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  Monday 9/4/17

I got up around 9:30, and after a little while, I re-did my photography assignment, using the morning light. Then David drove me over to the Wal-Mart, where we picked up some things we photography assignment picforgot yesterday. I also got a key chain with a name on it, to attach to the flash drive for my class assignment. He took me over to SAU so I could drop it off at the professor's office.  It's due tomorrow, but the professor won't be in because he's out of town. So I figured if I drop it off today, when David has more time, and then tomorrow he won't have to make time in his busy day to drop it off for me, and I can just stay home. It worked out great.

We didn't do anything else too special today. I did work, and played with Brandy, and he did exercise, and reading, and napping. I took Brandy out for her usual walk in the evening.bread pudding

I made some apple bread pudding. I made it partly low carb and gluten free. I had some of the low carb bread from Mikey's. I put in one cup of that and one cup of Rudi's bread. I had some apples to use up.  It worked out well. it's really delicious.

I cooked chicken thighs for dinner, using my friend Kathy's recipe. It was super easy and great.  It's just taco seasoning, salsa and shredded cheese! Bake at 375 for 25 minutes. Use a meat thermometer as oven temps may vary.

  Tuesday 9/5/17

I had a really hard time sleeping last night and this morning, for some reason. I kept waking up.

I got up around 10. I wanted to sleep in more, but Brandy wanted to get up and out of the bedroom, so she was really annoying. Ah, well. I didn't need to sleep more, anyway.

David brought his dry cleaning home at lunchtime, so I made him a sandwich.

The new lawn guy, Mark, came by in the afternoon and mowed the lawn, and did a little more trimming and weeding.

Brandy curled up on her bedIt seems like I just have endless dishes and laundry....UGH!

I did my assignment for Intro to Mass Communication. We had to find 15 different news stories and summarize them.

David's going out of town tomorrow, for a few days, to Chicago, but then he's coming back Friday. I wish I could go!

It looks like I finally was able to teach Brandy to "go to your place" (meaning her bed), so now I have to work on something else, like teaching her to come, or teaching her to heel. I learned tonight not to try to train her before bed...it makes her too hyper and then she keeps us awake.

  Wednesday 9/6/17

David left this morning about 6:30 for work and then went to the airport a few hours later. He flew to Dallas and then to Chicago.

I had him set the clock for 8, but I didn't get up until about 8:40.  Then I was sick a lot, so I was having trouble getting ready for school. I forced myself to eat breakfast and get Brandy food and water, and get dressed, and set everything up. It was a real challenge, and I was a little late leaving.

I felt much better once I got to school. I got my soda and headed to class. The class was locked, which was really unusual, so I went to the restroom with all of my stuff. By the time I got out, the professor had opened the classroom.  He usually gets there a little early and sets everything up, then he runs out to get his coffee before class.

The two classes were fine. We had an assignment due in the first class, Intro to Mass Comm. We had to find 15 recent news stories of different types and summarize them.  He had us read some of them in class, so that was interesting. We turned in the assignment at the end. Some of the unusual stories were really funny.

We had presentations in the second class. I was working on my site during both classes, so I got a lot done. It looks like the Dell support person did solve my battery problem, so yay! My laptop still had power at the end of class.

I went over to Chick-Fil-A for lunch as usual. I didn't have a very healthy lunch.  Then I stopped by the library to return a music book I'd checked out for class. It's the songs from "My Fair Lady." I'm working on "I Could Have Danced All Night" for my voice lessons. I had a copy, but then I realized I was missing some pages, so I checked this out and copied it at home. I would have copied it at the library, but I hadn't brought any change last week.

Then I went to Reynolds and bought some stuff at the book store, and a soda at the coffee place. Then I waited for my ride home.  Christina has been very reliable, and she's very nice. She listens to me complain! LOL!  She had her son with her because she picks him up at SAU Tech in the afternoon.

I was tired when I got home, so I tried to nap a little, but it didn't work. Brandy kept making noise, waking me up. I got some work done after that. Later, I worked on my voice exercises, and my song, and I recorded a few songs as well, for fun. My voice was getting hoarse, so I stopped.

It's so weird because I record on this old laptop, that has Windows Media Center, because it has a mic input, so I can use my good Shure mic.  It also has some pretty good external speakers, which I use with my good headphones. The song I record sounds fine on there. Then I transfer it over here to my newer computer, and it sounds weird. I don't know why. Maybe because of the speakers? It doesn't seem to matter which headphones I use.  So I don't know...

Well, I posted my songs online and no one said they sound weird, so that's good.

I just can't seem to find enough time in the day to do most of the things I need to do! School work, including singing; taking Brady for walks, training her, playing with her, etc.; working on my site; sleeping; and doing housework! And getting sick all the time doesn't help. UGH!

I stayed up way too late, until about 3am.

  Thursday 9/7/17

I was sick a little bit this morning, too, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I kept waking up. First I woke up sometime this morning when Brandy was bugging me to go out.  Then David called me about 9:30 (he thought I was getting up at 9am). The alarm was set for 10, so that wasgates annoying.

I have four baby gates now. I use them to keep Brandy away from things that I don't want her near. I put them up against our bed and the furniture in the sunroom when I leave her alone during the day.  She's scared of them because they fall easily and make a loud noise.

I was very tired and groggy this morning, but I had given myself two hours to get ready, so I was able to make it. I forgot to bring my camera to class, though.

Class went fine. I had misunderstood the first assignment, but it sounds like a lot of people did, so I don't think the grade will be too bad. He put a lot of our assignments up on a power point presentation and we went over them, so he could analyze them and tell us what was good or bad. He mostly only put one of them per student. I liked the white one, but he put up the black one. Oh, well!

Lunch was kind of annoying. At least there wasn't a long wait like yesterday. I ordered a salad because I was trying to be better about my diet, but they were out of salad! So then I got the grilled nuggets, no fries. They were out of forks! I had to go over to the Subway to get a fork. Why doesn't the manager of the place go get forks from Subway or somewhere else? She was just sitting there.... then when I went over to Reynolds, they were out of Dr. Pepper. I guess there are a lot more students than they expected. That's a good thing for the university, at least, that they get more students.

I took a little nap after I came home. I was very tired all day but ending up staying up too late. I did more singing and recording, and I did the dishes (still much more to do) and watched TV. I was kind of lazy today. I spent a lot of time on social media.

Brandy after a walkWe had our little walk in the evening.  There were some people moving in on the block, sort of behind us. I saw a woman in the nearby house come out to put something in her garbage can, so I said, "Looks like you're getting some new neighbors!" and she replied that she would have to go over there and say hi sometime. I introduced myself and said that I lived in the house on the cul-de-sac behind hers, so she said it was nice to meet me. I had Brandy pulling on me, so I walked on. I thought afterwards that I should have introduced Brandy as well and also made sure she knew that we weren't the house that cut down all the trees! Since I know the people in that area are annoyed about that. Her house is the one on the other side of the dean we know, who lives near us. I forget her name now. I'm so bad at remembering people!

It was cool enough that I wore long pants and a long-sleeved shirt so I wouldn't have to bother putting on mosquito repellant. It was not too hot at all, just in the high 70's or low 80's all day.

I stayed up way too late again... almost 3am. I was so tired!

  Friday 9/8/17

I wasn't feeling well this morning, plus I was very tired, so I just skipped school. I went back to sleep and woke up around 11:30. Then I realized that I had messed up my OTHER assignment for my photography class. Yikes! I got 35 out of 40 on the other one, thankfully. This one, I think I probably got 25 out of 50. I will have to make sure to read more carefully on future assignments.

The assignment sheet said "Read and Outline Chapter 2. 25 points."  So I took that to mean we should just do the work. I didn't know we were supposed to hand it in as well. There was no room on the assignment sheet for any outline. I think he could have been more clear on that, but it's OK...  Oh, good news, the professor said I can go ahead and hand it in late. Yay!

I spent the morning studying. It's clear to me now that I should have read the first two chapters of the book right away and spent more time learning my camera. Now I'm playing catch up! It's slowly starting to make more sense.

Then I had breakfast - more bread pudding. Hey, it has bread, eggs, raisins and apples - sounds like breakfast to me! I also had a turkey stick.

I called Christina to come over, so I could pay her for the week.... then I was sick a little bit later and had a very brief nap.

I've started picking up around the house because it's a mess. I did the master bathroom and bedroom, and next is the living room.

Today is Brandy's 2 month anniversary! Next month she'll be getting "fixed." I hope it calms her down a bit as well!Pumpkin Spice ice cream

I cleaned up (or rather, picked up) most of the house and started the laundry. I made some pumpkin spice ice cream as well. I did a lot today.

David and I have been texting. He flew home today and is in Texarkana tonight...will drive back tomorrow morning. His flight was delayed both in Chicago and Dallas, but thankfully, he did make the flights back.

Brandy was being even more annoying than usual today, bugging me a lot. She's been begging for water this evening and I don't want to give to her because I don't want her to have to go pee during the night. She already did have an "accident" tonight on the rug! I'm very annoyed about that because I kept trying to get her to go outside and she wasn't interested.

We had our usual evening walk, even though I wasn't feeling well. We ran into this cute little puppy. I have no idea how old it was, but it was pretty small. He had no collar on, but he was obviously well cared for and not a stray. He was following us, and I kept trying to ask people around the area if he belonged to them. Unfortunately, they weren't home or said no. Then he wandered off. I hope he's okay! He was a really sweet little dog.

I was sick all day...hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

  Saturday 9/9/17

After David drove back, I think we had lunch first at El Compadre. I can't quite remember now...I ate a lot today.

Today was Family Day at SAU. David and I went to the football game. First there's the Mulegatingtailgating, or rather Mulegating. Tailgating in the South, in college football, is very different than in other areas or in pro football. The ones we went to growing up in San Diego were held in the parking lot at San Diego Stadium. People brought their little hibachi grills or whatever, their picnic baskets, their folding chairs, etc. and cooked/ate right there near their car or truck. That's why it's called "tailgating" in the first place. You use the tailgate of the truck for a surface. But in the South, they have tents, and they sell or give things away, and they have games for the kids and other activities. Here at SAU they have lots of free food and water, and games, and a pep rally, and some of the groups or clubs from SAU have tents or tables. There are plenty of chairs to sit in, too. It's very fun.

I had a cheeseburger with Doritos. Even without the bread, it was a really great cheeseburger. I had a Sno-Cone, too, and it was delicious. We walked around and said hi to everyone. I hope that next year we can take Brandy. We saw some great dogs there. I took many photos and videos, which you can see at Instagram.Us at the game

After the Mulegating, we went to the first half of the game. Helmut and Beth were there and sat with us. He's the Dean of Arts and Sciences, and she does financial advising. We left at half time, which is fine with me because I'm not a huge football fan. I'm glad they won, though. I bought some more food...it was not very healthy, but it was wonderful. They make nachos with barbecue on top. I took it to go and had it later for dinner.

They have the Mulegating before every game, but I think the first one of the year is a little more special.  They had 6500 people there. With the students, there's probably about 15,000 people in the whole town. I don't know why more people don't come, especially with the free food. I know they were really happy with the numbers, though.  They get more every year, I think. The weather was so much nicer this year, and they didn't have any food lines, either (last year I didn't even eat at the Mulegating because of the long lines).new scoreboard

 I did a lot of work today, as usual, on my site. The weather has been great this week. I keep taking Brandy out earlier in the day for her walk, so that's been nice.

I'm still having a lot of trouble keeping to an early schedule. I get up early, then I go back to sleep later. It's not good because I'm just tired all of the time. I've also been really stressed out about all of the things I have to do. I have two papers due this coming week plus other things. Trying to juggle my full time job, plus school, plus the new puppy is tough.brisket tacos

  Sunday 9/10/17

We had lunch at Antigua's... I always have their brisket tacos.

I put up my outdoor Fall decorations. I bought a few new things recently at the Dollar Store. It's just pumpkins, scarecrows and leaves...nothing Halloween-like yet.

Aside from work, and the usual stuff like walking the dog, I don't think too much happened. I had so much work that I didn't have time to update the blog! That happens a lot.

Next week will be hectic. Our friend Peter is coming to visit on Sunday, so I have to get the house cleaned, the dog groomed, the yard done, etc. I have those two papers plus a photography assignment.

I'm posting this very late. Hope you had a great week!

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