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  Monday 10/2/17

Wow, what a terrible week.

Brandy putting her head on my lapFirst there was the shooting in Las Vegas...fortunately, none of the people I know there were hurt. Then some other depressing or upsetting things happened. It was just a bad week.

David picked up Brandy at the vets again... I did miss her, but it was also nice not to have to deal with her for a few days!

I went to school as usual. As I was getting my soda, I ran into Betty, who works in the history department. She is the sponsorBetty of the religious studies club, so she had a table there with books about all different religions. I sat down with her to chat for a while. She and her husband Jim are very nice people that I always chat with when I see them at SAU functions. She's especially fun to talk to. Then I met another professor that helps run the club. As I was about to leave for my class, my old friend from last year, James, walked up to say hi. I couldn't stick around, unfortunately. A couple of nice Muslim ladies (students) walked up and said hi, too. They are learning English, I guess. One spoke it better than the other. They were very nice. I ran into them again later in the week when I was Jaimee and Iheading to Bruce Hall for lunch.

My voice lesson went well. I got a selfie with my voice teacher. She's one of my Facebook friends, so I knew she wouldn't mind. I got a recording of me singing my song, too. After I got home, I practiced it some more and worked on recording other songs, but the allergies were really getting in the way. I'm not sure Brandy loves being in my music room... she does enjoy the rug, though. Thankfully sheBrandy in music room hasn't yet chewed on it.

I decided to pluck the one yellow lemon from my small Meyer Lemon tree. The other two are still green. I squeezed it into water and ice with Equal, and it made a great glass of lemonade! I was surprised, actually, that one little cut lemonslemon had enough juice for a whole class. These are very small lemons, not like the big regular lemons you get in the store. I also planted some of the seeds, so we'll see if I can grow another one. (that didn't work)

The croton plants I bought for the front porch (when Peter visited) have died. I think I underwatered them...most of my plants are doing okay, though.

I stayed up way too late, finishing my study guide for my photography class.dying croton

  Tuesday, 10/3

Funny thing... very few people in the class did their study guide! I don't know why...he did announce it in class. Some of them thought it was due on Thursday. Oh, well. He's letting us turn it in on Thursday instead. He did go over some of it in class and had us take notes on some other things.

He also had a guest speaker...a handsome math professor (new to SAU) named Zach told us about this contest he's running. You have to take a photo of something that represents a math idea or theory, and then discuss it.

The professor also finished going over our assignments from last week....

thriving philodendronI cooked up some chicken thighs I had, using Kathy's Mexican Chicken recipe. It's super easy and taste delicious. I didn't have any taco seasoning, though, so I just added chili pepper, garlic and some other spices. I made it way too spicy, but it was good.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday, a new guy came over to give me estimate about doing the lawn. His name is David, too. Anyway, he only charges $25 to mow, weed, and pick up leaves. He charges $35 if he does other things. He's going to replant my lemon tree out in the yard...it's been in that pot too long. I asked him if he could pick up some organic weed killer, but he didn't sound too sure about that.

  Wednesday, 10/4
My first class was funny today because we had an assignment to find 15 news stories and summarize them, and then he had us pick two to read in class, especially one humorous or weird one. There were some really funny ones!

Before I left for class, I saw a little lizard on my front step as I walked to lock the door. Then when I came home around, there was a bright green lizard there (same one? I don't know). This time, I took a photo.

I got my exam back and I got 50 out of 50! Yay!

Object projectLater on, I did my photography assignment. We're supposed to choose an object that has great meaning for us, take photos of it and write a short description. I'm getting better at using the camera. I actually like most of the photos I took!

As I was about to take some photos in the sunroom, I saw another green lizard running across the floor! I took some photos of him with my new DSLR camera.

Every day I walk Brandy, in the evening. It's getting dark earlier now so we usually go aboutBrandy 6:15. I'm still taking naps and not getting up early enough. And still eating too many sweets. UGH.

Brandy has been chewing and scratching up the wall near the bedroom door (we close the bedroom door and she's there for hours). I knew she had chewed part of one side, so I put something in front of it, but she just pushed it out of the way. Yesterday I noticed that she's really scratching up the wall on the other side (I think it's the door jamb). So I bought some stuff online last night, natural drops that are supposed to make your dog relax or get sleepy, and I bought a couple more of the baby gates. I had hoped to get up early enough to walk her (tire her out), but I was too tired. I gave her a frozen Kong with peanut butter before I left and put stuff in front of the door to keep her from scratching it up.

  Thursday, 10/5

root beer ice cream I madeI woke up about 3am with a terrible stomach ache. I was a bit queasy, too, and felt like I might throw up. I was really sick and it got worse after awhile. I emailed my ride and professor to let them know I wasn't coming in. I got a lot of rest but was very sick all day and most of Friday and Saturday, too. I think I picked up some kind of virus. It was far worse than my usual intestinal problems.

I wrote a paper that I thought was due tomorrow, but it's not due until next week, as it turns out. Whoops! That's OK, I have another term paper due, plus two exams, and two interviews for my site. It'll be a tough week.

  Friday, 10/6

My battery is still running out of power too early. It ran out after less than two hours today! Ireplanted lemon tree have to call Dell. It used to go for 5 or 6 hours before it would run out. It was OK on Wednesday, but not Monday or today. Who knows why!

The new lawn guy came by and did a fine job. I just hope Brandy doesn't dig up the new lemon tree or anything!

I had to drop off my photography assignment a day late, since I was gone yesterday. He has a little coffee can attached to his door for just this purpose.

Brandy jumping up to see DavidWe're taking it easy this weekend...

Brandy is always very entertaining. One of the things she loves to do is jump up on our laps. She's not a tiny dog, even though she's a puppy, but she can only half way jump up (her feet are still on the floor). Now, this behavior can be annoying, but it also can be funny.  For David, she jumps up and he rubs her head, and gives her a taste of his drink. For me, she jumps up and I gave her a big hug. Sometimes we have to push her off, though.  I got this great picture of her jumping up to see David.

I went to bed really early, around 10.

  Saturday, 10/7

I slept late and had quite a lot of sleep.bread pudding

I just did work on my site, and did the dishes...nothing too exciting. I really do need to study for my photography exam next week.

I would also like to get the Halloween decorations out and then clean the house. We'll see...

We just went to the Italian place again for lunch and stopped briefly at the store.

I've been trying to curb Brandy's nipping at our heels...it's tough going!

I almost tripped over her, twisting my knee in the process, so it's been painful.

I had a really hard time sleeping and didn't get to bed until about 5am. Everything was hurting and it took a long time for the pain killers and muscle relaxer to kick in. UGH!

I've been doing a lot of baking the past few weeks. I made some more gluten free, low carb apple bread pudding.

  Sunday, 10/8

some of the Halloween decorationsDavid woke me up about 11 and we went to the nearby Mexican restaurant, El Compadre, again. It's become our usual Sunday place.

I keep forgetting to take my Flonase and do my vocal exercises, so I put a big note on my table to remind me every day ;)  I hope it helps! I also need to take 10 minutes here and there to train Brandy. Too little time and so much to do!

I hope to be able to clean the house a little today. Our friend Beth is coming on Tuesday. Also, I want to put out the Halloween decorations today or tomorrow.

  Friday, 10/20

The last few weeks have been CRAZY, so I had no time to update the blog! I hate that. Lastmidterms week was midterms. I had two exams, a paper due, and two interviews for my site. I barely had time to shower or anything, it seems like. I was so exhausted. It was at the point where every day, I was just like, "OK, what's next?" meaning, what's due tomorrow that I have to study for or work on...UGH.

Beth came by last Tuesday as planned. I had hoped to put up all my Halloween decorations, but I didn't manage that. I still hope to put the rest up soon.

I finally did get my Dell fixed, it looks like. I spent quite a lot of time on the phone with Dell.

I read that you should stop every time the dog nips at your heels or tries to herd you, as well as say "No" and that has worked pretty well. She's getting there, slowly but surely.

I didn't study enough for the photography exam. I got a D, but because some of the questions were not worded well, he gave us an extra 20 points, bringing my grade up to a C. I'm relieved! Next time I will study more. We have an extra credit assignment coming up next week, so I'll landscapemake sure to do that. Other than that, I've been doing better on my photography assignments; I got an A on the last one. I understand the camera and how it works a lot better now. This week, we had a landscaping assignment due. We had to take a bunch of photos of some place outside, at different times of the day, on different days. That took a lot of time. We had to use a tripod. They came out well, though. This week, we have a new assignment, "architectural abstract." I think this one will be pretty easy.

I bought these drops called Rescue Remedy online. They're all natural and made from flowers. Anyway, you put them in the dog's water and it helps them relax. I've been putting those in Brandy's water at night. It seems to help a little.Rescue Remedy

There was a second suicide on campus last week, so that was very sad. I hope there are no more! It's just terrible.

Rhinoceros programLast weekend was very relaxing...we didn't do much of anything besides go to this campus play, "Rhinoceros."  The students did a great job with it, but it's not my kind of play.  It was very weird and dramatic. I prefer a comedy or musical any day. Next they're doing "Madagascar!" That should be fun. I never saw the movie.

This weekend, we have the big Homecoming football game, with the "Mulegating" beforehand. That should be fun. I voted for some guy named Dakotah Cooper and a woman named Evelyn Escamilla.

Someone gave David tickets to a concert in El Dorado, so we're going to that after the game. It's some kind of orchestral Beatles tribute. Should be fun! We'll be staying downtown again, and not at the Candlewood Suites, where we had so many problems lastcherry ice cream time. Too bad we can't go on Friday....the good restaurant there won't be open on Saturday. Well, maybe we'll find another good place to eat.

I got another lemon from my puny Meyer lemon tree out back. Just one left after that! These lemons are very sweet and have a lot of juice for one tiny little lemon. Last week I made caramel ice cream. This week, I made cherry. Yummy! But I'm considering stopping making ice caramel ice creamcream because I really need to lose weight. The ice cream is low carb but not low calorie or low fat, and I tend to put chocolate syrup on it, too.

Last semester, I didn't read my campus email. I didn't write down my password and never got around to figuring it out. I'm so glad I figured it out this semester because you learn about a lot of stuff going on, on campus! :) That is a great thing about going to college today. In the old days, they had to put information in the school paper or put up a flyer or table in the student union. Otherwise, no one knew what was going on. Email is so much better. Duh, welcome to the 21st century!

Rocker costumeThis week there were many activities due to homecoming. They had dress-up days every day, but they didn't do the best job of advertising it. Their emails had all of the homecoming week activities listed, and then followed with the dress up day info. I think most people didn't bother to scroll down to read the whole thing. They should have sent out one email just for dress-up days (and maybe have prizes for best costumes) and put up fliers as well. Not too many people dressed up. Monday was rapper vs. rocker day, so I came a little bit dressed up as a rocker. I wore jeans and a black tee shirt with silvery shiny stuff on the front, and my new leather jacket with a furry collar, and I put on a lot of make up and made my hair look different. I was kind of an 80's rocker. Oh, and I wore my contacts and wore sunglasses all over, so most people didn't see the eye makeup (which was fine). Funny thing, though, is that since students today dress up in such a funky way, it's sometimes hard to know if someone is dressed up for the dress-up day or not. I mean, especially in our art/music building, half the students seem to have blue, green, bright red or other color hair, and of course lots of tats and piercings, and they sometimes wear some strange things. You don't want to say, "Nice costume!" if someone is just dressed a regular way. I saw about 3 other people that I was pretty sure were dressed up.  You can't tell it by my photo here, but I had a ton of eye makeup on.pizza

Tuesday was "come dressed as your favorite cartoon character" day. I was going to wear my Wonder Woman t-shirt, but it was too cold, and I was too busy concentrating on my test. I skipped school on Wednesday, so I missed "Senior Citizen Dress Up Day." I would have just come as myself! LOL! That one is a bit offensive, actually. Thursday you were supposed to come dressed up as a younger version of yourself. Today you're supposed to wear your favorite sports team's jersey or come dressed as your favorite player. That one's easy! I just wore an SAU shirt and sweater.

They had a lot of activities on campus for homecoming. I missed most of them because I wasmechnical bull either in class or just too busy. They had two different days where they were giving away free hot dogs and burgers. One day was particularly festive. They had booths and stuff out, and games. They even had a mechanical bull! It was going very well slowly, though, and it was in a blow-up ring like one of those bouncy houses.

Monday I met a nice women named Lisa that is an education professor. We started chatting at the coffee place. I love meeting new people. I had a great time in thermometermy voice lesson, too.

It's been a lot cooler lately. Thursday was a bit warmer.

shoesYou may recall that I ordered some shoes online. I always order from this company called Dr. Comfort. They make special orthopedic shoes for diabetics, etc. and so they let your feet breathe and you can also get orthotics to put in them. They're not all ugly like they used to be, either. Anyway, I've sent these shoes back about 6 times, trying to get the right fit. This is the last time, and I give up. I'm going to have to choose a different type. Too bad because I really like how they look.

brisket tacos, no tortillasFriday I had another exam. I had missed the test Wednesday from being sick. I've been sick a lot lately. Actually, it was my back this week. Tuesday morning, I did something to my back. I have no idea what! It was on my left side, not the same area that usually hurts. I went to class after taking two Aleve and a muscle relaxer. I was very sleepy and groggy. Then Tuesday night it hurt some more and I took another Aleve. Wednesday I woke up and it hurt again. I went back to sleep, instead of going to class, and when I woke up later, it hurt even more! So it was tough. I finally woke up Thursday without pain. Luckily, my professors are very understanding. I think I did well on today's test in Intro to Mass Comm. It was fairly easy, but it took me over an hour to write it! I missed my second class (it was the professor's ideas to miss the second class, not mine).Brandy outside

I called up the dining services at SAU and asked about gluten free choices. Turns out that they have 5 other students who also have to eat gluten-free! So every day at the dining hall, they make special meals for those of us who need it. That's so cool! So today I went over to the Blue and Gold cafeteria to speak with them about it. I gave them my schedule to let them know when I'd be by for lunch, and they gave me their phone numbers so I could text them when I didn't come. In the meantime, they made me a gluten free mini pizza! That was awesome.

David and I went to Antigua's for dinner. I always love their brisket.

  Saturday, 10/21

Us at homecoming gameWe took Brandy in to the vet's office, since we're gone overnight and then they're not open to until Monday. Then we realized that we're going to be away next week, too, so we would just be picking her up for two days. That makes no sense, so we're going to leave her there. David ran some errands, including buying me a stadium seat so my back wouldn't hurt so muchscoreboard when we watched the game. The seat was very comfortable.

We got ready for our trip to El Dorado, and then we went to the Homecoming game. First they had the Mulegating. There were a lot of people there...much more than usual. We had our usual hamburger and chips, which are always good. I had really overdressed. I thought it would be cooler than it was, and I wore long pants, a long sleeved shirt (it was for the event - I bought one at school), and my hair down, no hat. Big mistake! It was very humid and homecoming king and queen and their parentsfairly warm. I suffered a lot. Also, it was very crowded at the game, and we had lots of people around us, making it even hotter and more uncomfortable. I was very glad to leave. Other than that, though, the game was a good one and they won by quite a lot. It's always fun and I take lots of photos.

Before the game, they brought out all of the men and women nominated for homecoming king and queen, and their parents.  The two I voted for didn't win, but that's okay. It's always fun to watch them walk out there. I'm sure they were a lot hotter than I was, since they were all wearing suits and dressy clothes.

We left right for El Dorado from the game. We stayed in the Union Square hotel, which is somewhat like a bed and breakfastUnion Square room. It's the only hotel right downtown, so it's convenient. You don't check in at the desk. Instead, they have a box with keys and you punch in a code that they give you when you make the reservations, to get the key. The room was very nice, but they have no elevators, and there's a very steep stairway going up to it. Luckily we didn't have much luggage.

We me at concerthad dinner at this Italian restaurant we found called La Piazza. They did have some gluten free food, so that was good. Faywray's is better, but they're closed on Saturdays and Sundays, for some reason. We stopped at my favorite little shop that has many different flavors of fudge, too. The concert was this group called Jeans 'n Classics, who does rock music. It's one guy singer and three background women singers, and a rock band, basically. They were singing with the El Dorado symphony. It was all Beatles songs. Now, that sounds strange, except that it was all late Beatles, which were tunes that actually used orchestral instruments (the music they never performed but only recorded for their albums). The first half of the concert was various Beatles songs, and a few Wings songs. Then the second half was the entire Abbey Road album. They did a pretty good job. David's back was hurting, so we left a little early. We went to one of the nearbyspider-web lounges and relaxed for a little bit before going to bed. I went to sleep really early, about 10, and slept for about 11 hours. I was just so exhausted. The bed was very comfy.

  Sunday, 10/22

We had the free breakfast at the hotel, and then we drove home. They have a little train dining car there with a pretty good breakfast and super fancy dinnerwear. It had rained during the night, which is the first time it's rained in quite a while.

I forgot to mention that we have this beautiful spiderweb on our front porch. I tried hard to get a good photo, but mostly it doesn't come out very well.

Here's a very funny pic of Brandy I took earlier in the week. She looked so expectant! She was a bit lonely during midterms because I had very little time to play with her.Brandy looking mischevious

When we got home, I slept some more. Then I woke up, and I went back to sleep again for a nap. I slept most of Sunday, basically. I had a lot of work to do after that and spent the rest of the day working on my site.

Here's another silly picture of Brandy. As I mentioned, she likes to nibble at our feet. Sometimes she will do so while we're walking and sometimes just while we're sitting there. Dogs love feet, of course. It's cute but also painful if she French chocolate cakenibbles on your toes, so we've been working hard to stop that behavior.

Saturday night I made a French chocolate cake. It's a lot like a soufflé, actually. It has very little flour. I made it gluten free and low sugar. It's very yummy. It's so rich that you don't even need icing, just whipped cream.casserole

Sunday night I also made a breakfast casserole. I've been eating these Atkins breakfast entrées with sausage, egg and cheese, so I decided to make my own. It's really good. I will just eat a little bit at a time. Way better than a frozen dinner.

Winter formalThings have been so crazy lately and busy that I almost forgot to mention that today is the 40th anniversary of the day we met! Our mutual friend Cindy introduced us. We met at his house because we were getting a ride to the S.T.A.R. masquerade from David's sister  Susan and her friend George. (I was dressed as Princess Leia) This is the first photo we took together, less than 3 months later, at the Carlsbad High School Winter Formal, in 1978. I was a 16-year-old Junior and he had graduated in '76. We had just started dating a week earlier. Time really does fly by so quickly!

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