it comes with a salad. Everything is made fresh there, but it takes a really long time to cook.  (NOTE: the hush puppies are not gluten free, unfortunately)

Then we went to the grocery store, Brookshire's. Unfortunately, they were out of the Tyson gluten free chicken nuggets. Darn!

Later on, we went to the SAU trail again. I walked Brandy. There were lots ofBrandy and me people and dogs for her to sniff at. David goes around the trail twice, plus he goes around the duck pond, which we don't (two miles is enough for us), so we sit in the car until he's done (about 35 minutes).  It was perfect weather today, too -- about 65. I had a jacket, but it got too hot for it. There was some wind; otherwise I wouldn't have needed it at all. I'm happy to sit there and have a snack, and some water, and play on my phone. The only problem is that a) I really hate walking because I'm lazy, and b) there's no open bathroom nearby....That's a long time for me to wait to go.

Speaking of bathrooms, I haven't been sick as much lately, so that's good. That's because I've been really careful about what I eat, and I'm testing everything that I can. (I spoke too soon! See below)

I just had some rotisserie chicken for dinner, with some gluten free zucchini pasta with butter, garlic and parmesan cheese. So good!   We also had some blueberries for dessert.

I've just been working on my site, playing with the dog, and watching TV. All the usual stuff! I've been too lazy, though.

I might go with David to Hot Springs this coming Wednesday, and to Littlefood I tested Rock on Friday. Too bad he's too busy to take off Thursday because they're very near each other...it would make for a nice little trip.

I got a new squeaky toy at the store for Brandy. Turns out that it lights up when it bounces! So fun!

I tested a bunch of food. Most of it was gluten free, but not the rotisserie chicken. Bummer! I guess it's a good thing I got the slow cooker, so I can make my own, since both of the store's rotisserie chicken tested as having gluten.  Later on, I was very sick from eating that chicken...

  Sunday 1/21/18

I woke up with a sore neck. Eventually it went away, with Aleve.  I was still sick from the chicken, too. We went to Wal-Mart to get the rest of the groceries, as usual. I was pleased to find the Tyson gluten-free chicken nuggets! I'd only seen them at the other store. Yay!

I didn't do much this weekend because of being sick.  Too bad because we had really nice weather both days (in the 60's).  So weird after all those freezing and snowy days we had.

Looks like we're going to Little Rock on Thursday, so that will be great fun. We'll be there until Saturday.  I love Little Rock because it's not too too far, and they have some good restaurants, and karaoke, and a fabulous gluten free bakery. We're staying at the Marriott again, which is always nice.  David is still going to Hot Springs, but I'm not going with him.

We might go to Europe next Summer, if we can afford it. We'll visit our friend Peter in Germany and probably go to a few other countries that David wants to visit.  We last went to Germany in 1995, and Peter has visited us many times, so we more than owe him a visit. Although, he doesn't just come to see us....he has other friends in the US. I'm fairly sure his university might pay for his travel, too.  Last time we went, the university paid for David. I'm not sure about this time.

I swear, my brain and memory are so bad now. I'm constantly forgetting things. I should carry around a little recording device, so I can make notes while I'm doing something else; because if I think of something I have to do, or buy, I rarely remember later on. I don't think it's dementia or anything...just too many things on my mind, too busy, and the sleep schedule gets messed up a lot. Oh, and also, some of my health problems and medications might contribute to "brain fog."

I'm probably going to make a chocolate pie this week (like I said earlier); I got the ingredients.  I'm also going to use my slow cooker again to make a KFC-type chicken.

BrandyIt rained a bit this weekend.  Between that and the melting snow earlier in the week, Brandy was quite dirty and wet, many times. She really needs a bath. She'll get one this week when we put her in the kennel.  Tonight I was sitting on the couch, and she came up and, as she often does, put her head in my lap. Well, her neck and part of her face were all wet and muddy! On my bare legs. So gross! Plus it's hard to dry her off or wipe off dirt because she thinks I'm playing with her and tries to bite the towel.

I had a horrible time sleeping. My neck was hurting a lot again, and my legs were hurting as well. You may recall that I have not only the spine problem that makes my back/neck/shoulder hurt sometimes, but I also have restless leg syndrome. I don't know why, but nothing I tried helped. I took more Aleve, took 2 muscle relaxers (not at once, but still, I rarely take a second one), Ben Gay, leg stretches, and a hot shower! I didn't sleep much all night because of the pain.

I hope I can get up tomorrow...I hope you have a great week! I can't believe that January is more than half over already.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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