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  Monday 8/21/17

BrandyI meant to get up early, but as usual, I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep.

This is day 7 for Brandy! No accidents in the past week. Yippee! Just 3 weeks more and then we can officially consider her "house broken"!

Also, I've taught her to SIT (more or less) and now we're working on "Go to your place," which means "go lie down on your bed."  That's useful, especially when she's being annoying.  Next week we'll probably work on either "come" or how to behave on the leash (not pulling). We'll see!

I start back to school on Wednesday. I'm not ready! I'm worried about leaving Brandy by herself for hours (what kind of mess she'll make).  Hopefully, it won't be too bad, and hopefully she won't be too lonely.  She's used to me being here all day. Originally, David had said that he couldn't take me home until around 6, but Linda will be able to take me home after class, around 1:30. At least, that way, Brandy won't be alone ALL day. I'm working on getting a ride in as well on other days but haven't found one yet. I found some people in Facebook and plan to call some of them tomorrow. I have to find someone who's reliable, that has proof of insurance and registration, as well as a good driving record, that won't charge me too much. This is life in a small town with no public transportation! 

I worked hard today...still catching up on things from the weekend. I was a little sick from the usual things, but not too bad. So far!

I didn't care about the eclipse...didn't seem like any big deal to me. I don't like to go outdoors, especially during the heat of the day. The eclipse was here about 1:30pm. No thanks!

I had a big breakfast of sausage, eggs and toast. I made some chocolate mint ice cream, but I didn't eat much of it. I didn't have much of an appetite all day, which is unusual for me.

David brought home McDonald's for dinner, so I just asked for two chicken salads.  They weren't very good, though; or, it might be due to my lack of appetite that I didn't care for them.

We had our usual evening walk, a little later than usual. It was about 8pm by the time we went. It was hot, but not too bad at that point.

It looks like our water heater (or one of them) has died.  There is plenty of hot water in the bathrooms, but not in the kitchen sink. I think we probably have a second water heater for that part of the house, but I don't know where it is. Anyway, the water is not hot at all. So far the dishes and laundry have been turning out okay. Doing research online, it sounds like modern dishwashers heat up the water for the dishwasher, anyway. They don't need hot water.  You can wash your laundry in cold water, too, of course, but if you have really heavily soiled clothes, I don't know if it will work. For the really bad clothes, like the ones that get really sweaty or the towels I use to clean with...I usually wash those twice, anyway. I guess I'll have to call some plumbers! Hopefully a plumber can figure out where the other water heater is. Perhaps it's out in the garage somewhere.

I was looking online for some ideas for cheap toys to make for the dog, around the house...I made one. You take one leg of an old pantyhose and put a tennis ball in it and type it up into knots. Brandy loves it! Not sure how long it'll last, though. (It didn't last long!)

My Facebook phone app has this thing where you can make a video of your photos and put it to music. Here's one I made with pictures of Brandy!

  Tuesday 8/22/17

Today was a terrible day. I woke up early and was very sick from something I ate. I spent most of the day either sleeping or in the bathroom.  I don't know if it was from the McDonald's or from the BBQ on Saturday.  Then later, after I got up for a while, I had a terrible pain in my right lower back. I ended up taking two Aleve and then a muscle relaxer. It hurt to move.

I slept so much today that I couldn't sleep at all the next night.

Brandy was very well behaved during the day, considering I couldn't play with her or anything. She mostly slept in the bedroom with me. She got a little more hyper later on. David walked her. I just wasn't feeling up to it.

I discovered something really cool today. DISH Network now has Netflix. I've already had a Netflix account, but to view it on my TV, I had to use my ROKU, which meant switching over to another HDMI channel. Now I don't have to do that, plus it means I can record Netflix shows to DVD if I choose!  I was recording some shows from my DVR for my brother, and also a few from On Demand. A couple of the episodes were not On Demand, but they were on Netflix. Now, they may disable this feature at some point, but they may not bother, either. Most people don't have VCR's or DVD recorders any more. Plus, it's not as if it's not already super easy to use a program on your computer to record any streaming show from Netflix or anywhere else (or find those same shows on torrents).

I chatted with a woman on the phone today about her possibly giving me a ride to school...she's coming by tomorrow.

We rolled up the rug in the sunroom, and I moved some other stuff out of there...so that Brandy wouldn't chew on things she shouldn't, or knock them over. She's generally pretty well-behaved, but when she's being hyper, she will chew on some strange things.

  Wednesday 8/23/17

I tried to take a little nap last night, but it didn't work, so I stayed up all night. I might be too old for these all-nighters!

I took Brandy out front around 5:30am. It was not light out yet, or I would have taken her for a short walk. I made sure she went out a lot and didn't eat breakfast.  I left the door open between our bedroom and the sunroom, so she could stay in either one.  I left her bed and some of her toys in the bedroom. I filled her small kong with peanut butter and filled another small treat ball with kibble and some cut-up milkbones and cream cheese.  We left at the ungodly hour of 6:40am. I was very tired.SAU quad

I stayed in David's office until about 7, and then I walked over to Reynolds. I chatted with the woman that works at the coffee shop for a little while. We talked about our summers, catching up. I had mentioned about my needing someone to drive me to school, and it so happens that she saw my Facebook post on one of the local Magnolia groups (for buying/selling), needing a ride! So that's funny. It really is a small town.

I just had some fruit and a Diet Pepsi for breakfast.  I went to the library for a little while, but I was having trouble staying awake. I realized I had left my house key at home, so I had to walk back over to David's office to borrow his.  Then I went back to Reynolds, and I got some stuff at the bookstore.  I got another soda, and then I went back to the library for awhile. Then about 9:30 I went back to Reynolds to wait for the post office to open. I had a package of DVD's to send to my brother.  It was still pretty early after that, but I didn't feel like trudging back to the library. My laptop is really heavy, plus I have a notebook and other stuff. I went to Overstreet (David's building, but also where my Mass Comm classes take place) about 10:20, got a water from the machine and went early to my classroom. Nobody was there. I set up my laptop and other stuff, and I sort of dozed there for a while. I was really tired.

I have two classes there, one at 11 and one at 12, both with Professor Reppert (same professor I had for my two classes last year). One is Intro to Mass Comm and the other is Principles of Marketing. I kept falling asleep during classes. Like, my head kept dropping and then I would jerk awake. I told the professor why I was so tired between classes, and apologized for falling asleep. He was mostly just going over the syllabus, anyway. After class, he said, in a jovial manner, "Needless to say, get some sleep!"  LOL!

I recognized quite a few of my classmates from last semester, but none of the ones I liked the most (especially the geeks).  Too bad! The first class is pretty big...most of the seats were filled. The second one was much smaller. I was a little sick again after the class, but otherwise I was fine.  He let us out a little late. I went to Chick-Fil-A to grab lunch, but I didn't have time to eat it there, so I took it to go.  Some of the ladies that work there remembered me and what I order, which surprised me. They do call me "Miss Susan." (It's a Southern thing)

I went over to Brinson to wait for Linda to pick me up. It was very hot and humid today. I mean, even at 5:30 this morning it was VERY humid.  I had a nice chat with Linda when she drove me home. It's a shame that she can't take me in the mornings any more, but I'm glad she got a better job.

After I got home, I sent the other lady, Christina, a message to let her know that I was home. She was already in the driveway! She didn't have a lot of time, but she came in and we chatted. She seems fine, so she'll be giving me a ride tomorrow. That way I can go in at 11 instead of 7am!

Brandy didn't have any accidents while I was gone all day! So that was great. I was worried about what kind of a mess I would have to clean up.  She did puke a little, but that's pretty easy to clean up. My guess is that she wolfed down the treats and peanut butter and then ran around a bit like crazy, probably barking because we left her alone, and that caused her to barf. Silly dog!

I finally ate my lunch. It sure tasted good after all that time. I was very tired, so I went to bed for 2 and a half hours, until Brandy woke me up. I did work until David came home. I cooked up some bacon for BLT's.

I bought this bark collar for Brandy so that maybe I can leave her outside some days, and we won't have to worry about her barking. It seems to work pretty well. It uses sound and vibration somehow.  It's pretty nifty. I had a hard time getting it to fit, and I cut part of it off, but I may have cut too much off. :(

I forgot until today that I wanted to work for the school paper, The Bray, so I sent in an application. I heard back right away that they're having a meeting tomorrow for interested people. It's at 5, so I guess I'll be hanging around longer than I thought. Oh, well.

Apparently Uber is coming to Texarkana...that's interesting. Too bad it's an hour away. That would be really handy to have here.

It's not even 11pm and I'm already so tired...I slept for a couple of hours but then woke up again. I did some work and then went back to sleep.

  Thursday 8/24/17

I woke up around 9:30. I was so tired! I had another BLT for breakfast, using up the rest of the bacon.

BrandyI had a shower etc. and made sure Brandy ate and then went out. My ride, Christina, came by at 11:00. I was a bit rushed because I waited too long to get everything ready for the dog, and my stuff. I forgot to turn off the a/c in my haste! Whoops!

As usual, I went to Reynolds first, to get a soda. Then I went in the bookstore to buy a few things. There was a bit of a line, but it went pretty fast. My face was really dry this morning, for some reason, and I forgot to bring lotion, so I had to buy that.  Then I also used the restroom and sat down on one of the chairs there near the door to the quad, with my laptop. I was a bit sick off and on all day, but just a little bit, the usual.  I looked up online to figure out where my class was, and where my meeting later on was. I got caught up and almost lost track of time when I realized it was already 12:30! My class started at 12:40. I hurried to get a soda and then rushed next door to Brinson.  The classroom for my Digital Photography course is on the first floor. I had to walk through the gallery area. Brinson is the art and music building. Music is on the second floor, so I'm used to going up there. Then I saw a sign that said, "No Food and Drinks!" Damn! So I tossed my brand new soda. Bummer.

The professor, Steve Ochs, is very nice. He seems very laid back. Apparently they renovated that room, so they're enforcing that "no food or drinks" rule. I'll have to make sure I have plenty of cough drops every time I go there. It was an interesting class. I have to buy a good camera.Photography Class

After the class, I went up and introduced myself. He guessed that I was David's wife (we may have met before), and we shook hands.  I just had to make sure he knew that sometimes, I might have to leave class suddenly, to run to the restroom, or I might be late.  It's a pretty big class, but I sit by the door. After that, I went upstairs to sign up for voice lessons with my new teacher. She has the same room as my teacher last semester. I hope she's good! My voice lessons will now be at 2pm Mondays.

Then I went over to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. It was great as always. I met the woman that manages the place. She seems to always take her lunch break about the time I'm there. She's kind of distinctive-looking, so that's why I recognized her and chatted with her for a minute. I'm glad I did because now I know, starting next Monday, that Chick-Fil-A will be open at 7:30, for breakfast!  That's great for me because now I can eat breakfast at school if I want. Their bacon, sausage and hash browns are gluten free! Weird, I guess their eggs aren't.... Good to know, though.

I went over to the library after that and used my laptop. I bought a camera at a site called jet.com  Another student told me about this site. Their prices are much better than Amazon. I had to spend $400, which I'm not thrilled about, but it was still way cheaper than anywhere else I found. That was for the whole bundle, including camera, lenses, tripod, bag etc.

The wall in The Bray officeAt 5, they had the interest meeting for The Bray, which is the campus newspaper (it's only online). I want to work there, so I can write for some other sites besides my own, and get that experience.  There were about 20 students there. The Bray does pay its writers and photographers, so that's why. I told them I didn't want to get paid. I filled out an application beforehand and also sent some writing samples. Hopefully, with my experience, they will "hire" me. I don't know how I will have the time, but we'll see! :)  Because of David's job, I probably won't use my own name, though, and I won't cover campus events. They're fine with that, and with my doing TV interviews and/or reviews. I also told them that I could draw, in case they need a cartoonist.

The editor, Kayla, explained how it all works. Sounds pretty low-key, so that's nice.  I forgot how young these students are because my classes usually have juniors and seniors.  They look like babies ;)  One of the big perks of the job are getting in free to campus events you cover, and sometimes, free food! Woo hoo! LOL! Okay, I know, not nice. It's just funny because as you get older, you forget how big a deal it is to get free food when you're a "starving student." Oh, and they were also giving out some free stuff with "The Bray" on them: pens, notepads, insulted mugs etc. I did take some of those for my collections.

I went to David's office after that and hung out for a little bit while he finished up some work, and then we drove through McDonald's on the way home.

Brandy went the whole time - about 7 hours - without having an accident! Yay! However, she did chew on our mattress. The bottom corners of our mattress have a plastic thing and then there's some mesh fabric underneath - that's what she was chewing on. Yikes. Bored puppy! I guess she needs some new toys.

I did some work today, for my site. I have a lot more to do, plus housework.

I've got my full time job (the TV site), and stuff at home to do, and schoolwork, plus a puppy. I have a list of things I have to do daily (I usually only get 2/3 done), and a list of things to do weekly or as needed, then I've got things that suddenly come up, either on the site or around the house. And then there's the list of things to do when I have time. Every day I make a list of things from those lists and try to get through them.

For instance, on a daily basis I have to put video links on the news pages for each show that night that I haven't done yet; I have to run and put up the daytime transcripts Mon.-Fri.; I'm training the puppy and should spend about 10 minutes twice a day with that, plus taking her for walks, feeding her, letting her out, playing with her, and making she doesn't chew things she shouldn't; then I've got to cook sometimes, and do dishes every day or so; and keeping up on my blog. Also, right now, Danielle who runs our forum, is on vacation, so I've got to do some stuff that she normally does. I need to check to make sure all the updates, recaps and best lines were put up by the writers. And of course, sleeping, eating, social media and email.

Then I also do GH Best Lines whenever I can...Gisele has to first edit the GH transcripts so that I can do that. She's behind, due to helping out with her grandbaby, so she's only on early August. On Saturdays, I make the new pages for best lines, transcripts, updates and recaps. That takes at least a day or two. Sundays I have to go through the weekly news page that Angie puts up and find appearances, fix any mistakes she makes, add Sunday video links, the week's new DVD info, and make a list of which shows videos to do on the other days (or which shows will need more info as it comes up). Then I tell people about it on social media. I try to post on social media, too, for stuff on the site. Then some Sundays I send soap scoop info out to our GH list and our B&B and Y&R list and also post it on Delphiforums. I don't get to it on Sundays often, so I'm usually trying to hurry to finish Monday morning. I also get the talk show guest lists and find any appearances on there and have to put them up whenever I can. Mandy summarizes the Soap Opera Digest info and sends it to me, so I put that up. Sometime during the week, I also have to edit the dates on the temp pages for the next week's recaps, best lines, updates and transcripts, so they're ready for the weekend. I've also got laundry at least once a week. Plus I also have to watch the new shows and write reviews for them, and any DVD's they send me. Sometimes I also have interviews with TV actors, so I have to prepare for those, and put those up. I also have schoolwork on top of all this. Sometimes I get sick from the gluten, too, which means time wasted in the bathroom or lying down.

These are all top priority or time-dependent things. There's about 10 things I'd like to do that I never have time for, like practicing guitar, entering sweepstakes, learning new songs to sing and record, making screen caps for the updates, going through my email more, plus some other hobbies, things around the house, looking for more ads and interviews, reading magazines and books, and other social media stuff.

Coming up on the last list, I have to make the new Fall schedule (just for network shows), put up Nikky's photos from the GH weekend from July, and then Amanda's wallpapers, then some other GH weekend pics from another person, then I have some tracker coding I've been adding in the pages that I need to finish (assuming something else doesn't come up). I would like to post for more help, too. Then after this comes another long list of things I want to do that I may never get to.

And now I can add Writing for The Bray as well, possibly.  Well, wish me luck!

After dinner, we went for our usual night time walk. I took some video this time with my phone.

Our evenings are usually the same...watch TV or listen to music, play with the dog, feed the dog, let the dog out, train the dog, work on my site, do housework.

I made some strawberry-blueberry ice cream! Then I stayed up too late...

  Friday 8/25/17

I got up at 8 am for a change...I'm still tired, but I think I will be OK. I was having a strange dream about Vegas. I was at some table game I had never seen before. It looked a little bit like roulette in that you place chips in different areas, that had minimum and maximum chips. However, the table wasn't round, and it had strange symbols on it that I didn't recognize. I was like, I gotta play this game, whatever it is! I lost, but then I wanted to take a photo for David so he could see this weird game.

It was a long day.... I didn't have a very healthy breakfast (too many carbs).  Christina picked me up at 10, and I went to SAU.  As usual, I went to the coffee place to get my usual Diet Pepsi. The women there told me that if you're a commuter, you can get a free T-shirt and wear it, then you get a free cookie. So I went upstairs as they directed, to the second floor. I'd never been up there before.  Some of the offices have bells on the doors (I guess so they can hear people come in?). That would drive me a little crazy. Anyway, the woman up there explained that you have to be on the meal plan to get the T-shirt. I took a brochure that has info about the meal plans. That might be something I should get. They have different levels/prices. I can't eat the cookie, but I would love to have a free T-shirt :)

 Then I went over to Overstreet for my two Mass Comm classes. My laptop battery died, unfortunately, in the second class. I don't know why because it hadn't been that long. The computer's not even a year old, so I hope that's not a problem. It definitely shouldn't be dying after only 2 hours, so that's weird.  Perhaps it wasn't plugged in right when I had it at home...?

In the break between the two classes, I went to use the restroom. There are two nearby, both unisex. I tried the doors, and one of them was not locked, so I opened it, and there was a guy there at the urinal. I quickly closed the door. After he came out, he mumbled an apology. I said, "I didn't see anything, honest!" and then "Close the door next time!" but I was chuckling as I said it. Hope he learned his lesson!  It's not as if these are the type of doors where you're not sure how to lock it, either. You just push the button in. It's pretty simple! That was more funny than embarrassing, at least for me.

The professor I have for my two classes, Professor Reppert, is about David's age. He had been talking about the 70's (in between the classes) and how he lost his nice long hair a while ago, so I showed him a photo of David and I back in 1978 (when we both had very long hair).  He complimented David's hair and said that he's lucky that he still has nice hair. I'm the lucky one! LOL! I used to jokingly tell David that if he lost his hair, I'd divorce him.

I went to Chick-Fil-A again for lunch, but this time I got their salad. I bought two, actually, in case I wanted another one later on. I took them to go because I wasn't feeling that great, and I was very tired.

David took me home. The salad turned out to be huge. It's funny about fast food salads because sometimes they pack a HUGE amount of lettuce into a fairly small plastic container.  Anyway, I had the one salad and put the other one in the fridge. I hate how restaurants give you these big pieces of lettuce and chicken, so I like to cut them up into smaller pieces if possible. I was ravenous by the time I got home, and let the dog out, and fed her, so I really wolfed that salad down. I had some of my ice cream afterwards.

I took a nap for about two hours.  I got ready because we were going to this SAU dinner.  David came home about 5:30, and we drove back to campus.  They had a bus there for anyone who didn't want to drive to the place where we were going.  It was way out in the country, south of town. It took a good half hour to get there.  We chatted with some other professors that we knew, on the bus. One of them lives right near us, actually.

The dinner was with other administrators, and this group called the Leadership Board, I think? It was people connected to SAU, but not mostly professors or staff. Anyway, it was at this place called The Barn at Big Oak Hill Ranch. It does look like a barn on the outside, but inside it's aThe Barn nice venue for weddings and such (new, apparently).  It's really out in the country. It's got a beautiful lake behind it. They have a little gazebo outdoors as well.  They were serving wine and beer in the gazebo. We chatted with people and I got some wine. It was very good, too. I was telling one of the women that works there that the lake looked so pretty, and it made me want to go swim in it.  She said, "You don't want to do that. There are snakes in there!" That was funny. I was worried that I might get bitten by mosquitoes, but I didn't, thankfully, since I didn't bring any repellant.

The bus had good A/C, so I was freezing by the time we got there. The Barn was also well air-conditioned, but the gazebo was outside, so I got warm again preThe Laketty quickly. But the weather today was pretty mild-- just a little humid.

I got to meet a lot of people and see some that I sort know or at least recognize, already.  The event was catered by this barbecue restaurant in Camden called Woods Place. It was really delicious. I spoke with the guy in charge, and he assured me that nothing had flour (aside from the obvious stuff, like the bread, and the desserts).  I hope he was right! They had coleslaw, two kinds of potato salad, and some kind of broccoli salad that was really good, and a tomato, onion and cucumber salad.  They had pulled pork, sliced pork, sliced chicken, and sausages (and of course, extra BBQ sauce), and little olives, and okra, and beans, and bacon. Lots of great food. It was delicious. I think the pulled pork was way better than what we have here at Backyard Barbecue. (Their ribs are their best thing, though.)  We both ate a lot.  The desserts were banana pudding with vanilla wafers (a Southern staple) and chocolate brownies, so I couldn't eat either. That's just as well. I didn't need more food!food

They had a guy playing guitar and singing country songs. Apparently he went to school with the president, Trey. Trey said a few words and gave some gifts to some people who were retiring from the board, I think?  Anyway, it was all very nice.  David and I sat at this table with people we didn't know, and it was a little hard to hear. We mostly spoke with this one woman that lives in Oklahoma.  This other guy came over later, and he was speaking with David a lot, and then me. I can't remember his name, but he was very nice. We talked about Lubbock, and about Hawaii. I also got to speak to Katherine and Trey, mostly about the puppy, and take a selfie with Katherine. They are just such nice people.  Well, everyone there is very nice. Oh, we saw the previous president, Dr. Rankin, and met his wife, who seemed very very nice.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  After we took the bus back, we drove home.

Brandy was very glad to see us, and she was pretty hyper because she was not with us most of the day, and she didn't get any walk.

I did a little work, and we watched TV. I was very tired and tried to go to bed about midnight, but I couldn't sleep. I kept itching, and my legs and feet hurt. I was wearing kind of uncomfortable shoes earlier, so that may be why. Oh, I was also very stuffed up and had a bad headache, for a while there, but I took medicine and that helped. I was concerned that I might have a cold, but I think it was just allergies.

David has another event that he has to go for lunch tomorrow! I hope we can get to the pharmacy and the vet before that.

  Saturday 8/26/17

I stayed up way too late. We decided to put off the vet until next weekend (she just needs a shot), so I could sleep in. I was very tired. David went to the pharmacy for me, to pick up my prescriptions. He had a work thing to go to after that. He came back in the afternoon, and then we went to El Compadre for lunch. I'd already had a small lean cuisine for breakfast a few hours earlier, but I was happy to get out of the house for a while. I just ate a little bit of my tamales and took the rest home for later.tamales

We stopped at Brookshire's for a few things and then went home. I worked a little and he went out walking. I was feeling tired, so I had a little nap. I ate the rest of my tamales after I woke up. I took Brandy on her walk around 7:30.

She has been really hyper, since she didn't get any walk yesterday, and we were gone most of the day.  She enjoyed the walk and was resting quite a bit afterwards. I haven't been very good about training her this week, so we'll still keep working on "Go to your place" this week. I think I've been doing it wrong, too, so now I plan to do it the other way. The right way! LOL!

 I have so much to do. Too much! It's been stressing me out.  See above! Today, besides the regular daily stuff, I have to do the temp pages, do some reading for school, start the laundry, and do 8/2 and 8/3 Best lines, and start on the new pages for updates/recaps/best lines/transcripts. Then maybe I can do the Fall Schedule if I'm lucky. It took me a while to type this up (fortunately I do type fast), but I wanted to let you all know what was going on and that I'm not just procrastinating. I'm just really overloaded! LOL! I'm very grateful for any help I get, or any content sent to me. I probably should stay off social media more instead of wasting time there.

I stayed up until about 1:30...I was very tired.

  Sunday 8/27/17

I woke up around 10:30, thanks to Brandy! I got up and walked her, so that hopefully will mean she'll be a little calmer today! It was not very hot out, so that was nice.Italian salad

Sunday is always a very busy day for me, but I got a lot done.

We went to II Brothers for lunch. I just had a salad. Then we went to Wal-Mart for our weekly groceries. I took a nap after that.

For "lunch" I had a Lean Cuisine chicken dinner. We went for our usual walk around 7:30. It's getting darker earlier, and also cooling off a bit, so that's good! We're looking forward to Fall.

In the afternoon, I gave Brandy a new tug of war toy, and I thought she was chewing on that, but then the sound was weird, so I looked over, and she was chewing up the runner! She chewed a corner up quite a bit. I was so annoyed. That runner cost $70. I don't even like it all that much, but still! So I moved it into our collectibles room for now. It's just as well because she was always slipping and sliding on it, driving me nuts.  We'll have to get a new one at some point. This is what I get for not watching her more carefully. Now that she's house-broken, I didn't think I had to watch her so much. I guess I do!  Someone suggested that Bully Sticks are good for dogs who like to chew, so I might see if they have those next week when we go to the grocery store.

Later on, I had a salad for dinner. I mostly worked today and didn't do much else. I really need to do the dishes!

I hope you have a great week...

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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